Monday, January 03, 2022

While Snow Falls Quietly -

Good morning from my corner of Appalachia!

We are in the midst of a crazy storm right now - it started out with huge amounts of rain in the middle of the night, and by the time I woke up this morning - this is what we have going on!

Oh, it's beautiful.

But it was 70 on Saturday.  LOL!

Photo through the bedroom window -

I don't think we'll be going anywhere for a while.

In fact, while I was posting this morning's Quiltville Quote of the Day to Instagram & Facebook, we lost power.  It's still out, and I couldn't be more grateful for our Generac home generator than I am right now.

Off the front porch -

It's beautiful!

Click to Play:

First snow of the winter - Go, Zoey Go!

The shaded area is where the power outage is and we are smack dab in the center.

The blue line is the NC/VA state line.

So what else is a girl to do on a snow day like today where the snow is expected to keep falling? (Thank you whole house Generac generator!)

Stay in and sew, of course!

I've grabbed a roast from the freezer - dinner is already planned out.

I spent time this weekend sewing my string project together.

Joining the rows.

Center together!

I KNOW it is busy.

I don't consider that a bad thing.  I love busy quilts - always have. Each piece is a leftover of something else that has been sewn - either from my own projects, or from scraps that I have received as gifts from others.

There is no way to be bored when string piecing!

I am switching to border blocks now -

I've got a large batch of trimming to do, but I hope to have that border on by couch time tonight.

Oh, and don't let that one lone log cabin block slip by incognito!  It's a mug rug. LOL.

Did you survive the holiday weekend?

I don't know about you, but even though we are vaccinated and boosted, we are pretty much back to isolating from the public as much as possible.

It feels like March 2020 all over again.  We are just not taking any chances with adding to the chaos and overload filling our hospitals.  The best thing we can do is to stay out of the way while they fight the Covid 19 fight that continues into another year.  We don't want to be part of the problem.

I worry a bit about reopening Quiltville Inn 5 weeks from now.

But there is nothing I can do about that today - so I'm headed to the sewing machine.

How about you?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I know I will fail, and fail mightily, and likely often.
But I will get up and try again.

Snow Day Sew Day - Bring it!



  1. The same snow thing happened the same way here in Pisgah, AL Raining at 9pm and snowing hard 20 minutes later..

  2. Can't get too excited for your snow. I live in Minnesota we can see this stuff into April. Need to pace myself, but snow is beautiful. Looking at your quilt it does seem busy but look again. I see fractured glass.

  3. Lovely snow pictures. But I have to admit I am glad to admire from my So Cal kitchen table. Will be sewing today after a Dr appointment for dh. We have waited a year for his knee replacement to be scheduled this month. Crossing my fingers Omicron doesn’t delay it yet again.

  4. we have gone into state of emergency again as well...sigh...and somehow the snow has skirted by us...all around but not here...enjoy!

  5. Lovely snow pictures!But I am happy to view them from my So Cal kitchen table. Going to spend the day sewing too after a Dr appointment. And hoping my dh’s knee replacement isn’t postponed again because of Omicron.

  6. Just went to the doctor for regular check up and she says avoid travel through January and this surge will die down. fingers crossed that you are good to go in 5 weeks!!!

  7. We're getting the snow at the foot of the mountain also. Zoey is adorable. Every friend who has a dog is posting the cutest pictures of their pups frolicking in the white stuff. Cats are smarter. :-)

  8. My sister says there is 8 inches of heavy snow where she lives in Maryland. In our part of VT. We had a dusting over the weekend, though I haven't watched the weather to see what may be coming.

  9. Beautiful snow! In Texas, we had a 50 degree drop in temperature in less than 24 hours from 70 to 20. Crazy.

  10. Don't you just love how snow turns our grown fur babies into frisky puppies?! Thanks for the morning smile! I have had this quote in my life for many. many years. It has carried me through some rough times.

  11. Thank you for the lovely peaceful photos you shared today!
    Nothing to do but sewing... sounds wonderful!

  12. Great quote today! I think we have a tendency to forget that big victories happen in the small everyday things! It is so easy to miss them. Life is a constant stream of days that give us a fresh start on living. Many, many blessings to you, Bonnie, in 2022! Thank you for all you do.

  13. We are getting slammed too in Maryland. Power out and my treadle is in the darkest room in the house! May roll it into the living room.

  14. Love this quilt, those pops of yellow and lime green make me smile. No snow here, just lots of rain and heavy winds. Your snow is beautiful.

  15. Here in the middle of NC it rained and the wind blew all night and then a pretty snow that has almost stopped. None on the street in Thomasville. Lots of trees down on my way here. My mystery will be waiting for me when work is over. 😊

  16. Beautiful...Happy New Year and thanks for sharing.

  17. Send some snow our way please! I live in upstate NY on the VT border....we only have a dusting from over the weekend. I love winter and miss the snow. We get snow then temperatures go up and it rains for days taking it all away. Very disconcerting.....

  18. Zoey looks so happy frolicking in the snow. I've always thought that we should sew the quilts that make us happy, not what others think we should sew. Enjoy your snow day.

  19. Love your string quilt - 'twill be beautiful on a bed. So much color to pull from! Put that roast in the crock pot with carrots, onion and potatoes (and any other winter veg you like) + onion soup mix and a little broth or water and let'er slow cook, while you enjoy your "Snow Day, Sew Day," like it's the last !
    Happy New Year, Bonnie and family ~

  20. Beautiful snow...I'm glad that I'm in Florida. lol I think that you are smart to stay at home even with your shots. My husband went out thinking that he was 'safe' after 2 shots and brought it home to me, our grandson and one of our daughters. It's nothing to mess with believe me. Enjoy your day!

  21. Great snow pictures! Love seeing Zoey playing and having fun. Thank you for sharing your wonderful quilts. Stay well and safe. How is that tooth? Hope it is better!

  22. Glad you gave that Generator, snow Day Sewday on a Monday, Monday. Zoey loves it. We have a neighbor dog, Rio who was rolling in our 15" last week. Taking time at home is a good idea. I am never board, that word wasn't allowed at our house. Always something to do.

  23. Thanks for the pictures of the snow. I live in South Florida no snow here. Looks like Zoey had a wonderful time.

  24. I love it when the snow falls softly and everything is quiet. That being said, here in Massachusetts we have had snow twice. Much easier getting around, but not as pretty.
    Your quilt has optical illusions, boggles my senses. Enjoy your day at home.

  25. Love your crazy mazey string thing going on!

  26. I have this quote on the bureau in my sewing room! I love it. Serious housecleaning and sewing room revamping and sorting going on here. But hopefully this week will see me sewing up a storm. I have tee shirt quilt to make for a friend, a wedding quilt to finish for granddaughter (gulp .. first to get married!) and then I swear, it is time for me to just make quilts that I want to just because they are so beautiful. I want to hang them on walls, runner them over tables. I just want to revel in color and warmth and doing it because I live it and not just always gifting someone else. Selfish, maybe but almost everything I have made lives somewhere else. I just want a few for me.

  27. I'm in central Ohio and am envious of your snow!! We had flakes in the air this morning, but that was all...
    Maybe I'll pretend we have a groundcover and go sew anyway! :) Glad you have that Generac!

  28. Our March quilt show has just announced closure due to Covid. Did not help that teachers were pulling out again due to Covid. They were going to require masks and vaccinations due to the county requirements and were already getting pushback. I am happy for the requirements but would not have gone due to crowds of strangers so probably best they cancel for the 3rd year now.

  29. Snow in West Michigan on New Year's Day, more coming tomorrow. Generacs are the best.

  30. Greetings from North Georgia where we also awoke to snow covered trees and slippery porches. We have a Generic whole house generator, too, and I has been the best addition to our home. Nothing stops the sewing and quilting here!

  31. How thin is too thin of a strip for string quilt blocks? Beautiful pic's!

  32. Hello from Down Under....and we both think the same as you and your hubby. . We'll keep out of the way as long as we can and hope the hospital staff can keep on doing their wonderful work. We truly don't know how they keep on doing it as it seems never ending.

  33. Hi Bonnie. was wondering if Double Delight 2008 was your first mystery quilt? If it was I am missing 2009, 2010 and 2012...I have all the rest...we met at a Talkin turkey workshop in Maine in 2015...we Canadians tried to coax you to come to Canada and do a workshop..ha!! Regards Susan Delaney Moncton NB

  34. We received your rain to snow a week ago today here in north Indiana. Went to Fort Wayne to pick up my kids from the airport. Normally it takes an hour to drive home but took us two hours that afternoon. Very scary drive but we made it with no issues. Have fun sewing away. I will spend my day planning spring here at our garden center. I will be sewing away on the mystery tonight after supper. 😉

  35. I watched the National news, tonight,with stranded motorists on I-95. I am glad that I wasn't in THAT mess!
    Cancelled my hair appt on Monday - it was -12 degrees! We got snow but nothing crippling. Of course, we are prepared for such!
    I am hoping that I can get to my sewing room, today (Weds).

  36. Family and friends from Northern VA to Huntsville AL have 5-7" of snow, and here in N.E. Ohio (Cleveland area) we have none! Truly weird! But just as glad as I had to take my mom out to a dr appt on Tues. (some friends & I are planning a weekend quilt retreat in early Feb, and I sure hope we don't wind up with all our snow that weekend!)

  37. Hi Bonnie:
    I Loveto see you filming Zoey zooming around in the snow. We had a foot and a half of snow, but Christmas weekend we got 47-48 degree weather, which is unheard of here in DEC, let alone the end of DEC. SO now my yard is ice, the driveway, the road out front and the road connecting to the Sterling Hiway is ice. Such winter fun in Alaska.

    I too am so happy for my whole house generator. It came one in About NOV for almost 5 hours. We had horrible winds over the weekend, and I expected to lose power and have it come on, but we didn't lose power. It flickered once, but not enough to bring the generator on.

    I am working on clue six of Rhododendron Trail. I don't have all of the clues complete, but am working on them from clue 3-6 now. Glad to have them building on each other, and building a block now. I am really liking this. I think it is going to be another beautiful Bonnie Hunter Creation!

    Thank You Bonnie!

    Donna E.
    Kasilof, Ak
    Where we had a sunny cold day, it got up to 3 above and is -6 right now! Beautiful Alaskan winter day!


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