Saturday, January 02, 2021

Winter Blues Gift-Away!

You asked for it!

And we are going to gift one away!

Usually gift-aways happen toward the end of the blog, after we've shared several photos of the subject at hand, and all of the nitty-gritty-need-to-know information about it -

But we've been so excited with the response to Winter Blues and that several of you are already sharing your fabric selections and progress photos! YAY!

I've seen purple versions, some green or red mock ups happening, and even so "throw it all in and go completely scrappy" ideas!

Blocks are coming together as folks use the pieces as Leaders & Enders while working diligently on our current Grassy Creek Mystery project.  ITS ALL GOOD!

So this is what we are going to do - I will be gifting a free PDF pattern for Winter Blues to ONE LUCKY PERSON!  That person will also receive a Facets of Blue color roll from Irene at  Cotton to Quilts.

(I received a message last evening that she is out of nearly everything, and is cutting furiously to offer more in the next day or so, so check back with her!)

The winner must have their fabric prize shipped to a USA address.  If you are outside of the USA, you may have it shipped to a friend within the USA who can in turn forward it on to you wherever you are.

Our winner for the Sugar Top Gift-Away was actually from Canada, so she got the pattern, and the fabric roll was sent to her friend stateside.

Sew Those Winter Blues Away!

Gather your blue and neutral scraps for an escapade of crazy easy sewing!

Small Blocks with Big Fun, guaranteed to chase your winter blahs far, far away!

Finished Quilt Size: Approximately 81'' x 95''

The response to our new Winter Blues PDF pattern has blown me away!  All I can say is Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom and top of my heart.

At the end of this very strange and difficult year, there are still bills to pay.  it doesn't fill the gaps left from not traveling to teach and lecture, but it helps!  And I really can't thank you enough for your support by purchasing PDF patterns and items from the Quiltville Store.

The introductory price is good through Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 (YAY! 2021!) and will revert back to $12.00 the morning of January 4th.⁣
This quilt would also be great in completely scrappy colors, or in whatever else inspires you to create.⁣
I can't wait to see where your scraps take you in 2021!

Once again - if you have never ordered a PDF pattern from my store, and plan on downloading it to an iPad or iPhone - click HERE so you know where to go to find your files once downloaded. Apple doesn't give you a choice. (Hint:  Make sure you know where your FILES APP is.)

So let's do this!

We will draw for our winner the morning of Wednesday, January 6th!

This was my New Year's Day -

Driving up Grassy Creek Road towards home.

The rain came and came and came - it was the perfect kind of lazy afternoon.

There was some of this, which lead to:

Binding something fun to come!

Yesterday it was feet up and binge watching The Night Shift on Netflix - because Bridgerton is my OWN guilty pleasure and The Hubster is just not into Regency era viewing.  

There will be more binding in progress later today.

And as it is the first Caturday of 2021 -

These girls are demanding some screen time.

Lola, on the back of the "secret project" as I was ATTEMPTING to pin a hanging sleeve in place. LOL!

Okay, you win!  LOL!

Ivy Lea, posing on her cardboard scratcher lounger by the fire.

I'm heading in to the QPO for just a bit this morning, getting what mail out that can go out before the Saturday 11am closing time of the local USPS.

Then it will be back home for some more relaxing and quilty productivity from the basement studio at the cabin.

Do you have plans for this weekend?  Is there anything you do at the first of the year to get you ready to fully step into it?

Come to think of it - I really need to clean my fridge. It's been niggling at me for a while.

But I'd rather sew....

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

No matter what the circumstances around me, I am in charge of the way I act or react.
I write this today as a reminder to myself. The start of a brand new year and all that comes with it.
Act not react!

Have a wonderful weekend! I'll catch you back here on Monday as tomorrow is #mediafreesunday - the best gift I will keep on giving to myself! 



  1. I need the blue fabric! My 11 year old grandson loves to sew, keeps my blue fabric stash low, as it’s his favorite color. Who am I to say “NO” to my grandson. 😊 I don’t have a good variety to start my Winter Blues Quilt!

  2. Oh, my! I do enjoy the photos of your critters! Especially “Lola on the back” one today! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love today's quote! Thanks for the reminder that we are responsible for ourselves and that being proactive is so much better than being reactive. That's not always an easy task, but one that I am going to work hard at doing. And, thanks for sharing that aqua binding against the red border. That just makes me smile! :-)

  4. Bonnie I hope you are doing well! I am entering my name for the prize. I would love to win your pattern and fabric bundle. I hope your New Year is wonderful and happy!

  5. Happy New Year Bonnie. Thank you for today's quote and for sharing your life with your followers. You are a bright spot for us.

  6. Thanks, Bonnie for the opportunity to win! I entered, and sure would be fun to win the blues. If not a winner...I think I would make the quilt in greens, as that is the fabric I have the most abundance of. So fun to follow you on Quiltville!

  7. Purchased a copy of the pattern already BUT always room for more fabrics ... especially BLUES ... in the ole stash!! Thanks for the chance to win. Happy New Year!!! Linda

  8. Our Oregon Coast weather looked much like your weather but we did have 2 nice days of sunshine and blue sky.

  9. Happy New Year! What a wonderful give-away. One I would be thrilled to win. Thanks for the chance.

  10. Lola stole the show today. I've spent the last few days of 2020 tidying & reorganizing my sewing room, so I can be ready to "DO" more in 2021. I've got a list of UFOs leftover from the past few years, and I'm determined to finish some of them. That's because I have so many new ones calling my name. Thanks for this "blue" giveaway. Happy New year!

  11. Oh my, your cats are so cute! I love the Winter Blues pattern. So perfect for a snuggly quilt. I'm working hard on the mystery, fallen behind due to holiday fun. Starting to catch up today, we have a rainy, windy day here in the PAN. Enjoy your weekend and thank you for the mystery, it's so much fun!

  12. Zig Ziglar says: "Respond not React." Responding takes thought, reacting is thoughtless.

  13. Is there somewhere where we can see others Winter Blues progress/blocks?

  14. I don’t buy patterns very often anymore but this truly caught my eye & in my opinion is just the new exciting project I need to start this year off! I have tons of scrappy blues/whites/neutrals but would love to win some more! Thank you for all you do Bonnie

  15. Ordered my Winter Blues. Need more blue fabric (and neutral). Waiting for cotton to quilts to replenish. Loved Bridgerton. Both my married daughters watched it. So I ended up binge watching it. So good! Now we need a new series. Oh I am still watching Virgin River too. Have a good media free Sunday tomorrow.

  16. Happy New Year Bonnie! Thank you for writing your blog, I normally read it in the evenings as I'm winding down from my day. I love the pictures of your fur babies too, I have a golden retriever - Olivia and 2 cats: My orange tabby is Mac and Cheese (Mac for short) and my formally outdoor/homeless kitty I adopted and brought into our home a Calico I named Gitta. I've seen the adds for Bridgerton and plan on watching it as soon as I finish watching all of the Christmas Hallmark movies I recorded - LOL

  17. We are bitter cold, but have beautiful sunshine yesterday and today. The clouds are supposed to roll back in again tomorrow night. Then we have a slight chance of some more snow on MON. We got 4-5 inches on WED. Luckily, I don't have to go anywhere till TUES and WED. I am doing PT for shoulder surgery, so have to go out once a week.

    I am working on a no tie blanket for a grand niece, Grassy Creek, have a couple more jelly roll quilts I am working on, several table runners to quilt,and a quilt to cut for a class on JAN 19th. So, I am keeping more than busy. But that is the way I like it. I certainly can't get bored!

    Donna E.
    Kasilof, AK

  18. Happy New Year to you and your family, may all of your hopes and dreams become a reality in 2021. I have finally caught up on reading the blog and getting the mystery quilt saved to work on starting in Feb. Too many unfinished projects that I would love to finish, just need to bind 3 quilts! (Won't even talk about the starts that I have accumulated, LOL!) Love your blog and your creative mind, you are truly a wonderful enabler. I wish that my days were 50 hrs. long. Your furry loves are the best, I enjoy their antics so much, I miss my furry girl. Thank you Bonnie for everything that you do for us.

  19. Facets of Blue? Yes, please!

  20. Wishing you a good New Year. Love the photos of your sweet pets.

  21. I can't wait to see the quilt with the red borders! I love those colors together, although they are unexpected.

  22. New Year's Day was an ice storm followed by snow. Last night (Saturday), we got another 2" of snow! The trees are beautiful but they gotta be hurting. Hubby gave me the morning off of work so I felt guilty and cleaned out the top of our closet (full of sheets). How many sets of sheets do 2 people and 1 guest bed need. The resale/thrift shop is going to be getting a bunch. Then I spent the afternoon working on Clue 3. Will finish that this morning. I did buy Winter Blues too. Have to study that sometime. Thank you so much for everything you do Bonnie!

  23. I am loving those unsorted bins behind the cats! What a treat to go through them!

  24. Of course, I love your patterns and chances to win fun things. Today, I would love to know where you purchased Ivy's cat scratcher lounger? It looks like the gentle curve my cats would appreciate. Thank you

  25. I absolutely love the quote for today! As well, I love seeing Lola and Ivy - quilty cats are the best.

  26. I bought Winter Blues too and can't wait to get started. Winning more blues would be awesome to add to the scrappy interest. I sure enjoy reading your blog and learning from your tips. Happy New Year!

  27. i love blue, hoping to win! Thank you!

  28. Love your quote of the day! I tell my kids all the time learn to be proactive instead of reactive!

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  30. My last few days of the year have been spent helping hubby build my sewing room/office. Exciting to know I will have a finished room soon...frustrating because I always love to spend my winter break quilting... and I can't even find my machine! oh well... good things will come to those who wait!

  31. This is such a great quilt! Thx for the chance,Bonnie. Happy New Year to you and yours

  32. This is such a great quilt! Thx for the chance,Bonnie. Happy New Year to you and yours

  33. Fantastic quilt! I could sure use the addition of blues roll to make this happen! Happy New Year!

  34. The pattern is lovely and the fabric blues are gorgeous. Having just had hand surgery sewing is considered physical therapy. I could get a wonderful quilt to use for decades to come in the process too! I can just imagine this blue quilt on my bed already......just need the pattern and fabric bundle to make it a reality!

  35. I do enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you and your furry assistants get up to. I quite understand why you limit giveaways with physical prizes to USA addresses only, but would it be possible to have giveaways with digital prizes that could be open worldwide?

  36. This will be my first Bonnie Hinter quilt. Wish me luck. I think I will need to shop more neutrals.

  37. Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway. Happy New Year!

  38. Thank you for another wonderful giveaway! That cat is adorable!

  39. Love, love the photo of Zoey on the new mystery quilt! thanks Bonnie.


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