Saturday, March 25, 2023

Tula Adventures.

This little story would have been better portrayed by Lucy and Ethel - it's that comedic!

We got the live trap set up on the porch by the kitchen door at the inn after dinner was done and we were heading home.

Yes- that is a depression glass relish dish in the back - we needed something for water and the food bowl took up most of the space so I needed something skinny.

A towel on top to provide some privacy, a crate on top of that to keep the wind from blowing it away -

The rocking chair pulled close next to it to keep the towel in place on the trap side - so it wouldn't flip up during the wind gusts either.

It looks like it would work - it should work?

But what we didn't expect was who it would catch first!

I barely get home - like 20 minutes after setting the trap, and in comes this call from Irene saying "We've caught a cat!  Only it's NOT Tula!"

Oh sheesh.  

Even funnier - Tula was outside the trap, batting away at the cat who came inside to steal her food - it was quite comical!

The consensus was to open the trap and set it again, scare off the imposter cat and wait.

The trapped cat shot out of the trap like he was carbonated and all shook up and disappeared to who knows where.

After that - Tula was not trusting of the trap at all.

Can't say I don't blame her!

(Photo taken through the door window in the dark by porch light.)

Later on, Irene went out to the porch to see if she could coax Tula inside the trap toward her food.

Success!  But the hard part was knowing she'd have to just stay there on the porch in the trap until morning when I could get there and check on things.

The morning was nice enough (we were in the upper 70s yesterday!) that I could move the trap off the porch and onto the grass in the shade where she could look around and hopefully relax.

Food dish dumped over at some point during her day before I got the call that the mobile vet was on the way over to Martha's where she would tend to Tula and to Martha's cow Betsy.

As scared as she was, she didn't make a sound the whole drive over.  Poor thing - she really had no idea what was going on.

Since Betsy was being uncooperative and wouldn't come up to the barn to eat so she could be examined, we started in on Tula first.

A shot for sedation - and within a few minutes she face planted herself out cold.

We brought her over to the grass where we laid her out on a sterile pad. The vet, Karen, was as gentle with this little kitty as she could be fierce with an angry goat or persnickety cow.

She shaved the foot first - checking out what had caused the abscess.  Bite mark.  Likely from another cat in a fight.

That tended to, a 12-day antibiotic shot was given, an anti-inflammatory shot followed that, and finally a shot for rabies.

We then shaved her belly to see if there was a spay scar.  Nope.

She then brought out the ultrasound equipment to check what we both dreaded.

It turns out that Tula will be a teen-age mother in about 6 weeks time. 

I'm crestfallen - I had hoped to get her spayed ASAP.

She is wild - but doing better.  Still - while I don't mind a porch kitty who lives outside - I cannot bring her in to have a litter of kittens.

When I posted a bit about her on Facebook/Instagram I got slammed by people telling me what I needed to do, what I should do, what I must do - and they don't know me or my situation.

I stopped reading comments.

This is a feral cat who is just starting to become people-friendly.

I've already poured quite a bit of money into her with the vet yesterday. I do not want to give her away to a shelter.  But I am afraid she is going to have these kittens somewhere that we can't reach them - because she is wild and I am not going to captivate her and hold her hostage.

She is likely to have the kittens in June when I am gone the ENTIRE MONTH.

I have people to feed/water while I am gone - but to care for newborn kittens?

I'm not sure having this litter of kittens is best for her and I really am leaning toward a spay while pregnant.

We get cats dumped out here all the time, and it took this long to be able to trap her and get her seen to which was the most important thing on the agenda. 

I figure I have the weekend to think about it. And to try to find a place that will take care of it.

All of this was swirling through my head as I drove her home - and of course as she was coming out of her sedation she was bouncing off the walls of the trap just wanting out.

When we got back, I laid the trap on the grass and we opened the door and she took off like a bottle rocket - down toward the creek.

I honestly had no idea if she would even come back.  I wouldn't blame her if she didn't.

But evidently - she got hungry.  She came back last evening just before dark.

As I sat in my van and contemplated all of this before coming into the house last night I noticed that my lilac bushes are getting their spring leaves.  Time marches on.

Why do I feel like the weight of her whole world is on my shoulders as if she were a person?

And I am so angry at jerks who dump off animals!  Especially without getting the neutered - leaving the problem to be dealt with in the wild, or for some unsuspecting inn keeper who just wants to help. (me)

I'm toying with leaving comments off on this post - just because - too many voices already, you know?

I pondered all of this while starting in on the 3rd round of fans toward the center of my baskets quilt.

Finally into the baskets!

With Ivy to supervise -

At least SHE was spayed before she was dumped off near the inn and came to find us for the same reason - food, shelter, love and comfort.

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  1. Bless you for doing your best for this kitty <3

  2. Anonymous9:13 AM EDT

    Bonnie, you haya heart of gold, never mind what others say.. Deb

  3. Anonymous9:20 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, Tula is a beautiful cat. Since you didn’t want to give her to a shelter, I would spay her now. Then you can stop worrying about her and the babies and she will be safe and happy as your outdoor kittie. And don’t worry about those naysayers! They just don’t have anything better to do!

    1. Anonymous11:46 AM EDT

      I totally agree!

    2. Anonymous1:13 PM EDT

      Absolutely agree.

    3. Anonymous4:31 PM EDT

      I would agree the sooner the better. Thank you for taking care of her. From mom of 5 rescue cats. πŸ’•

    4. Anonymous5:12 PM EDT

      Agree 100% Had a wild cat pregnant spayed too.

    5. Anonymous5:13 PM EDT

      Agree 100%

    6. I definitely agree.

    7. Agree 100%

    8. Anonymous6:38 PM EDT

      I agree. I bet none of those criticizing offered to come and get her and take her and the kittens in.

  4. Bonnie -- just make the best decision you can for the situation. I am also growing tired of these people and their comments. Everyone is an expert (sigh) and quick to criticize. If anyone has followed you for a while, they should know you have a sweet huge heart. Good luck with Tula! I too get so aggravated with people who dump their animals...... because "it's more humane than the shelter". What a bunch of bs!!!!!!!

    1. Well said! Whatever happened to doing the responsible thing? We were on an acreage and had many cats dumped near us. Not many made it because of predators and vehicles. And then there were all of the outdoor cats which suffered the same fate more often than not (as well as wiping out many of the birds we were feeding). Sigh! I would have loved to adopt them all but already had a few of my own (strictly indoor). Thank you for being a kind and caring person, Bonnie. Follow your heart and ignore the "experts". ❤❤

    2. You took the words right out of my mouth! Armchair quarterbacks are so exhausting. Each situation is completely different.

  5. Bless you Bonnie for your love and kind treatment of Tula. Hugs!

  6. Anonymous9:23 AM EDT

    I feel a lot like you, you want to take care of all the animals on earth and maybe figure the humans can take care of themselves ( with a little help). Good luck with Tula(Pink?)

  7. You have a pet loving heart as big as Texas! No judgment, no advice. Hoping she will be ok! Happy Saturday.

  8. Anonymous9:24 AM EDT

    Tula is very lucky she ended up with you. Do what you think is best (maybe confer with the vet?) and ignore the comments and suggestions. I so enjoy your quilts and look forward to the daily blog posts. Thank you for doing what you do! Randi D. Andersen

  9. You will make the best decision that you can under the circumstances. It may not be the decision that others would make but they are not there and living your life. She is a lucky cat that you got her treatment for the foot injury.

  10. I am so grateful for people who are willing to take the time, money, and effort to help out animals that are trying to survive. Thank you! May you also find peace during a difficult decision.

  11. Bonnie, do you remember the story about the child who was throwing starfish back into the ocean? That's you. Please, as long as you can continue to do your best to spay or neuter the ferrel cats. Can you imagine if you ever stopped making quilts?!? (God forbid!) Keep being you, you're one of the BEST!!!

  12. Anonymous9:40 AM EDT

    The people judging you have no right, unless they want to assume care of a feral cat! You helped her when most people would ignore her, or worse.
    Would spaying her now improve her life ….yes. Would help with future pet population, yes!

  13. You will do the right thing (whatever that may be) because you care. Tula is lucky to have found you.

  14. Anonymous9:44 AM EDT

    Bless you, Bonnie, for caring so much about Tula.

  15. Anonymous9:46 AM EDT

    Poor Tula! Living on a farm, I can tell you that people dump animals quite often here as well...only to end up having to deal with coyotes before they are ever found by people. Thank you for caring for Tula and making choices that are best for both of you.

  16. Anonymous9:49 AM EDT

    You are a caring person I am sure your decision will be the right one. We have had a large wild cat population in our area that isn’t good for them or the humans. Bless you

  17. Good for you taking in a dumped off cat and sure you will make the best choice for her & either way she will be cared for and loved... Everyone has an opinion but
    this isn't theirs to make... Wishing the best for all involve...
    Have a good day and do not let others sway your decision..
    Mary Lou

  18. Anonymous10:09 AM EDT

    You're such a kind person

  19. Bonny, you are a caring person. Whatever you decide will be the right thing. Don't let the trolls get you down. - Kerry

  20. Anonymous10:16 AM EDT

    I know dealing with comments is tough when you are conflicted. As a devoted animal rescuer and lover I would vote for a spay while pregnant. There are so many unwanted animals and cats absolutely can not fend for themselves for a long period. They either end up sick and suffering or prey for predators.
    Gail Myers

  21. Anonymous10:17 AM EDT

    This happens to us in the country, too, and last time I threatened to euthanize the cat - he’d be better off than living on his own because I didn’t want him. My readers shamed me into keeping him. I already have 8 cats in my big house. Rotten people who drop them off!!!

  22. Debbie Collins10:35 AM EDT

    I so hear you Bonnie. We lived on a farm in Wisconsin where we got all kinds of kittens, cats, puppies, and even an injured Holstein calf in the dead of winter! Fortunately we kept a few cats/kittens as every farm needs them, homed the others and the puppies and fattened up the calf. We won’t even go into the coming Easter season when bunnies, chicks, and occasionally a lamb came to the farm when they were no longer “cute!” Most people have no idea what it takes, but are so willing to tell you what you “need” to do. Just tell them to pound sand! You will come to the decision that is right for both you and Tula and that is all that matters!

  23. Anonymous10:35 AM EDT

    Dear Bonnie, Many years ago when our first "dump kitty" adopted us, we were faced with the same dilemma of a pregnant stray who needed care. When we decided to have her spayed while expecting, our vet told us that it was probably not her first pregnancy. KC (for kitty cat) became a loving loyal family member, even becoming protective of her human children against dogs and squirrels! You are following your heart and your decisions are the best for your situation. Thank you and bless you for being the wonderful, energetic, creative, and deeply loving person that you are. J Fritts Sand Springs, OK

  24. Anonymous10:39 AM EDT

    You’ve gone beyond what most in your poswould have done for Tula. Kudos to you.

  25. Anonymous10:43 AM EDT

    The trials of having a kind heart! Thank you for caringπŸ’•

  26. Thank you for taking care of Tula....whatever your decision I am behind you 100%!

  27. Anonymous10:51 AM EDT

    Tula is a beautiful cat. I love her name. Whatever you decide will be good. Laura

  28. The good samaritan would spay the pregnant kitty -- unfortunately that's the only way to keep any cat population under control. Otherwise, next spring there will be a herd of hungry kittens at your door. I have to say that you are becoming a one-person animal rescue, and you should probably file as an official non-profit and get some deductions on your taxes! I don't know if the IRS would like it, but you could start a go-fund-me and receive donations! (I'm speaking as a two-cat one-dog all-rescue pet owner!)

    1. I would do the same since the new babies will need spayed/fixed too. I can't imagine the cost of getting the whole litter taken care of. I have only adopted my dogs and know that there will always be more than I can ever take afford to care of.

  29. No advice or opinions here, just sending good thoughts as you sort your way through the decisions. I'm sure you'll do what's best for you and Tula.

    1. Anonymous1:04 PM EDT

      Same thoughts here. You are already figuring out what’s best for all concerned. Good luck and God Bless.

  30. Ok, I have a question about your hand quilting. I get the idea that you start on the outside edges of the quilt and stitch around each side in 'rounds' until you get to the center. My question is - how do you know how many arcs to stitch in each fan so that when you get to the center, you still have space to quilt 'something' --- and do you continue to do fans for that 'something' in the center even if they aren't the same number of arcs as in the 'border rounds'?

  31. I think you're being wonderfully and amazingly kind and have thought this through well and whatever you do is going to be perfect. And if anyone is rude to you, send them my way.

  32. Loretta McGinn11:05 AM EDT

    You are a good and caring person. Shame on those commenters who have so much to say. Easy for me to say, but try to ignore them. When people have to add their evil two cents, I try to say a little prayer and move on. Be proud if who you are and how you inspire us. Thank you for being you.

  33. Debby McRae11:06 AM EDT

    I am hoping there is a fairly local group that you can consult about supporting feral cats as this may be a continuing problem for you. The Humane Society has good info re shelters, feeding, etc. Sounds like there are more kitties out there!

  34. Those Baptist fans are looking beautiful. My grandmother used to take me to revival meetings in the evening, in unconditioned tents, gymnasiums, etc. in Florida. I definitely know how to use one of those fans.

  35. You are such a beautiful person. Do the best you can and that will be enough. No one else is in exactly your situation so they don't have any answers. Thank you for doing your best to care for Tula.

  36. Knowing your heart, it is a given that you will make the best choice for Tula. She is a beauty!

  37. Anonymous11:48 AM EDT

    True story. Three years ago this past January, one snowy morning we were walking our two dogs. One of them stayed a few yards behind to inspect the culvert once again. This time, after the dog walked away, a cat came out of the culvert. After a few days, this cat followed us home. I offered the cat some food and water. Eventually, it started sleeping on our back porch. So we made a box designed for feral cats. I said we needed to capture it and get it shots and spayed. Didn't want kittens to contend with. The capture was and adventure but we got it to the vet for rabies shots and spaying. Well, turns out the cat was a male but we got him neutered anyway. Takes two to tango, right? Well, after this drama, it appeared the cat was interested in what was inside the house. We left the door ajar and he wandered around briefly. Next he started spending part of the day inside. Now he spends all day and most of the night inside. He has a cat box and he comes inside to use it. But best of all, when our two dogs died, this cat helped us to raise our then 4 week old abandoned puppy. Some feral cat! Laurie

  38. Anonymous11:48 AM EDT

    I vote for closing comments on this. There's enough negativity in the world. You are a Saint! Great Blessings to you. I forwarded your story to my friends who are not subscribed! ( I couldn't figure out how to comment without opening a google account!) Mary in AZ

  39. Anonymous12:20 PM EDT

    You had me at "Lucy and Ethel"! My friend's daughters call us that, and say we shouldn't be allowed to go anywhere together. One time we had to rock a truck to get it into gear, and then jump in Dukes of Hazard style because it was on a hill. Another time we hauled a mattress on top of her van. We're always working on nearly impossible projects because we're problem solvers. It just seems natural to us. I like to think it's all related to the creative brains people like us have!

  40. Anonymous12:54 PM EDT

    No advice just want to say that Tula is a beautiful kitty.

  41. At the end of the day the only person that needs to feel good about whatever decision you make is you. No judgement. Good luck.

  42. We live on a dirt road about a mile and a half off of a paved road. People are constantly dumping their unwanted pets off near our place. We have 2 cats that were rescues already and just can't take in any more so we have surrendered/rehome quite a few that have been dumped here in the 11 years of living here. I too get pissed off that people can be SO cruel. What would those people do if someone captured them, dumped them off on an island expecting them to use their instincts to survive? It's sickening. No compassion. Thankfully there are people (like you & me) who do care about these little creatures. Bless you!

  43. Anonymous1:33 PM EDT

    You do what you what is best for you and your situation. I have no advice or criticism. Bless you.

  44. Diane Howell3:13 PM EDT

    Being older, I am only going to say this...If they want to pay for it, then they can have a say so. If not, keep your opinion to yourself. Have a blessed day Bonnie.

  45. Anonymous3:21 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie, I was in the same situation with a kitten we got from a friend. A dumped kitten probably less than a year old and pregnant. I had no way to deal with the kittens so we had to have her spayed. I think of it to this day. But I know I did the right thing. I still have this cat 14 years later. And she is a sweetheart. It is a hard decision but you will make the right one.

  46. I don't normally comment (sorry) but I want to commend you for what you have done thus far. It's a difficult situation and I would never criticize you for what you decide. You have to make the decision that will be best for you, your family and the cat. I am sure you will not be making the decision lightly just from what you have written. Thank you for all you have done for Tula. It's so heartbreaking to see animals homeless.

  47. Oh the pitfall of country living. We had hundreds dumped at the dairy farm. Because we were a dairy farm it was easy to put 5 gallons of milk out twice daily. Never had a mouse.

    And NO-every cat is not your responsibility and those who batter you have no right. Easy for them to say when they aren't in your shoes. I'm an animal lover too. But I will not and should not be expected to save them all nor should that be expected of you. Hugs.

  48. It was kind of you to get help out your feral cat. I adopted two kitties from a feral cat, the mom cat dropped them off at the back door of the women I got them from when they were done being nursed. Our cats are not that friendly as a result, they will not let you pick them up and they hiss at our dogs. They will sit on your lap for pets on their own terms. Unfortunately they are not the best at keeping the rodent population down. They bring them in the house alive, bunnies, mice and squirrels. Good luck with your decision. Having them spayed is very expensive there days.

  49. I know that you will do what is right, because in the end you always do. I hope she will see that you just want her to be happy and healthy.

  50. Anonymous9:47 PM EDT

    Wasted energy getting angry when people dump their pets. It’s cruel, but people are going to do what they’re going to do.You did the caring and responsible thing having her injury taken care of. I thought commenter #41 had a good approach. Did the vet offer any advice?

  51. Tula is a beauty - whatever you decide, she'll be better off for it, I am quite sure.

  52. Anonymous8:40 AM EDT

    You are a very caring person just trying to help! All decisions have pros and cons, so do as seems best to you and be at peace.
    Carole Diehl

  53. Anonymous11:21 AM EDT

    Lots of love to you and Tula! You have such a kind heart.

  54. Many, many years ago, my husband and I took our two cats to the vet to be spayed. Turned out, one of them was pregnant. (they were indoor/outdoor cats). The vet couldn't reach us to ask if they should proceed or not, so they made the executive decision to go ahead with the surgery. There were no complications and her recovery time was identical to her sister's.

    I realize this is anecdotal and not in the least scientific, but I just want you to know, contemplating getting her spayed while pregnant is a very reasonable consideration.

    Bless you for all you're doing for her.

  55. Hi Bonnie, whatever decision you make will be the right one for you and Tula. Sending hugs 😊

  56. Bonnie, I totally feel what you are going through, I would be just like you. I know you will do what needs to be done and I trust you to make the right decision. Tula is a Beautiful Girl, 😍

  57. Anonymous8:31 AM EDT

    We caught several raccoons when trying to catch our feral cats. LOL. Wanda

  58. Anonymous11:20 AM EDT

    I'm grateful for your kind and caring heart, and the ability to care for feral cats.


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