Sunday, October 09, 2016

Home on the Wings of a Hurricane!

Take a good look at this photo….do you see the light in the distance between the layers of clouds?

It was the most remarkable thing…like we were floating between the layers of the outer bands of Hurricane Matthew.

I left Fort Lauderdale right on time.  No delays there, and just a short bit of chaos in Atlanta as the plane we were supposed to be flying on had audio issues, so we changed gates to a new plane [of course, it was a mad dash as the gate was clear at the other end of the terminal…] boarded fairly quickly and all systems were go.
Until the flight attendants, even before issuing the safety info, handed out little mini bottles of water to everyone stating that “Due to extreme turbulence there will not be a beverage service during this flight.  This is for our safety and yours.” 

All righty then!  Buckle up, cupcake!  It’s going to be a wild roller coaster of a ride!




And I did!

I am nearing the finish of row 4 on fill-in corner number 4 for the eternal hexie project.  It’s getting there.  One neutral hexie at a time.

And there were moments that I was holding the arm rests so tightly that no hexie stitching was happening.  But to the one woman who commented that she would have left the airport, and driven home….it’s more than a 6 hour drive versus a 50 minute flight.  I’d rather fly it and be done with it than fight wind and rain and other crazy drivers who don’t know how to drive in such conditions on the road between Atlanta and Winston Salem.  Safer to get home quicker.


Landin in the rain.

So glad to be back!


When I have travel days like this, I just can’t come in, drop my bags and sit and watch TV.  I felt the need to DO something. And this is why there is a treadle machine in my living room.  It’s quiet enough that we can both watch TV and like a hamster on a wheel, I can get a bit of soul centering piecing done and enjoy being in the same space with family.

Besides.  I watched a large conference room full of quilters get machine time for a WEEK.  Sewing EVERY DAY.  I was due.  I just NEEDED machine time to be in my happy place.


Emmy Lou watches on while I string piece some block units for my Dawn’s Early Light quilt in progress.  If you have 100 blocks, volume 13 you have the block pattern and can make blocks along with me!  I’m doing all the string units first, then will  do the red/neutral stars and the blue triangles.  I’m planning on the blue/neutral triangles and red/neutral stars as being a “sew on the road” project because they will be easy to cut ahead and kit up and travel easily.


This morning’s trim up job!


Aren’t these fun?


And while you sew, I’ve got a podcast for you!

I am featured in episode 101 of Modern Sewciety!! You can find my episode HERE. And when you finish listening to MY episode, there are 100 more for you to choose from for your stitching and listening pleasure.

Tonight I’ll be drawing for the copy of John Kubiniec’s book, A New Spin on Drunkard’s Path!  Did you enter HERE?

And if you missed it?  I’ve got a Welcome Home Quiltmaker Bundle Give-Away that posted last evening HERE!

What a way to settle in being home again, right?


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Vintage grandmother's fan quilt found in North Carolina.

Take some time to go over this checklist. What can you add to the list that will make your story even better? Maybe it's just appreciating the little moments.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

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  1. Glad you are home safe and sound, and after a ride like you just had you deserve some sewing time

  2. Now I want to make some Dawn's Early Light blocks! I am dying to do some string peicing. Adding it to my list!

  3. Wow! Glad you made it home safe and sound! And I know that must have been one wild and wooly airplane ride! Just glad you're back!

  4. Love your old treadle.... yours is 1885? I have a 1888 handcrank. Same Singer; also class 15 IF.
    And she sews like a charm!
    Enjoy your time at home!
    Love from overseas, Ria.

  5. Good podcast!Love the block you're working on.

  6. Glad your home safe I love your patterns.

  7. Praise the Lord you are home safe.

  8. As one of the members of one of those conference rooms full of quilters (the Alaska cruise, not this one) I would like to tell you that I think we would like to see you spending some time at a machine (if there is one available) I do appreciate the time you spend walking around the room helping us, but I think some of us might like to see you at a machine and observing your current project. Maybe you could spend a few minutes of each hour with a little sewing time of your own.

  9. Glad you are home safe and sound, Bonnie. Had to tell you one of your photos looks VERY familiar to me... the treadle in line with the recliner with bald hubby head in it, in line with the TV. That is exactly what is in my line of vision too, most nights when I sew! So funny. That bald head peeking over the top of the recliner... it's how I know where my hubby is! LOL.

  10. Bonnie, had to share with someone who knows the feeling. Just picked up a Singer Featherweight at an Estate Sale yesterday in near new condition. Has the book, the attachments, the buttomholer with a book and a beautiful case.
    In August I was in Oregon and also picked up a Singer 99K at am antique mall. It flew home with me to Florida and United Airlines put fragile all over the suitcase and it was just fine. I think it was too heavy to sling around. haha.
    Saving those old machines in Florida,
    Polly Blank

  11. I would add to your list -- Give someone a hug, it might be the only one they get today. Love your RW&B block.

  12. I would add. Move to North Carolina where everyone is friendly.Ha. And that's just what we did.


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