Thursday, November 02, 2023

It's Been A Week Of Crazy -

I took these photos a week ago - after needing to pull myself away from the Silk Path edits.

I needed some sunshine and to move my body - I'd been sitting at my computer for hours.

High of 74?  I wish I could have that now!  It never left the 20s yesterday and it was another 23 degree morning when I woke up this morning.

The kind of morning where you only want the coffee so you can hold the cup and warm up your hands.

But last week?  I knew it was going to likely be my last opportunity and I made a quick escape.

Just me and the cows, you know?  "Mooooove on along...." they said. So I did.

There they are, down there just grazing away.


It really was the clear-my-head walk that I needed.  I only took about 45 minutes.  And I berate myself for not doing this as often as I can, but the to-do list is long and why is it that I always tend to put priorities that are beneficial to me physically and mentally at the BOTTOM of the list?

If you do that too, we need to stop that.  Like right now.

With the leaves gone, you can really see that old tumble down cabin.

It blends into the tree branches -

Walking back toward the car - not a soul out here.

Except for these -

And these -

And back to where I parked the van.

Every time I finally make the right choice to step away and take time for myself I pledge to myself that I will do it more often.  And then things get busy again and I don't.

If you are like me - We need to encourage each other to take care of ourselves better. And more often. Okay?

Monday - Vet check day!

And yes - I have great news! The x-ray showed no more signs of osteomyelitis!  She is healed! This report is going to be shouted with an overabundance of !!!! because this is the best news for this girl ever.

She doesn't need another check up for 6 months.

The November Quiltvillians are in the house, and I received this photo - she is IN her kitty cabin - another win! Direct link to the cat house HERE. You'll find it in the Pets Matter category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store. #ad

For those asking (or telling me what to do) it is recommended NOT to put straw inside this house as it is insulated and electrically heated. Thank you for your concern.

And for some quilty content:

I finished the binding on my Silk Path runner!

It was such a good way to use up the 5 leftover blocks and I like how it looks here.

I don't plan on writing a pattern for it, but I can tell you that I started with the 5 Silk Path blocks, and then made 8 sandy-toasty-neutral string blocks by covering 7 1/2'' squares cut from phone book pages.

I trimmed the blocks to 7 1/4'' and sliced them in half, stitching two of the string triangles together to complete each setting triangle for a total number of  8 setting triangles.

Assembly took no time at all.

I want to thank everyone for diving in to Silk Path with me!  Holy Moly! Was that only last Friday?

There are going to be wonderful quilts happening over the winter as you make this project!

Silk Path is easily constructed from strip-sewn panels: Sliced, mixed and matched, rearranged and sewn back together! No triangles required. 

Introductory Special: I have placed Silk Path at 25 % off in both the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and in the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop

Full color photos, step-by-step instructions included.

Quilt Size: 84’’ X 84’’

Sale price good through 11/15/23.  Hurry now and save - no coupon needed!

And yes - I'll be drawing for 2 winners who will each receive a Silk Path PDF pattern from me, and a Facets of Brown Color Roll from Cotton to Quilts.

Enter to win on the Gift-Away Post!

And I think that just about catches us up for now.

I'm heading over to say Good Morning to the November Quiltvillians and will be spending my day back to working on Star of Hope Part 2.

I only need 2 more half-blocks, some extra fill in units for where my own vision is leading me with this quilt, and I'll be ready to sew the top together.

From there it will be on to borders and then quilting - It's going to be a good weekend!

How about you?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Maple Star quilt found in North Carolina.

I am stumbling through this thing called life and learning through my struggles every day!
Aren’t we all?
Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!



  1. Anonymous9:04 AM EDT

    Right now my balance issues are preventing me from walking but it will happen. Enjoy each moment you can.

  2. aw, Bonnie... from my point, we're only trying to be one with the quilt master, not telling her 'what to do', just make suggestions that we think you may not have thought of (really?) and belong to the family, I think because we read your life, trials tribulations troubles and mostly your wonderful successes... we think we know you and you know us and we are just chatting.... <3 So very happy for the good news about that beautiful Tula... she's one very lucky girl that you agreed to let her join the group!!!..... thanks for your continued contribution to my life, praying for another miracle about my eyesight ... i just love silk path and also the "freedom star" (can't recall what y ou are calling it).... Continute the self-care, I think we or most of us, have that problem, being so important to be at the machine, finishing, or starting yet another creation! Hugs and God's Blessings, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  3. Well, I have 3 more blocks to make then onto the sashings of Bristol.... I took a break from sewing recently to take care of my husband..
    Sure was a nice walk you took. Peaceful.... glad to hear that Kitty is doing good and is all better
    Have a sparkling Day
    Blessings ❤️

  4. I start my day with a 2 mile walk thru the neighborhood. It's the only way for me. Get up, get dressed (in multiple layers this past week....Michigan has been cold, too), walk and I'm ready to start everything else.

    1. I used to, also, rolled out of bed, harnessed my dog, timed it so I saw the sun rise every morning, saw deer, coyote, fox and more, once scared a rabbit and he jumped over my head to run away. Had hip replacement, told the doctor I couldn't wait to get out there and she told me those days were over. I can no longer walk further than the mailbox, so don't stop, or all you will have is memories. <3

    2. That sounds weird advice from your doctor (unless there is something else going on) I've had both hips replaced and am encouraged constantly to get out and walk. I do try sometimes, but it's my back that's the problem now, not my hips. Good luck

  5. That old cabin is so charming. I can picture it back new with a big family and the creek used to wash up in. Thanks for the pictures.

  6. Walking and watching cows is the best. It is so relaxing. Yes, as quilters who set, we need to get up and move. I don't do enough of it. Hearing about your walks encourage me. Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Love the table runner! I see several in my future for gift giving! Glad you took time to decompress. We would all be better for it if we did the same.

  8. Good morning! There is something soothing about your post today. I love sitting on my back patio watching the neighboring cows grazing as well. We do need to stop and take a mental break sometimes, and do it however you can. I just love the Silk Path table runner!! I literally said, "oooooo" out loud when I saw it! I will download the pattern eventually! Happy Thursday everyone! One more day to the weekend!

  9. Thanks for sharing the lovely autumn photos from your walk. Such a pretty area where you live! And cheers for Tula's good report at the vet!

  10. Anonymous12:06 PM EDT

    Several years back I made a quilt named Seven Sisters by Marty Mitchell, and after I was done, I threw out the book bec there was no way I was ever making another one.well here I am making one in queen size bec my daughter loved it and asked that I make her one. Once this is done, I will most likely make the Silk Path. I have so many browns and need to use th up. Also, the mystery quilt is just around the corner. Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing your talent with us. Happy quilting everyone.

  11. Anonymous12:15 PM EDT

    Haha, that first photo looked like the silhouette of a giant bat at firs glance. Yes, I’m all in for more self-care in the form of fresh air and walks!

  12. Love the pictures of your walk and Tula. I'm not surprised she was in the new house. When my Ginger was alive I took a litter box with a lid, put a heating pad in it. She loved it so much I had to bend down to pet her because she wasn't coming out into the cold. LOL She looked like the picture of Tula just her nose and head showing.

  13. Happy Thursday, it's a good day when I get to Stitch. Congrats to Tula Lou on a great recovery. Self care is important. Thanks for the reminder. Grateful that I can still do all my Quilt Yoga! Chilhowie Sashings getting done today!

  14. Yeah for Tula ! That is wonderful news! Bless you for giving her a terrific new home and life.

  15. I have been so busy at work that I haven't taken the time to go outside during my lunch break and at the end of the day I find myself SO STRESSED. So I set myself a MEETING on my calendar and I go outside to walk most days. Although its very easy to ignore the calendar meeting when I am really busy. I appreciate the mental break your quilt blog gives me and definitely the one your quilt patterns give me!

  16. Anonymous2:35 PM EDT

    Extra treats for Tula to celebrate. And kudos to you for helping her through all those vet visits.

    Amy in NJ

  17. Anonymous3:05 PM EDT

    Good morning from May, TX. I agree that we all need to take better care of ourselves. A year ago I had a life-changing back surgery. No more pain and I am learning to manage my limitations. I think an attitude of gratitude is what I most need to focus on. I can no longer stand for long periods of time so I sit to cut, have to get up and move every hour or so, can’t walk very far so have learned to enjoy ordering groceries. I try my best to focus on what I can do which is really a lot compared to those with greater disabilities.

  18. What a great place to walk :0) I do have been skipping my walks and need to get back into the habit, a heart issue has set me back but will not keep me down. :0) So excited for mystery season and your Silk Path pattern is brilliant, how do you think of these things? I'm still dreaming of what colors I will use and when I want to start :0) Thanks Bonnie

  19. You got a shout out today on the "The Last Homely House" this month when Kate was talking about "webbing the top"....gave me a thrill to know a quilter in the UK references YOU :0), Isn't that cool??

  20. Anonymous10:02 PM EDT

    I'm so glad Tula is well, and that you got some time for yourself. Su

  21. Something in the way she moooooooves! Marilyn Marks

  22. So happy to hear Tula is doing so well and has adopted her new "house". Back when we had barn cats we built not one but 2 heated shelter boxes for them complete with comfy beds. The entrances were faced away from the wind to provide even more protection and comfort. They certainly do work their way into our hearts don't they. Purchased Silk Path, so if I win I have a niece with whom I will share the pattern.Thanks for taking us along on your daily journeys.


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