Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Inauguration Day, 2021

I thought I'd start off this morning's post with a bit of red white and blue.  It's a momentous day. 

I have witnessed several inaugurations in my life time. I hope I will be around for many more.

There is something sacred in being present for these moments that go down in history.

Today my American flags are flying - there is a good breeze outside (Melting the ice, please!) and there is nothing more soul stirring to this American than watching flags wave.

Do you remember this?  President Reagan declared 1986 as the Year of the Flag. 

“The colors of our flag signify the qualities of the human spirit we Americans cherish,” Reagan said. “Red for courage and readiness to sacrifice; white for pure intentions and high ideals; and blue for vigilance and justice.”

My Dawn's Early Light quilt is found in my book String Frenzy.

I plan to be glued to the inaugural activities later this morning, and to watch the ceremony at noon eastern time.

Yesterday - I was able to do something that I previously hadn't been able to do!

I watched the zoom meeting at the Iowa Quilt Museum!

I posted the link info in Yesterday's Post.  These meetings with the contributors to the String Theory exhibit give a chance for the story of each quilt to be talked about and shared - and we had at one time over 300 of us watching Roderick Kiracofe and Siobhan Furgurson talk about their special vintage string quilts.

Watching was a win for me - the next challenge will be actually being PART of the discussion when the turn for my quilts come up.  that's where I've had lagging due to my Low Speed internet. But I'm going to try.  

Since I installed a cell booster at the QPO, my cell signal may be stronger than the internet.  I might be able to stream for the zoom meeting that way.  I'll let you know when my session airs.

But plan on joining in for this series for the next several Tuesdays at noon central time.  More info in Yesterday's Post.

And then I did this!

The little topper I had made from leftover parts became a real quilt yesterday.

I zigzagged together a couple of batting scraps just big enough for the job.

It didn't take long at all to quilt up!

Binding with a yellow/red stripe with green dots.

I have had this in my stash forever - always waiting for the right place to use it.  (That too much yellow wives' tale rides again! LOL!)

The backing fabric is extra special to me -

Yes, I know. The calendar says 2001.  But it is also fun to realize that this millennium didn't really start until 2001.  Or so I'm told. The jury is still out in my brain on that one.

Even more fun - this is a Mary Koval fabric, and a reproduction of an actual 1881 fabric, also cheater cloth like this, with calendar months all over it.  I've seen and handled the "real deal" while visiting Mary in Pennsylvania.

I have held on to this piece for many years, and wanted a place where I could keep it whole.

By the time I had used the leftovers for the hanging sleeve, there was really nothing left.  It found a home.

And there is a binding project to keep my hands busy in the evenings!

Last night was a very sleepless night for me.  I think it's a combination of things.

Of worrying about the inauguration today.  Of what the future holds. Of  believing that kindness is still the best way to make a difference, one on one with each other.

It's not too late to start over and do better.

The wind was also part of it - a howling wind last night that kept sleep from being very deep (Which allowed my brain to go into thinking mode....)

And then my webstore host changed the formatting of my sales page on my dashboard (not visible to the public) and I'm a bit lost.  They got rid of my ability to "batch print" and choosing how many orders will show on a page, so I can print just that page.  The new format is to either print orders one at a time, or print them all at once - or all that came in on that day anyway.

It can be overwhelming especially at times when there is a new book release and 500 orders can come in within 45 minutes and there is no way to break that down into batches.

I know this doesn't mean much to most of you - but believe me.  It's a nightmare from the order fulfillment end when you want to fill orders in the order they come in, not from the newest one down.

I think it may be time for a while new website/blog design.  And a new host/server.  A better experience for everyone.

Including me.

But only if I can batch print from the oldest orders toward the newest.  That's a must!

Ivy understands.

And Zoey?

Well she is good for a laugh!

(Yes, she is asleep here! LOL!)

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Enter to win ON THAT POST.

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Optimism and gratitude go hand in hand and give us courage to work toward a brighter tomorrow.
And we can start today.



  1. Sadly I recognize the yellow binding fabric and have some in my own stash. We are beyond excited to enter this new chapter in American history today. My kids are remote learning and we are watching as it unfolds. Most years they would be in school and only able to watch the highlights on the evening news so this is GOOD.

  2. Does Ivy have a vintage food dish up on that treadle? Love it!

  3. I second your thoughts about this Inauguration Day!! Kindness Counts Everywhere. That picture of Ivy shows all her beautiful soft figure. Such pretty eyes, too. Good Luck with the blog/host redesign and I hope you can find a way to explain and set it up to print the way you want! Sometimes it takes very specific details to illuminate someone else's mind.

  4. Love the Friendship Stars in your Dawn's early Light. I used those for a farewell quiltlet I'm making. It's sort of a Runner, can be used on the back of the couch or end of the bed or across the pillows. It has signatures as the background corner squares. Made with John Wayne Fabric I bought in Winterset, Iowa. Home of the Iowa Quilt Museum. Thanks for sharing the Link, I was able to view it last night. Lunchtime was too busy. Looking forward to your turn. Even if all you can do is call in on your phone it will be great. Fingers crossed for your QPO Store issue. Sending warm wishes for a happy Wednesday.

  5. You have the most impressive stable of vintage Singer sewing machines!! Enjoy your day . . . I know that I will!

  6. Seems to me that your host server for your store should be able to set up your order fulfillment process the way YOU want it and not change it without your instructions. That is one of the things about internet and computer use that frustrates me, when things change and it is now more difficult to use. I would have him/her change it back or be gone, Just my opinion. On a brighter note I love seeing what you are working on and your little slice of this great country!

  7. I LOVE all of your sweet fur babies. Thank you Bonnie for everything. Love your blog and your great quilts.

  8. Zoe must have some German Shepherd in the there somewhere. That's a classic "broken" GSD pose!

  9. The little animals keep us from taking life too seriously! I signed up to join that zoom quilt talk and couldn't get away from work. I was so disappointed!

  10. Sorry about your website issues, don't you love it when someone tries to fix something that is not broken. Have a fantastic day to a fantastic person.

  11. This was the first time I ever got your daily message on the CORRECT day! I always get it the NEXT day, so I miss things that are scheduled to happen THAT day. Today IS January 20th and I started out reading the 19th’s news of what you were going to do on Inauguration Day. I scrolled to enter the give away for the 22nd.......and UP POPPED THE NEWS OF THE DAY...... 1-20-21. How did that happen? It would be “sew” nice to ALWAYS get your news on the CORRECT DAY!

    1. I don't receive them until the day after, so I just scroll down and click on "newer post". It only takes a few seconds, and I can stay up to date.

  12. Your little Zoey crack me up. Yes she makes my day!

  13. I may be Canadian but I'm still glad for you getting a new president..I'm working on winter blues even though I still have sashing to do for grassy creek..lol. I know you understand..lol.Have a wonderful Wednesday

  14. Feeling hope and joy and so glad your flags are flying!!

  15. pretty finish....and what model singer is that please?

  16. I’m even wearing patriotic colors today - blue jeans, red sweatshirt, white socks! Hope to make your By Dawn’s Early Light some day.

  17. Zoey's picture just cracks me up. She is such a contortionist! And pretty Ivy sitting next to her Friskies Party Mix. My cats love that stuff and are always trying to con us into giving them more. LOL

  18. Miss Ivy is just so beautiful and I love seeing pictures of all three of the girls

  19. We live New Zealand and its Thursday morning here. Set the alarm clock for 5.30am so we could watch the inauguration. So pleased it all went well without any trouble. Hopefuly USA can now heal and find peace after these turbulent times.

  20. We got up at 3am in South Australia to watch the inauguration. Congratulations and best wishes to you all, our friends in America. A little of the weight on all our shoulders seems to have lifted.

  21. It's happy day. And Zoey is just so delightful!!

  22. Got up at 7 to see the inauguration (I live in Alaska) and then having seen the essential parts I left at shortly after to get my Covid vaccination. It was a noteworthy day.

  23. Oh that yellow striped binding just SINGS!!! Beautifully done as always, Bonnie.

  24. I love reading about your furbabies every day. The look on Ivy's face is just priceless. And Zoey?! She's a doggie after my own heart. Sorry to hear about the technical difficulties, but they will straighten out in time, just as our country will. We had the festivities on today for the kiddos to watch their history in the making. I love the Dawn's Early Light, and it will be in the list. Thank you for your hard work at everything. Have a good evening!

  25. It’s a good day. And every time they say the word “Unity” I think of your quilt pattern. How appropriate, and I really want to make one more than ever. I have a few others to do first, like Grassy Creek! But hopefully soon...Zoey is awesome. I’m so glad she is in your life and ours. I’m a sucker for the pets, as they have (mostly) kept us sane during these times!

  26. Great seeing Lola today...she has grown into a beautiful kitty!! Her eyes are precious. ...and that Zoey is a hoot!!! Your precious fur babies are so much fun!! Thank you for putting pics of them on your blog!!

    1. that one is Ivy and she had white on her pretty face, they both have green eyes and nice filled out snuggly bodies....so i'm sharing the difference just so you know... Cats

  27. The Zoom meeting at Iowa Quilt Museum was great. I only got booted a couple times but was able to resume, which is saying something for my service (Verizon Fios, but the lowest tier). Looking forward to future meetings, where I hope they can feature at least one Bonnie string quilt!

  28. Love your fur baby's! I'm younger and lighter tonight, welcome President Biden and Vice President Harris! Love your little scrap quilt don't you love when your fabrics take you down memory lane?
    Hugs from Bonnie in California

  29. I never realized before that Ivy had such pretty white "socks" Now she just needs to wear some red and blue some where :-)

  30. Oh, that quote! What a truth. Michael J Fox is an inspiration. Miss Ivy is such a sweetie; makes me (almost) want a kitty again.

  31. Is that a Singer Rocketeer I see in one photo? My mother-in-law gave me hers, in a cabinet, that she bought at the Texas State Fair in the 60’s. I’ve never seen another one!

  32. I don't usually comment but you are correct about the millennium starting in 2001. Same goes for centuries and decades - always start on the first year of whatever NOT the tenth. So this being 2021 is the first year of the 2020's decade. I am a big fan of Jeopardy and this question comes up all the time.

  33. I don't know how you get anything done with all the antics from zoey. I could spend 24/7 just watching her. I finished Grassy Creek, waiting for the next great Bonnie Hunter design.

  34. Thank you Bonnie for your comments.

  35. Bonnie, how about that beautiful yellow jacket worn by your young Poet Lauriate at the inauguration, wow.

  36. Are you sure that is Ivy?? She appears to be a lot bigger than when you first showed her to us! What a lovely young lady she has become. And Zoey....you just make my heart sing!


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