Tuesday, January 05, 2021

On To The Next!

Quilters should NEVER be without a Leader & Ender project!

At least that is what I tell myself when one Leader & Ender quilt reaches completion - there is more sewing to be done, and SOMETHING has to fill that vacancy  to the side of my machine!

Years and years of little projects being sewn on the side - I honestly don't know what to do if there isn't something there, so I took some time to cut out some cute little kits for a project I've had on the back burner for a while.

It doesn't take long when the pieces are simple.

I've been taking the "talking to my dad" in the evening phone time to stand at my cutting table while we chat, pressing strips, cutting pieces, making little stacks.

Not only of Leader & Ender parts, but of another project I've been working on - Remember those Jackknife blocks?

It isn't every morning that I get a chance to sew one - but I did this morning as I was up early enough.

Another one of those things that works for me (And it might for you too) is cutting a block out the night before, setting it by my machine, so I can take a few minutes in the morning to sew it up.

It just starts my day off right.  It doesn't have to be a handful of empty hours just waiting to be filled up with piecing time - it can be one block, one unit at a time.

And if I can cut it out the evening before - even if I have a mere 20 minutes to spare, I can make a block.

One more for the stack.

This block was featured in my Addicted to Scraps column in the Sept/Oct 2020 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.  Click the Addicted to Scraps tab at the top of the blog to find the link to the issue, where you can buy a digital copy.

I haven't decided where my own Jackknife quilt is going yet - so far it's a small pile of blocks, but I'm having fun with them.

And this just happened while writing this!

I heard a huge BANG at the sliding glass door to the basement studio.  There was a hawk sprawled on the paving stones just outside of the door.

These windows are NOT reflective - he either saw IVY at the window and thought she'd be good for breakfast, or thought he could fly right through.

I ran and got Dave from upstairs - and Zoey thought she wanted to go out and see what was what.

"No, baby girl - you stay inside!"

We didn't know what to do - the hawk was not dead, but how badly hurt was it?

While trying to decide what our next move would be - the hawk gathered up its strength, flipped itself back over (It had been upside down with its beautiful wings splayed) and flew off into the woods.

I have no idea if it is damaged - or merely will have a huge headache that will last him through the day.

But that sure was a way to jumpstart our morning.

And Zoey still wants out.  She knows he flew into the woods - but we are going to give him quite a bit more time to gather his wits.

Whew!  (And no, I didn't think to grab the camera - some things are just best experienced out from behind the screen.)

Beautiful blues and neutrals from Mary Koval!

If you are still looking for some gorgeous fabrics to enhance your stash for my Winter Blues pattern, you may want to have Mary’s Quilt Shop pull together a hand picked selection of fat quarters for you!

Mary's Quilt Shop is in Bedford, Pennsylvania and they are open by appointment during the time of Covid.

Drop Mary an email at Marysquiltshop@comcast.net to arrange an appointment, or place an order to be shipped to you!

My new Christmas/Birthday watch says hurry up!

No - that's not the time right now, it's yesterday's time.  Dad sent me this and I'm so excited about it.  

Remember my running over my previous Samsung watch with the van? LOL!

I've been doing just fine without a smart watch really.  I don't need every email ping or text message to show up on my wrist. (Even though this can, I find it a distraction) and I don't want a watch I have to charge every day.

This is the Amazfit Bip S  And the battery is supposed to last more than a week.  What I like the best is this watch face I chose - big numbers.  And I can read it without the back light having to come on. It has lots of features - most that I won't use, but the time, the temp, and steps are right up there where I can see them.

Why am I mentioning my watch?  Because I need to et a move on!  It's hair cut day in Quiltville.  It's been 6 weeks - my bangs are in my eyes, and it's time for some self care.

Anything happening in your world today?

Remember - Today is the LAST DAY to enter my Winter Blues PDF pattern and Facets of Blue fabric bundle gift-away!  I'll be drawing tomorrow morning, so get on over and enter ON THAT POST!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Simply Be Yourself! 

You don't have to mold yourself into any version of what anyone else wants you to be to make them happy. 

Repeat that 3 times. 

And have a lovely Tuesday!



  1. I really need to get more organized and get a leader and ender project going. I really love the quilt you showed last time that was last years leader and ender project. Love anything that has the chain look. I think I will get some pieces ready for that and have it next to the machine. Love your new watch with the big numbers. I am sure it will be a big help to you. I bet it was neat seeing the hawk up close. I only see them far away and for a few seconds along the highway so it's hard to really get a good look at them. Have a great day, and great haircut. I am needing one too.

  2. I need a haircut but instead my nails need trimming so off to nail salon today for me. Been about a year since mt last cut ✂️.

  3. I am taking in your words for today. As time goes on I am more aware that I have tried to be what people in my life want me to be and I am learning to set boundaries while still being loving. Goodness, but it takes a lifetime to learn how I am to be. :) Bonnie, I wish you a good financial year in 2021! Thank you for all you do! This blog proves all of us with an "outing" while being isolated.

  4. Yes! I get it. A couple years ago my L/E project was at the Block Assembly stage & I didn't have anything ready as the next L/E. Arrgghh - all the wasted thread! Since then I always have at least 2 L/E's cut & ready to sew, in a clear shoe box, patiently waiting their turn. Actually right now I have 5 waiting so I'm good; at least for a couple months anyway.
    Have a glorious day.

  5. clue 6 in progress, another BOM starting today, and sew many more ideas
    in my head!!!

  6. Being busy is the best medicine for these times!

  7. Gosh poor hawk! Maybe this is a good time to look up your county rehab contact...you know....just in case. Thankfully this time it was just a headache for the bird. Those folks are wonderful and help so many animals.
    Love the Jackknife block in blue/white. Made me scurry right to my "library" of saved issues and unearth Sept/Oct20 issue to find your page.

  8. a great illustration of how you get so much done!! Poor hawk. You might want to look into some of the bird decals that are made for big windows, you cant see them but the birds can and then they dont think its a fly through option. Google as i cant remember the exact name. My aunt has them on all her windows as she was having a big problem with that. Poor birds are having enough trouble making it. did you know there are 1/2 the song bird population compared to 20 years ago? Sad. Anyway, cool block and if I can get half as organized as you are I might get a top done! Cheers

  9. I can't imagine the bang from a hawk. Just a sparrow is loud when he hits one of our windows.

  10. I am working on a bargello quilt. I'm constantly taking small pieces apart and sewing to another small piece. That's the nature of most bargellos. I want to use the Winter Blues as my leader-ender. My friend thinks it's a ridiculous concept. I want to prove her wrong. I just can't decide if I want to use blues, browns, or scrappy.

  11. Ph no, that hawk will have a headache for sure. Glad Zoey didn't go after it. I have a few leader/ender things going with the ends cut off my Mystery strips with the Essential Triangle Tool. A few extra HST'S for a rainy day.

  12. Zoey has the sweetest face. Was Ivy in the basement? Maybe that's what the hawk saw.

  13. Wow! Love that block! So many blocks to make once I get moved - finally! Greeneville, TN! And the hawk must have been awesome! FYI There is usually a Raptor rescue group that will come and get injured birds.

  14. Well, I am sure that hawk will have learned his lesson about flying into glass! Poor Zoey, curiosity was getting the better of her I am sure! Let's see, this week I am back at work & boy was it a rough start. But things smoothed out and got better. Sewing-wise I am in the middle of your mystery and excited to start another one. Also thinking about at least trying those Jacknife blocks! Have a great, quilty week!!

  15. I managed to get a pedicure last month, just before everything got shut down again. Yesterday, I cut an inch off my bangs. Could be a little shorter and a little more even, but I learned the hard way, one cut and call it good. The rest of the hair can wait until the hair salons are open, legally, again.

  16. plan to finish up my current scrappy project All blocks ( 49) are sewn into rows, Today I sew the rows together. Then I begin thinking and desiging a border. I am not a fan of borders that are just a strip of fabric. so I have been tossing ideas around in my head....and I think I've come upwith something.....I often see quilts in the quilt magazines and I think what were they thinking with that border. I actually like a quilt without a border, but would like to make this piece a little larger. So I will put one on. So that's my day and now that it looks like GA is going my way. I can settle in for a peaceful sewing day.

  17. I kinda break out in hives if I have no L&E project. Its not pretty....

  18. Can someone explain what a leader and ender 'project' is?

  19. When we bought our house in Tennessee, we didn't live there right away. We would go down on long weekends until we finally retired. One weekend, we showed up and there was a huge hole in the outside glass in a large picture window in the dining room. I don't know what hit that glass, but it had to be gigantic. The hole was 6-7 inches across. We occasionally still have birds hit that window, but they usually shake it off and fly on.

  20. Yesterday was an errand day. We took 4 quilts to the LAQ, went by a fabric store and found 4 different burgundy fabrics for a Bargello that one of the grandsons wants and paint and brushes for another project that is overdue. Today we have a man here replacing the tank in the half bath. Not much sewing going on today . . . Love reading about Zoey and her adventures! Thank you, Bonnie!

  21. Zoey looks so sweet in that picture.
    I just want to hug her.

  22. Thank you for showing the FQ from Mary's in Bedford! She is a sweet lady and has a really nice little store in a quaint, historic town. I've been there several times when we went to the nearby Bedford Springs Resort.

  23. Do you use a fabric cutting machine? If so, what brand do you recommend? I have tons of scraps that need to be cut down and using a rotary cutter will take too long. Thanx.

  24. Good for you to recognize that not every little thing in our lives needs to be photo documented. I learned this valuable lesson from my 11-year old granddaughter< "I'd rather make memories in my mind."

  25. I think I needed to read that quote today. I need to be my true self. Thanks for your daily words (and photos) of wisdom and inspiration and some that are just fun or silly or things to make you or us smile.


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