Friday, May 31, 2024

Quilting With Friends!

They checked in Wednesday afternoon and this is what greeted me when I walked in yesterday morning!

Happy design walls!

Conversation and much laughter, and the reconnecting of friends who hadn't seen each other since this time last year.

And last year, if you remember - I was just leaving for Egypt and missed much of this group because travel dates are travel dates and life happens.

But this time - I get them all the way until Sunday and we are filling up every moment with everything good that we can.

April's Chilhowie is coming together!

The colors remind me of a summer picnic.  Perfect!

This retreat Harrisonburg is a "Let's all make this!" project.

Pattern by Wendy Sheppard -

And each person is making it their own way.

Xenia is digging into her collection of William Morris prints and pairing them with a light mint background.  Yum!

Reproduction prints here.

Brights here!

And there is a bit of Tula pink happening in Barbara's corner - along with a Carolina Chain in progress from my Addicted to Scraps book.

Fussy cuts and all!  Super fun!

Working with Kim Diehl prints on a purple 301!

Table mates having a grand time!

I love seeing this little mocha latte featherweight, every time April comes to retreat.  Isn't she sweet?

That's not the only thing that is sweet - 

Check out this brunch spread!

This is a thing of beauty and delight.

Because it was this kind of day, there were a few takers to join me on a dirt road hike.

(Keep these colors in mind - for something coming in the not too far off future!)

Click to Play:

I had some first timers with me on this hike - 

It's always great to take newbies - they help me appreciate just what we have here.  And what you can't see - there are some cattle laying down in the shade underneath that wooden shed.  You can barely see their white faces.

They were not impressed with us! lol!

Look Ma! We hiked to North Carolina!

The hike only took an hour - and was so worth it.  We can quilt way past dark, but the hiking time has to happen during the daylight.

Today we are heading up to Grayson Highlands in search of ponies.  Let's hope we see some.

Little bits of progress being made -

I'm loving the colors and scrappy fabrics.

(That shouldn't surprise anyone!)


Today is the LAST DAY to save on the Mabel's Choice PDf pattern! 

Create this striking quilt with just 3 shapes and boundless scraps! Easy instruction and alternative cutting directions along with full-color photos and graphics to ensure success.

Great for 1930s/1940s fabrics!

Quilt Size: 72’’ X 84’’

Optional but helpful: Essential Triangle Tool 

Traditional rotary cutting methods are given for those who don't have access to these rulers.

Introductory pricing:

Price is marked 25% off already - no coupon needed!

Sale good through TODAY -5/31/24 only!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Don't keep yourself from growing just because complacency is more comfortable.
I have to keep reminding myself of this.
Vintage quilt found in Alabama.

It's Friday! What will you do with it?



  1. What a great post. The hike sure looks like fun. The quilts are all beautiful ❤️. What a wonderful life you have Bonnie..
    Sunday is coming fast!
    Have a Sparkling good day 💞

  2. How wonderful to see so many different colours featherweights being used at retreat!

  3. I love the video posts you have added to your morning greetings! so wish i could join you and travel too... your caution about resisting change, reminds me of the one What you resist persists! thank you for the reminder, change IS gonna happen and we can just look at the changes in quilting over the years!!! Yay and thanks for the daily reminders. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. Anonymous10:17 AM EDT

    The new quilt reminds me of "Birds in the Window," although the "birds" are more interesting.

  5. I love looking at all the creativity and colors and patterns on everyone's quilts. And it is inspiring! It makes me want to retire now this very minute and quilt!

  6. April's Chilhowie is absolutely gorgeous!

  7. patti leal11:06 AM EDT

    i could listen to your 'babbling brook' waterfall all day. such a soothing sound. thanks for sharing.

  8. I'm so excited that this group of Quiltvillians are making the Harrisonburg quilt! I look forward to seeing color variations of the quilt before I make mine. I purchased this pattern to support the Virginia Quilt Museum when Pat Sloan and Wendy Sheppard did their sew along last year but I wasn't able to fit the quilt into my schedule. Their sew along raised over $31,000 for the Virginia Quilt Museum! There is a Harrisonburg Exhibit at the Virginia Quilt Museum through Dec. 21, 2024--wish I lived closer to go see it. Here's some links to how this pattern came to be by Wendy and Pat in case anyone would like to know the back story. Bonnie, I hope it's ok that I'm including links here. I just think it's a fantastic story to honor a quilter and her 1890 quilt. Jenny
    VA Quilt Museum announcement: https://www.vaquiltmuseum.org/service/harrisonburg-quilt-along-exhibit
    Aurifil announcement with Pat and Wendy's quilts: https://auribuzz.com/2023/01/23/harrisonburg-spitzer-sisters-quilt-along/
    Benartex announcement: https://multisite.benartex.com/news/2023/01/18/sew-along-with-pat-sloan-and-wendy-sheppard/

  9. That PURPLE 301!!!!

  10. Still sorting and cleaning. The ladies chose a fun Quilt to make together. Glad you could get out walking with a few of them.

  11. I love seeing all of the traveling machines... especially that purple one! I love it! :)
    Today I am officially on summer break! WHEW!! Time to slow down, rest, & get some sewing done! There are too many projects to do, not enough time! I hope we get to see some ponies in tomorrow's post! :)

  12. I need to find a purple machine! Wish I could find an old house on some acreage near you. I'd move so I could go to retreats and get out from under the crush of NYS. Thanks for sharing the Harrison quilts. Looking forward to seeing the variety.

  13. I wish I had seen all the color variation for Harrisonburg; maybe now I'll make one. I did buy the pattern to support the museum.


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