Friday, February 05, 2016

Jared Takes a Wife in Gulf Shores, AL!

This photo is entitled “One of these things is NOT like the others!”

I had to stop and pose with all of the SUSANS in the room! LOL!

And while this was quite funny –there are always a lot of Susans, and Lindas, and Jeans or Joans -

This two days proved to have THREE Bonnies in the same room on two days in a row!  And on the second day, the 3rd Bonnie was really a 4th Bonnie as one Bonnie replaced another who was only there for the first day.  How crazy is that?

I’ve rarely been in a room with more than one Bonnie, but to have 4 of us over the past two days was really quite fun.

I got to understand what it feels like when someone says “Hey, Bonnie!”  and three of us turn our heads and say “What?!”  LOL!

Cutting it up in Jared takes a Wife workshop!

Traveling around to different parts of the country is really fun when it comes to watching what quilters bring together in way of fabric, and color and ideas for how they envision their quilt to be. 

I learn so much by watching them work, and consult each other on what they think about this and that.  There is so much more going on than just “sew this to this and make this”. 

This is another reason why I prefer not to teach from kits. 

In a class full of 31 students yesterday, do we really want 31 identical quilts with fabric chosen solely by MY vision out there?  Part of being a student is also learning how to make better or different fabric choices, and sometimes we learn quite a bit about what we would like to try in the future by what the student next to us is putting together.

I love seeing all of these similar yet vastly different blocks coming together, each a reflection of the vision of their maker. 

Alabama, Roll Tide!

I love school spirit!!


Of course, while one side of the room was going “Roll, Tide!”  The other was shouting “War Eagle!!”  and we all had quite a good time with it.

Thank you for a wonderful Alabama time, ladies!

The blocks and projects are widely varied and all so wonderful.  I can’t wait to see these quilts as they are finished.  The guild has a retreat coming up in a couple of weeks, and I know many of these projects will be front and center since they are already to go since being kitted up for class.  Send me photos!  I hope you have a wonderful time.

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.

Jared Takes a Wife, Gulf Shores, AL 2016


Down at the shore!

You can’t go to Gulf Shores, Alabama and not go to the shore.  It was a bright and sunny day yesterday, and when we got out of class, four of us made a Beeline for the Shoreline.

It was CHILLY!  And WINDY!  But this is the season I love the shore the most – when beaches are empty and peace abounds.  I much prefer empty to the press of crowds, don't you?

I had to get a photo of the seagull conference.  They flock together like quilters!


Huddling in the wind!


Take the photo, it’s blowing me away!

Time at the beach? About 15 minutes. That was enough!  Let’s go get Mexican food and warm up! LOL!

My thanks to the Island Quilt Guild for bringing me in to spend the time here in Alabama.  I really enjoyed it, and I hope to see you again.  I’m headed home today out of Pensacola, stop in Atlanta and on home to Greensboro.


Did you enter to win?

As I type this, copies of Wonky Wishes are winging their way, or more like rolling their way via FedEx Ground to my studio from the C&T warehouses in California!  This is my newest release, a pattern booklet for Wonky Wishes!  To celebrate, I am drawing for THREE lucky winners who have entered to win on THAT POST

If  I am not dead to the world by the time I get home this evening, we’ll draw tonight.  If not tonight, tomorrow.

I’ll have just Saturday and Sunday at home as I am off to southern California early early Monday morning.  Yep.  2016 is really on a roll.


Quiltville Quote of the Day!

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves! I chose these words today as I plan to meet up with a friend that I have held in my heart since we were both 12 years old.

I am as excited to see her now as I was then.

10 more sleeps, Jules!

Got a friend you haven't talked to in awhile? Give them a call!

Vintage 4 patch/9 patch quilt from my collection.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. I've been sending my good friend several of your 'quilt quotes' lately. She has been liking them.

  2. Seeing the color/fabric choices others make has helped me stretch my own vision for quilting far more than reading a book on color theory ever could. Plus it's just fun seeing everyone's own vision come to life.

  3. I always enjoy the photo blogs from your classes, but this one is especially interesting as I'll be joining you in Sioux City, Iowa, in about 11 weeks, for this quilt (Jared...) and for My Blue Heaven. YAY!

  4. I'm quite familiar with being one of many with the same name as my name is Sue and there is always at least one other! At school there were 5 in one class.

  5. I'm quite familiar with being one of many with the same name as my name is Sue and there is always at least one other! At school there were 5 in one class.

  6. Beautiful colors, ladies!!

  7. I have fond memories of when I took your Smith Mountain Morning class at the retreat center near Mobile two years ago. I would have driven to Gulf Shores if I could have gotten in. Heard you were at A & E yesterday! Great store! Thank you Bonnie for all you do. Words cannot express how grateful we are!

  8. Ha! This SUSAN's beloved Mme Alexander baby doll from mid 60s she immediately named BONNIE. BONNIE and SUSAN have been together now for fifty years! 💖💖💖

  9. Anonymous8:38 AM EST

    Would love to win one of your creative patterns, Bonnie #1. I hope I am not to late to enter.

  10. Many years ago there were 5 of us Linda's at our workplace, sooo confusing! I have many Susan friends and relatives. And I have several Bonnie's in my life...including one that I've seen in your classes this week. Hi Bonnie C from IL it looks like you're having a great time!
    Loved the slide show, so many inspiring color choices, WOW !!
    Thank you Bonnie Hunter, :) for all the photos you post. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like I'm experiencing a little class (or cabin) fun every morning when I come to visit your blog.


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