Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Hijacked Monday (Frozen Pipes Happen!)

I'm going to start this post with something quilty -

Because it goes downhill from there.  LOL!

This lovely pile of little Churn Dashes (Or Monkey Wrenches or Holes In The Barn Doors) is the cumulative effort of the past several days starting before the weekend and continuing on through yesterday as situations beyond my control completely threw my Monday plans under the bus -

Or should I say - Threw A Monkey Wrench into it?

It all started with my arrival to the QPO Studio, where I went through my normal routine of turning on lights, beckoning to Lola to come get her morning treats. opening the east-facing window shades to let in the sunlight, turning my sound bar to my music plans for the day, and settling in to print out mail order invoices and get that packaging and postage printing job under way.

(Take a breath!)

I looked out the window where something was glinting back at me from morning sunlight - what was moving over there?

It just happened to be this.  Click to Play:

Oh, no!!

This old hydrant (who knows how long it had been here in the yard) was last used a week or so ago when temps were near 70 - to wash off the sand from the pavers in the new walkway.

Evidently, someone forgot that we can't leave hoses attached to free-standing yard hydrants or something like this can happen when the temps dip way below the freezing point.

We KNOW this.  So I have no idea how in the hurry of getting the sidewalk done, the still attached hose was left on this one.

Accidents happen.  Things slip our minds.  Nothing to do but fix it.

And yes, the water was turned off immediately after I shot this 15 second video.  A girl has to take photos and videos to document things, right?

New Hydrant in place!

So as the day unfolds - there is now no water, which means no running water or flushing toilets for the QPO studio either as Quiltville Inn and the QPO are on the same well.

The Hubster ordered up a new hydrant from Lowes, and I said I'd run the 1/2 hour drive to pick it up (It's 1/2 hour drive to the nearest town in any direction from here.) as I had a 2pm dentist appointment in the same vicinity.

SO mail order gets dropped off, and I go home for lunch and to work from there because - well, no water at the QPO so?

A couple of hours of pressing and cutting of Churn Dash blocks happened.

Have I mentioned how much I love just how cute these are???

1:30pm I leave for the dentist, only to walk in the door to be told that my 2pm appointment is TUESDAY not MONDAY.  Geeesh!

Haven't I done this before?

No worries, I've got other errands to run, including that hydrant pick up which was needed yesterday no matter what.

By the time I got home it was past 4pm and I just collapsed in a heap.  It was one of those days that starts out great guns with big intentions and just goes to -

The Hubster headed out to dig around the old hydrant and get the new one on while I just sat here on the couch.

My fur babies seem to be assessing what is wrong - why is she not sewing?

I just had no energy left. None. ZIP. Nada.

So how about I throw in a little Life Hack in here?

How many of you like to burn candles?

And how many get ticked that a one-wick jar candle will tunnel down through the middle and leave half of the wax untouched?

This wick has burned down to the bottom of the jar with so much wax remaining.

I don't know about you, but I want to burn the whole thing. I want my money's worth - not to throw half of this away.

Not to mention, I really don't want to make a whole NEW candle with the leftovers - I'd rather be sewing.

I'm not sure where I saw this but thought it was worth a try.

Make a little foil collar for the candle.

It might not be gorgeous, but it keeps the wax from tunneling, melting things evenly as it keeps things just a bit warmer in there.

Okay, not pretty - but look!

No tunneling - even wax melt.  Cool!

I've found I need to do this every-other burn or so, and it helps the wicks even last longer, they don't burn down short so quickly, keeping the wicks ABOVE the melted wax line.

I bet someone is going to tell me they make candle collars that are much prettier than a crumpled piece of foil - 

Another thing that happened yesterday - the road construction sign on my road was back in place with the road closure dates of today and tomorrow while they replace those pipes.

On my way home from the errand run, I also saw that they had strategically placed huge back-hoes and other equipment off the side of the road near where the pipe replacement will be happening.  So it's inevitable.  

There is no way to get to the QPO studio or home other than the long-way-round starting today, doubling the length of my route and the time it takes to get from here to there.

This morning I knew they couldn't start digging up the road until the trash pickup truck happened, and I was ready to make a bee-line for it.

As I reached the end of my drive, the trash truck was just arriving - I high tailed it out of there my regular way before the road crew was starting.  And just in the nick of time!  They were just arriving, pick up trucks lining up near where the "Big Tonkas" (The name my boys always gave for full-sized gold colored construction vehicles, the grown up version of their favorite sand box toys) were parked.

I'll have to take the long way home tonight - but I was able to get to the QPO and write this post from here without having to take the long way this morning.

It's a victory! I'm claiming it!

Yes, today is dentist day.  The real dentist day.  We'll find out what really is going on with this tooth.

And I'll make up some more errand running to do while over there because - you simply can't drive 30 minutes to town without doing something else needful in town.

And then there is the pleasurable opportunity to go through more gifted bags of scrap stash, pulling pieces for more Churn Dash blocks.

Sounds like a good day, all the way around!

How are things in your world for today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Today is the day to pay it forward. Your small acts of kindness may go unrecognized, but that's okay.
Just don't stop being kind. You never know what it might mean to someone else.
Have an awesome Tuesday, everyone! This bit of 1950's loveliness was found in Dallas Texas a few years back, also calling to mind the simple 36-patch version I shared yesterday.
Bring on some simple sewing!

Have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!



  1. well today is the day my plans got derailed...thanks to selfish neighbors in my building who continue to smoke inside regardless of rules...grrrr

  2. Light house candles located in Kernersville NC are the best smelling and even burning candles that I have found. They have a web address. The key is to burn them long enough that it melts all the wax across. For me, I only buy the small jars. It takes hours for a bigger jar to burn across evenly before you can blow it out.

  3. When I first read frozen pipes. I envisioned that happening inside one of your buildings. So, for me at least, not as bad as it could have been!

  4. Bonnie, have you ever heard of Goose Creek candles? You can find them online and the company has excellent customer service. They always burn evenly, and they are often on sale. I'll never buy anything else! Love your churn dash blocks...that is my favorite quilt block!

  5. Ah, yes, our frozen pipe happened just inside the wall- like you we had left the hose out. But our story got worse. We removed the wallboard and discovered wet cement blocks. By the time we were done pulling, a whole wall and around the corner was ripped off. Major repair, mucho bucks, lesson learned and reenforced!

  6. Frozen pipes are awful, so, glad yours were outside and you saw the leak before it became a major disaster. Minor disasters are much easier to deal with.
    Do you have elves that come in and sew while you are out? I need a couple, my piles do not grow like yours.

  7. It is funny how our best intentions for the day, can get so sidetracked. At least you found good in the day!

  8. Good luck at the Dentist. I have a Root Canal early tomorrow morning. More Butterfly Blocks to make before Friday. Twisting happens less as I check each one, butterfly, butterfly. The blocks got a good pressing. Glad you beat the workers this morning, Any victory is counted for good. Our snow is nearly gone. Had to find a small patch to take a snow photo of my A & B blocks. Flimsy might be when the Rhodies bloom. Portable Design wall isn't ready to go up yet

  9. "Or should I say - Threw A Monkey Wrench into it?" Good one, Bonnie. I am glad things have been repaired and good luck with the dental appt. Thanks for all you do!

  10. We're twins today, I spent two hours at the dentist getting a new crown. Love my dentist and her assistant, the only thing hurting is my credit card.

  11. Crap on a cracker, indeed!! So glad you caught it as soon as you did!! Owning property is a never-ending hit to the wallet!

  12. Boy, you sure had a Monday, didn't you?! I think I had a Monday on a Tuesday today. But, we made it through. I don't know about doing anything in the sewing room though. I may just look at my books and figure out some easy throws for my 2 seniors graduating in April!! Hope the rest of your week goes smoother!

  13. Hi Bonnie:
    No sewing for me today, either. I stayed up too late last night. I finished cutting all the pieces for Clue VII, which I will begin sewing tomorrow. Then I stayed up and read into the early morning hours. I Had to go to Kenai, a 45 minute drive for me. I had to get more fuel pellets, as My full pallet I have sitting here by the house has the tarp frozen to the ground. SO, I had to go buy more, so I and my fur babies can have our wood heat. AND, Like you said, you go to town, you have to run other errand too. SO, I went to four stores, and still only got about half the stuff on my list; because as you know there are shortages because of supply chain issues. NO Stores have had Ginger Snaps for 3 Months.
    =Tomorrow I should be able to free up the tarp from the frozen ground, as the weather is above freezing during the daytime this week. Then, It starts to cool down this weekend.

    I, Too, love candles, but don't burn them anymore. I do set them out where I can smell them. But I usually have Bed Bath and Beyond little oil filled sensory things plugged in, and I use an essential oil diffuser in the bedrooms, and have one for use in the dining area, also. SO, I still have the good calming smells to keep me company.
    -I am glad you got the Yard Hydrant fixed. I Had underground water lines put in when I had my house built, but can not get anyone to set up the yard hydrant portion, spigots on the end of the lines. I want them set up on 4 x4s, so I can set up drip irrigation in each of my gardening areas. Finding someone to do the work is part of the hassle, then getting them to come and do it is the other half! Why does it have to be so hard to get anything done??

    Happy sewing, and I can't wait to get back to sewing myself, tomorrow!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the sun finally came out this afternoon, and we are in a warm up this week.

  14. Busted pipes are no fun, but they happen if you live in a cold weather area. I wonder what calamities happen to Florida pipes? 🤔 Yesterday afternoon I completed half of my butterfly blocks for Rhododendron Trail and barring any emergencies today, the other half will get finished so I am ready for Friday. Hope all goes well for you at the dentist today...

  15. Mary,
    Your tin foil trick for candles is well worth selling. I have always loved candles and also want it to burn completely. The only brand that I have found to do that is Wood Wick. They smell wonderful and I think they are available nationwide.


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