Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Lost In The Strings...

What was I thinking?

I already had two other projects kicking off....the red/gray/neutral cardinal inspired star thing (That I'll jump right back into once the string thing is off the floor) and the Arizona sunset thing I couldn't wait to jump into after taking those gorgeous sunset photos from the top of South Mountain while visiting my dad.

I just really don't usually do this.  Get wheels spinning in too many directions - it makes me feel like I can't accomplish anything.

I admire folks who can have 97 project boxes with different things in progress, but my OCD/ADHD hyper-focusing brain just doesn't let me go that direction.  I need to see things completed at least on some fronts before I can move into another direction.

That all went out the window over Thanksgiving week with the NEED - I mean, really - A NEED to just mindlessly go to town on something.

There is always a bumper crop of string blocks in a bin around here.

The last time I went wild with a bunch was making my Kismet quilt:

Remember our Fish School Leader & Ender challenge? (Free Patterns tab)

I used those units with the string blocks from the always-on-hand bin (Which were likely leftovers from ANOTHER string project) and they worked wonderfully together.

Of course, that caused another deep dive into making the neutral string units to go with the colored ones I had on hand...it's a never-ending cycle of string love.

And then there was the table topper made from the leftovers because - there are always more leader & ender units than you need at the end, and they have to be sewn into something.

So here I am about 1 1/2 years later doing the same deep dive.

Yesterday was a crazy early morning round of "fit it all in" and I had to follow The Hubster to the auto shop to have his pick up worked on.  From there I drove us back home, I grabbed my stuff and headed over the QPO Studio for a 10:30am zoom meeting with the folks from the Quilter's Hall of Fame in Indiana!

I'm going to be featured in an exhibit that begins in May.  This is a big deal and an honor for me. I've been keeping this one under wraps until we got it on the books.  

Those of you close enough to make it to the Quilter's Hall of Fame - I hope you'll go check it out.  They want quilts from my earliest efforts (HA!) all the way through to now - about 20 quilts total pluss table runners and other small things to fill in.

By the time I got everything taken care of it was nearly mid afternoon, with some time to make the remainder of the needed blocks.

Trimming up the LAST batch.

Who remembers Donna Summer's 'Last Dance'? We'll sing "Last batch, Last batch of strings...." to that tune for kicks.

*Also Singing* "Sometimes it feels like... somebody's watching me...." 

Pressing this one made me smile! Don't you just love the gems that are hiding in your scrap stash?

Laying in sashings.

I need to cut the shorter sashings that will surround the single blocks. There will be a couple of different ways that I can construct this -

I could add sashings to the outside edges of the rectangular blocks. Add sashings and cornerstones around the single blocks.  That will lead to less seams when webbing.

Or I could just web the entire thing and get it off the floor.  Decisions, decisions!

Zoey watching the sunrise.

It's cold today, guys.  It was 26 when I woke up.  32 is our high.  It's currently snowing. It's also super windy. I guess it was bound to happen - but I hate this stuff.

The upside is: 

The December Quiltvillians are arriving tomorrow  for our last retreat of the 2023 retreat season.

The weekend looks to be a bit warmer, but rainy. However, they won't be arriving or departing in snow so everyone can get in and out safely.

Up on deck today - Of course this string quilt needs to be assembled, but It will just lay there on the design floor for a while so I can get Part Two of the Indigo Way Mystery under way.

Be ready for that to release on Friday!

There are a few things to do at the inn - making beds, finishing up the prep of the sewing room - it shouldn't take long.

This is still going on:
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If you aren't sure where to place your code - graphics and instructions are also found in yesterday's Gift-Away Post.

And I think that's it for now.  I feel like that's enough!

How about you? What's up for your own Tuesday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

'I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for ALL people." ~Maya Angelou
You are not ordinary, you are extraordinary.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!



  1. I love the quilt that is the backdrop of your quip today. It looks like a lot of fun. Is there a pattern somewhere?

    1. Anonymous6:22 PM EST

      It’s a traditional block called Endless Chain. This variant is slightly different because the blades aren’t all the same width.

    2. Anonymous7:58 AM EST

      Willyne Hammerstein has a pattern called Valse Brilliante in her first Millefiori Quilts book that is the same as this quilt.

  2. Bonnie, Congratulations on your exhibit at the Quilter's Hall of Fame! So exciting!!

  3. Patty potter9:55 AM EST

    Your temps sound positively balmy! Here in Iowa it was 7 this morning....above zero but the wind chill had it to 7 below. No walking the dog today!

  4. In MN ; it was 2 degrees at 6 a.m.

  5. Congratulations on your a accomplishments to be honored.
    I'm the same as you, I can only work on two quilts at a time. Crazy Maisy will be my next quilt after Bristol.
    It feels good to be home after spending yesterday at the hospital all day.
    Have a Sparkling day
    Blessings 💞

  6. Anonymous10:33 AM EST

    I wish we had snow here in Greenville SC!

  7. So excited for you with the Quilter's Hall of Fame!! Quite the honor and very deserved! Looking forward to Friday's release of part 2! Stay warm!

  8. I also admire those that can have 20 different projects going at one time. I have 3 right now and I feel like I have a mess. But, being a weekend quilter it's all I can do and I know my limits. I need to dive off into string quilting at one point... just to try it. I love the sunrise picture of Zoey. Enjoy the weather, we're settling into the stagnant pattern of warm weather. Congratulations 10x's over on the exhibit!! That is an exciting honor!!

  9. Congratulations on your show at the Quilter's Hall of Fame. You are so deserving of the honor! I wish I lived closer! Those winter sunrises are my favorite! Gorgeous! This newest string quilt is wonderful!

  10. I about fell out of my chair when I saw you were stringing too. I had a dozen string blocks on my floor too! lol Many more today but I need the mindless sewing and trying out my new 201. My sting container is a 3 foot high 2 foot diameter basket. Thankful there is a lid but the lid wouldn't stay down! Between here and Christmas day there is no time for thinking which is why I am saving the Indigo clues for after the new year. My reward for making it that far! :) Now that I know you are at the Quilter's Hall of Fame I will try and get back there. Was just down for the Mary Schaefer show.

  11. I can't wait to see your exhibit at the Quilters' Hall of Fame! I'll make a special trip south to see it.

  12. Congratulations on the exhibit. It would be wonderful to see all your quilts in one place as compared to the top of your blog. Wish I lived closer to Indiana. Your string quilt- I sort of liked the grey of your mat as a sashing but it looks like you have decided on white. Oh well. Here in Southern North Carolina we woke up to 33 ish and it is to get up to 52. We are only 3 hours from your altitude can do to the weather.

  13. Congratulations for your honor with the Quilters Hall of Fame! Well deserved!

  14. Congratulations on your exhibit at the HOF !!!
    Maybe we'll be able to see it on their website.

  15. Anonymous9:36 PM EST

    Congrats on the Hall of Fame exhibit. I just signed up for emails so I will know when it is happening, though I am sure you will let us know. It’s just 42 miles, 55 minutes from here. I think I’ll invite my sisters. I’m sure we would all enjoy it.


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