Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Open Minds and Changing Opinions

This morning, about 7:45am.

We opted for the "up and over" route to get me to the QPO this morning - adding a couple of extra miles, but the scenery is worth the time that it adds to the trip!

This is the "high spot" on Grassy Creek, and I love this view of the little valley below.  A community church is flanked by a well manicured cemetery.  Fields and farms and plots of Christmas trees are everywhere you look.  

And even in these cold temps of about 21f degrees it is idyllic.

Sunrise through my frozen rain chain!

We are saying goodbye to the snow that remains today.  Temps should reach into the 40s - it will be long gone by afternoon time.

I'm not too sad - forecasts say that it may be back again as soon as Saturday.

We shall see!

Those purple triangles I shared yesterday?

They didn't do the job I had hoped they would do, so they are headed into time out and will be waiting for just the right project to use them.  I love them!  They just aren't going well with the crumb monstrosity!

I opted instead, to throw on some Poldark via Amazon Prime and string piece from my bin of neutrals.

Some of you asked to see a close up.

Fabrics of every genre! (Bonus points if you can find the Millennium Y2K fabric!) These are the scraps from my 35+ years of quilting. 

This is where I am going with this.

The center is SO BUSY.  A binding would be lost and unnoticeable really.  I want to bring some daylight to the outside edge so the very few neutrals in the center will shine a bit brighter.

I will do a skinny border in a bright red, and the follow up with a border of neutral strings.

This all came to a screeching halt yesterday when UPS pulled up into my drive and *FINALLY* delivered the shipment of Simple Folded Corners rulers I had been waiting on.

About half of those rulers were packed up and made ready for USPS drop off this morning.  The rest will be packaged up today ready for tomorrow's drop off at USPS.

And there are more of the large ones available in the Quiltville Store.

I also still have the Simple Folded Corners Mini available, with more on the way.

And just a heads up for those who are waiting on one to be shipped - A little birdie told me that we won't be needing them for Grassy Creek, Part 2 and there is plenty of time to get yours to you before we need it again.

Other needed things!!

Pine Tree Point Rolls Available!

So many folks have said "I wish I had more variety in my greens!" when we released my Pine Tree Point PDF pattern.

My friend Irene at Cotton to Quilts who also did Grassy Creek Mystery Rolls for many of you offered to put some together to enhance your greens!

And yes, if you need more greens, these will work for Grassy Creek too! (Use the few aquas in another project.)

She also has a limited selection of ORANGE Mystery Rolls left if you are wanting to enhance your oranges for Grassy Creek. (Or Appalachian Autumn!)

Check them out at Cotton to Quilts!

And be watching for more neutral rolls to become available - Irene is cutting fabric as fast as she can!

There is a reason why my binding is slow going!

Yes, these little sweeties are snoozing with noses touching.  It just melts my heart!

That was after much of THIS was going on in my lap.  Yes this is all on top of my legs in my chair. LOL!

Click to Play:

I guess binding isn't a race either! But I am finally on the 4th side, and I'll be able to share it with you soon.

Over 4,500 of you have entered in to my Sulky Mystery Box Gift-Away!  Saturday is the big day of the drawing so there is still time to get your entry in ON THAT POST.

Sulky has a limited number of mystery boxes in stock, and once sold out they are gone!  You'll find all of the nitty gritty of what is inside on that post too.

And I have other fun things to give way all through December, so keep watching and entering!

Which brings me to now.  I'll be at my shipping station getting those ruler orders out and on their way to you.  Then I hope to get the borders on the Crumb Monstrosity.  And maybe some desk time?

But this studio really REALLY needs a clean out - my dust and lint bunnies are turning into GIANTS.  

You know what I mean?

How about your Wednesday ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Don't defeat your own progress before you even try!

Daybreak quilt from my book, String Frenzy available in the Quiltville Store.

Receive a free PDF pattern for my Hunter’s String Star at purchase!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. Those 2 were just meant to be, they are sew sweet <3 Good luck with that binding ;)

  2. I spent time over last week end cleaning out my dust bunnies so I'm good to go. Just 5 more Christmas quilts to finish up for customers and I can get back to my person quilts. I did manage to get some mystery units made yesterday which was unexpected but so much fun!

  3. I’m finishing up a commission for 6 tshirt quilts for a recent widow and her 5 kids. All tops are
    Pieced, and three of them are quilted. I could have all the quilting done before clue #2 drops on Friday.

  4. spent better part of a day to get my studio ready to free it from dust bunnies. All those projects/left overs from projects found homes in newly purchased storage system. I am exhausted, but it will help in the long run.

  5. My sister and I used to clean my grandpa’s house about once a month. He didn’t have dust bunnies he had dust skunks! So I understand what you are talking about!! Too funny. Thanks for the memory

  6. Bravo on the crumb quilt border! Stroke of genius.
    Love your scenery and pet pictures. Obviously I shouldn't be sweating cat hair on my projects from my Casey!

  7. The video of the babies was so cute last night. Yesterday I worked on getting my "candy season" taken care of for my DH work and my grandsons. The 6 year old told me they were out of peanut butter balls. Today I am heading to the quilt room to work on - whatever - but mainly my 1st clue of Grassy Creek.

  8. After 5 months in the hospital with COVID our granddaughter is on her way right now to physical rehab. My heart is sew light. String piecing for the win today! Enjoy your blog each morning! Marilyn Marks

  9. I love it when I spot a fabric from my stash in your quilts! :) I have that red with yellow stars.

  10. Thank you for the smile with Zoey and Ivy.

  11. Every time I see those 2 it makes me feel the loss of my girl and tempts me to seek out another rescue pup and maybe a cat as well. I have to have strong talks with myself to stop that urge since it really isn't a good idea now. Instead I've chosen to contribute to our local shelter the same amount per month I used to spend at the vet's office and food/treats etc. Seems like a good compromise. Meanwhile I'll enjoy all the pics and videos you post.♥

  12. Family's come in different size,and colors, They are so cute together

  13. working on an advent project and another sew along while I patiently wait for Friday.....

  14. Perfect string border for your crumb quilt. Gotta love all the different fabrics fro the years past. The lips are "kissing" good bye to the past millinium. Too funny how things ends up next to each other.

    I'm in the purging mode around here. Will drop some things off to charity then sort more so I can be ready to get clue one done tomorrow when grandson goes to school. (Two days a week here for school. Gotta make the most of those days to get as much sewing done as I can)

  15. No pets allowed where I currently live, so loving the moments you share with yours, full of love. Thank you!

  16. Those two fur babies are so cuteeeeeeeee!!!!!!
    I love seeing them together...it was just meant to be!!
    I love Lola too....I wish she would join in on the fun with Zoey and Ivy!! Oh well, Lola seems to be content just having you around sometimes!! How precious!
    Have a great day everyone:):)

  17. So right which means I better get to finishing my first mystery clue! Plus how could you not love those babies when they're so adorable!? Cheers! ~M

  18. I own both folded corner rulers. I have used my mini 99% of the time. I keep it within reach of my sewing machine for easy access. My sewing machine sits on top of a cutting mat.

  19. I FINALLY found one fabric in common with your crumbs!

  20. I found the Y2K fabric! I had some of that one too!

  21. Those two fur babies just melt my heart!

  22. Those two fur babies just melt my heart!

  23. I ordered fabric bundles for Grassy Creek from Cotton to Quilt. Their fabric is very nice. I just ordered one of the Pine Tree Point rolls.

  24. I love the neutral string border. I think I will use that idea for my On Ringo Lake to make it queen sized. I just love your two best buddies! What a great life together for those two sweeties!

  25. Love seeing close ups of your quilts to see the fabrics!

  26. You have been ubber busy. I have never seen so much production, but then again, I've only been with you a year, nearly to date (Black Friday, 2019.Debbie and I shopped at Tennesse Quilts after we saw you in early Nov. I we both went with yardage this year - I went with cotton quilting fabric, she went with Batik. So fun to quilt with a friend. I've made 14 quilts since Frolic (included in the count) and only two were lap sized, Appalachian Autumn and a baby quilt for my new grandson. The remainder were bed sized, mostly queen, one two twin sized, and one large king! I have found my joy and my right brain again, after 30 years of left brained analytical thinking. But then again, my career did allow for thinking outside the box. Some of the hardest cases to crack demanded a different approach. Thanks for helping me find my groove.

  27. Idyllic is a good word. I think it describes your life. I just love seeing the dynamic between Lola and Zoey.

  28. Is it a real quilt without pet fur/hair?


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