Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Patchwork & Ponies!

Yes we did!  We broke away from the machines, projects, and a kitchen full of wonderful eats to drive on up to Grayson Highlands in search of wild ponies.

The November groups rarely get great weather like this.  It was meant to be enjoyed and savored!

We have some New Yorkers with us - and even a Montanan.  This kind of weather in the mid 60s is a rare November treat and we were up for some hiking, some talking and laughing, and soaking up as much vitamin D as we could.

Those endorphins released while we took our steps in the fresh air would carry us through many hours of late night sewing.

Cloudless sky, abundant sunshine and good friends.

(And even some bare arms!)

It's a whole different trail when the leaves are down!

You can see what's behind you.

On the Appalachian Trail as it runs through the Highlands.

One fat-bellied pony growing it's winter coat!

There were several other ponies across the way, up that other hillside - and we just enjoyed them from afar.

It was a lovely hike!

My favorite gnarly tree - some clouds moving in.

And those blue ridges in the distance - always breathtaking.

Random acts of photography from passersby!

Thanks for offering to take photos of all of us together instead of weird selfie-type posing!

Back at the ranch inn. 

Ruby slippers version of Emerald City from String Frenzy has grown so much over the past week! I'm sure it won't be long until this one has reached top status.

More Silk Path blocks and even more tiny houses!

Chilhowie  blocks are done, and the pieced sashing that connects them is underway.

Jacob's Chain in holiday colors are also being sashed!

Need a quick scrappy fix?  A good old fashioned rail fence quilt can't e beat!

And these are mine!

This is this year's Oopsie Daisie Leader & Ender challenge. 

My blocks have been happily growing on the side along with everything else - and I was going to lay them out and see if I have enough, and if not determine how many more I need to make.

There is no rush - this challenge goes all the way to next July.

But are you working on yours? Have you started? Have you stalled? Maybe you've finished? 

I am somewhere around 90 6'' blocks made from the 3'' units.

And this is where I am on binding Star of Hope.  I thought I was going to finish last night, but then discovered I sewed the sleeve to the wrong side.

I had to unbind one side, remove the sleeve, and unbind part of the side where the sleeve NEEDS to go so my Star of David blocks are right side up. 

Today I'll put the sleeve back on the correct side and I'll be ready to settle back in to the binding tonight.

Tonight is also a packing night - I'm off to Phoenix tomorrow to visit my Dad for a week! (Super excited!)

The November Quiltvillians are headed home this morning - there will be laundry running all day.

And I have a haircut appointment (New hair stylist! Wish me luck!) at 11am.

Somehow - we get it all done and make it through.

If you are new here and in search of information on this year's Quiltville Winter Mystery, you'll find everything you need to know under the Indigo Way Mystery tab at the top of the blog.

I have edited the introduction post and corresponding printable PDF to include the option of using the Peaky & Spike rulers as an alternative for Tri Recs which are out of stock.

While I can't ship rulers while I'm in Arizona, there will be plenty of time for me to ship them when I get back.  They won't be the first mystery clue.

Thanks for understanding that I am a one woman business and family time is so important to me.

I want to thank everyone for diving into Silk Path with me!  

There are going to be wonderful quilts happening over the winter as you make this project!

Silk Path is easily constructed from strip-sewn panels: Sliced, mixed and matched, rearranged and sewn back together! No triangles required. 

Introductory Special: I have placed Silk Path at 25 % off in both the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and in the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop

Full color photos, step-by-step instructions included.

Quilt Size: 84’’ X 84’’

Sale price good through 11/15/23.  Hurry now and save - no coupon needed!

And yes - I'll be drawing for 2 winners who will each receive a Silk Path PDF pattern from me, and a Facets of Brown Color Roll from Cotton to Quilts.

Enter to win on the Gift-Away Post!

The folks at Cotton To Quilts have sold out on these rolls every time they put more in the store.  They are also cutting as fast as they can for rolls in our Indigo Way Mystery.

This is a small shop in Louisville, Kentucky who is just celebrating their one year anniversary.

We are a rather large global quilting community and have descended upon them like locusts. That can be a good thing and a bad thing.

Let's show some support and cut them some slack if things are currently out, and check back often to see if more has been added.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Creativity works both ways-⁣
It reduces stress, anxiety and mood disturbance. And it brings the same to others.
Your creativity is good for you, and everyone around you. Keep it up!



  1. even tho I am no longer able to quilt/sew... sad face, i love reading the blog, and seeing the wonderful photos of the blue ridge and surrounds... I will probably never (never say never0 get thiere in this lifetime, and Bonnie, all of your shared photos just make my heart sing... the fuzzy fat ponies, the gorgeous colors, the quilts and other productions... the recipes... oh yum... I just cannot resist postingmy own thoughts and thanks for making my life more. More, creative and full... thank you.. oh, and of course all my fellow quilters i get to rub thoughts with!! thank YOU... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  2. I enjoyed that beautiful walk. Beautiful country.
    The sewing is just as pretty.
    That Ruby Slippers catches my eye...... we're going to go vote then I'll get to sewing when we get back.
    Have a Sparkling day

  3. Anonymous10:25 AM EST

    Our weather should be perfect while you are here. Time with family is the best! Cher Linnertz

  4. Glad you are getting away to visit your dad!! Enjoy that special time!

  5. Enjoy your time with family, cherish it. And thanks again for the pictures and your quotes!

  6. Everything you posted about in today's blog rings so true!! Take time to take a walk, get some fresh air, and gather the sights in.... then go back and settle in for some productive sewing time!! That Emerald City in red is going to be stunning... at first I thought it was a Talking Turkey! Also on my list, BTW!!
    Enjoy your time with your Dad and family out West. Safe travels and we'll see you on the flip side! :)

  7. Thanks for your uplifting blog :0) it's a great way to start my day. Our guild had a Veteran's celebration today complete with a quilt for each of the dozen service people that attended. (Three women among them) I can't think of a better way to celebrate Election day than with those who give us the freedom to vote! Have a wonderful time with your family and travel safe!

  8. Welcome to Arizona! I think you have brought some lovely, cooler weather with you. If you have time/inclination, Boyce Thompson Arboretum is a lovely place to visit - short circle hike through several eco-systems. Maybe you've been there? Hope you have a great visit with your dad. The account of your Vietnam misadventure was excellent, and loved the photos; the silk road pattern is gorgeous.


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