Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bonus Block!

Due to popular demand, I have "FINALLY" written up my instructions on how draft a Spider Web block for string piecing. Spiderwebs are great for using up short lengths of strings and crumbs!

The directions make a 10 3/4" block.

Sadie is home from the vet today! She is sore from having her belly cut to be spayed :c( Poor thing! It didn't slow her down much though...when she came in to see Buddy they were both so happy!

In Stitches - - - -


Dawn said...

I LOVE the bonus block! Heck I would make just that!

anne bebbington said...

I always find it fascinating that a block can look so completely different when you put lots of them together. I looked at this block and thought what a lovely star in the middle - then I followed the link to the quilt and couldn't equate the two as all I could see on the quilt were the big octagons. As ever Bonnie your instructions are superlative - you are so generous!

QuiltingFitzy said...

And being a good thrifty quilter, you take the piece you cut off your copy paper and use up all your crumbs making a border!!

Thanks for the tuitorial, I've been *watching* all these string quilts, and now I just may make one!

catherine said...

Bonnie, You rock!! Thank you, Catherine

Judy said...

Poor baby. Watch the stitches. Mine had his out on day 6 after his bladder surgery! Bad boy! Hope she feels better soon.

Thanks for the instructions!

mereth said...

Isn't it lovely that the dogs have bonded so quickly.My sons dog HATES the new puppy, and I don't think she'll ever relent. Having your dogs miss each other already is remarkable, and must make her settling in much easier.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Hope Sadie heals quickly! I love this bonus blocks, it's stunning! Thanks

Finn said...

Hi Bonnie, thanks for the tutorial on the spiderweb block. I've wondered how the heck that 'look' went together.
Congrats on the new furry baby..she looks like a good one! Glad it's working out. Hugs, Finn

martha said...

Great block Bonnie. Thanks for posting it for us. I am itiching too get started on this one and I have the scraps to do it!