Thursday, March 09, 2023

The Hanging of the Green! (And some Purple!)

Gail's Quilt Buddies are in the house!

But before their arrival I was running around like a crazy person trying to get all of the shamrocks in place - It's St. Paddy's season, and that means the bringing on of the GREEN!

I've hung my Emerald City quilt from String Frenzy in the front foyer.

Green is the one color I really miss during the winter months - and I'm not talking about Christmas tree green which is always there - but the green grass, green leaves on trees, lush green of the "kinder' months of the year.

Hooray! The green is coming back!

From another angle -

While I've enjoyed seeing Emerald City in other colors from red (ruby slippers) to purple and others - I think the green is still my favorite of all time.

More d├ęcor in here!

Add some St. Paddy's day towels to the kitchen, some doodads and geegaws to the bathrooms and the bedrooms and I think we are all set for the next few weeks of "putting on the green!"

This has languished - but I'm back at it.

You know how it is when you are just reaching half-way on the piecing of the blocks and you just think you can't possibly only be half-way?

Yeah.  That's the feeling I've got.  But the color changes keep it a bit more interesting.

The only thing is - the next color up again is GREEN!  So many units of GREEN!  And I am trying to keep myself going, reminding myself that it is March, and green is my favorite, so get over it and keep piecing.  LOL!

Trimmed, depapered, and ready to add to their green counterparts when they are made.

Photography happened!

There was some intermittent moments where the wind was not too strong, and the sun not too blaring that I could get some good photos of my New River Star quilt.

Be watching for this one to be released on March 15th - that's next Wednesday!

And yes, there will be a gift-away including some luscious blues in a curated color roll by Cotton to Quilts.

Today?  Some time spent visiting with the Quilt Buddies, and a lot more time spent at my desk getting New River Star ready. The blocks are paper pieced, so there is drawing and labeling of templates - step out photos to be taken, graphics to be drawn.

Desk day ahead! (Those greens are going to have to wait!)

What's up for your Thursday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The hard part for me is letting go of the need for control, and trusting that better things are on the horizon.
We can mourn the changes, or we can look at them as an exciting adventure. I choose adventure!
Vintage nine patch quilt found in North Carolina.

Happy Thursday, everyone!



  1. I saw that Irish Shamrocks at JoAnns were 60% off. I hung my only Green Quilt by the front door inside rack. Tole painted Clover is hung outside. Green towels in the Bathroom. No pinching here. Yea for getting your Purples done. It reminds me I need to get my Purple Jubille together. IGQUILTFEST2023 is my excuse. Adventures make life interesting. Happy Thursday.

  2. i whippppped thru emerald City like crazy, could hardly wait to get the book!! ? Is it string frenzy? I forget now it's all done, and looking at the border, I wonder how I had the patience... I gifted it to a quilting/sewing/friend and she cried it made her so happy... and i did too, it made me so happy to make her happy!!! I haven't made a second, tho i have the meats! (green scraps) but I'm thinking seriously about this one paper pieced that you're stil working on... angels in a scrap bin know i have enough to keep me busy until you get to releasing that one... Hugs and best Thursday ever... from a sunny, happy, joyful Carlsbad CA

  3. Emerald City is calling my name! I've got your String Frenzy book just gotta get that pattern up front or at least in line on the must do list. Gorgeous! Love the green! This time of year it certainly speaks volumes. I've got a top done that needs to be quilted, just need to put the back together and get it loaded on my Innova. I always seem to stall with backings. New River Star is beautiful! So many want to dos so little time! How do you do it Bonnie, you are amazing!

  4. We are gushing over photos of our 2 day old grandson! I need to finish his quilt but in all honesty, this is his 4th quilt. lol. No need to rush it yet.

  5. I was busy gushing over my new grandson and left my comment unsigned. Sorry. Kathie Mackey

  6. Love the quote of the day. By all means, I am ready for that next stage in my journey. Emerald City is gorgeous and I love the borders and sashing's! They look like ribbons woven through lace! Beautiful! I do have a question. I'm hand quilting a Double Irish Chain and having problems with my needles bending or breaking in half. Using John James sz10 quilting needles. Do you have this problem? What do you use for hand quilting?


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