Monday, February 11, 2008

The Van Is Here!!

They showed up at 7:45! We weren't expecting them til 9am so there was a lot of running around to move cars out of the drive and garage, etc.....

I had luckily taken my shower and had dressed by the time they showed up!

The first thing I had to do was take a pic of the truck for Lucy! When she came to visit me here in the US, her first trip to America, she was amazed at how BIG the trucks are. So here you go, Lucy! My whole HOUSE is loaded onto this truck with no room to spare!

The first thing to come off the truck is the hot tub! It is going to go in the gazebo part of the deck, which I absolutely love. We had to remove a railing to get it up there, and I'll get pics of the process...here it is eagerly waiting the tub to be put into place!

One big ICKY!! When the guys were looking up under the accoustical tile ceiling in my sewing room to find where the cables for the tv etc ran...they found..A SNAKE SKIN!!!! ::::: insert a panicked squeal from me ::::: It was SO GROSS. It was crunchy and old, so hopefully there is no snake still in my ceiling! It was right there in the insulation! Poor snake..what a bad place to peel off your skin...up against fiberglass insulation? Itchy!!

Oh, the joy of life in the country!

Okay...I better get back to supervising!! Back with updates later!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Stripping in NC!!

Hey everyone! We are in! We closed on the house monday, spent monday and tuesday and part of wednesday tearing out a wall in the basement to open up the space and make room for my quilting machine.

We also tore down a rotten dilapidated playhouse/treehouse that was quite the eyesore, but probably served it's purpose in years gone by. The lot is awesome. Being out in the country is awesome!

The moving van was finally finished being loaded friday night about 9pm, and we headed out then...two dogs, two cats, and a trailer pulling all the stuff that the movers wouldn't bring. We got here about 1am...so tired and falling into bed, only to have the cats meow all night because they didn't know where they were!

Of course, they cat-napped all day yesterday, and were up again last night meow meow meow..dig dig dig in the litter box, and crunch crunch crunch on the kitty food... :c|

While the guys were pulling down the playhouse outside, I prepped the walls in the opened up studio space and started painting. I went with a color called 'pearl white' which is more of a sand, very light khaki. It sure cleaned up the look of that paneling a LOT! I also went with a semi gloss because I like being able to wipe things down. Flat paint is a pain, even washable flat..I just don't like it.

You can see the stripe in the carpet where the wall USED to be. I don't know what I'm going to do about that uncarpeted stripe. Most likely my machine and bins will cover most of it. I'm not going to worry about that now! I'm not crazy about the drop ceiling, but that is small potatoes too in the whole scheme of things. I do know I want to add more ceiling lights.

I rented a steamer from home depot yesterday, and spent all of yesterday taking two layers of wallpaper off the dining room walls, and all around the border of the living room. I started on the front hall...but gave up on that for now, it will be easy access for later since there won't be furniture in the way.

Today's project is taking the paper off in the kitchen! The kitchen is a smaller one than I had in the previous house..it has two different kinds of paper..one white floral thing, and a dark navy thing that makes the kitchen more like a cave..I need to bring the light IN! So today..I'm stripping in the kitchen :c)

I need to get the paper off of the wall behind the fridge today because the new fridge comes this afternoon! My arms are tired, I need a massage!

Tomorrow the chaos continues with the arrival of the moving van. They are going to hate life because they can't get down our windy driveway that is a bit steep! They will have to park up on the road and wheel everything down. Poor guys!

That's about all the time I have for this update..and of course nothing quilty to relate at all, other than the fact that upon cleaning out the vent behind the sofa in my old family room....we FOUND my lost THIMBLE! The $50 one I loved and lost..and it is FOUND! :cD Oh happy day....

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Bargello Wins The Bowl!

It's done! And in the quick of time, really! It went so fast! Amazing what you can accomplish with friends sewing along with you. Add pizza delivery, some pink lemonade, and some popcorn!

It's 8:47pm here on the east coast. I'm cleaning up my mess, and packing the car for driving to Winston Salem tomorrow....folding a bunch of laundry (Jason and Kim get the old washer and dryer for the cute house that Kim just bought..)and we'll be out of here in the morning!

I decided just to pack some handwork with me, but the ott light is going with all the stuff I'm bringing...

I've negotiated breakfast and lunch at the house..but dinners will be OUT until we are fully moved in and functional!

I'm taking the camera with me...but I probably won't be able to post again until Thursday or so unless I find a wifi place some where and I think I'll be too busy for that. So ya'll take good care of yourselves and each other, and I'll be back with an update as soon as I can!

It's A Top!!

Here's a pic of Charlotte working on her Carolina Crossroads! She is doing blue/yellow/neutral and it is really turning out nice!

I've had fun sewing with her! I even moved my laptop to the kitchen and hooked the webcam up to it, and we had virtual retreat with Lucy! She was sewing on her featherweight working on her mennonite quilt while we were sewing on ours...Live on webcam! It was so fun, we could hear her little featherweight just humming away through the speakers on my lap top.

It got to be her bed time, so we said goodnight to her, and kept on sewing! We had pizza delivered...and kept on sewing!

My top center is together. And I'm taking a break to pull fabrics for borders! Charlotte is still working on hers...I told her to stay as long as she wants and keep sewing! I've got to start loading the car for going up to Winston Salem in the morning, but having her sewing makes the chore more bearable!

DH bought a Queen sized mattress/boxsprings today that is going to be in Jeff's room. We are also buying a futon for Jeff's room, so at least we won't be doing the "sleep on an air mattress on the floor and camp out" as bad as I thought we were. It's a compromise!

Yesterday I ordered the appliances from Sears. I went online and they had many items on sale for the weekend, and if you bought 3 or more items, you got 20% off EVERYTHING! So I feel like we really saved a lot and got a good deal on the appliances. The stove and washer/dryer will be delivered tuesday. The dishwasher will come later, on the 17th.

So little by little..it's all coming together!

One Down...Five to go!

Here are some pics of my first panel!

I have had lots of questions on how I decide what goes where. Basically, I don't decide! I just do things randomly. I do know that I be sure that I don't end the panel with two light strips, or two strips that are the same fabric..because when you join the panel into a loop, well, you'll see why!

I also found that the longer panels can be unweildy...so this last panel I didn't sew it into a loop before cutting it into strips. I folded it first, sliced my 6 subcuts...left one subcut un-looped, and then sewed the remaining 5 into loops. I just found that I got straighter squares this way. But whatever works for you..works for you!

My friend Charlotte is on her way over to sew too! Her daughter and my son are an "item" and it is so fun to have my son's girlfriend as my own quilting friend!

I'm setting up a table for her to work on her project while I work on my bargello. We might order pizza later or something...

Back to the machines!

Super Bowl Bargello Sunday!

Well gals, I'm off and running! I did get some time last night to pre-sew my panels....so today I am slicing panels and doing my up and down stair steps. I'm making 6 panels!

I find it helps instead of matching the ends of the strips as I'm sewing them, to match the centers, and let the ends fall where they fall. They just seem to be straighter panels that way for me, and there is enough lee-way to trim the edges straight when cutting the sections from the panels. For some reason matching centers of strips keeps the wonkiness under control for me.

DS #2 has left for work. He works a double shift today, so it's just me..a book on mp3, a 2 litre of diet dr pepper, some left over chinese take out that I can reheat...and the sewing machine!

What a great way to spend my last sunday!

I'm going to do all 3 uphill panels first, and then 3 downhill panels, it's easier for me to keep track of what I'm doing that way. I won't have to switch back and forth.

Happy Sewing!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Two More Days.....

I found this quilt on ebay....fun fun! I love the improvisational make-do piecing. I was thinking using big pieces like this would make a great BACKING for a quilt, if not the front. I just love looking at stuff like this. What a riot of color! I love how the lack-of-design IS the design!

I spent part of the afternoon yesterday switching out my massage table and items in my massage room with the gal who is moving in after me, Debbie. Debbie came on board at the end of December, and she really has been a God Send!

This is how things just work out if you go with the flow instead of kicking against the bricks I guess. This whole moving process, though stressful, really has been a wonder of things falling into place.

I have a good client named Ladd. Big time cyclist, die hard, just like my DH, so I understand his cyclist issues, and we've gotten on quite well. When I told him I was moving, he said..."What's going to happen here? Are you looking for someone to take over your room?" And I said yes, but I am wanting to turn my clientele over to someone who can handle all the deep tissue and sports massage clients I've built up."

It turns out that a friend of his has a girlfriend (Debbie) who had just relocated from Colorado to South Carolina, leaving a full clientele behind there, and didn't know how she was going to break into a practice here in a city where she didn't know anyone, etc. In Colorado she was the therapist for the USA cycle team! I told Ladd to have her give me a call, and she did!

She is perfect! A real go-getter and pleasant to be around. I've introduced her to lots of my clients so they know they can come to the same office and there will be someone there to take care of them. That is important to lots of people. So all is well. I'm not leaving the office high and dry as far as the lease goes..and my clients will be taken good care of.

SO..Debbie is moving her stuff IN to my room as I am moving stuff out. The only things left to go are my cabinet that holds my linens, My CDs my oils/creams/lotions and my wheelie stool. I'll take those tomorrow after I finish my last clients. And I will be done here. The end of a massage era!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Life in the Bargain Basement... :cD

Sooooo...I spent yesterday playing with the amazon store, and managed to spend money buying things for myself at the same time! *LOL* I'm going to try this alpaca cotton blend batting to see how it hand quilts!There is also alpaca/wool blends..I'm game to try it anyway! I love llamas and alpacas...so cute. I wonder if DH would let me keep one as a pet? We have room at the new place! *LOL* I can see it now...If you make me SLEEP here with no furniture, I'm bringing home a LLAMA!!! :cÞ

While I was cutting strips for the Superbowl Bargello party for this Sunday, I started cutting other sizes too to play with some block ideas I had....and yes..I sewed last night until midnight and this is what I've got! This went SO FAST!

All of the little random 4 patches and geese units were SUPPOSED to be where plain 3.5" cut squares were to go, but why cut squares, when I can dig into this drawer of rejected pieced units and use them instead of the 3.5" squares?! The geese units were a partially pieced border. I took them apart into pairs...some of the geese turned direction in the border, so it left this little square in square thingy..throw that in too..make the geese turn all different directions!

Then there was the red/gold 4 patches that were a rejected cornerstone from another project. Only had 4 of those, but throw them in! A couple red/plaid hourglass blocks that were a test? Add them too!

And THEN...there were these brown gingham/solid red half square triangles that were going to be the sashings of the "swing your partner" quilt before I rejected them for a darker fabric....throw those in and turn them every which way, and voila!

Yes, my dear Scarlett, Solid red IS a neutral!

It still needs some borders, but I decided it was time for bed.

I'm having a tough time this week with my emotions saying goodbye to my favorite long time massage clients. It's ripping my heart out. You come to care for people so much when you see them every week or every couple of weeks, or even once a month over the period of 2 years.

I am blessed to have had these people in my life. I've been enriched by knowing them and learning from them. I'm going to MISS THEM!! And the other therapists I work so closely with. We've got 5 therapists in our office which will now be down to 4...what a great bunch of people.

I'm trying not to feel bummed. I know good things are coming. I also knew it was going to be hard, and so when it gets hard..Bonnie goes back to playing with her fabric and putting that machine pedal to the metal and sew sew sew!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gadgets & Tools, etc!

Now I *KNOW* I am in denial! I got an email from a guild I am doing a workshop at, and they wanted to know where they could order the rulers I use in bulk.

So..I am doing something that I wanted to do for a long time, but it involves more computer work than I really should be doing right now!

I partnered up with Amazon to offer notions and gadgets for people to order. Guilds and groups can order a dozen or more at one time, usually at a discounted price from retail and have it shipped to one address....and perhaps amazon cuts me a few cents here and there to help offset the cost of my website which is provided to everyone for free!

Sounds like a win win, yes?

On my little Amazon store I also included things I like such as John James quilting needles, quilting thread, my favorite non-slip 17" quilting hoop, rotary rulers and blades (5 for $19.99 is pretty good?) and other things I love and need like scissors, thread snips, and my favorite of all favorite: quilting books!

Click through my Quilting Bear in my side bar to enter! Maybe there are some goodies YOU need too! I love amazon as much or more than I love ebay! I always look for second hand books on amazon as well...The shipping is usually cheaper there than on ebay too.

All of this I would rather be playing with than thinking of how to get DH to agree to stay in a hotel for 2 more nights instead of camping out..*grumble*:D

Monday, January 28, 2008

Silly Silly Forest Jane!!

And Sillier Quilters! Forest Jane was joking about making a logo for the Super Bowl Bargello party....and before I knew it, she DID IT!! I love how the "Bowl" looks like the loops of strips before they are opened up and reorganized...too fun!

I *KNOW* this is insane. I have to leave monday morning to go up to Winston Salem for the house closing. I even have a MORE insane DH who thinks that just because the house is ours at closing, that we can SLEEP there with no furniture, no nothing....so I have to pack the car with stuff that we'll need.

(This is so dumb, but I can't talk him into staying in a hotel any longer, he's been doing it for 6 weeks and has had enough)

Things to pack
air-matresses (I hate these!)
folding camping chairs
folding camping table
some pots and pans (I think he expects me to COOK!?)
plates, bowls, glasses, silverware
electric griddle (Again....he wants me to COOK!?)
dish soap (I think he wants me to do dishes too!?)
TV & DVD player (so he can watch it while I cook...and do dishes?)

I tried talking him into the motel for just TWO MORE NIGHTS...Maybe I'll have to see if I can move into Mrs Goodneedle's house for a few days until my furniture is set up and let the guys camp out at an empty house with no furniture!!

But if this is the way it is going to be...here is my list:
couple of projects
mat/ruler/rotary cutter
iron/ironing board
extension cords
seam ripper
ott light
mp3 player with books loaded onto it
old movies on DVD that everyone else hates..
phone number for pizza to be delivered
phone number for chinese to be delivered

We have to remove a wall in the basement to make room for the quilting machine. it should come out easily as it is just a "wood paneling" wall and was added after the fact. But I also want to PAINT, and the guys are balking at that. I wonder what it would take for me to gather up some quilters who would want to come help me paint the nasty wood paneling from a chalky dirty white to something like....khaki? Something with some warmth? Maybe that would be too dark for a basement....

All you gals that volunteered to help, here is your chance! I'll be working on getting the basement studio ready on Feb 5th and 6th. The address is 136 Teague Ct, Winston Salem. It's out by Walburg...come on over and prove to DH how quilters band together!! *LOL* And I will provide the pizza!

OH..while I was grumbling about this state of affairs, I finished the Nifty Thrifty top. I've had people asking for the pattern already. Come on people! Can't you see what's going on in my life right now? *giggle* Actually, I am saving several quilts back from posting on my website because I have ambitions of finally doing a book. So you'll have to be patient! There is plenty on the website to keep you busy for a while!

I spent last night cutting my strips for the Super Bowl Bargello Party. Yep. Plaids. What else?! Never done one in plaids before. I wanted to make this to fit a full/queen bed, so I ended up cutting 240 2.5" X 16" (some of them are more towards 17"..gives me a bit more wiggle room for how wobbly some plaids are)rectangles and I'm ready to go for Sunday. I'll be making 6 panels 40 strips long. It will give me a center before borders that measures 72X80. Good size.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super Bowl Bargello, Anyone??

Hi Ladies! (do we have any gents? I'm not sure!)

Next Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. It's a retreat weekend for lots of quilt lists out there. It's my LAST hurrah in this house until I move!

So here is where my brain is. Instead of sewing something new...I have to do something I'm really not interested in doing, but I can do it in fast order if anyone wants to do it with me!

On Feb 28th I'm teaching Scrappy Bargello to the East Cobb Quilters of Marietta Georgia, and I need a lap-sized demo quilt! I know this can be made in a day. I've done it before! And all the ones I've done have been given away. I have one king sized one left here at home that has been on my bed. It's worn, washed, loved, and looking TERRIBLE. I can't have that as a demo quilt!

So....Sunday, Feb 3rd, I am designating as Super Bowl Bargello Day! If you want to join me, use some time this week to gather the following:

Fabric Pre-Cutting:

For the lap quilt you will need 128 2-1/2"X16" strips in a good variety of lights, mediums and darks.

You can get several strips out of a Fat Quarter...or you can dig through your scraps and cut what you have got into usable sized pieces.

The leftovers from trimming the strips to 16" lengths can be saved for other scrap quilts...like 4 patches and 9 patches! Or you can use them in the border!

In this quilt "ANYTHING" goes! Use it up, get it out of the scrap stash!

Who's game to play?!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Life In The Crossroads!

I wanted to take some time to showcase some of the quilts that are coming out of the Carolina Crossroads Mystery! Many of them can be seen on blogs by following the mystery quilters webring in my side bar.

There are so many, and I would love to show them all, but with over 1200 people on the list, there is only room here for a sampling :c) Click each one to get the full sized picture. I uploaded these in small format because there were so many.

I'm really thrilled with all the participants! The colors are WOW and the enthusiasm is catching!

This has just been the most unbelievable experience. Not to mention it has made the last 8 weeks fly by. I'm hoping to do another one in April. I'll have to see what comes up as far as ideas go...I hope you'll join us!