Saturday, November 18, 2023

Drive-By Wreath Drop Off!

Yesterday's arrival at the QPO Studio, and subsequently Quiltville Inn was a bit delayed by my side trip to the USPS to drop off two bins of outgoing mail.

And when I did arrive to feed and check in with Tula (Who is right as rain and was wondering what took me so long to serve her breakfast!) I go in the back way - up the drive, and to the back door, not the front door.  It wasn't until FedEx had dropped off a package that I saw this beauty!

This gorgeous wreath is made by Judy Clayton - 

I love that they come all the way from Indiana to Mouth of Wilson VA to load their trailer and big panel van up with fresh Christmas trees to haul back to their Garden Center in North Webster, IN.
I'm just sad that I missed their sneaky delivery and missed out on hugs and catching up.
This beautiful wreath is now hanging on the front door at Quiltville Inn, where it will be enjoyed by the last retreat of the year before coming home to spend Christmas with me at the cabin.
Safe travels back to Indiana, Claytons! You made my day!⁣

Also later in the day -

The dead ivy-covered trees that line the side yard at the inn are coming down. The tree  is being held steady by a winch line while the Hubster makes his first wedge cut.

I ran out the back door of the QPO to catch him in the space between the QPO and the old general store - I knew I didn't have time to run around the building, and he wouldn't hear me yelling with the noise of the tractor.

I think there is only one more tree left to go.

As for me - my day segued into this.

My New Zealand trip with Craftours is sold out!  And we are heading down under in a mere 2 month's time.

Which means I needed to kick our traveling Kiwi project into high gear and get it ready.

It didn't take long!

And I had the just the right amount of abstract print fabrics, neutrals, reds and blacks in my Scrap User's System.  No Fat-Quarters or yardage were harmed in the making of this project!

Half-square triangles, flying geese - all my favorite things.

Yes, that inner triangle border is supposed to be asymmetrical. I wanted the triangles to be topsy turvy and alternate black/red with the neutral. I did it this way on purpose.

*NOTE* I am not trying to be authentically "New Zealand" with my fabrics. This is what was in my stash. I have also included bugs, mice, words, polka dots, civil war prints, tone on tone reds and other geometrics to complete my design.

I went with what gave me the right feel.

It's the same way with our upcoming Indigo Way mystery - not all of my fabrics are authentically representing Vietnam.  I am only using one piece I purchased and brought back with me. The rest are my stash fabrics.

Quilt Police - please keep your words, no matter how kind you try to send them to me - to yourself.  Thank you.

I set up to quilt with an edge-to-edge pattern of leaves, using a sand colored thread to blend through everything.

This was seriously fast!

When it's the right time, it's the right time for getting it done.

I started and finished the embroidery on my trip to Vietnam. It has sat for a few months while waiting for inspiration - and time - to figure out what I wanted to do with borders.

Even the backing fabric was perfect.

How long had this backing been in the stash? I have no clue.  But a long time I can guess.

A simple tone-on-tone black binding finishes the job.

Hello, Kiwi!

Even better news - my Craftours page has  been updated - next year's trips itineraries and information is available!

Yes - we are going back to Ireland in June for those who missed the last trip.  And this time there is an add-on leg to Scotland if you wish to extend your tour with me! (Can't wait!)

And we'll be visiting Kenya again in September!

December will have us in Jolly Old England - and yes, we'll be visiting Highclere Castle of Downton Abbey fame - all decked out for the holidays.

That's all of 2024, and itineraries are being worked on for 2025 which will have us visiting Australia, Iceland, South Africa, Morocco and Uzbekistan! Whoowhooo!

So much to be grateful for.

As we barrel into Thanksgiving week - my plan is to take a big slow down before all of the crazy begins in earnest.  

I've got some friends stopping by today - we'll likely be lunching at Corner Market. 

I've got some more desk work ahead, but I'm hoping to be back at my machine.

How about your own weekend ahead?

Did you get your entry in on this fantastic Gift-Away? Drawing happens Monday, 11/20/23!

There are two opportunities to win $100.00 gift certificates!  

Check out the Gift-Away Post for more details.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

It's got to happen right where you are, right now.
Not when things are different or better.
Choose happiness right now.
Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!



  1. My husband and I lived in New Zealand for 2 1/2 years in the early 70's. We traveled every paved road on the South Island and many on the North.. It is a magical place. You will all have a delightful time. Watch out for the Kia birds, they will steal your lunch! I would like to make your little Kiwi bird. Will you be posting directions?

    1. Yes, I will be releasing the PDF pattern in January. Stay tuned!

  2. Your Kiwi is adorable. That wreath is everything !! You have some awesome followers..
    I'm making your Bodacious banana bread. It smells divine in the oven.
    Have a Sparkling day 😊

  3. EXACTLY right! If any of all y'all are considering going on one of Bonnie's tours (or anywhere else actually) GO GO GO. time flies and before you know it, something happens and you are restricted in your travel... don't miss the boat! or airplane, and certainly not a trip you've thought of doing... "momcat's" advice, from one who knows... LOL & <3 .. Cats in Carlsbad CA

  4. I have such great memories of my trips to China and Japan with you Bonnie :0) walking on the great wall of China....what a thrill. Thanks for the upcoming mystery, I have enjoyed each and everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Playing the Glad Game. Three of our 6 families are close enough to come for Thanksgiving. Happy momma

  6. Judy Clayton is the best! Sweet love from Indiana to you, Bonnie. Happy Thanksgiving.


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