Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pledges needed for MS fundraiser!

I feel bad that I have waited too long to send this out. Poor DH is
getting ready for his 150 miler ride for M.S. in just a couple weeks and
he is afraid to ask because everyone is sending money to Katrina
fundraisers. He needs pledges.

The fact remains that Multiple Sclerosis still effects far too many, and
still needs your help even with all that is going on with the aftermath
of Hurricane Katrina.

If you can spare even $10, please think of someone you know who is
living with MS daily and all that they go through and all that your
donation can do to help. If you know someone with MS, PLEASE donate
and forward this on to those who have family members with MS. Your
continued support is necessary to help find a cure for this disease.

Thanks for all you do!


The following is info from Dave:

Dear Friends and Family,

I know there are a lot of different organizations that are asking for
money right now, but I would really apprecaite any help in sponsorship
of my MS 150 ride. Please don't feel obligated by any means to donate,
but this is for a great cause and hopefully someday a cure will be found.
I am also sending this again to everyone because I was told that some of
the emails did not get recieved. I apoligized for any problems this may
have caused.

Thank you - together we can make a difference!

To sponsor me:
Click here

To visit My Personal Page :
Click here

For more information about this event:
Click here

For more information about the National MS Society:
Click here


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  2. Oh what a wonderful thing he is doing! I have a friend from work who has MS and I always give through her family when they do the MS walks.

    I've watched my poor friend decline over the years and it is so sad. But she remains a beautiful person and so positive about life even with this nasty disease.

    Go Dave!


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