Saturday, February 06, 2016

Three Wonky Wishes Come True!

Well, I waited all day.

I printed invoices, I printed labels, I have shipping containers all ready to roll.

I did everything I could to be ready should the cases of patterns arrive on my doorstep so they would be ready to mail on Monday, but they just didn’t come!

I have accepted that fact, and I hope you will too – those of you who placed orders for Wonky Wishes when I announced that they were in the warehouse.  It just takes longer to get to North Carolina from California than I thought!

Rest assured, these patterns will ship out as soon as I return from this next trip –I know they will be here by then!


This batch IS ready for the Monday postal drop off!

All of the orders that came in while I was in Texas and Alabama that do NOT include Wonky Wishes are filled and ready to roll.  So yes, I have been a productive little quilter today –and I even granted myself the best gift of all, a snuggly afternoon nap.  Weekends are MADE for napping, aren’t they?

And here we are ready to draw for the THREE lucky winners of the Wonky Wishes giveaway!  Are you ready?

2466 Entries!  WOW!

# 710!


Susan Church!



Diane Kettleson!



Sue Zabell!

Congrats ladies!  Please send me your snail mail address so that I can get your patterns out to you.  Again, they will ship upon my return home from this trip to Southern California, later in the month.

You can email me at quiltville@gmail.com

Wonky Wishes off my deck!

I hope you will soon find yourself making your OWN Wonky Wishes come true!

If I didn’t draw your name, the pattern for Wonky Wishes is available in the Pattern Singles section of the Quiltville Store.  YOU TOO can be making Wonky Wishes come true!

No sewing happened today.  I doubt it will happen this evening either, but you will find me tucked up beneath a quilt watching something relaxing on TV.  I just feel a need to do “much of nothing” tonight.

Tomorrow is another day!

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  1. You know what they used to say at McDonald's... You deserve a break today! You had a very productive day. And a Nap is welcome to happen any day at my house. Congrats to the winners of the Pattern book. Guess I'll just have to order my own.

  2. You know what they used to say at McDonald's... You deserve a break today! You had a very productive day. And a Nap is welcome to happen any day at my house. Congrats to the winners of the Pattern book. Guess I'll just have to order my own.

  3. Gorgeous design, total #CreativeGoodness. I'm sure those lucky winners will be dancing on th ceiling. Who wouldn't. This just looks like such a wonderful quilt design to make. I definitely want to make it.

    And, you deserve to celebrate, as well as take a break. Shipping can be a hassle, but it will all work out.


  4. Anonymous10:00 PM EST

    Congratulations winners!!! What a fun pattern to have. -Rhonda

  5. 2/3 of the winners were Susans! lol


  6. Glad to know you also have "I don't want to do anything" times. We deserve that occasionally.

  7. Anonymous12:57 AM EST

    I love seeing everyone's quilts. I was watching a real estate show called Buying Alaska, as I love seeing the beautiful cabins, when they showed the master bedroom, guess what was on the bed.. Celtic Solstice!! Beautiful in Bonnie's colours.
    Look for it in S3 ep6.

  8. Glad you made it home safely. When we were first married I'd "chase" my husband across the bed as I'd be freezing and he was toasty warm when he got to the hanging off the edge of the bed he'd get out and climb in on the other size and have lots of room until I did it all over again.
    Now it's reversed I am the hot one and he is always cold so when I get to the hanging off the bed I get out and climb in on the other side .
    Rest when you can sew when you want eat what you like and have a grand time living your life

  9. You know you have some kind of influence when your granddaughter (who is learning to sew at the age of 6) is looking at blog posts of the mystery links with you and says,"Oh, look. That lady is doing a "Bobby Hunter" quilt, too!"

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  11. Congratulations to the 3 lucky ladies who won! I entered AND, also, ordered! Not to worry, Bonnie! It'll be here all in good time! Now, if the post office will just treat it kindly instead of getting it to me in their usual bent up delivery shape I'll be a happy girl! :-)


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