Wednesday, November 22, 2023

On Thanksgiving Eve

Hi there!

I'm writing this on Wednesday evening so as to leave my own Thanksgiving Day pretty much media - free as I step away to enjoy our very small community Thanksgiving.

There are just the two of us here at home - Jason is in Oregon, Jeff and his family are sharing their holiday with Ashlyn's family this year.

My house is full of the delicious aroma of pies baking. Or should I just call it custard?

The Hubster is not only gluten free, but has never liked pie crust and tends to leave it sitting there filling-less on his plate.  So why bother?

We just skip the crust and get to the good stuff, with a big helping of  whipped cream on top.
There are still a few tweaks to be made for Friday's Part One release of our Indigo Way Mystery.

In order to keep that post a bit more streamlined, I'm writing this post tonight so I can just link back to it and not take up more screen space with Part One.

What's so funny is that I, too, get tired of all of the commercialism of the holidays, yet there are things I am excited to find on sale and love a good bargain as much as everyone else.

"They're shoving it down our throats!" folks yell when Christmas decor starts appearing right after 4th of July - but then they are the first ones in line to get the Black Friday 2am deal of the century.  LOL!

Timeline of things that are happening here on the blog over the next week:

Beginning Thursday: (Thanksgiving)

Starting 11/23/23 and good through 11/28/23:  All digital patterns in the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop are 30% off using coupon code DIGITAL30 at checkout.

Code MUST be used for discount to apply.

Where to find the spot to type in your code in the Quiltville Store Shopping Cart:

Click REDEEM YOUR COUPON beneath the the total in the Quiltville Store shopping cart. Enter the coupon code in the box that opens up. Click enter.

To redeem a coupon code on Etsy:

Click Apply shop coupon codes in your Etsy Cart.

Type or paste the code into the box that opens up. Select Apply.

This is the last sale of 2023, and the largest percentage off in either the Quiltville Store or the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop .  It's a great time to pick up the patterns you've been wanting. Don't forget that DIGITAL30 coupon code for your discount to apply.

Starting Friday and good through Monday:

Starts 11/24/23 and good through 11/27/23

My friend Debbie first told me about the incredible gel pad she had received – raving about how she could sew for hours on end with no hip or back issues -

I sew with a SewPad at the sewing machine. I have one on my desk chair.

All of the dining room chairs at Quiltville Inn have SewPad for comfortable seating for retreat guests.

SewPad™ is filled with a thick cushion of proprietary viscoelastic polymer gel– the same stuff used in surgical mats and wheelchair pads.

Unlike foam (memory foam or otherwise) gel doesn’t bottom-out and it provides comfort and support by diffusing and distributing pressure.

Upholstered in a plush layer of AirFlex™ fabric, SewPad™ helps your backside stay cool while the no-slip bottom keeps it from sliding around in your chair. 

This thing is thick and heavy!

In fact, I plopped it right down on my postal scale because I was curious – and it weighs in at 4 1/2 lbs of ultimate seating comfort!

The back side is grippy for no slippy!

Right on top of my sewing chair it goes.

SewPad™ was designed for quilters and crafters, but we think you’ll find other uses as well.

Church. Stadium seats, in the car and anywhere else that you might expect to be sitting for a good while.

Being comfortable is a wonderful thing!

So here's the good part.  

The COUPON CODE for FREE SHIPPING within the USA is THANKFUL. Be sure to use the code to receive free shipping.

Starting Monday:

Let's keep building up the holiday spirit with an IronEZ Gift-Away!

We haven't done this in a while, and when Scott, the CEO of IronEZ contacted me this past week - I replied with a resounding YES!

Not only will we be giving away 3 IronEZ spray bottle & holder sets, but there will be a discount code for saving 15%.  Great for gifts - stay tuned for Saturday's post for more info.

Also Starting MONDAY:

Yes! Not only are the folks at Sew Q Laser giving us a discount coupon so you can save - I'll be giving away TWO Sew Q Laser kits to two lucky readers.

I love this for doing things things like joining strips on the diagonal for binding or borders.

Yes, you can mark your 1/4'' seam - as scant as you need it to be - with infinite adjustments for whatever seam allowance you need.

More on that, as i said - coming up MONDAY.

It's a lot. It's a lot to keep track of! And now you know what we are looking forward to over the next several days.

But of course:

This happens Friday, 11/24/23!

I hope you are ready for some scrappy fun ahead.

No need to be up super early and pacing the floor - I plan to post each mystery part around 9am Eastern. Get some breakfast.  And maybe a shower. Or just sleep in a bit. You'll need that energy to sew!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

Wishing everyone a wonderful day with time to count our many blessings and all that we are grateful for.

ONE MORE SLEEP to Indigo Way!



  1. Anonymous8:57 PM EST

    Bonnie, I get so excited when you start hyping us up for your mystery. Thanks for keeping us going!

  2. Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you and the Hubster!!! Thank you for all you do!

  3. You could not pay me to shop on Black Friday, some things are way ouof control it

  4. I am thankful for you, Miss Bonnie.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dave!

  6. Anonymous10:02 PM EST

    I’ll be working a 7am-9pm shift & back at it again on Friday. It gives those with a get together time off. And yes, my sewing machine will be going too!
    Here’s hoping I don’t see any quilty friends in the ER!

    1. As a retired nurse I hope you have a very quiet shift. Thank you for working.

    2. WOW that is a long shift! Thank you for being there for those in need. As a retired nurse I know how important you are to health care... so thank you!

  7. What an unusual setting for a Bow Tie quilt in the quote background. I really like it. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the Hubster, Bonnie.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie and Dave! Thank You for everything you do for us and the quilting community! I really look forward to this time of year and your new mystery each Thanksgiving Weekend! Bless You, Always! I Like eating pumpkin custard too. If I have extra, I put it in little pans to eat separately. Tonight, I mad " An Amazing/Impossible Coconut Cream Pie to take for donner at the Community Church tomorrow. The community gets together every Christmas. The Church and The Mercantile next door provide and prepare the Turkey's and Hams. The community brings the rest of the dishes. We sign up to bring different stuff or some bring what they want, or nothing. It is a time to commune and visit with friends and the community. Enjoy Your Day with the Hubster!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and thank you so much for all that you do for us!

  10. Thank You for all that you do!

  11. Anonymous7:40 AM EST

    Happy Thanksgiving Bonnie and all who see this message. Grateful for this blog. Sincerely, Carmine

  12. I'm thankful for you Bonnie... Happy Thanksgiving

  13. Anonymous11:08 AM EST

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the hubster! I am thankful for all the positive influence and fun you add to our lives. We too will have custard today . Sharon

  14. Cheryl B11:18 AM EST

    I can attest to the SewPad being wonderful! I have one on my dining room chair, and it makes that hard wood chair so comfortable! Happy Thanksgiving to all. Looking forward to Friday!

  15. Anonymous11:24 AM EST

    Many blessings today and thank you again for the upcoming mystery

  16. yes, yes, yes, you are top on my list of "gratitudes" looking to gift the iron ez to someone who loved mine, but could not find coupon code, must have over=read, and with the mad degen, do make mistakes!!! am goingto copy all of Indigo Way in the prayer senough vision is restored that i have a miracle and can resume quilting... Happy happy to all I don't particularly need the calories from pie crust so i love the "custard" and have purchased a Costco hugely over large, and frozen portins even skip the whipped creme and just love love love the pumpkin/sometimes squash too/sweet potato? yup it must be the spices... xo xo to all y'all. Cats in Carlsbad CA, singular Thanks giving Day also...

  17. Anonymous12:09 PM EST

    Will the Sew Q Laser work on a Bernina? Their website says works on most Janome sewing machines but nothing about a Bernina. Gloria

  18. thank you Bonnie and Happy Thanksgiving!

  19. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! We went and had lunch with the MIL today at the rehab center, and tomorrow we will have the family lunch. I have a baby quilt and a jelly roll race I need to quilt, and that's on the menu for this weekend when I am not eating... HA! Getting excited for the release of the Mystery this year... and my goodness that's a lot of good stocking stuffers that you will be giving away!! I might also have to go check out the store with that discount! :)
    Have a wonderful and relaxing day and wind those bobbins!!

  20. Happy Thanksgiving in a small Town! I received my Quiltmaker Magazine and read through the interview in it. No mention of the Winter Mystery. Thanks for sharing this early. Less pages to print tomorrow. Alarm is set to Eastern time.


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