Saturday, January 08, 2022

Crazie Mazie - Where We Last Left Off!

This was Thursday at the QPO Studio.

The day of the "Wintery Mix Event!" that had schools closing at half-day, making traffic insane (in this one stoplight town of Independence, Virginia) as lines of parent-driven cars and school busses vied to get out on the road and headed home - 

Right when I was thinking it would be a good idea to stock up on a few things from the newly reopened Food City - a gloriously new building so very much needed in this small rural community.

Only it was packed.  it was INSANE.

And there was rarely a mask in sight.  

I could tell that the other masked up folks were like-mindedly baffled. We gave each other wide-eyed glances of commiseration as we quickly filled our carts with all the essential snow-storm induced items and headed to checkout.

How much snow did we get in this 1-3'' expected overnight fluster of activity?



That's HALF-INCH, not 1-2''  And truly, I'm okay with that.  it's still cold enough and frozen enough on the mountain to not take the van down the ice encrusted drive.

The tractor can plow snow - but if there is 1/2'' of solid ice from the previous day's snow melt on the drive, I just don't go.  That's all.

But I digress.

I finished the quilting on Crazy Mazie.

Why this name?  Because a friend said "It looks like some kind of crazed maze-type thing!"  And I agree.

Backing after trimming, before binding.

I think you can really see the Abacus design from urbanelementz.com well from here.  It's FUN, isn't it?  Perfect for string quilts!

And I'm really happy with the quilting texture against that center toile panel.  

Binding going on!

I was in my chair flipping and stitching down binding by TV time Thursday evening.

Do you recognize that binding fabric?  I'm thinking late 80s to early 90s on that one.  I know I had it in several colorways "back in the day."  All had cream backgrounds with the yarn print being either blue, red, green or brown. 

Neutrals that were not florals were harder to find back then.  I think I only have 1/2 yard of this blue one left.  It is a favorite.

It's great as binding. 

I turned the corner to the 3rd side last night, and I'll likely finish it over the weekend.

Taking time out of the hand quilting to stitch down this binding gives my sore quilting fingers a chance to rest up a bit before I dive back in again.


A dear fan-friend passed away last year, and little by little her daughter has packaged up her mom's scraps and sent them to me to carry on her legacy of loving the fabric, and sewing it up into something useful and beautiful.

I am honored.  The scrap bags are even sorted into color families!

"No one I know was more passionate about material like my Mom and I hope she is happy and smiling down at us."

This just touched my heart so much. 

There was no email address included in the boxes and a search through my own email contacts didn't find a match by name.  So thank you!

Anything I can't use will be added to the "Free Basket" at Quiltville Inn as there are several ladies who make comfort quilts for others and every piece can be put to good use.

Lola says "Thank You!" too!

Yesterday it didn't get above 19 degrees.  This morning it was 14.  Right now it's 19 but feels like 12 according to the weather app on my phone.

Another day for staying in. Nowhere I need to go.  Nowhere I need to be, other than snuggled into the basement studio dreaming up another project.

There may be a movie marathon today - the hubster is feeling antsy as it is too cold for archery. It's too cold for any outside chores either here at the cabin or at the Inn, 

I'm okay with that!

How about your own weekend ahead?  

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

There are those around who crave drama and attention, creating their own little storms (Conflict + Drama = Conflama!) wherever they go.

Don't participate.

Just because you were invited, doesn't mean you need to attend.
Smile, ⁣
Turn it off.
Walk away and go sew something!
Protect your inner peace at all costs.⁣
It will make your world a better place.

Have a terrific weekend, everyone!



  1. Love the texture the quilting adds to the Crazy Mazie!! Have fun staying indoors and enjoying the new fabrics.

  2. Love this quote -- sent it to 2 of my daughters as it applies to a 3rd daughter!! Have 4 daughters FYI

    They totally "got it"!!!
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Beautiful post! From Crazy Marie to the gift of fabric all sorted by colors to the ending thoughts. Great way to start my day. I live in the upper Midwest area of the USA and agree that staying home when the snow and ice visit is a wonderful thing to do. Have a super day and thanks for all you give to the quilting world.

  4. Today’s quote is so appropriate. I tend to get too wound up when people feel they must give opinions when they were not requested. I could not believe the comments on Lola. It is so obvious the she is a cared for and content feline. Makes you wonder about the anonymity people take advantage of on the web. You handle it so well.

  5. Mask wearing is compulsory in France so we do wear masks. 135 euro fine if you are caught not wearing one even in the streets. Helen in France

  6. Sew Crazy to see scrap boxes sorted by color family. I am trying to avoid the problem. Stitching as many projects as I can. Love that you can use up 7+ yards on a backing and binding. The Mystery is making ne really dig for the scraps in my stash. Having fun while I stay inside. It's chilly in the PNW. Warming up with an inversion. Happy weekend before my budy week!

  7. I love scrappy string quilts and always enjoy seeing the different ways you sew up yours - *Crazie Mazie* must be in the top 10 haha. Happy sewing weekend to you and Lola :)

  8. Love the quilting on Crazy Mazie,
    and the quote should be widely distributed...so many of the drama queens & kings out there...
    good weekend to stay in and stay safe...have a great one.

  9. Crazie Mazie turned out SOOOO cool. But no surprise there as your projects are always amazing! Just love the backing and how it all coordinates together so well. How touching to receive this gift of scraps from another quilter's stash. How comforting for her family to know that the scraps will be used and become wonderful quilts.

  10. I’m working on my Pinwheel Fancy quilt this weekend!! Love these two little blocks! So fun to make! I’m also going to a local quilt show that is set up in a local nursery’s greenhouse. The nursery is closed for the winter so the greenhouse is vacant. Imagine this climate controlled empty space filled with bright, natural light and gorgeous quilts! A perfect place for a winter quilt show on a frigid frosty day. Will there be any Bonnie Hunter quilts on display? I hope so!!!!

  11. I love the texture of the quilting on Crazie Mazie. I am going to see if my longarmer can get the pattern. It's very cold here today too and now that power has been fully restored (due to 5G cable installation mishap), I will be back to working down the UFOs.

  12. Great home for that toile! Stay safe and warm, and happy stitching.

  13. Hello Bonnie! The quilting pattern is absolutely perfect for Crazy Mazie and adds such wonderful texture! I love it! Thank you for your blog and for brightening the start of every morning for me! Your fan in Port Orange FL, Karen L.

  14. The story of the fabric touched my heart. I just sent a box to my granddaughter. Who is learning to sew. It made me sad. This is fabric I know I won't live long enough to use. It also made me very happy. That when I am gone, she will carry on with the fabrics I left her. Inspiring another generation, my first great. Stay warm, stay safe. Keep inspiring us.

  15. Such a good day for stitching. I have 2 friends coming to start a Judy Niemeyer quilt/table runner today. She is sharing her knowledge and we're excited to be making Christmas table runners. An early start on next Christmas? ....and no drama, just peaceful stitching.

  16. Both the name and the quilting design fit this one so well. Even the back looks great and works as a quilt!
    Connie W.

  17. Looks like Lola has claimed the entire box of scraps! you have taught her well! Stay in, stay safe, and God bless!

  18. I think the abacus quilt pattern was perfect for the quilt. I hope to see some today after tackling putting away all the Christmas decorations. It is predicted to rain here in Texas; temperatures in the 60’s-70’s.

  19. Hello Bonnie. I think the sender of the scraps chose the perfect recipient. The sorting could have been therapeutic for her/him in dealing with the loss of their mother.

  20. I just am loving Crazie Mazie" what a scrap-o-rama!! Thanks for sharing your quotes--they really make my days...hugs, Julierose

  21. Beautiful quilt finish, Bonnie! I love the abacus quilting design, it gives it great texture. Your quote for the day is going in my "Bonnie Quotes Permanent Collection File". Have a great weekend!

  22. I do love your scrap quilts. They are truly the scrapiest quilts I've ever seen. I have a LOT of fabric but I don't have the variety you do.

  23. That 'Abacus' pattern was perfect for Crazie Mazie. This quilt is turning out so fun!

  24. Love, Love, Love the Crazie Mazie Quilt and the quilting pattern is perfect. I love how you can put together a quilt idea so fast and finish it. You are truly my hero. You keep me focused and quilting. Now if I can just stop buying fabric...lololol

  25. Love your creative names and quilts.

  26. Enjoy your scrap adventure - looks like a lot of fun. Great way to get colors that you would not normally buy.

  27. So special to have the fabric made into quilts for others! I have been going through Christmas scrapes, finished two and on way for two I call Hobo, all will go to ones in needs. What love the daughter gave.

  28. Love the name of your quilt, my last dog's name was Mayze. Also speaking from experience, grocery stores can be pretty dangerous for covid transmission. Nobody wears masks, and at the store where I work multiple people have come in covid positive without masks on....and we're not allowed to ask them to leave. It's curbside for me from here on out!

  29. The backing of your quikt us beautiful. Love the quilting pattern as well.

  30. I understand about the masks. I wear mine everywhere and most people don't. I don't understand it.

  31. FYI....I love that you do an electronic free Sunday every week to restore and rejuvenate.


  32. Thank you for your wise words. The day I found you was a good day. Thank you destiny.

  33. Hi Bonnie, like to think I'm talking to a friend; since I've been reading your blog for a long time. Your words/advise at the end of each blog post are so enjoyable. I like to think that my inner peace... is pieced... together from so many wonderful moments in life. Things that we can reflect on. Take care, stay warm... enjoy life as it comes. Hugs Jean

  34. We have a dog we call Crazy Maisy! The quilt is perfect. :-)


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