Wednesday, March 08, 2023

The Day In Between

Our very mild March takes a turn this week - and yes, there is even the dreaded S word in the future - SNOW?

I knew this was too good to last long!

And I know that anything can change between now and over-the-weekend, but I figured I better get out and enjoy this - gale force winds or not!

Just look at those daffies bloom on the hillside below the fence - so pretty!

We did have some pretty heavy rain over the past week - so my favorite little creek waterfall on Round House road  was really spilling down!

I really could listen to this sound forever!

Click to Play:

This spot just takes all of the stresses big and small away!

By the time I made it this far up the hill my usually worn denim shirt was removed and tied around my waist.  I was heating up!

On my return trip down -

The cattle had moved down by the fence to see what was going on - they are ALL staring!  LOL!

The March Quiltvillians made their grand exit yesterday - and Gail's Quilt Buddies arrive today so my day was mostly laundry and flip-the-house oriented to get everything ready.

I did not sit to sew.  I did not sit at all.  It was a run run run day which also included a jaunt to town for more supplies on the day-in-between.

That said - I did manage to fit in a thrift shop run hitting both Goodwill (only came away with a wide mouth quart jar!) and Salvation Army -

Not only did I score a chrome bottomed Rowenta iron for $7.00 - (DEAL!) I was quite pleased to find a newpair of Ecco running shoes for $10.00.

I hate paying a lot for shoes.  I live in running shoes.  This pair new was over $120.00 and here it was in front of me in my size for $10.00. It wasn't exactly a quilty score - but my feet are happy!

This filled my evening!

My latest batch of string triangles for my current string star quilt - cut and depapered.  It wasn't exactly sewing, but it was making a bit of progress at the end of a very long day.

This is what is projected down the pike for our week ahead.

It looks like Sunday will definitely be a stay inside and sew day! LOL!

That HIGH is ridiculously low. And Monday is when Gail's Quilt Buddies head home...so I hope they are packing their umbrellas!

No matter what it does, there will be plenty of sewing, laughing, great meals and great fun happening inside.

It's just that it doesn't look like we'll really have to pick and choose if and when there will be any road hikes for us this weekend - Thursday looks like a possibility.  We shall see!

And perhaps it's just as well!

I've got to finish the writing of the PDF pattern for New River Star!  It's releasing on the 15th!

Yesterday was too windy for outside photography, so that is on the agenda today - weather permitting as well - before Gail and her Quilt Buddies pull in!

How about your own plans for today?  Anything fun going on?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

he truth is, we hope for tomorrow but we really are only guaranteed today.
What will you do with it?
As for me, I'll be quilting when I can fit it in!



  1. My plans for the day are to quilt of course! Getting one on the frame today would be nice. But I still have some quilting design ideas to work on first.

  2. oh the daffies are just glorious!!! and the photo is fab, love the old rails! and the thought of the sound if tge creek rushing isthe perfect company! busy laundry day for you! I'll not mention my 2, 3 loads as a 'chore' again! LOL... We, too, keep having bits & pieces of rain, then wind, or sun or more rain... no snow in San Diego coastal areas... some in the mountains inland... we're grateful for end of drought for this year... wonderful wednesday all around, Cats in Carlsbad CA

    1. Anonymous6:08 PM EST

      Hello Cats! I use to live in National City, many years ago. My husband was in the Navy. I enjoyed the time there! In fact a lady that I met there, started me in quilting! She would love to see what I am doing now. Have a great day! Pam

  3. Seeing that quilt backing right up next to the colors in the quilt front, oohh lala! Love it!

  4. Quilting a Scrappy Finish for the #IGQuiltfest prompt today. 5 more passes. Red Thread and Meandering Stars. A Zoom SAL starts in an Hour. Gotta get stitching!

  5. i just love it when you share your walks/hikes with us. i, too, could listen to that creek and waterfall forever. such a clean fresh sound. thanks so much for sharing so much of your life, quilts and family/animals/scenery with us. i appreciate it. patti in florida

  6. Darnney Proudfoot2:58 PM EST

    The New River Star looks great. Can't wait for the pattern release!

  7. When I saw your shoes, terrific find BTW, it reminded me to thank you especially for the socks you showed, at least a year ago. I bought a few pair and I can't believe what a wonderful feeling they give my feet--who knew a pair of socks could make such a difference. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

  8. I too love a good running creek and could sit and listen to it for hours. My Spring Break has started early, thanks to testing positive for Covid. Oh well, a little more sewing time I suppose. Glad you got some time to go exploring. Enjoy the new group!

  9. I found the last picture where you were binding, very interesting. I go the opposite way with the front of the quilt on the bottom. Your way looks so foreign to me but, of course, mine would be to you also.


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