Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Quilters of the Night All Weekend!

They quilt all day.  They quilt all night.

Some as late (or early) as 4am, or so I'm told.

How do they do it?  I'm not sure!

I'm worn out just thinking about it - but what fun we had over the long holiday weekend!

Tops were finished in preparation for over the porch rail hanging.

Another set of sampler blocks showed up on the design wall that wasn't there the night before.  Surprise!

Now this is a creative mess in progress and wonderful things are happening!

More asterisk blocks are appearing!

With several more to be trimmed and sashed.

Christmas in the corner!

Black and white tumblers and color wheel play.

Happy Sunflower!

And if your back or knee can't handle the sitting anymore - stand up and sew!

Three Silk Path blocks in blue.

We were lucky to have Joanne's hubby Jack with us - the fixer of all machines vintage! This go-round it was the 1950s singers with zig-zag capability as there was much making of rope baskets happening.

Click to Play:

I never did get to see the finished basket but I love the sound of the old vintage singer as it zigzags it's way through the rope.
These folks check out this morning and tomorrow we welcome the June Quiltvillians.

Wonderful quilts in progress!

(and a bit windy!)

The projects were so varied - and I don't know the names of any of them.  Joanne said she is ready to add info to the comments below after I post this so give her some time and check back.

Wonderful quilts, everyone!

And I love how Denise's quilt just fades away into that bright orange flame azalea bush.  

What a great show for Memorial day!

See you next May, Quilters of the Night!

As for me?  I cleaned my studio space.

Boy did it need it.

Horizontal surfaces are cleared.  Fabrics from my Eclipsed quilt are all put away. I vacuumed, dusted and wiped down.

I'm leaving for Ireland on Sunday (Sunday to New York, Ireland on Monday) and I want to come home to a clean studio inspired to dig in to some amazing things.

Miles of binding were stitched down over the weekend.

And it's done.

Of course, you know today is all about laundry.  And I am down to one washing machine until the repair folks come on the 4th. (I'll be gone. That's up to Hubster Dave.)

There are a couple of weeks without retreat groups as I am gone - so there is time to order parts and get it fixed if needs be.

Irene's Sewciologists check in on June 19th and I return home on the 20th.

June is going to be a bit wild.

How about you? How was your weekend?  Did you get up to anything fun?

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Great for 1930s/1940s fabrics!

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

And this goes for Grown Ups, too.
We should never stop asking why!
Vintage quilt found in Alabama.

Happy Tuesday!



  1. I made a rope basket once. Keep all my extra tools in it.
    Over the porch railing quilts look awesome.
    I'm so excited for you to go on your trip Sunday. Will miss you but you need this time away to regenerate.
    I admire how much you get done on a daily basis. You're awesome.
    Have a Sparkling day 🌞

  2. "Over the rails". Great quilts, great quilters. Love it. Thanks for the show.

  3. Great work, Ladies and Gents, I love seeing all the projects! Hubby and I enjoyed a quiet weekend. I've been working on finishing up some projects and I made some good progress on edge-to-edge quilting and binding. I only got halfway through quilting my Heart of the Home quilt by Sherri McConnell and plan to finish today. That's the quilt in the picture that someone is making in pretty Christmas prints. Mine is in Springy soft color butterfly fabrics. (Pattern was in the April edition of APQ magazine as a quilt along.) Happy quilting everyone, Jenny

  4. I think I finally have my quilting mojo back after being gone a while (quilting 35 charity quilts in 8-10 weeks last fall may have had something to do with it leaving). Four new baby quilts to dream up and execute before having surgery in just over 4 weeks. Designed and pulled for two yesterday and cut the first out. Hope to finish it today and the second next week. Still have to figure out what to do for the other two.

  5. Sharon Kostur12:52 PM EDT

    Does anyone know the name of the leaf quilt ? I’m amazed and inspired by all the quilts in the over the rail showings! Sharon

    1. I think the leaf quilt pattern is by Krista Moser

    2. Fall Foliage by Krista Moser

  6. The leaf quilt is called Fall Foliage by Krista Moser.

  7. Sharon kostur8:25 PM EDT

    Thank you,found pattern,

  8. WOW! Ireland is coming up already?! It's nice that you will come home to a clean sewing space. Love the porch photos, as usual! Safe travels home, everyone!

  9. As promised, here are the names of patterns that are shown in the pictures above. Starting with the left side of the "Over the Rails" pictures:
    1) January Blooms - Fig Tree
    2) Silk Path - Bonnie Hunter
    3) Posh Sunflower - Sew Kind of Wonderful
    4) Nine Patch Challenge - Just 1 Charm Pack book
    5) Good Night Irene - MSQC
    6) Binding Tool Star - MSQC
    7) Fall Foliage - Krista Moser
    8) Simple Bargello - Joanne
    9) Turning Twenty Again - Tricia Cribbs
    10) Panel Quilt - Jenelle
    11) Art Quilt - Gerald
    12) Warm Hearted - Corey Yoder
    13) 4th of July - Quiltworx
    Misc. Pictures in Bonnie's Post:
    1) BOM - ??
    2) Various Art Quilts - Gerald
    3) Slice of Cake 2 - Me and My Sister Designs (asterisk blocks)
    4) Heart of the Home Log Cabin Quilt - Sherri McConnell
    5) Enchanting Stars - Jacqueline de Jonge


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