Friday, November 17, 2023

From There To Here.

Happy Friday!

It's not like Friday's are much different than any other day around here.

But I remember the feeling of "What a relief! It's Friday!" that the end of a school week would bring - or on those rare occasions when I worked a Monday to Friday job with the promise of a weekend off.

Come to think of it - that only happened for a short few months when I was working as a massage therapist at a Chiropractor's office.  

It seems I have worked weekends - at least part of them - through my entire life as being under the banner of "self employed."

I still use Fridays as a marker in a way - looking back at the things I've accomplished or made progress on in the past week.

And last Friday I was with my Dad in Arizona. With a dead car battery.  Watching way too much TV - but also getting out and about in his neighborhood for walks.

I took the photo above around 8am in the morning - the sun barely glowing from behind some thin scattered clouds.

It was one of those miracle photo opportunities.  The water was a mirror.  Everything was reflected.  What was up was also down.  It reminds me of those ink blot paintings where you had to figure out what something was intended to be.

Without the cloud cover and the sun in the right position, things look a lot more like this.

Not that bright sunshine and gorgeous blue skies are anything to scoff at in mid November, mind you.

Cactus blossoms!

The greenbelt area in dad's neighborhood contain 3 miles of paved concrete paths winding around lakes and through grassy areas sotted with tall eucalyptus trees.  It's truly an oasis in the desert.

I would get out around 7:15am and enjoy the cool of the morning while dad slept until later.

There would be so many folks out walking dogs and we'd say "good morning!" and the dogs would sniff, and I'd get a few pets in.  It's a wonderful community for him to be living in.

The street view of dad's development.

Another walk - magical clouds - and 2 palm trees.

This contrasts so greatly with yesterday's walk up Bear Branch!

Sunbathing cattle!

Our temps weren't too bad - around 62 degrees.  Warm enough to be out in jeans, sneakers and a denim shirt over my tee shirt. 

The juxtaposition of Arizona scenery vs Virginia Blue Ridge had me reflecting on how amazing it is that I can get on a plane in one place and in the matter of half-a-day be on the other side of the country.

I try to imagine this trek by horse and wagon back in the day - automobile - train - no matter what it would take days to weeks or longer.

Air travel is still such an incomprehensible thing we take for granted.

Bare trees, old barn, and sunshine.

The last time I was down here this corral sat empty.  Things are bustling now!

Late afternoon and the sun is beginning to set -

It was just the fresh air break I needed, and I got back to finishing up this job.

As of leaving time last evening, everything is ready to drop off at USPS this morning.  Thank you for your patience with me while I was gone.  These should be to everyone before we start our Indigo Way Mystery next week.

And there was some evening sewing!

I picked up where I left off with finishing the hanging sleeve on the back of my Star of Hope quilt.

Beautiful blue border and a somewhat stripey binding.

Would you believe that border print is from 2000??  I wish they kept the date on the selvages like they used to.  I'm sure that binding is just as old or close.

Sometimes fabric has to age like fine wine until we find the right project at the right time to use it.

I've been asked if there will be a part 3 to Star of Hope and yes - but I needed to finish the quilt first so I could write it. I'm thinking Monday.

If you are on social media, could you please post photos of your progress (Even if not finished!) and use tags #quiltville and #starofhopequilt so I can find your posts?  Thank you so much!

The instructions will stay available at the top of the blog until after Hanukkah.  Print all of your parts before 12/16/23.

I have plans to make another variation and at that time Star of Hope will be included in that pattern as a bonus.

Today - Now that the mail order is caught up, it's a desk day.  At least for part of the day.

But I'm also to the point where I can start putting together my Oopsie Daisie Leader & Ender blocks I've been slowly working on since we released that challenge in July.

How are yours coming?

I still may need a few blocks - but I'm getting there!

Did you get your entry in on this fantastic Gift-Away?

There are two opportunities to win $100.00 gift certificates!  

Check out the Gift-Away Post for more details.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Is there piecing in your plan for today??
However you spend it, have a great one!

Happy Friday!



  1. Welcome home, Bonnie!

  2. I love your walk in the country photos. So beautiful.
    I wish you and Dave a peaceful Thanksgiving filled with love.
    I saw a Crazy Maisy finished quilt on the Open Studio it was Just gorgeous.
    Kisses. For the dogs 🐶 please..
    Have a Sparkling day 😊

  3. Oh, my goodness!! I love the quote for today! I have times where I don't sew for a long time, so then I just grab my strips and sew them together for 4 patches later. Sometimes the simple sewing is what is best for the soul!
    I love the scenes from both places, but I think I love yours the best. So peaceful! But I am just a country girl at heart so there you go.
    Today is the best Friday of all... the Friday before Thanksgiving break! Soooo needed around here. Maybe some piecing time tonight. We shall see. Have a fabulous day!

  4. There is NO place like HOME, the best part of travel is the homecoming. Love the Star of Hope quilt Bonnie and your wonderful thoughts of quilting our way to self peace and hope for peace through out Israel. Happy sewing

  5. I think the binding might be from a "few" years ago too! I used that in the quilt on my bed. ;)

  6. I always enjoy your photography artistry. Such different scenes and both have such beauty in them. My sewing is totally Christmas gift oriented right now. I have all year and yet here I am once again scrambling to finish! Fridays are a good thing mentally for me.

  7. Anonymous11:44 AM EST

    This week on Tammie Earnest's Utube channel, she showed a Star of Hope quilt that was beautiful. It was done with just the stars. She is a long-arm quilter and has showed your patterns done by her clients. Rose in Oregon

  8. Anonymous1:57 PM EST

    Hi Bonnie I’m new to the group, I’m wondering what took me so long? I’m loving all your ideas, tips and tricks!

  9. Sew glad you're home. Thanks for sharing AZ scenes with us. It's a place that I like to go to in Winter. My SIL and a Grandson are in Arizona now. One week more!!! Mystery time begins


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