Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Stop and Wander.

I need to clear out my phone.

Like SERIOUSLY clear out my phone.

There are so many photos I've taken - I can't even remember taking them, or remember when/where/why unless I click for the information on the photo that tells me the when/where info.

Everything that I need to save is backed up in at least 2 places.  But still, I don't clear out the camera roll on my phone because it is full of my favorite things.

When life is feeling stressful, it is calming to my soul to flip through these photos and just look at the items and people that are in them from the past year.

When you see a photo like this - a well loved and worn hexagon quilt folded in a wicker basket - what feeling comes to you?

Do you feel as I do - at peace?  Do you want to reach out and touch it, to take note of each fabric, to run your fingers over each stitch as I do?

The unfolded quilt at last week's antique mall wander.

Someone planned carefully how this design was going to work out. How to take it from hexagon shaped to rectangular so it could fit the bed.

There wasn't enough of one gold fabric to surround that center star - it only made it half way around, so the maker winged it (wung it?!) by adding in a second gold, something close, to make up the difference.

If I didn't know better, I would say she started with the lighter gold, and then finished with the brighter/darker one placing the new gold at the tips of the 3 lighter gold star points to blend it in, and using the second gold in the 4 corners as well, tying it all together.  The lighter one was the one she ran out of.

And then if you look at the grey that surrounds those diamond fill-in units - You'll see some replacements there too.

But back to it - unfolding, petting, studying vintage quilts brings a peace to my soul like no other.

This is my favorite wander spot.

I was spending time here while waiting for a prescription of antibiotics to be filled at CVS - who were SO overrun with other folks' prescriptions that they said it would be 90 minutes at LEAST until they could get to mine.

This was last Thursday - the day after I first felt that tooth abscess taking hold.  The day my own dentist was unavailable and off for the holidays, but a neighbor friend, Gordon - who is also a dentist said "Come right on in, I'll be here until 2pm."

He numbed me up but good while taking care of things after the x-ray showed that yes, indeed, there was a problem.

Once I was numb, I didn't have the mouth/cheek pain either.  Until the numb wore off.

Oh, double wedding ring!

I couldn't get this one off of the ladder it was hanging on - it was too high up and I was afraid I would topple the whole thing (You break it, you buy it!)  

This one made with the maker's interpretation of dark/light/dark/light/dark in the arcs.

This riot of color.

My thoughts wander to perceived "perfection" and how so many would be "righteously judgmental" on the fact that these square-in-a-square blocks have floating corners.  And they don't line up AT ALL from column to column.

Fabrics may be considered "too bold"  "too busy" for many of the quilters I've met in my past 40 years in this craft.

"There is nowhere or your eye to rest."

REST?  My eyes have no need of resting.  They want to be inspired, delighted, to dance and take it all in with a smile.

There will be plenty of time to rest after I am gone - 

Closer up - I love it!

Especially that orange center square that isn't quite square.  Fantastic!

I wanted to lay the whole thing out to see it all, but this booth was crammed pretty tightly - there was barely room to turn around.

Old rusty New Home.

This made me a bit sad.

This one made me glad!

1950s Singer 99k in a mid-century modern cabinet. Pretty little thing in excellent condition!

I have no room, but I left the machine out in the open after removing everything that was piled on top of it in the hopes that someone will see her and take her home.

Aluminum beverage set.  MEMORIES!

I remember my grandmother having this set - the COLDEST ice tea was served in these tumblers - the condensation pouring off the outside of the tumbler in your hand.

The FREEZE of holding on to a root beer float on a hot summer day.

I'm not sure what is going on with the blue one in this photo - but it was the magenta/purple one that was always my favorite.

Did you have these growing up, too?

The one thing that DID come home!

Classic Black & Decker iron found at Salvation Army for $2.99!

There was nothing wrong with it, other than some scorched stuff on the sole plate that easily came off with iron cleaner.  It gets hot hot hot!  There is no auto-shut off and I don't use steam in the iron, so it should last a good long time. 

This find had me smiling out of one side of my face - the side that wasn't numb! LOL!

Nothing else came home with me - except for the photos that remain on my camera roll, and I'm not feeling the need to delete them just yet.

They are as soul centering to me as meditation is.  A focus point.  A mantra.  A happy place.

As far as the tooth goes, I did talk to my regular dentist about my experience.  I have an appointment with them next week, after the 10 day course of antibiotics is complete.

And then we will assess whether I need a root canal or to pull this tooth or whatever.

2pm yesterday, headed down the long drive.

I needed to get to the QPO to check on Lola and process some mail order.  

It took a while to get the 6'' of snow off of the van windshield, hood, mirrors.  That was a lot of heavy snow.

Creeping down this drive through the beauty of winter - I had to stop and snap this photo right at the hairpin turn.  It was magical.

It can go away now! LOL!

The "road closed" sign is still there.

But no road work started yesterday and we were wide open.

I'm hoping that I can get through here this morning without having to turn around and go up and over the the mountain to get around to the QPO and Inn.

Whatever they are doing - I hope it doesn't take long.

Mail order done - I started pulling fabrics:

Piecing a yellow backing.

Yes, I am continuing the "sew it all up" pieced backing challenge for 2022. This toile print is LARGE.  There is no way to cut this up and use it in any way that makes me happy. It's also very directional.

I love it enough to keep it whole.  It reminds me of the trip I made to Paris many years ago.

There isn't enough of it, so I'll be combining it with some other yellow/blue prints.

The yellow has me longing for spring.  And I'll be sewing up approximately 7 yards of stash in the process.

This morning, sunrise.

Check out that ice-covered rain chain!

It was 24 when I woke, but it is headed toward 41 today so things will be thawing.

My day will consist of starting in on Rhododendron Trail Part Seven, and making this backing, and perhaps even getting everything loaded into the machine to start the quilting.

Friday is just around the corner - bring it on!

What do you have in store for your Wednesday today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage Circus Wheel Quilt, 1950s

You've got this!
Stop doubting and go for it!
OK. I'll do that. But maybe a bit later when the temp is above 24f degrees and I don't have to scrape the van windshield before going anywhere!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Good morning. The snow reminds me why we snowbird. I love the sites of the snow covered woods. The temperatures keep me indoors, wishing for warmer weather so my bones don't hurt too bad.
    Three quilts you mentioned in your pics are great examples of how quilting was. The hexes quilt was lovely and a wonderful example of the love of hand work. The DW Ring is a traditional pattern loved by many. The square in a square quilt is a wonderful example that quilts were made for warmth, not necessarily for beauty. The beauty of colors matching, precise cutting and butting seams came with peer pressure.
    Bonnie thank you for all you bring us in this blog. I now am one of your daily readers and followers.

  2. I love that toile, beautiful

  3. Good morning!
    Enjoyed scrolling through your phone photos. I keep mine forever too. Some crafting inspiration and grandkids,w with a whole lot of animal pictures. They always make me smile and think of my Mother. Whenever she would visit, she would take a whole roll of pictures of my pets, with maybe one or two pictures of me. My old boss at the library I worked at in high school would get so mad! She would say "I want to see Mary, not her animals!" I'm my Mother's daughter...I'd rather see the animals! 😁 Today I am finishing up some garment sewing and starting Ruby Jubilee. I'm all caught up on Rhododendron Trail (for the moment) 😉

  4. Finishing binding on a few quilts this week (hopefully any way) and then back to some WIP quilts, and of course looking forward to the next clue for Rhododendron Trail :) I find I am a lot more productive with my quilting in the winter when the outdoor chores are less (the gardens are sleeping)...it's a less hectic time and a time to plan for next years gardens as I sew.

  5. The third Riot of Color: I love the offset rows-it is clearly intentional. One of those times when you go with the flow!

  6. My grandmother had those glasses, no pitcher though. Each kid had their own color, mine was the purple one! Always!

  7. The vintage hexagon quilt is one of the loveliest you've shared yet! I love the unexpected but very pleasing color scheme.

    I think I have a fat quarter of that yellow & blue toile - or something very similar. Sure is pretty. The progress on 'string thing' has been fun to follow.

  8. Drank my pprrige from those cups. Broke a tooth eating a snack during last nights This is Us. Gotta call my dentist to get it fixed. No eating til I do. Just a few more Part 6 to finish today. Love the vintage finds! Snow and Ice on our roads. Hubby will drive me. I don't want to go out alone.

  9. My grandmother had a set of those anodized aluminum glasses also. She crocheted little cotton cups/sleeve things to keep the condensation off the furniture. Each little cotton cup was slightly different so we each not only had our favorite color tumbler but also our favorite sleeve!

  10. loved those aluminum glasses. we didn't have the pitcher. i think my son has them and he doesn't know where they are. disadvantage of giving things to kids when they are too young to appreciate. love today's photos especially the icy trees. rather look at them than experience them. did that already. i keep looking at your string thing and want to stop everything and work on it. i just love it. thanks for sharing. patti in florida

  11. I, too, feel peace when seeing the photo of the old, well-loved quilt in a wicker basket! I totally get it. And the quit that may not be "perfectly" aligned is adorable. Someone put so much time and caring into every block made with her/his hands and that makes it a work of art. Looking through antique/thrift stores is so much fun and therapy for me. So sorry to hear about the tooth ache. I have had tooth pain that seemed worse than labor and delivery of any of our boys. My son became a dentist so I am so grateful for the care that he gives me, not to mention that the price is right. The root canals I have had done turned out fine. Hope the same for you!

  12. All of the things shown were a part of my childhood. I have a store like the one you visit. When I need inspiration that is where I head. It is like visiting old friends. Today I will cut on the Trail and do some hand quilting. Love the snow pics.

  13. Metal glasses also my childhood fun, never saw a pitcher to go with them. look like fun quilty colors together.

  14. Loved those tumblers as a child, the Hawaiian punch was always ice cold! today I am headed to watch the grands so their parents can get an ultrasound of their sibling due in May. So excited to find out the gender, but just want a healthy baby. Then I can start having a good think on the quilt :)

  15. My Wednesday will be spent working on some more of the clue 6 blocks. I've been doing the clue 5 and clue 6 concurrently, so I get 2-4 blocks done at a time. I only have about 8 left to do. Notice I didn't mention how many we had to do of all?

  16. That Black & Decker iron--a winner. Mine just gave out after about 8 years of almost daily use. Loved it. (I think I paid under $20 for it.)

    1. Hi Evie: I put my second Black and Decker iron away about 2-3 years ago when I got a new Reliable 200iR. The Black and Decker had a burr on the tip that drug the triangle tips, plus made a mess out of ironing. The first one was about $10, and lasted about 20 years. They were Great Irons. I believe they are called something else now.

  17. Love going to antique malls! Do not really need anything, but love to look. Work today, but off Sat, Sun Mon and plan on starting the mystery. Have all the parts printed and fabric from my stash since you told us.

  18. I keep thinking my phone would operate a whole lot better if I did something about the overload to photos. I had an adventure today driving through 8" of slush. It was way more challenging that driving through 8" of snow. I was so glad that when I came home the calvary had arrived in the form a big, well lighted grater with plow attached and several city trucks helping out. And they didn't even form a huge berm at the end of the driveway.

  19. Bonnie:
    Your temps are warmer than ours. We had a low of -8 and a high of 5 above. Tomorrow our high is to be 0F. We will see. Then Friday, we start going and staying above zero again, heading back to a little normal.

    Today I am working on Clue 6 of what I have finished. Then tomorrow I will go back to clues 3,5. Clue 4 is complete. I am further along than I have ever accomplished, so feeling good. I am liking this Rhododendron Trail!

    Thank You fo another Great Mystery, so far!

    Kasilof, AK
    Were it is -4 at 9:15pm.

  20. Thank you for sharing this post. I sew enjoy 'being' part of your life. It just warms my heart. ♥️

  21. There were certainly some beautiful quilts in that Antique Mall. Do you ever see buttons? My second collection next to fabric. LOL My son and his family put their house on the market Tuesday. They have so many offers that the realtor is cutting off the offers this morning so a decision can be made. They may be moving in sooner rather than later. There is a lot of cleaning and moving going on at my house for a few more days before I can get set up in my bedroom temporary sewing room. It will be interesting around here for a while.

  22. We had those aluminum tumblers (but not the pitcher). Loved the colors and I remember how cold they got. Good deal on the iron and good for you for sharing your window-shopping with us. BTW, where do you store photos? I need to organize mine. (And: how do you archive your blog posts?)

  23. Love your posts! Always read them in the a.m. with my coffee. We also had thos aluminum cups, but I did not like them as they always clinked against my teeth! Even now when I see them in antique malls it takes me back to then and my teeth hurt😄

  24. I want to go to the antique malls with you . Not any near me in California,anymore .i love when you go and show all the great quilts and other treasures! Thanks 😊

  25. Good morning,

    No I never clear off my photos on my phone. I have 30,000 on my phone and then I save all your quotes on quilts that you post.
    Well it’s Saturday and I’m finally getting around to reading what used to be daily has now become every other day or a few days later.
    I am hand sewing the binding hopefully to deliver to the mother of the recipient we’re meeting for dinner tonight so my goal is to get to 1 1/2 sides done before then . I am trying a new way to hand sew , not sure I like it but we’ll figure it out.

  26. The picture of the long drive is gorgeous! The best part of winter is the beauty that snow and ice bring. The driving, well that is another story.


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