Sunday, November 29, 2009

Its Here!

Well sorta....I haven't got my copy yet, but I started getting comments about the Jan/Feb issue of Quiltmaker magazine from readers, so hey...it's out there!

This is the first issue of my regular column on Scrap Reduction! The column title? Addicted To Scraps! Some of you might remember when I was making Old Kentucky Album, wondering if I should throw in those old dusty blue and mauve fabrics left over from sewing in the early 1990s....and you know what? I'm glad I did! I found a home for them, and they blended really well with today's "civil war" reproductions...and I got this TOP out of them.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah...It's still a TOP, but dang, Quiltmaker made it look better in the picture than I remember it being close up! *hehehe* Look! No wrinkles...and no stray threads! (or cat hair??)

You can read the preview HERE!

I have some other happenings going on here....After much deliberation (and waiting about a year) I'm having my APQS Millenium upgraded with the addition of Compu-Quilter. My hopes is that I can digitize some of my own designs and then, in true Quiltville Bonnie Fashion, be quilting on one thing at the same time as I am piecing on another! *LOL*

At one time I thought there was no way I was going to become a computer-driven long arm quilter. But the way my life is going, something has to happen because I just can't keep up! So...I plan on still doing a lot of freehanding on quilts, but the addition of the ability to size and rotate my block designs and save them is only going to add to my toolbox. I've been long arm quilting since 1995, hopefully this will put new life in it for me. This is going to happen the week between Christmas and New Years, so you can see why I needed to run the Mystery a bit early!


*karendianne. said...

Well this is darn cool! Exciting!!!

Patty E said...

In my opinion, computerized quilting doesn't replace longarm quilters, it just enhances their creative abilities. If the quilter makes poor choices in quilting pattern selection, sizing, etc., the quilt won't "sing" even though they used a computer. It still takes a very talented and creative person to make quilts "sing".

rayalbinet said...

Well I just read Old Ky Alblum so congratulations on a great block. Quiltmaker is one magazine I like to buy and now will be a regular with your articles. I also like their patterns as they show a quilt design to use.

I am loving Carolina Christmas but I am not doing Christmas. I really appreciate the time you devote to give us special projects like this.

Marj said...

I hope that Quiltmaker appreciates the work you do and your loyal followers. I have subscribed so that I can follow your column. Congratulations! I will also be hoping to hear if you think the addition to your APQS is a plus. Keep having fun creating!

ria vogelzang said...

Old Kentucky Album looks great! It's a good thing you used those old fabrics!
Have lot's of succes with your long-armquilting expedition!! 8D))

SubeeSews said...

I said the same thing when I got my embroidery machine...it can sew while I am sewing on another machine. Only problem was I loved watching it work!
Wishing you good times with your upgrade.

Kathie said...

congrats, love the new quilt! I think you will be happy you upgraded
good luck!

Fiesta said...

Congratulations Bonnie. You deserve this.

YankeeQuilter said...

Yet another techy toy for Bonnie...how do you keep up?!

Working on my Carolina Christmas...but mine is looking a bit more like Pennsylvania Dutch at the moment!

Mama Pea Quilts said...

I've been reading for a while but this is my first comment. (Time to come out of the closet?)

I think learning to go with changes contributes to allowing ourselves to grow. So I say go for it! Even if trying something new doesn't turn out quite the way we expected, we always come out a wiser person in one respect or another.

Four O'Clock Quilt Company said...

I'm glad to see someone else has dusty blue and mauve left from the 80s and 90s. I thought I was the only one! Great quilt!

bingo~bonnie said...

Maybe it's the name Old Kentucky Album - after all I was born and raised it the bluegrass state - but I really really like this quilt! Very antique looking - if I didn't read that you had made it - I would have thought you bought it at one of your antique shops b/c of the fabrics and colors. ;)

also - I love how Quiltmaker's writers worded it - Bonnie Style. :)

So excited about the "Addicted to Scraps" and block features in the upcoming 2010 issues! I'm so glad I treated myself with a 2 year subscription last year for my Christmas gift to myself ;)

Deborah said...

Now is not a convenient time for me to be working on a quilt, so I'm printing off your directions, and will start as soon as I can. But I know it will be after the end of the year. So sadly, I'll see the finished product before I get started. But I know I'll love it!

Everything you do is wonderful!

julieQ said...

My copy just came!!! Nothing done for the rest of the afternoon, at least until I am done reading it!!

Rieann said...

Thanks for this new Mystery quilt, I am still 'playing' with DD but will have all the clues ready to go maybe in time for Christmas 2010!

Ms. Jan said...

OK, I've been on the fence about dropping American P & Q and subscribing to Quiltmaker, and now the decision is an easy one. Congratulations Bonnie, you deserve this!