Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Little Bits of String Star Progress -

Some projects just grow in fits and starts.

In fact, that might just be a good name for this one - Fits & Starts.

While I have made enough of the colored string triangles to finish the top, I once again ran out of the neutral and blue ones.

Sure - I could count and know just EXACTLY how many I need and make that many - but then the assembly stops and I get bogged down in the making of units and -

Well, I just can't wait to see how this one comes together!

So I've been in the circular motion of making units, sewing rows, making units, sewing rows. 

I've gotten this far!

Some have asked if I will leave the sides angled like this - and the answer is no - I'll be trimming the sides square after I get the whole top together.

I am just not a fan of that many miters when it comes to binding! LOL!

But the jury could still be out.  We'll see.

Oh goodness - so many fun fabrics!

This is where I left it when I went to start construction of more blue and neutral triangles.

Because THIS is not enough to even start the next row!

Last night The Hubster had an 8pm conference call - and it may have been 8pm for us, but there were loads of other global time zones involved, and that was the best time they could shoot for when everyone who needed to be on the call could be on the call.

He was apologetic because that is our usual TV time with my hand quilting - and I said "No worries! I'll be downstairs!" and got quite a bit done in the hour that he was on the call.

More is needed.  There is another call tonight - so you know where you'll find me.

Currently in the neutrals until I get enough to go for another few rows, and then I'll switch to blue for a while.

Oh, and Zoey wasn't complaining either - 

She loves her cozy bed by the studio fire!

Speaking of the dogs:

Yes, THESE dogs.

Sunday night I had planned ALL DAY to have a lovely traditional Sunday dinner, complete with a garlic and herb marinated pork tenderloin that I was going to cook up in the air fryer all tender and juicy.

I could taste it in my mind - succulent and delicious.  Slightly crisp on the outside, buttery tender on the inside -

I removed the tenderloin from the fridge to the counter to let it rest while heating up the air fryer for the suggested 5 minutes before putting it in to cook.

I turned my back.

I went to do something during that 5 minutes leaving the tenderloin on the counter,

The Hubster came in and asked if it was cooking already because he heard the air fryer was on.

I said, no - just warming up the airfryer.

"Well, where is the tenderloin then?!" he said pointing to the empty platter on the counter.

Yup.  You guessed it.

And I was SO mad.  And then I was laughing so hard my sides hurt.

It reminded me of this scene:

You Bumpuses!!

Yeah! YOU!!!

Let's just say that they both KNEW they were in so much trouble.  And the next day they paid for it with intestinal distress they well deserved.

And I am reminded NEVER to leave meat on the counter for any reason.

And I'm still laughing.

These two together are now known as The Bumpuses. 

I swear I can still smell garlic on their breaths.  Crazy dogs.

So here we are at Wednesday!  And it's MARCH!  That means the March Quiltvillians will be on their way, arriving this afternoon for a week of fun.

Weather is supposed to be pretty yuck - but that's okay. As long as it doesn't snow.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

You will never be happy if you are only seeing yourself through the eyes of others who are not you.

Believe in your worth!
Self esteem starts where comparison stops.

And look closely – you just might see my shoes at the top of the photo! LOL!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Anonymous9:26 AM EST

    The dog story brings back memories. Happened to me on my birthday. Young and ornery Labrador took it right off the grill and was smart enough to jump the fence to eat it. Gotta love 'em, I'm still laughing after all these years.

    I love how your string quilt it coming together. You truly are a marvel!

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM EST

    Dogs, man’s best friend, can be infuriating at times but mostly bring us joy!! Your poor dinner plans! I had made a pumpkin pie for Christmas dinner but we stepped outside to see Santa traveling through our neighborhood on a fire truck. Well, you guessed it! Mandy, our chocolate lab, had devoured the pie! Grrr! But a story that we still tell!

  3. Oh those girls LOL Now what did the humans end up having for dinner??

  4. And Miss Sadie licked the frosting off half of Grandpa Coleman's Boston Creme Pie birthday cake!! Morale: LEAVE NOTHING ON THE COUNTER THAT CAN BE CONSUMED!!!

  5. Anonymous9:50 AM EST

    Do you sew your strings together and then cut the triangles from the string fabric you have made? Your triangle quilt is quite lovely.

  6. Bumpuses....too funny :) Love the quilt. I have a ton of neutrals and have started on another string quilt. So far, I have 103 blocks (mine are only 4 1/2" square), so I need to get busy. It's 66* here in western PA and it was 70* a couple days ago. Crazy weather :) Happy sewing.

  7. Thanks for the giggle about your dogs and the roast!
    We had a cat that I dare not turn my back, not even stepping away, if raw liver were on the counter. He'd jump up and get it. He was the one that demanded popcorn too - exactly 3 pieces, butter, no salt.

  8. Anonymous10:09 AM EST

    We had a lab dig into a pumpkin pie on the counter one Thanksgiving!

  9. Barbara Dieckmann10:20 AM EST

    Making me want to prioritize the basket of strings and bits collected whilst creating all the quilts I've made since just before Covid lockdown started. I'm loving that angly edge so much, I'd be tempted to press under the seam allowance and top stitch it onto an interesting blue border, then trim away the excess border underneath. Great inspiration for contemplation of my next project.

  10. My habit is to put what is defrosting into the microwave so that the three cats cannot eat it.

  11. Anonymous11:02 AM EST

    Yup, one Father’s Day we were one steak short cuz they were left to rest while the barbecue heated up. Lucky we still had 2 more! It was costly and so was your pork tenderloin I bet!

  12. Anonymous11:13 AM EST

    First, I love the quilt you are working on with the white, blue and multicolored stars! It is stunning! Your dog story reminded me of my sweet Kia. She's been gone for 35 years. At the time, I had a small Weber grill and it sat outside the back door. While cooking, Kia would very gingerly reach in and nab whatever was cooking. Her favorite was a pork chop. I couldn't believe the heat didn't stop her. She was the best dog, my daughter's best friend, always beside her and protecting her, except when we were grilling.

  13. Anonymous11:14 AM EST

    I love that pattern!

  14. Anonymous12:04 PM EST

    Knowing I had a dog who stole from the counter, I had a cooked ham loaf in the back up against the wall cooling down. Even had empty pots in front of it. That was when I learned my Aussie/German shepherd mix could "jump straight up" onto the counter. Yep, ham loaf gone.....

  15. Your new quilt in progress looks like crystals...so pretty!

  16. My dog ate a ham sandwich off the table and then burped when I looked at him!

  17. CARLA VACA12:53 PM EST

    Bonnie the quilt you are working on reminds me of a game I used to play on line, can't remember the name. It looks like diamonds and gemstones, I love it

  18. Anonymous1:14 PM EST

    My cat once stole 2 cornish hens that were on the dining table ready to eat. He hid them under the living room sofa. That is the oddest feeling to go to the kitchen and find your dinner has disappeared!

  19. Anonymous1:23 PM EST

    Gotta love our pets no matter what. 😂❤🙀

  20. I have so many stories of my dogs through the years getting the best of me. One pup sneakily licked the frosting off a birthday cake (i had on the table), but only on the side I couldn't see while working on the meal. The lumber came in o give me the bill, and he said it looked like he bakery didn't finish my cake. That same dog convinced the other two to join in getting a different cake down and when I heard he crash, I found three heads in the top of the cake carrier. The cake was gone in minutes. Another dog (many years later), my beagle, got me more than once - she grabbed the cookies cooling on the kitchen counter & scarfed them. down in minutes. Her best maneuver was when she grabbed one half of my sandwich off my plate while i was distracted for a moment, then we I was chasing her trying to get her outside, she ran around the table and grabbed the other half - then ran out the doggie door. All of my dogs have given me so many wonderful memories, also some frustrating ones that I can still laugh about.

  21. That is going to be a beautiful quilt - it sort of glows! Love your dogs and all their antics.

  22. I'm not usually a fan of the string quilts, because they are so labor-intensive. But I'm really liking this one. I literally laughed out loud at the shenanagins from the furbabies... they always find something to get into!! (Hopefully you had something for a back-up!) And Zoey upside down was priceless!!
    THe hubster and the phone call reminded me of last night. Mister went down the driveway to have dinner with his mom, and while he was gone I was catching up on 1923!

  23. Oh, yes! I think we all have stories of pets and lost food. Ha! After all this time, if that is your first episode, you are lucky! The String Stars is coming along beautifully.

  24. I don't have a Dog but my Hubby makes things disappear off the counter. He teases when I bake goodies for the Church group we work with. I can eat the ones with the Red wrappers, Right?? No hiding Chocolate from him either he hears me opening the wrapper. Enjoy the March Quiltvillians! Happy National Quilting Month.

  25. I saw green bay packer fabric, I am a great green bay packer fan, oh wait, I am from wisconsin, go packers...oh, LOVE, LOVE this quilt that you are making.

  26. Anonymous8:41 PM EST

    Your quilt looks like roses until you zoom in on it. Beautiful!
    My granddaughter’s birthday was Friday. I picked up the cupcakes from the bakery that my daughter had paid $42 for. I set them on the island. One of the cats pushed the box off onto the floor. They ended up upside down. All of them smashed. I was able to save them by scraping the frosting into a pastry bag and redoing them. They turned out fine for 9 and 10 year old girls. Darn cat!

  27. Helen Hewell10:00 PM EST

    I love the quilt. I may have to breakdown and do a string quilt. But I truly laughed out loud reading all the stories of dogs and cats stealing food. I called ours that loved to steal food, "opportunistic". May you have some more adventures with your fur babies.

  28. Anonymous10:10 PM EST

    That quilt is going to be beautiful. I don't know how Zoe can contort her body like that! And those bad puppies; I think they've been punished enough, but I don't know if it taught them a lesson.

  29. Many years ago I was making chocolate chip cookies, I had a whole cookie sheet of raw cookie dough ready to go in the oven as soon as it finished pre-heating. The phone rang, (this was before cell phones, & when phones were still attached to the wall!!) so I left the kitchen to answer the phone. When I came back into the kitchen (only a few minutes later) the cookie sheet was entirely empty! And it was still in the same position, just empty! And sitting there was a very guilty looking border collie!!

  30. Just last week, my daugther's 6 year old mini golden doodle who was visiting, stole a Chewy Box full of puppy teething bones for our newest puppy. She found the box next to our garage door, took it behind a vehicle, chewed it opened and ate 28 of the 46 puppy chew bones. (we have an invisible fence and she didn't share it with the other dogs). She left the smaller chewy box that had no food in it. That evening she wouldn't eat her dog food. That night she threw up several times. The following day she was still vomiting, and felt miserable. The next day she was so sick we had to take her to a 24/7 vet service. She was dehydrated, so they gave her subcutaneous fluids, anti-nausea medication and anti inflammatory medication. She went to sleep for that entire day. Day four she able to take a walk. Do I think she will learn from this? No, she is very food driven. I guess Chewy food delivery boxes are out until she goes back home. She has also eaten an entire loaf of bread, a pound of butter, a rib eye steak, hoagies, pizza, nothing is off limits to her.

  31. I have to put stuff in cupboards and the microwave. I do spray them with water and and a touch of vinegar in it to discourage when I am there to discourage but it is not effective if I turn my back. One would think they were the children that my mother reminded me of while growing up. If I did not eat well, I got the children starving all over the world story. I never have to tell my dogs that story! Quilt will be fabulous!

  32. Anonymous9:51 AM EST

    I think a better name would be “ Jewels”.

  33. Our son's Chocolate Lab one ate a whole pecan pie left out on the counter. Talk about intestinal distress!!


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