Thursday, January 13, 2022

Only a Detour!

Pipe replacement has been happening on Grassy Creek Road.

There has been one of those blinking signs warning us that the road was going to be closed starting a couple of weeks ago.

Due to last week's snows, that roadwork didn't happen.

I noticed this week that the dates on the blinking sign, which continued to bear the passed over dates long after those dates were gone, had changed to two days this week.

"Road Closure for Pipe replacement" the sign said. 1/11 - 1/12.  I guess the time had finally come.

On my way back from the dentist on Tuesday, I saw evidence of the inevitable - "Road Closed" signs set off to the side, a trailer with equipment, and a couple of back hoe "Tonkas." 

"BIG Tonka" is the nick name for any large gold-colored construction vehicle , no matter what the real brand name is.  Since my boys were little, ANY construction vehicle was named a Tonka.  It's stuck.  And it makes me smile.

I smiled and waved at the Komatsu-Tonka as I passed by on my way home last evening, now that the road is back open.  Hooray.  I only had to make 2 "around the mountain" long detour trips.

The scenic view that comes with "up, over and around the mountain" can actually be beneficial.

Even this dead-of-winter view from the top of Grassy Creek road fills my soul.

At LEAST the roads were dry and clear on this detour.  Click to Play:

Just so you know - it's steeper and more winding than it looks! 

With the incoming snow event happening Saturday/Sunday - and since I was going the long way, I stopped and filled the van gas tank.  I grabbed a cappuccino to go from the vending machine at Corner Market, said "Hello, good morning!" to the kind folks there who have become my community over the past nearly 5 years since we have been here.

You know you live in a very small community when the most exciting thing to come over the next couple of weeks is that Corner Market and the CafĂ© are getting new flooring.  LOL!  And you are actually EXCITED about it!

This was my view all day.

Cherry Crunch WILL be ready to release on Saturday.  I've just finishing touches left to do.

Yesterday was full with sample unit making and step-out photo taking to have everything ready.

And in case you are wondering - it's only couch/nap sized.  It's not even twin-sized (but you could make it bigger if you want.) 

Be watching for Saturday's blog post because we are kicking this off with a pattern gift-away including fabric rolls from Cotton to Quilts

Yes, there will be introductory pricing!

This would be a fun one to pull all of your favorite Valentine's fabrics into.

The wild neutrals you aren't sure what to do with?  They are AWESOME in this quilt.

And of course, I invite you to go rogue and make this in whatever color combo you would like to see it in.  If you could choose your own colors, what would they be?

Poly-sanding happened!

It looks great!

You can consider poly-sand acting pretty much like grout between tiles.

In technical terms:

"Polymeric sand is a material used to fill paver joints, the empty spaces found between each paver, tile or natural stone. It is sometimes called jointing sand, paver sand or hardscape sand.

Jointing sand is made up of fine grains, to which manufacturers add a mixture of specific additive particles. When put in contact with water, this substance acts as an ultra-powerful bonding agent that strongly binds together concrete elements.

Polymeric sand is appreciated by paver installers as the resulting joins are durable and even. This eliminates any risk of weed growth and ant infestation that could affect the overall aesthetics and durability of paver projects." [source]

Who knew that walkway installation was so technical?

I'm extremely lucky that I have a son who does this professionally for others, and he could gift his time to me.

The gaps at the edges will be filled with soil and grass seed in the spring to fill in the lawn around the walkway.  There is little point in dealing with it right now while things are dormant.

It's almost tomorrow!

One more sleep until Rhododendron Trail Part Eight - are you ready?

I saved some screenshots of Rhododendron Trail in some alternate color ways.  I can HARDLY wait to see how all of the varying color choices look when completed!

Oooh, these are looking great too!

Isn't this so springy?

These are wonderful!  And I like the brown!

I really do hope you have enjoyed this slower pace - and the fact that we are taking time to make the blocks together, giving everyone one a chance to feel some accomplishment along the way.


Quiltville Quote of the Day -

We all fear change to some extent.
We like things the way that we like them, but without change we stay who we are where we are.⁣
This change could take you to places you've never been before.

Embrace it!



  1. Thanks for the rhododendron trail scenic route. My favorite.

  2. Bonnie! Thank you for posting the wonderful progress of others on the mystery quilt! I love their color choices as well! I've been holding off starting Rhododendron Trail but have been saving and printing out your instructions every week. I still have Grassy Creek to complete and several other projects, ok well, a whole lot of other projects that need to be worked on before I can start a new one. Gotta get stuff done -- life is short and getting shorter every day. I love your quotes as well. They often set the tone for the day for me and I remind myself of them as each day progresses. Your fan in Port Orange, FL, Karen L.

  3. Can't wait for the pattern release on Saturday! I love the red and have a lot of Valentine's day fabric but I think I might do this in blue and do Rivanna in red (or vice versa)!

  4. So excited for tomorrow's clue... it has been such a fun mystery and I hope it can keep going for a few more weeks because I'll be sad when it's over!

  5. I have a lot of teal in my stash from making 2 Queen Size Log Cabins. Teal with the neutrals sounds like a plan.

  6. Grassy Creek Road colors would make a perfect Fall quilt!

  7. That detour is amazingly beautiful but I sure would not want to drive it in the dark or on snow or ice.

  8. I really like the antique Granny Squared quilt behind today's quote. I'm nearly finished with a Great Granny Squared project myself, from shirt scraps.

    Cherry Crunch is so vibrant!

  9. Glad it was only a 2 day Detour. I remember Tonka trucks! The Mystery blocks are filling my feed and I love it. Gathering colors for the QM Ruby Jubilee Mystery too. I will spend my Birthday stitching!! My magazine finally arrived. Thanks for sharing the screenshots. All the colors are awesome.

  10. Delightful post, as always! Loved seeing your sunny day drive and looking forward to tomorrow's clue! I have always loved the mystery and this year making blocks has been great fun! Thank you Bonnie!!

  11. The pace for this mystery has been wonderful - and making the block units makes the finish/reveal seem like it will be less intimidating to do.

    That walkway is awesome! Your son and his able assistant did a great job. I have so enjoyed seeing your family help you make your dreams come true.

    Cherry Crunch? I love a red and white quilt. But maybe it will become Blueberry Buckle. ;)

  12. Such a beautiful drive, even if it did make me a little dizzy!! HAHA!
    Though I have not sewn a stitch on the mystery, I have been following along and will save the clues as a "just in case I want to do it later" project. As always I am excited to see the reveal!!
    As for Cherry Crunch, that looks like it would fit nicely in our living room! Getting excited about that one as well. Have a great evening, I for one have had a rough week and thankful tomorrow is a Friday on a long weekend ahead. Making some time for sewing on my scrappy snail's trail.

  13. I loved the video if the winding road, and I definitely will download the red quilt on Saturday. Thank you, Bonnie, for all you do for us.

  14. I love your Cherry Crunch quilt. The scenic drive up the mountain made me dizzy. LOL

  15. I love the Rhododendron Trail quilt. Thank you so much for generously sharing it with all of it. I'm wondering if you would share the finished dimensions of the quilt so I can order some backing. It will take me a week or two to finish and I've found the perfect fabric and I'd like to order it as soon as possible.

  16. Love your Round the mountain views. Glad your detour is fixed. Praying this snow event is not long lasting. I am in central Mississippi is er have snow flurries predicted Saturday/Sunday also. I am reading Friday night so loved your Rhododendron Reveal.


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