Thursday, March 23, 2023

That String Star Project -

More time for blue string triangles!

String quilting makes a mess.  It just does.  There is a lot of digging and pulling and sorting - searching for the right fabric to go next to the one I've already sewn in place.

I want the fabrics to still contrast a bit with each other, to enhance each other when laid side-by-side.

Each fabric deserves a place to shine so I try to put a tone-on-tone next to a busy print so two busy prints next to each other don't just morph into a blob of busy-ness.

I'm sure you get my drift!

The job at hand? To do enough string piecing to get the triangle pieces I need to continue to build rows on this project that had reached just short of half-way done and then stalled.

This effort yielded enough for me to continue on!

And I'll make more as I need more.

I spent my Sunday morning joining units, following the color plan I had drawn out - stitching triangles into diamond pairs and joining pairs to make each row.

Every other row is a mirror image of the one above it.

See that pink floral at the bottom?

Originally purchased a TG&Y in Meridian Idaho in the spring of 1981 - to make a dress for my first date  with The Hubster - a dance in Boise.

The scraps from that dress were in the boxes of fabric that moved with us into our first apartment after getting married.

That same pink scrap - very little of it left now - shows up in string quilts from time to time and I just love it.

Little does that fabric know what a journey it started me on!

There are other fun things in here too!

Check out the Elmo in the neutrals.

I love things that make me smile in m quilts!

I added two rows to the center on Sunday morning - and I've got another two rows ready to add.

It's getting there.

It's just a "weekend project"  A "Sunday morning stitching" project - the time I've reclaimed from not doing any social media on Sundays.  I get to claim that time as my own to work on something that doesn't have a deadline, a purpose, a plan -

Just something I want to make for myself.

I'm loving my Sundays as a form of self-care.  I think we all need it with all of the pressures and things that pull at us and demand our attention all week long.

It's a recharging opportunity.

If you've ever listened to congress in session (Remembering my visit to Capitol Hill in 2004) and listening to the presentations and exclamations of "Reclaiming my time!" when discussions started to go off-track.

Sundays are for "Reclaiming my time."

What do you do to reclaim your time when things start to go sideways?

Yesterday was a busy one - Housekeeper Susan and I finished up right around 2:30pm getting the inn ready, and the Sewciologists began rolling in around 3pm.  Whew!

Everyone was just about settled in by the time I headed home for dinner - and I can't wait to check in on them and spend some time this morning catching up with everyone.

Also today:

Remember Tula?

She started out as very skittish and feral.  Over the past few weeks she has become more accepting to people - even pets and ear tickles -

But do NOT PICK HER UP!  She turns into a scratching clawing devil.

Her back foot is still hurt - looks infected - so we've picked up a live trap at Tractor Supply and the plan tonight, now that she is used to being fed on the porch, is to put her food IN the trap and hopefully catch her so I can get her to the vet tomorrow.

She is welcome to be the Quiltville Inn porch kitty.  She will not be allowed into the house due to respect for retreaters and any allergies, but there is plenty of other shelter around.

The fact is, she's sheltered all winter long in some cozy corner somewhere.

But if she is going to stay, we need to have that foot seen to, and we need to know if she's been spayed, and if not - take care of it.

So wish us well on this journey - She is precious and I think she will come around even more if we can get her better.

I know the trap will be traumatizing for her - but it must be done.

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

In this amazing age of social media the margins around the edges of our personal lives get narrower and narrower.
It often feels like the entire world has an opinion on what we should be doing or how we should be doing it.
Strengthen your own boundaries, and respect and champion others' boundaries as well!
Orphan block crumb quilt made by me. Hand quilted.

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!



  1. I wish you luck with Tula. So glad you are taking care of her and a porch kitty will be wonderful!

  2. Anonymous9:03 AM EDT

    That look on Tula's face says it all! Don't mess with me! But she is beautiful anyway!

  3. Karen P.9:04 AM EDT

    That look on Tula's face says it all! "Don't mess with me!" But she is a beauty!

  4. I love that you take time away for yourself. I have started claiming a day for myself but it's not the same day every week.
    I love that Tula has found a place where she is cared for and she will get over being scared (and ticked off) when her foot is better. Hoping she is neutered, so that is one less trauma for her to deal with. Give her a rub for me.

  5. Eileen Best9:37 AM EDT

    My husband and I worked at an outdoor memorial and had a similar cat who we fed, but who had just had kittens. Both she and the kittens needed to be spayed and neutered. We did trap the Mama in the way you describe, but the kittens, OMG. Not so easy. They were smarter than their Mama. Eventually we had the procedures done at a shelter. The kittens were all adopted and Mama returned to her feral life.

  6. Anonymous9:41 AM EDT

    Good morning from Sparta Michigan.
    This is referring to Lola, I am blessed with 5 no longer ferals in my home..after 3 years we still have 2 that crave attention,.just don't pick them up..it takes time and patience..lots of it.You are so right on the live trap..She will not be happy...we did that with ours...funny thi and was after they were spayed/neutered and had the ear tips cut, we were told they couldn't be tamed and we had to bring them back home..and release them in familiar area..2 days later they started coming I. On their own and never left. Good luck with her..we now have a couple more to trap..one is a calico..
    Happy days ahead..Enjoy! Mary Crissey

  7. Face it, you've been adopted!

  8. Mary Havener10:45 AM EDT

    Good luck with Tula. She is a beauty. Just love calicoes. Had one f my own, once.

  9. I'm always amazed at everything you get accomplished..I totally understand why you need Sunday for yourself..

  10. Anonymous10:56 AM EDT

    I had that fabric too! Used scraps until about 5 years ago anyway. But I bet I purchased it around the same time. Funny how I can hardly remember my own name but I recognize long forgotten fabrics!

  11. You are such a giving, caring person. Tula is just another example! I hope she continues to "tame" and accept you. She is so pretty! What you accomplish always inspires me.

  12. Thank you for updating us on Tula. And thank you for taking care of her. She's such a pretty little kitty. Good luck with the trap. It's very difficult when they don't cooperate with vet visits but it has to be done. Kudos to you and your caring spirit.

  13. Jolene M11:32 AM EDT

    Putting food in the trap will absolutely work. There were 5 indoor cats that belonged to my daughter who passed away in January. I found homes for them but we had to catch them and take them to their new homes. WHEW!!!! We did it and that's how we did it. A couple of them we caught in pet carriers, the same way...but the skittish ones we used the live trap with. Food will draw them in every time. Love your blog! Love your patterns! Love your attitude on life! BTW one of my daughter's cats, a calico, could be Tula's twin sister.

  14. Your plan for Tula is a good one. I pray it goes well for the people. I know for sure it will help Tula though the experience may be hard to process for her. Returning feral cats to their chosen habitats after vet care has actually been found to be good for the neighborhood. Morris Animal Foundation has done some interesting study of feral cats and also how best to house cats in shelters so they stay healthy till they can be re-homed.

  15. Anonymous11:44 AM EDT

    A friend told me that she transported 3 cats from Oregon to Missouri by covering their carriers with towels or blankets. This kept them quiet and feeling secure. Rose in Oregon

  16. Hope you have luck with getting Tula's foot looked after and that she decides it's ok to be an "outdoor/Inn" kitty! Your quote today is perfect!

  17. Good luck with little Tula! She is such a precious kitty, and reminds me of my Pepper when we first got her. As for my "self care," I love a good Saturday morning with nothing to do outside the house, a couple of full bobbins, and whatever current project I am working on. I put on some good music to jam out to and get busy. I love the quote for today. It just fits with what I have going on. Have fun with the new group coming in!

  18. Debbie O12:42 PM EDT

    Wow, you brought some memories back! I loved TG&Y! We had them in Jacksonville, FL. I loved them.

  19. Paula Nordt4:07 PM EDT

    We have a great trap, neuter, spay and release program down here. Only problem is over half of the cats we trap choose to move in with us! Have five at the moment. So more than likely she will be grateful for the medical care and forgive the trapping.

  20. The trauma from the trap will be much less than the horror of a foot infection that could lead to her death. Bless you for taking care of her.

  21. Tula is lovely! We have 2 "working Cats," Sweet Pea and Chicken Little, who have been "with" us for about 3 years. They have shelter in our garage and sheds and have a comfy warm bed in the garage (which was heated for them in the coldest part of the winter... in Maine). They both have clipped ears, so we know they're neutered! They always have food and water and we give them "special treats" daily. Can't touch them, but they talk to us and like to watch all the activity. Bless you for tending to Tula.

  22. good job on Tula, Bonnie! Get that neutering done FAST, hun. One way to minimize her stress - as soon as you get her in the trap, throw a big cloth over the whole trap so she can't see everything - keep her covered all the way into the vet. She will calm down if she can't see out. She sure is beautiful.

  23. I had that fabric in brown that I bought at J.C. Penney in 1980. I liked shopping at T.G.&Y. We had them in Illinois too. I miss the variety stores of the past. Tula's a pretty cat.

  24. Anonymous9:13 AM EDT

    I had same issue with my shared feral. I used a travel crate, put some alluring food way in the back, tied a long string to the door, sat and waited for her to go inside pulled the door closed. It took a little patience but I got her. She had swollen foot from a bite. Vet gave her shot. Back to normal 1 day. She comes to me at night, shares herself with other neighbors during the day. Good luck. Kim Bryson. I'm a big fan of your patterns, just finishing 2nd one.

  25. Anonymous2:23 PM EDT

    Glad you are able to help out the little cat.


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