Saturday, December 19, 2009

Part 7, The Big Finish!!

You can get to part 7 HERE!

You know, with the snow storm that came through, I completely missed my opportunity to take any decent OUTSIDE pictures! and this is a big quilt. I was able to put it on the rack in my sunroom, which is NOT heated and was more like an ice box than a sun room at this point!

So here you see the front......and the back! The hanging sleeve is even made from the left over cut off parts of the backing after the quilt was quilted.....

I really REALLY love the back! Yes, it could have been a whole nuther quilt, but how many big Christmas quilts does one girl need? And this will travel alot better, two for one. I was happy to find a home for the house blocks that didn't fit in the "Welcome Home" quilt either. And you know what? I used lots LESS of the Christmas fabric I originally thought I'd find a home for too, so guess what...it can wait til next year!

It's been fun working on this with the snow falling outside the past couple of days. We've got the new wood stove fireplace insert installed and upstairs is toasty warm!

This has been a really fun mystery to run for ya'll....how bout we do it again, same time next year? :cD


I feel like a little kid on new skates for the first time, afraid to let go of the rail!

I'm now loading an older quilt top I finished years ago, and I'm going to quilt a simple pantograph on it. The thing that scares me the most? Broken threads & running out of bobbin! I'm so used to being able to just grab that machine by the handles and moving it off, or moving it back and starting where I left off, and now it all has to be directed by where I set the computer and it's a bit frustrating right now.

At the same time, it has put new life in my desire to continue long arm quilting as I go into 15 years of long arming. 1995 can't really be that long ago, can it? I guess it can!

I'm working on the directions for the pieced border for Carolina Christmas. It's about 1/2 done....I hope to get it uploaded by this evening, as last evening just didn't happen! My thoughts here are....get the quilt quilting, and in between, work on the pages for the border. Can I really multi-task this?

On top of everything else, we've been pounded with snow and it is sure beautiful out there! The sun is coming out, just making everything sparkle. Yes, it feels like Christmas in the Carolinas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pre-Orders Ready to Roll!

I'm sitting here waiting while my quilting machine is being fiddled with before training...

So..I put the link in the side bar for pre-ordering Adventures with Leaders & Enders!!

Go for it guys! It's going to be great! the book has 12 LARGE quilt patterns and all kinds of thoughts from my head ;c)

We Have A Cover!!!

I got my first look at the cover of "Adventures With Leaders & Enders" Yesterday! I am so tickled with how colorful it is! YES! This is just what I wanted!

I had sent in little extra 4 patches and 9 patches to be scattered about here and there through the book and some of them landed on the cover! You will notice that some of them are from the Carolina Crossroads mystery before it was put in the first book, those 9 patches with the one odd corner square might just belong to some of you who sent them in to me!

The book goes to the printer on Thursday. From there I will get to go over the proofs one last time before it goes to print....this is the part I love!

In the next few days I'll get my website updated and ready to take pre-orders. The price is the same as the Shirts & Scraptails book, $25.00 plus shipping. I'll also link to it in my side bar (Along with Forest Jane's mystery button!!)

On the counter top thing...this is the part I hate :c( Once the original counter tops were off we found that some additional leveling has to be done professionally, so we are on hold again. Someone should come either Saturday or Sunday, but until then I have no kitchen water, no sink....so it's still doing dishes in the bathtub, which wouldn't be bad except for the sliding glass door on the tub that gets in the way. It's okay. If I can't cook and can't wash dishes, I figure things will be free here for the next few days for me to concentrate on learning the basics of running the compu-quilter on my millenium! We got things hooked up yesterday, and I've been doing some practice lessons on the computer it is hooked to, but no actual stitching has been done yet. I did get some yuck fabric loaded so I can practice on something I don't care about. That will come today.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh What A ZOO!!!!

If good things come in Three's...I've got it in spades!

Counter tops come today. It's a good thing because the kitchen is all torn up, no running water in there, doing dishes in either the bathroom sink or the tub....reminds me of being newly weds. *LOL* (with plumbing in an apartment that was iffy at best)

On top of that, I got a call last night that the guy coming to install my compu-quilter to my Millenium is coming...TODAY!! AAUUGHHHH!!! The quilt studio is a disaster. I wanted to be up at 6 to clean it, to make room for what he needs, and I woke up at 8:20!! I know I must have needed the sleep, didn't sleep well the night before.....but still. Embarrassing to have anyone see this mess, it's been a catching ground for everything!

My book "Adventures With Leaders & Enders" is going to print THURSDAY!!!!! Still a few details being ironed out on that at last minute, including the fact that I haven't seen the cover yet and I'm supposed to spend time with my editor on the phone today going over last minute front matter elements? With the compu-quilter guy here and the counter top people?!? Hmmmmm it's going to be interesting to say the least.

I woke up to a lovely in my email this morning tho, Forest Jane has designed another lovely badge for those participating in the Carolina Christmas Mystery! You can right click and save this badge and upload it to your own website/blog. If you can, please link it to the intro page of Carolina Christmas at http://quiltville.com/carolinachristmas.shtml so people can click your badge to get to the page.

I better get going....wish there were some elves to come help me with all this stuff today!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Carolina Christmas, Part 6!

I just uploaded part 6....so you've got my layout there to look at, but many other layouts are possible depending what you decide to do with your blocks. Let your imagination run wild!

Part 7 will be the optional pieced border..be looking for that toward the weekend. Right now my kitchen is torn up because I have new counters being installed tomorrow. I've been gone a week and needless to say, this house needs help!!! *LOL*

You can find part 6 here!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Quilting Progress..

I've finished quilting the baptist fans in the center of this orphan quilt! I haven't really touched it much since leaving Paris, but between the flight here to AZ, and the time I've had here to work on it in between other things..it's amazing how far you can get just a little bit at a time!

I'm now working on the borders. I don't know if you can see in the border pic that I am just echoing seam lines. Some of the strips get a line of quilting down the center, but if the strip is wide enough, it will get two lines. I'm just playing it by ear. The black inner border is going to get a simple zig zag.....

Yes, It's being quilted with red thread, and I love that you can see the little dots of colors here and there.

We've had a lovely time. Today the weather has been absolutely gorgeous. We even enjoyed a long walk in a nature area (sorry can't remember the name) and loved watching the ducks down by the pond and seeing the desert foliage, etc.

Dinner for my dad is tonight to celebrate his 70th. Tomorrow is the last day (sad) and I am headed home on Sunday!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hello from AZ!

I arrived yesterday after multitudinous airport delays!

We sat on the runway in Greensboro NC for 45 minutes because we were informed it was snowing in Chicago! Good thing I had the hand quilting with me :c) This pic is of the snow through my window upon landing. The only thing it doesn't show is how the snow was blowing SIDEWAYS!! :cP We sat here on the runway while they cleared stuff so we could get to our gate.

Once arriving in Chicago, I barely had time to get from F terminal to C terminal to catch my plane...walked right on board without having to stop and wait..they were already boarding.

Once buckled in, huffing and puffing, we were told we had to wait for the de-icer truck to make its way to us...and that took another 45 minutes! Let me tell you, we were lucky to get OUT of Chicago, in fact, when we landed in Phoenix, I overheard a gate lady telling several frustrated passengers that they were not going anywhere because Chicago had been closed down with nothing going in or out for more than 3 hours. Well, my flight was 3 hours 45 minutes, so I think that we were probably one of the last planes to leave O'Hare!

I met my brother's plane just as he was landing, a few gates down from mine. What a wonderful reunion! We were met by my dad down by baggage claim and off we went to go see my other brother at his office.

I'm having a wonderful reunion with my family. This pic is of my two brothers (both younger than me, yes I am the old one!) and my dad...the 4 of us have not been together at the same time in 7.5 years. Way too long.

Last night we all went to my nephew's high school choir Christmas Concert, and it was fabulous. A real family time of love and support. It was just what I needed to get me into the Holiday spirit.

I met my young niece, Ashley, who is 7 years old. The first time I got to hug and hold her and she is 7. Where do the years go? She has glued herself to my lap and my side, and my heart is full with being loved on by a little girl, a blessing that I have missed in my life since losing my daughter in infancy. I never let myself get too close to little girls because it hurt too much, but even that is healing as I spend this time with family.

And this is getting pretty long and deep, so I'm going to end it here and wish you all the same...the joy of loved ones around you, related or not. We're all on this journey together.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Step 5, Let The Blocks Begin!

It's up and ready folks. I've tried to keep things as simple as possible in this step, even fewer photos because the more photos I seem to put the more confused people get.

You can find step 5 HERE!
It is also linked at the bottom of part 4.

I am leaving in the morning to go visit family in AZ! I'm returning Sunday, the 13th....so you will have almost a week to finish step 5 before we move on to the layouts in step 6.

I will be unavailable to answer questions this coming week. There is however, a world wide wealth of knowledge on the quiltvillechat list so if you have any questions, instead of asking me personally, please direct them to the list! I'll check in when I can. There is a link to joining the list in my right sidebar! ---->

And here I am, hard hat and all....this afternoon my son Jeff and I went to go choose the granite slab that will be my new counter tops come Dec 15th! It's been a long time coming. The color is called Sapphire Jolie...nice, eh? I'm excited about the kitchen re-do, even if we have to do it just a little bit at a time, this step is a BIG one for me...

Friday, December 04, 2009

Part 4, Up and Ready!

I know some of you are ready for more sewing, and quite a lot of you are NOT! But remember, it's not a race. Part 4 is ready to roll! You can get to it HERE. It is also linked at the bottom of part 3 :c)

I'm feeling really tired today. No gym today. Just can't do it. I was going to do a yoga class, but after yesterday, I'm so sore I can't move! It wouldn't be a pretty sight.

I am excited! My friend Karen and I are going to go to the "First Friday" Art Gallery tour this evening! I'm meeting her down town at 4:30. Since moving here (almost 2 years ago, can you believe it?) I really haven't had the time to discover all the wonders of Winston Salem. At dinner the other night at the Thai place downtown, she mentioned all that was going on, and I jumped right on it! I don't have to be anywhere else....this sounds like fun!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Perched on the edge.....of 700!!!

I just peeked at my followers link in the side bar below...it's hidden pretty far down there, because having it higher up in the bar was causing some issues with people's IE.

Oh. My. GoOdNeSs!! You guys have put me at 699 followers!!! I am sitting here holding my breath until there are 700 of you...*turning various shades of blue...* (No not really)

I'm just thrilled! Thank you so much for reading my drivel, really. It's a treat to know you are there when there are most likely better more productive things you could (should?!) be doing! HA!

699 followers AND Susan Boyle in one day? Awesome!

I'm just about to do some sewing, getting the columns together. It's been a busy day. I met with my trainer at 8am, we are revising my workouts because I still can't run, jump, jar or otherwise POUND on my right ankle. We are heading to 3 months injured right now, and it is a bummer, but I have found that power walking does wonders...walking I'm fine. I can do the elliptical trainer, and increased my time on it from 15 minutes when I first started back, to 45 minutes yesterday..just adding 5 to 10 minutes additional each time. So that's my cardio.

After that, it was errand-girl! Sam's club for prescription drop off, another place for oil change and tire rotation...while that was being done I walked to the plaza up the street to get my hair trimmed, and by the time I was done, the car was ready (This is multitasking at it's best!) From there, I went to the car wash for a super deluxe in and out job to get rid of this year's road grunge from the travel. It sorely needed it! And nothing lifts my spirits more than a hair trim and a clean car all in the same day! A couple other errands rounded out my day, and I've been home since working on book stuff.

Several of you have commented that the Orphan Backing I've been working on for Carolina Christmas really could be a quilt in it's own right. I agree..it could!! But there are reasons I want it to be a back, for instance....it will get a photo op in the NEXT book as a cool backing. You know, some times I like to do things that have no pattern to them, just for eye inspiration. The backs in the Scraps & Shirttails book photographed really well, and people loved seeing them as I travel around with the quilts.

So this one, this crazy orphan backing, would be great to show as the quilts travel, without having to have TWO quilts to lug around, you know? Using this orphan collage as a backing gives it a tie in and extra added interest to more quilts made with recycled fabrics. I can also use recycled blocks!

So those are my reasons....inclusion as an "extra" in the next book, and less weight to travel, and good show-ability for trunk shows.

So what do you think now? Should it still be it's own quilt, or are you seeing my reasoning? :cD

Bawling My Eyes Out....

I just picked up Susan Boyle's album. The first track, Wild Horses, just opened flood gates!

I love this woman! She embodies everything I believe in and stand for. What a fabulous voice, what a wonderful story!

For those of us who have "Dreamed a Dream" and worked hard to get there, it's worth a listen!

I'm planning on getting step 4 for the mystery done tomorrow. That is if everything works out, I'm doing last go-through book edits at the same time trying to pull everything together there with my editor, the tech editor, myself, the graphic artist guy. Yes, I'm home....but I'm still working!

I leave Tues for AZ, so I hope step 5 will be ready on Monday before I go to bed. I return on Sunday, so there will likely be a week between step 5 and 6...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Considering Background Yardage...

I admit....this is the part that is hard for me. Figuring yardage when cut with specific rulers, etc. When figuring the background fabric, I didn't take into consideration the amount of background fabric that would result in "bonus triangles" or otherwise cut off and lost. I was just looking at the surface of the quilt and guesstimating. I did say in the yardage requirements that all yardages are "approximates". But that didn't cover my hiney enough.

At this point you are going to need to add to your your background fabrics for a total of 4 -1/4 yards. This much yardage just "sounded" like too much for me, but so much is lost in the bonus triangles from step 3. And it was pointed out to me in an email this morning that the squares from step 3 took 2 5/8 yards! I had used my background squares from my pre-cut 2.5" light squares bin for this step. I know not everyone has that bin to work out of!

Those of you working scrappy shouldn't have a problem. those of you with a particular background fabric, you are going to need more. This is a BIG quilt. With the borders it finishes at 96" square.

I am doing the borders as an optional step, and will write separate yardage requirements for the pieced border hopefully this evening. If you want to plan to use the same background fabric in the pieced border as well, add another 3/4 yard for a total of 5 yards background there for good measure. Better too much than not enough?

There is one more block step in step 4 that requires some background fabric. And the borders require some more background fabric....all else is the main fabric colors and amounts given should be sufficient for them.

I hope this doesn't trip too many people up. Maybe this is an opportunity to pull in a variety of fabrics into your quilt making, one of the main reasons I go scrappy!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Part 3, Red & Ready!

I just finished uploading part 3 of the Mystery. You can reach it here!

I had a bit of round a bout with my ftp program...some how files got renamed the same as other files (they were numbered files) and it rewrote some..so all of a sudden I had pictures that weren't the pictures I was supposed to have..pictures went missing when they were written over by others, so AUUGHHH! It's been a bit of a bru-haha over here. I think I've got it straightened out, and I sent out a call for help, if anyone has the first picture in Step 1, of the gold strips with the neutral strips and the strip set being sewn through the machine? I need that .jpg file if you have it!!

Someone emailed a bit befuddled because "they" thought that the steps were going to be once a week or farther apart and she was already falling behind. Some wanted them on the hour, every hour! Some thought it was every day! I said a couple weeks ago that there would be 2 steps per week. That means a step about every 3 days, and I am keeping with that.

And don't worry...if you can't keep up...it's not a race! You can click to the next step when you are ready, you don't have to try to keep up with other people. Breathe, Live...and click the link when you are ready.

I had a call from the guy who is installing my Compu-Quilter..He'll be here around the time I get back from Arizona, so you can see what irons I've got in the fire...along with new counter tops coming? I have got to do these steps as they fit into my schedule, and I know I can't please half the people half the time, so you will just have to bear with what I can do, okay?

I'm still getting emails from people who want directions to make it smaller. I'm sorry, but there isn't time for math and recalculating. You can easily wait another week or two and see what the outcome is, and then decide how you want to resize it to fit your purposes, deal? Thanks for understanding!

Some people have not been able to get their printers to cooperate. You can easily copy and paste from the webpage into a word document to make things fit on the page how you want them. Try that, you can make it fit your own needs that way by omitting pictures, text or whatever. It's easy. I can't help it if not everyone's printers are the same, there are too many variables for monitor settings, printer settings, page settings, etc.

I'm off to bed..it's been a long day!

Sneak Preview!

Well! I'll have you know my whole day went out the window!

That is.....I stayed home and sewed and the other things I was supposed to do....just will have to wait for another day.

When the muse strikes, you have to run with it, right? And OH, what a delightful mess I've made in the quilting room today! A red and green bomb truly went off....

I've got the columns laid out...this is the office/sunroom floor, in other words, DH-land. And he's just going to have to put up with quilt backing columns on the floor for a bit, because there is no where else in the house big enough to lay this stuff out! Lucky enough I can close the double doors and keep the dogs and cats out of there from rearranging things.

Speaking of which....Oscar is doing FINE! The antibiotics have seemed to have cleared everything up, and I'm really really happy to say he is back to normal. He's been really really lovey and cuddly and purr purr purr...so I think in his own cat way he is saying THANKS, I feel better now. >^..^<

The next step for me is to trim all the columns to the same length...No just sewing sewing sewing and then lopping off the extra at the end. These all need to be the same so I don't end up with troubles when I load it to quilt it..

But before I do that....it's time for dinner...and I really REALLY ought to clean up the mess around the quilting room before I try to machine these long columns together....(but I don't wanna...)

Besides, after dinner I have plans to finish writing step 3 of the Mystery! Cleaning can come AFTER that, right?

And What Could THIS Be?!

It would be really EASY to just piece a simple back of one fabric and call it done.

OR...I could combine random pieces of Christmas fabrics I want to clear out, you know the old ones that have been hanging around forever, the novelty ones that never seem to be right to go with anything else, they are too cute or too...eh?

But what if I go through my orphan bin and pull blocks that have Christmassy colors and feel to them?

And you know what? One of those Christmas fabrics (or more than one) have a bit of blue...especially the cute Gingerbread men that was a door prize some years ago. (Robin in Elizabeth City, if you are reading this, you KNOW I thought of you when I pulled out this fabric!! :cD)

Can I pull blocks and random leftover units in these colors, and piece a really FUN back for Carolina Christmas??

You bet I can!!

So here's what I'm doing. I'm separating the blocks that I think will work into piles by sizes. I'm making columns of the various sizes with bits and pieces of various Christmas type fabrics to tie it all together. I'm not using JUST Christmas fabric in the blocks, but I'm going more for color than whether it has a Christmas print in it or not, designating it as a "Christmas" fabric. To me Christmas is about the colors, not about what the print is on the fabric. That said...I'm really happy to be using some of these cute novelty ones that I could never find a home for!

The quilt finishes 96" X 96"...so that means I need a backing that is about 102" X 102" to be big enough. I'm nearly GIDDY over how much odd ball orphans and holiday fabrics this will find a home for! About 9-10 yards all together I'm figuring...

I've got 4 columns pieced. I'll piece more strips and stuff to go between them. At this point I'm just playing!

While sewing I make sure that the columns measure the same WIDTH, tho each column can be a different width from the next one. I just want them uniform so they will lay flat when sewn together. I'll trim them to length later. A bit of extra length will allow me to adjust them up, down, or turn them around for final placement.

I'll take more pics as it comes along....Not a whole lotta planning going on here, just sew and go! I'm thinking this is going to give me a reversible quilt.....and Im happy to be making more space in the orphan bin and that shelf of holiday fabrics!

Monday, November 30, 2009

No-Sew-Day !!

Sometimes, it's just NOT in the cards.

Today was the first day that I was back "home alone" as DH took the whole week off last week, so.....today was filled with things like catching up on paperwork, filling all the book orders that couldn't go out over the weekend because of the holiday, paying bills, running to pick up a prescription at Jeff's Doctor's office, going to the post office....

Before I even left the house, I had to hang around for the guy from the counter top place to come measure my kitchen for the new counter tops we are putting in (That's Christmas for both of us....no "stuff" just new counter tops. :c) Tomorrow I should be able to go pick out the slabs of granite I want.

I also made a run to Whole Foods....(looking for some of that great french cheese, didn't find any..whhaaa) and went browsing through a great used book/game/cd/dvd store in Winston Salem that I'd heard about but had never been to.

I Bought...get this.....a lovely gorgeous very heavy thick hard bound book of artwork from The Louvre!! There was a book like this AT the Louvre, and they wanted some ridiculous price like 65 EUROS or something for it, and it would have been too heavy for my luggage anyway. So....I find it....in the 2nd hand store....for $10!! It looks brand new! I am SO a happy shopper. Does it matter that I didn't transport it back from Paris in my luggage? Nope. Not to me it doesn't. So...I'll be browsing through it at my leisure.

After that I met up with 9 of my quilting buddies for dinner and socializing at Down Town Thai in Winston Salem. I dont make many of our "bee" meetings during the year as they tend to fall when I am out of town, but when I do find that I'm around and can meet with them, I have the best time. These ladies are fabulous and I just love being with them. And of course, the food was to die for...I love thai food!

So now I'm home..it's past 9pm. My eyes are bleary, I'm tired.....so this is a day that not a stitch got done. I think I'll go curl up with Diana Gabaldon's "Echo in the Bone" and read a couple pages before closing my eyes for the night.

If I get the other paperwork that is pressing finished, I'll finish the work on Step 3 of the mystery and get it uploaded for you, hopefully by tomorrow night.....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Its Here!

Well sorta....I haven't got my copy yet, but I started getting comments about the Jan/Feb issue of Quiltmaker magazine from readers, so hey...it's out there!

This is the first issue of my regular column on Scrap Reduction! The column title? Addicted To Scraps! Some of you might remember when I was making Old Kentucky Album, wondering if I should throw in those old dusty blue and mauve fabrics left over from sewing in the early 1990s....and you know what? I'm glad I did! I found a home for them, and they blended really well with today's "civil war" reproductions...and I got this TOP out of them.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...It's still a TOP, but dang, Quiltmaker made it look better in the picture than I remember it being close up! *hehehe* Look! No wrinkles...and no stray threads! (or cat hair??)

You can read the preview HERE!

I have some other happenings going on here....After much deliberation (and waiting about a year) I'm having my APQS Millenium upgraded with the addition of Compu-Quilter. My hopes is that I can digitize some of my own designs and then, in true Quiltville Bonnie Fashion, be quilting on one thing at the same time as I am piecing on another! *LOL*

At one time I thought there was no way I was going to become a computer-driven long arm quilter. But the way my life is going, something has to happen because I just can't keep up! So...I plan on still doing a lot of freehanding on quilts, but the addition of the ability to size and rotate my block designs and save them is only going to add to my toolbox. I've been long arm quilting since 1995, hopefully this will put new life in it for me. This is going to happen the week between Christmas and New Years, so you can see why I needed to run the Mystery a bit early!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Carolina Christmas, Part Deux :cD

This could get to be a habit....of wanting to sleep in in the morning, rather than get up at the crack of dawn to deal with FTP programs and hoping that I get everything uploaded right before the crowds start emailing saying WHERE IS IT?!!

So...tada! You can find part 2 here!

It's also linked at the bottom of part 1.....

Remember it's not a race! So you don't have to feel bad if you aren't ready to move on yet. The mystery will be left up until June 1st, so there is time.

Today was a lovely easy day. I went into the gym about 10:30...did my thang...came home, showered, worked on website stuff, finished making the turkey soup that is my MUST HAVE post Thanksgiving. (or any holiday involving turkey!) I love the smell of it simmering in the crockpot. It's just comfort food for me! Warms me right through.

Here is my basic recipe.....tho I think I've posted it before:

Turkey Soup

* carcass from cooked 15-18 lb turkey
* 3-4 quarts water
* 2 tsp celery salt
* 1/2 tsp black pepper
* 2 chicken boullion cubes (optional)
* minced garlic to taste (1 to 2 cloves)
* 1 tsp poultry seasoning
* 1 dried bay leaf
* 1 cup uncooked pearl barley
* 2 cups carrots, peeled, sliced (about 3 medium carrots)
* 1 1/2 cups onion, chopped (about 1 medium onion)
* 2 cups celery. chopped, (about 3 medium stalks celery)
* 4 cups cut-up cooked turkey
* 3 Tbsp fresh parsley, chopped if desired


1. Break up turkey carcass (wings and all) to fit large crock pot. (I remove as much skin as possible before putting it into the pot.)
2. Add water, salt,pepper, garlic, poultry seasoning and bay leaf. Simmer on high for a few hours, until meat falls off the bones and carcass falls apart. Skim off any residue that rises to the surface.
3. Pour contents into a large colander placed over a large bowl or pot so the broth flows through, separating the meat/bones from the broth.
4. When cool enough to handle, remove meat from bones and cut or tear into bite-size pieces; set aside. Discard bones and bay leaf. (Watch for itty bitty bones...they like to hide!)
5. Keep the broth over night in the refrigerator. The following day, skim fat from broth; Return to crock pot, beginning to heat on low. Add de-boned turkey meat to broth; stir in barley. Heat to simmer.
6. Stir in carrots, onion, celery. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until vegetables and barley are tender. I've also added things like zucchini, potatoes, turnips, whatever other veggies or dried beans (small white beans are good..or lentils?) you want to add to it. For extra color you can also add mixed frozen veggies..you know the ones with diced carrots, peas, corn, limas, etc?
7. You can make it more fiesta style by adding a can of rotel tomatoes....
8. Oh yeah....if you have left over gravy from thanksgiving dinner, stir that in too...it thickens things nicely. :c)
9. Stir in parsley in desired

YUMMY! Make some corn bread to serve on the side....honey butter is sticky good. :c)

Friday, November 27, 2009

Wild Array of Reds!

I've got a border in the works! And once that light goes on, once I've tried and tested a few units, and once I get the centers and corners worked out.....there is no stopping me! I love it when the inspiration kicks in to high gear!

I can't give all the details on the border....but I want you to know that the fabric is flying here! Yes yes yes yes yes!

Another reason I love having my scraps, new and old, sorted by SIZE and ready to pull and sew. Look at these reds! There is quite a bit from traditional plaids and stripes from shirts, but the other prints I've pulled are just as fun and round out the eclectic mix. Can I really put in a cutesy 1980's red with white hearts (definitely VIP!) next to a red with green Japanese symbols that says ETERNITY? Absolutely! It's red! I'm going for variety and color here.

What about the red with the alphabet letters? Sure, why not. But the letters are blue....SO? Throw it in! Red with neon green stars? Definitely not a traditional type fabric, but it will sparkle in some fun...weehhhaaaa...

Let's face it. This life is going to pass quickly enough. I want to leave them wondering just WHAT I was under the influence of 100 years from now..*hehehe*

While digging through these, I saw so many more strips of various colors and genres that I would love to work into a quilt. The drawers are FULL. I have been doing cutting (yeah, thanks to the silly people who will fill up a box of scraps, mail it UPS with NO RETURN ADDRESS !! You know who you are... :c))and because these have been cut from other people's scraps....they are NEW to me. Oh, the possibilities!

But first...back to border construction.

I'm thinking that Step 2 of Carolina Christmas Mystery will be ready to go up on Sunday, sound like a plan?