Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Tuesday - Snow Day!

There is nothing like a hubster who can't wait to get out and PLOW, BABY PLOW!

We got about 6 inches all told up here on the mountain.

We face east, so the morning sunlight is too cold to melt anything, and we lose the afternoon sun quickly as it goes beyond the ridges behind us - so we are pretty much in a "Where the sun don't shine!" zone.

The tractor did it's job though - and the Hubs is on his way to the Corning plant in Winston Salem for work today and I'm left home alone at the cabin to get into....hmmmm.....what kind of trouble can I get into "Home Alone?!"

Yesterday's power outage lasted about 5 hours.  We aren't sure what caused it, but there was SO MUCH RAIN before the snow started that all of that rain turned to ice right under the snow.  Branches get heavy quickly.

Sun through the iced over rain chain.

The chain from up top on the porch.

Baby, it's cold outside!

This is what I set into yesterday - border units for the string thing.

The more I work on this, the more I'm loving it. Especially with fun fabrics like this one!

Because this is just fun!


As soon as I can get back to the QPO, I'll start a backing for this one. 

This one DOES have  name.  I'm calling it Crazie Mazie.  Patter to come in the not-so-distant future.

It was a fairly brainless, easy to dive into, wonderful to stay focused on project that used up SO MUCH STUFF!  (And yes, that doesn't mean that there isn't more.)

By evening time - it was a bit hard to work on this -

I mean, how do you move a cat off your hand quilting hoop when she looks so comfortable?

Ivy Lea - can I please have my hoop back?

This is the next 20 year + UFO that I'm going to finish the hand quilting on.  The center is not too far away from being done.  I have wide muslin border that I'm not sure what to do with yet - 

The center is Baptist fans.

I think the borders may be a cable of some sort - feathers would be too fussy.  

The goal? To finish this one before 2022 runs out.

Another reason for staying home.

Road construction begins today.

The cabin is on RTE 725. (Grassy Creek Rd.) and this blinking sign has been there for the past week letting us know that there is some pipe replacement happening today and tomorrow and our road is closed.

The hubster had to go the OTHER way up and over the mountain headed west to catch another spur to a highway that would take him around this whole thing.  There is no short cut.

My usual 7 mile drive to Quiltville Inn & the QPO Studio is 7 miles.  With this detour it turns into about 15 miles.  There is a winding steep grade to navigate and with the roads the way they were yesterday I'm letting The Hubster drive it first to tell me WHERE they are digging up pipes, how bad it is, if there is a way to go through or if we definitely DO have to go all the way over, up and around.

No thanks on that.  I'll stay home one more day and hope they get much of that pipe replacement DONE.

Now I'm wondering what I should sew on today??  Start something new?

How are things for your Tuesday looking?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I have always been fascinated by what butterflies go through to get to their greatest stage, leaving the safety of their cocoon to spread their wings wide before the world.
Is this a day to spread your wings?



  1. I really love your border on Crazie Mazie.The border frames it so nicely. Today I am having lunch with my LAQ and she has my Grassy Creek and 2 Christmas items I made. Her husband was diagnosed with lung cancer so we have not been able to get together for me to pick up my items. for some reason my Google Account has disappeared and I can't re-sign up right now due to an error message.

  2. Planning a "stay in day" too, but its raining here in CA. I'm going to find all my UFO's and see what needs to be finished on them. Crazie Mazie is a keeper!

  3. I need to get my Part 6 Blocks finished for the next part to come. Waiting patiently... Stitching different Blue Bird blocks with the Free pattern from Riley Blake. I haven't made my UFO list for2022 yet. That is on the agenda. Slick roads will keep me home another day.

  4. Crazie Mazie is super fun!

  5. Love Crazie Mazie!! I don't have as many scraps as you, or the variety. I could just make this an on-going project and stack up blocks over time.

  6. Love Crazie Mazie. It is fun to find all of the cutes who show up. Miss Ivy has found one of her favorite places. She looks so content.

  7. The borders are PERFECT on Crazie Mazie. They really make the quilt, IMHO. Good job.

  8. My hubby was crazy about plowing snow on his 3/4 size tractor. We brought it to town after living in the country. Our driveway was only 3 car lengths long, so he would plow that..and the neighbors, and the next neighbors in both directions and across the street. He’d be out for hours. Payback was plates of cookies or fresh cinnamon rolls…and when he passed, the neighbors plowed my driveway that first winter.

    1. That was really nice of your husband and the neighbors. Made me feel good all over.

  9. Wow! That border really completes this quilt and brings unity.

  10. Crazie Mazie is so Crazy but i love it. looking forward to the pattern directions. Working on clue 6 today. the weather in San Diego is sunny but cold. Ivy has such a pretty face. She love to sleep on the quilts you are quilting because they smell like you so she is comforted.

  11. I am totally amazed at how fast you knock these quilts out! I love your Crazy Mazie, so fun! I am slowing collecting scraps, I might be 90 by the time I have enough to do one. HAHA

  12. At first I agreed that it was busy (but Bonnie likes busy and it makes her happy so I'm not going to tell her that it doesn't appeal to me as much - LOL). Then I saw today's pictures and while I still thought it was busy, I really liked the brokenness effect. Then I saw the entire layout on the floor, and from that perspective it doesn't look busy at all. Then I started thinking What if it was made in just neutral and one color? What if it was made in neutral and two colors? What if those two colors were orange and red with a black background and you made a table runner or wall hanging or flag (for outside) at Halloween?

    Bonnie, thank you for inspiring the What Ifs!

  13. Love Crazy Macy. Thought st first the border was too busy for the quilt top, but once I saw it assembled I fell in love with it. I am just amazed, Bonnie, how you create all the different patterns. I wish you and your family the best for the new yearm

  14. That border is just perfect for Crazy Mazie! today I am trying to organize my sewing for this month and year and doing some needed mending.:(

  15. I'm enjoying sewing on my RT mystery, what fun what fun :0) thanks again for the annual mystery Bonnie :0). Hope you had a fun day at home alone :0)

  16. I love your Crazie Mazie, it's a great way to use up those strings. I've done a few and it's time to do another one. This is my first year doing a mystery quilt. I love the rulers I purchased from you and don't know how I've quilted so long with out them. This experience is quite rewarding to me. Thanks for all you do. Teressa.

  17. The border really brings everything together for Craizie Maizie. Another WOW moment! Looks like you have the weather we had last week. Instead of power being out, our water was out -- for four days. Lines froze solid. Brought to mind how we take so much for granted. Take care, stay safe and enjoy your time alone.

  18. Great border, really sets off Crazie Maisie.
    I love being snowed in, it's such a cozy, homey feeling. And if you get to do whatever you want-Woo Hoo! It was a beautiful day here today, 13 degrees and sunny, so I went out and did some errands, tomorrow the forecast is freezing rain and drizzle. Brrr! Having a generator is a wonderful thing. Stay home tomorrow if the roads are bad. Better safe than sorry.

  19. Your Ivy Lea is adorable! Cracks me up how the kitties always nestle on our quilts. Doesn't seem to matter if the quilt is finished or still in progress. Loving that border on Crazie Mazie. Hoping you don't mind if I use it as inspiration for my Sting-X quilt. I've been wondering how I was going to finish it! Have a great day.

  20. I wonder why some quilts take so long to quilt and others are done in "no time." I am currently working on a simple braid quilt started sometime in the mid-90's. A couple hiccups along the way, I had to remove really awful wide borders that were partially quilted and decide what I was going to do about a couple stains that happened when it got caught in a rainstorm. I love to hand quilt and have finished a full size quilt in a month. This one?? I am determined to finish it this year and try to put in a little time every day. It is next to my "relaxing in" chair and keeping it in sight in mind!


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