Saturday, May 25, 2024

Quilters All Through The House!

There's much more than just quilting going on over at Quiltville Inn this weekend!

I walked in yesterday morning to a sourdough bread baking workshop in progress.

There are so many more skills to share than just quilting alone, and I love how this group has offered several different things to each other in the form of mini demos so each and every one has the possibility of returning home with new things to try.

And the bread wasn't bad, either!  BONUS!

Of course, there are beautiful inspirational things on design walls.

Quilt rows are coming together -

Ready to become quilt tops!

Strips are being organized and sorted in the dining room -

Ready to become a Silk Path quilt in beautiful blues.

If it's May there must be tulips!

These lovely leaf blocks are -

Getting their background triangles filled in -

The ombre fabric does all of the work in shading from dark to light - it's just a matter of where you place the cut triangles.

Som artsy thread play happening here!

This is going to be a super fun thing -

I love seeing all kinds of quilting happening here - the thread play on the raw edges of this art piece is wonderful.

I love having the Quilters of the Night here!

I know you are wondering what happened to the dog that showed up during Wednesday's rain storm.

With the long holiday weekend creeping up on us - we made the hard decision to take him to the shelter in Galax where I had adopted Mabel.

The folks there are super kind, and I know this old guy would get seen to and get some good care and a chance to be adopted by a family - or perhaps found by his original owners.

I spent much of yesterday just feeling sad about him, wanting to help him - and totally angry at whomever the owners are.  And I'm using that term owners lightly.

Not only was he matted beyond belief to the point that it hurt him to try to lift the mats to see how bad things were (It was pulling on his fur so uncomfortably for him) but he had a really bad cataract in his left eye, was deaf as a post - maybe from all of the hair in his ear canals? 

When we got him there they checked him over - he had no chip.  We have no way of knowing if he had been kept up with his vaccinations of any kind.  He was not neutered.  His teeth were bad.

It's as if he were just an unloved outside farm dog that no one gave a fig about.

People like this should not have dogs.  Dogs are family.  Even "outside" dogs can be treated with love and compassion and cared for.

If you aren't going to groom a dog - get a short haired dog.

Neuter your pets.

Care for them as they age.

Any dog who spends its life tied to a tree should be finding a better more loving place to live.

And yes - I"m on a soap box because I really don't know what his real living situation is.  Maybe he's been on the run for a good long time.

But still.  No tags, no chip, not neutered.

The upside is?  Anyone who adopts him MUST have him neutered. That's the deal with the shelter.

After leaving him in good hands, Dave swung by the auto parts store to pick up a few things.  And then upon his returning I realized that it was 2pm and neither of us had had lunch.

That taken care of - it was after 3pm by the time I returned back to the inn.

I had one taker on my offer to get out and get a walk in.  I just felt like i needed to commune with nature a bit.

The cent of wild roses is on the air -

They are blooming everywhere and it is just beautiful.

As it was just the two of us - we challenged each other to make it all the way up to the McMillan family cemetery for the long range mountain views.

Hot, sweaty, neary out of breath, but it was worth it!

And through it all - I did accomplish THIS from the to-do list:

Click to Play:

Cairdeas kits are ready for my Ireland/Scotland trip!

The one thing I forgot to mention in things that folks traveling with me must bring is their choice of thread!  Either 12 wt cotton or embroidery floss in your color of choice.  

I used a forest green for mine.


Hexie kits for my Ireland/Scotland plane time!

What's up for your weekend?

This happened last Friday!  Did you get your entry in on that post?

I'll be drawing for two winners who will each receive a Mabel's Choice PDF pattern from me and a Mabel's Choice cotton roll from Cotton to Quilts.

Check out the sweet prints and plaids!

Such a great stash enhancer!

We'll draw for our winners by random number generator on Monday, 5/27/24.

Create this striking quilt with just 3 shapes and boundless scraps! Easy instruction and alternative cutting directions along with full-color photos and graphics to ensure success.

Great for 1930s/1940s fabrics!

Quilt Size: 72’’ X 84’’

Optional but helpful: Bonnie K. Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool.

Traditional rotary cutting methods are given for those who don't have access to these rulers.

Introductory pricing:

Price is marked 25% off already - no coupon needed!

Sale good through 5/31/24.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Are you the only thing that is holding you back? Encourage yourself to move forward!
Vintage improved nine patch quilt found in Alabama.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



  1. Hi Bonnie can you please find out the name of the first picture quilt the star. Thank you

    1. Meta Bonnell10:47 AM EDT

      I think it's called Binding Star

    2. Anonymous11:10 AM EDT

      Looks like the binding tool star pattern to me. Try a google search.

    3. Anonymous1:34 PM EDT

      Binding tool star…Missouri star quilting has a video tutorial

  2. Lynda, now in FL10:00 AM EDT

    Can anyone tell me the name of the block in the 4th picture above (16 patch with points on each side)? I'm making a quilt using this block, but I don't know its name.

    1. Lynda, I believe it is Arkansas Crossroads.

    2. Beth Holcombe11:49 AM EDT

      Arkansas Crossroad

    3. I believe it is Arkansas Crossroads .

    4. Anonymous9:42 AM EDT

      Thank you so much! I've been trying to find the name for a couple of years!

    5. The pattern used for this quilt was Good Night Irene by MSQC

  3. Robyn Quarles-Dillard10:27 AM EDT

    Have you heard of the Asher house . It is ran by Lee Asher . Dog rescue . Lots of videos .

  4. Robyn Quarles-Dillard10:28 AM EDT

    Have you or your shelter heard about Asher house . A dog rescue place by Lee Asher

  5. Anonymous11:40 AM EDT

    i love the maple leaf quilt, do you know the pattern/ designer??

    1. looks like a Krista Moser pattern

    2. This is Fall Foliage by Krista Moser

  6. Anonymous11:45 AM EDT

    I will never understandg how anyone can abandon a dog or any other animals. It just breaks my heart. I am glad you found him or he found you to get him the care he needs.

  7. Holly from Indiana11:47 AM EDT

    I love these face to face chats. Thanks for these.

  8. I won't go on but agree with you about owning a dog. I hope he finds a loving home. He deserves it..
    Love that blue and white quilt on the wall. The one with all the squares. Will look beautiful on a bed.
    Kisses to Mabel and Zoey please.
    Have a Sparkling day 🌻

  9. I'm glad the puppy doggie came to you for help. Yes, he probably was on the run a long time and if we only knew what happened that would explain the circumstances of why he was so matted and uncared for. So many different things could have happened, but I'm so glad he found you and you took him to the shelter where you know the people will be kind to him and he will get loving care. Thanks for loving animals as family.

  10. Karen Broski9:43 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie! I someday hope to join one of your trips. I love seeing your posts about things you experience when you're out and about.

    I did just get back from a trip to the quilt museum in Marion, Indiana. I absolutely LOVED the visit! To see your quilts in person is so much better than pictures on a computer. I was amazed at how small the blocks were for the pineapple quilt!

    My girlfriend and I have two questions: first, how do you manage to press your blocks to get them to lay so nice and flat? And second, how did you manage to acquire such a large selection of scraps?
    We love your work and wish we could be as prolific as you!

    Enjoy your trip to Ireland!


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