Monday, January 17, 2022

MLK Day - Snowed In!

We are snowed in on the mountain, and there is no going anywhere.

And I'm okay with that!

There is plenty of food, the power has stayed on, and I have more fabric that I know what to do with so I'm kind of excited about hanging out for a couple more days until we can get safely down.

Of course, the hubs and tractor are on duty!

The main challenge we are facing is that all of this snow came on TOP of rounds of freezing rain and sleet, and there was more of the sleety stuff in between bouts of snow so the entirety of the drive is an ice slide.

I shot the photo above as the hubster driven tractor moved past my sliding glass door here in the basement studio as I was already starting in on writing today's post.  We'll see how far he can get today with the drive clear out.

We are up to our wheel wells and the snow is still coming down!

Corner of the deck -

It's also been extremely windy - so the snow is blowing and drifting making it hard to get an accurate reading.

About 7'' shown here.

Click to Play:

Guess I get to stay in and sew!!

Lola is so pleased you are loving Rhododendron Trail!

I've seen several top finishes and even QUILTING finishes already - you are so speedy!

Lola has also claimed that the Grumpy Cat fabric means it's hers to keep - well, okay.

Questions have come about the name of the quilt, and if you refer back to the introductory post, that is all explained.  The colors in this quilt are reflective of the flowers that grow in the wild along the trail. (The aqua is the sky.)

Cabin Sewing!

A couple weeks ago I received three large boxes of scraps in the mail, sent to me by the daughter of a quilter who passed.

Combing through these scraps, many dated from the 1980s and 1990s, has impressed upon me that I should include these scraps into my current Churn Dash project and not set them aside for later.

These humble scraps need to come home to a project right now. Have you ever felt that way?⁣

It is comforting to me to know that my own scraps may live on in quilts made by others long after I'm gone. 

I've been working on these through the weekend. I finished up yesterday by cutting another batch - enough to fill my sewing area with block kits, and these are what I'll be working on today.

The bin to the right of the photo is my squares box for pulling block centers as I go.

Because there is NO going anywhere with this outside!

In other news:

I finished hand quilting the center of my Oak Leaf & Reel quilt!

I love the texture the Baptist fans give!

As to the borders:

I settled in on a swag design.

The quilting is very enjoyable without all of those seams to quilt through.  And we spent a good chunk of the day embarking on a Harry Potter Marathon, making it through the first 2 movies.

We will resume this afternoon, working our way through the whole series, and wind it all up with the Harry Potter 20 year special playing on HBO Max. 

Yesterday's chicken & white bean chili was a hit, and there are plenty of leftovers to keep our bellies warm and full.

I don't think this is a bad way to spend the last week of my 50s!

Did you see this release in Saturday's Post?

Quilt Size: 67'' X 75''

The introductory price for Cherry Crunch is marked 25% off in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store.  No coupon needed!  Price reduction good through 1/31/22.

And while that is exciting on its own - it's even BETTER if we throw in a Gift-Away, don't you think?

I will be drawing for ONE lucky winner and THEIR FRIEND who will each receive the printable PDF pattern for Cherry Crunch along with a Facets of Red fabric roll from Cotton to Quilts

(Fabric prize must be shipped to a USA address only.  If you are outside of the USA we can ship it to a friend within the USA who can then forward it on to you.)

You gotta be in it to win it!  Click to Saturday's 1/15/22 Post to enter.

And it doesn't end there.  I have placed some OTHER Winter themed patterns ALSO at 25% off with no coupon required!

Forever Mine PDF pattern includes the runner too!

On sale at 25% off through 2/13/22

Warm Hands, Warm Heart & Winter Blues are both 25% off through 1/31/22.

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Oh, and if you didn't know, as it is Martin Luther King Monday here in the USA, the USPS is closed.  And it may be another day or two before I can get down the mountain to get mail order filled - thank you for your patience in that department.

I think that about covers it for today.

I'll be in the basement sewing studio if you need me!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Little nine patch quilt made as Leaders & Enders by me, in the year 2000.⁣

I have always enjoyed Mondays as the week stretches out untouched before me and I can make of it what I will! 🤗
What will you begin today?



  1. Three rooms of my house are completely cleaned out, including my sewing room. Now my son's family can move in until they find a new house. My sewing room is now my bedroom and well need I say more about the mess in there. LOL I will be working on that this Monday. It is an effort of love for my son's family so they don't have to rush and buy something unsuitable after selling their home.

    1. What a great thing you are doing for your son's family! You will be creating wonderful memories. Don't forget to step away occasionally to get some space so you can continue on.

  2. omg, what a question! Last night as i was clearing up, ALMOST finished w/Emerald City, I uncovered brightly colored pieces... pieces of Grassy Creek! Pieces i had started to assemble after the reveal, but for some reason, just bagged up and set aside!!! LOL... Emerald City is a train wreck!!! I wish I had paid more attention when i threw her together ... sigh... was so loving the pattern was in such a rush and then life happened and three years elapsed before i could FINALLY finish! And what a shame I rushed thru, it's a marvel of a pattern, Bonnie Hunter! Looks good from a distance, and certainly a learning experience for me... thank you... a little bit rain, mostly clouds and 54* at Carlsbad CA --- still I'm staying in and seeing what I can manage with Grassy Creek! I think I'm missing Clue 3, but I also think I've passed that point in assembly... LOL, gonna go "shop"-- I, too, LOVE Mondays... a whole week stretching ahead waiting to be created... C

  3. We got about the same amount of snow overnight here. So it's a work from home day with hand quilting on my breaks!

  4. Just purchased the Cherry Crunch pattern and am EXCITED to start it as soon as I finish a UFO from 2021. Or was it 2020?

  5. Love the thin aqua sashing on Rhodededendron Trail it was a surprise I'm still on 3 but will continue on very exciting I'm not really a scrap quilter but your patterns are so pretty!

  6. The hand quilting is beautiful. My problem with handquilting is finding a comfortable way to hold it and stitch. Everything I try just doesn’t work for me. Watching your churn dash block production makes me want to make some block kits and start sewing.
    Just curious….why do you have that towel/cloth over the drivers window area on your car? Will that make it easier to open the door when you need to?

  7. Just freezing Drizzle to make roads slick. Hubby let me sleep, so I am up too late to go to Tri-Cities for Quilt Guild today. Guess it's a Stay Home/Sew Day for me too.

  8. We spent Monday shoveling and blowing the snow (6 to 8 inches, but about a foot just a few miles away) off the driveway and in front of the mailbox... it's January in Ohio and we actually love the snow. I worked on joining the rows of a quilt top - almost finished and ready for borders. No school in our county today - I'm taking that as an omen that I should stay home and sew some more! LOL!

  9. Bonnie:
    Hi and Happy Snow Sewing! I Got to sew all day on MLK day also. I was working on Curvaceous Cabins, a Curvy Log Cabin quilt in Blues/Creams. I will also be working on it on THURS.

    I may get to sew a little more on my Rhododendron Trail quilt today and tomorrow. I am only making a half size, maybe a little larger. I have a little less than half the blocks done for a half size, other than the sashings. It will be beautiful, as Yours is beautiful. Thank You so much for giving us another beautiful Fall/Winter Mystery quilt, to ​take of mind off of not so pleasant memories, and help to create new ones!

    My driveway is a sheet of ice under about 2 inches of wet crunchy, icy snow. More snow in the fforecast every day WED- thru next MON, with temps up to 36 degrees 4 days in a row. NOT, my kind of eweather!

    Donna E.
    Kasilof, AK

    Sorry, my lap top is messing up, won't let me delete, backspace, etc.


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