Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Chasing the Winter Blues!

This was supposed to wait for New Year's Eve.

But there has been SO MUCH put on hold this year! No more hold outs!

Besides - there are so many quilters out there twiddling thumbs waiting for Part 6 of our Grassy Creek Mystery having finished Part 5 in rapid fashion as excited quilters tend to do.

And then there are those who, like me, have finished up our Easy Breezy Leader & Ender blocks and need another Leader & Ender thing as we continue to sew on all of the other things!  Are you with me?

Sew Those Winter Blues Away!

Gather your blue and neutral scraps for an escapade of crazy easy sewing!

Small Blocks with Big Fun, guaranteed to chase your winter blahs far, far away!

Finished Quilt Size: Approximately 81'' x 95''

Some of you may remember my working on this quilt - early 2019 I believe it was. 

It all started with leftover piano key border pieces from my Idaho Square Dance quilt found in the Addicted to Scraps book. (Which is still on sale for $15.99 and comes with a free PDF pattern for my Wanderlust Table Runner. Do you have yours yet?)

As it often happens in my world - left over parts, pieces, units, and borders often become the quilt seeds for the next project down the road.

We went out last Saturday and got snowy blowy photos!

I LOVED everything about making this quilt. If it was blue or neutral it went in.

This is one of those projects where "If it's still ugly you haven't cut it small enough!" comes into play perfectly - There are even some Christmas prints with blue backgrounds in here.

And those neutrals!  Whew!  There are many that date back to the late 80's early90's.  Cut it small!

And the best part?  NO TRIANGLES happen in the construction of this quilt.

The pattern includes several varieties of strip sets to make your piecing go faster, but if you want to build the blocks as Leaders & Enders you certainly can. 4 shapes. The whole quilt comes from just 4 shapes. 

If I were to build this as Leaders & Enders I'd likely make strip sets, power cut them so I had stacks of subcuts, and then add the subcuts to each other as leaders & enders.  It's the best of both worlds that way.

I have dedicated this quilt to Sadie Jane -

This was one of the last quilts she supervised as I laid out the blocks and sewed them together.  She crossed the rainbow bridge in November of 2019.  We miss you, girl!

And also to Zoey Jo -

Who joined our little family in March of 2020 - the week that lock down started.  Little did we know how much she would fill our hearts and become such a huge driving force for happiness in our lives.

It seems only fitting that she snuck into the snow photo so we could get this PDF pattern up in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and ready for you.

The price has already been reduced 25% - no coupon needed and no shipping required!⁣
The introductory price is good through Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 (YAY! 2021!) and will revert back to $12.00 the morning of January 4th.⁣
This quilt would also be great in completely scrappy colors, or in whatever else inspires you to create.⁣
I can't wait to see where your scraps take you in 2021!

Those who saw my release post on Instagram and Facebook yesterday jumped right in to ask if Irene at  Cotton to Quilts was going to do blue color rolls to go with the Winter Blues pattern.

I talked to her last night and all I can say is that she is working on it, so stay tuned! I kind of sprung this release on her, but I have faith that she will offer blue color rolls on the Cotton to Quilts website soon!

Perhaps I could even entice her into offering up one for a Gift-Away, and I'll throw in the pattern for good measure? Stay tuned on that one. I'm brain storming as I type this!

Now that you know what I was busy with all day yesterday - I've got MORE desk work ahead of me today getting Part 6 ready for our Grassy Creek Mystery release on Friday. (Yes, FRIDAY! Not pushing this one to Saturday.)

Once that is done - I can move on to some other projects at hand - and the QPO really needs a good cleaning and organizing - the lint bunnies have taken over.

Anything interesting going on for your Wednesday ahead?

I would be totally remiss if I left Ivy out of the story -

Though she hasn't had anything to do with the quilt, she has helped keep my own Winter Blues at bay, and this pair is so fun to watch.

However, she loves to sleep CLOSE - usually on top of legs, or up by my head on my pillow - it makes it impossible to roll over, but that purr - how can I move her?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage quilt found in Texas.

There is no growth without struggle! And what a year for growing this has been.
If it makes you feel uncomfortable, or awkward - know that you are headed in the right direction!

Have a wonderful Last Wednesday of 2020, folks!



  1. I have recently moved to be closer to my daughter - today I am zoom sewing with my quilting besties YAHOO! We are lockdown here in Ontario so lots of zoom sewing has been happening and it is sew much fun to stay connected and inspired. Have a wonderful day Bonnie!

    1. So glad you are keeping in touch with your besties. I moved 3 years ago and miss my partners in crime.

    2. Zoom has been a big plus during this pandemic - I'm only 2 hours away and plan on visiting and retreating often with them. We started zoom sewing in March so we are quite the pros now LOL

  2. Love this Winter Blues pattern, Bonnie!

  3. Is it only Wednesday? My how the days go slowly when waiting for that offer on the house. Your Winter Blues is gorgeous. I better not let my mom see it or she will demand on pronto! My parents did the "camp by the fire place" for 4 days recently while power was restored and roads cleared from the snow dump in Cocke County, TN.

  4. oh yes zoey and ivy are a hoot! pretty blue and white...i think there is a song called "chasing the blues away" ann miller in "easter parade" maybe?

  5. Love this Winter Blue's Quilt and am envisioning it maybe in Grays for my daughter. Going to get the pattern either way. No sewing today, my 6 year old grandson is needing some Mawmaw time so I am going to pick him up later this morning. I will catch up later with my clues, when he goes back to Home School and Pawpaw goes back to work.

  6. Lovely quilt Bonnie! I adore the border! And Ivy! We have 3 cats that love to sleep near (or on) my head. Delilah on my left shoulder, Lucky on my right and Bonzo on my chest! It's no wonder I don't sleep well! I've achieved crazy cat lady status!

  7. Gorgeous new quilt. It makes my heart sing because I love blue and white quilts.

  8. What a beautiful picture of Miss Ivy. Now off to order the pattern. Blue is my favorite color and I have lots of it in my stash. Thanks for all you do for us quilters.

  9. Happy,happy,joy,joy!!!! I have been looking forward to getting this pattern since you showed it early 2019, seems so long ago now. So beautiful in blues but I can see it in reds or purples, greens.......and scrappy would be awesome as well. It's good to see another picture of Miss Sadie Jane again, such a sweetheart. Thank you, thank you - now the hard part - what color to make it in? :)

  10. Thank you, Bonnie. I have been waiting for this beautiful pattern. Enjoy your day and love on those fur babies.

  11. Beautiful quilt! And I must say, your quote for today resonated so well with me Bonnie. Thanks for all you do!

  12. I've been sewing scrappy 16 patches in anticipation of your pattern. I'm not disappointed! Ill be downloading your pattern in a little while. Thank you, Bonnie, for helping so many keep on keeping on during the time of covid. Happiest of new years to you and all your followers!

  13. I LOVE all the blue! And it is so pretty against the snow background! No wonder you just HAD to release it now! How sweet it is to see Sadie, then Zoey, with the same quilt; they are connected in your heart already,so the 2 photos are so fitting💕
    Now that my Christmas sewing is completed & gifted, I decided to get back to my L/E project. No, not the current one, but 2019’s, with the churn dash blocks! It’s been on my design wall for quite awhile...
    Looks like all 4 grandchildren may be staying with us into next year haha! That is, just overnight on N Y’s Eve... so no quiet sewing as originally planned with 9, 7, & 5 year old boys coming over, plus a 5 year old girl who fits right in with them!! It’ll be great to have them though!!
    Raining for the next 4 days... ☔️ Still joyful though! Happy hump day!

    Marci H

  14. Ah Bonnie, you sneaky woman! You got me right where i live with this new pattern!! Its beautiful!!
    Now I'm waiting to see what became of the blue and purple stars you were working on?!?!!!

  15. This looks like fun, and I will start on it as soon as a couple UFOs are quilted. I plan on doing it in greens for spring.

  16. I just bought your Winter Blues pattern! Thanks Bonnie for being so supportive and inspirational to all us quilters. Wishing you (and everyone!) the very best 2021 ever!!!

  17. Yeah! Bought the pattern and will be heading to the 1.5" strip drawer to pull. I think I'll work in a mix of colors, depending on what I see in the drawer. Maybe blue/green/purple, or green/brown/gray.... Decisions decisions

  18. Winter Blues is another winner!

  19. I just had to have this pattern. Love it a lot. Your pictures are so beautiful. I have had cats all my life but now I do not have one. I had to leave my kitties with my DH while I live next door with my senior Mom and care for her. I did take my little dog and have gotten a second one. The second one is young and not completely house broken so she stays in her kennel while in the house and on good days spends a portion of the day outside.
    I do love this pattern with easy construction.

  20. Ivy was so lucky to find you. My cats, thru the years, have been rescues. Currently we have a black one that found us when we lived in Bosnia. She is 12 now and when she chooses to sleep with us (on me) I wake up stiff and sore because I don't move at all. Can't upset our 4 legged ones!

  21. Thanks so much, Bonnie, I am just finishing shoo fly shoo so I need a new leader and ender since I skipped the one you released in July. What fun! Happy New Year! I love seeing pics of Sadie and your current buncha fur babies, too. Inspired by your quote of the day, I will contemplate as I sew...

  22. LOL, that sweet Ivy Lea. "Let Zoey sleep! Bring the camera closer, Miss Bonnie I'm ready for my close up". Such a diva.

  23. I loved seeing the pictures of Zoey Jo and ESPECIALLY the older ones of Sadie ... she was such a LOVE!! Happy New Year to you and your family. Wishes for HEALTH and HAPPINESS in 2021!! Linda

  24. Blue is my favorite color so I know I have plenty of stash to make this quilt! A new Bonnie
    pattern for me! Nice tribute to Sadie Mae! I am going to wrap up Clue 5 today. I just have geese assembly and cutting to do of the reds. 2020 certainly has been challenging for all of us. Here is to a better year in 2021!🥳

  25. I love this quilt, l can never resist blue and white. It's perfect for an Australian summer, reflecting the vivid blues of the sea and sky.... might have to sneak in some yellow for the hot summer days. Thank you Bonnie for the constant source of inspiration and encouragement.

  26. ordering as soon as I post this- and LOVE the border! oh I can see this in so many colorways.....and I want to gift a Christmas quilt for next year- maybe this is design??? Thanks Bonnie!

  27. What a beautiful cat Ivy Lea has become since she has filled out under care. Love all your fur babies and their antics. AND will gave to order Winter Blues pronto. I too love blues and whites, creams, etc.

  28. Thank you, Bonnie! I’ve been wanting the pattern ever since you made this quilt. I think it just sparkles with all the shades of blue.

  29. This winter blues quilt will be wonderful for my nephew Thanks Bonnie. Been trying to find a quilt that will look more masculine

  30. When I saw the header, I didn't recognize this quilt. I figured that I would go back and check later tonite. This a beauty! Thanks for your wisdom and positivity in 2020!

  31. Aww, I can't believe it is over a year since Sadie passed. I am so glad they leave paw prints on our hearts until we can all be together again.

  32. Happy NEW Year 2021 Bonnie and family.
    Thank you for your daily emails--a bright spot in my day.
    I LOVE that Ivy became part of your family. She looks happy and very healthy :) :) Zoey is a delight also. (I miss my kitty fur baby helper so much)
    God Bless

  33. Dear Bonnie,

    Love the Winter Blues pattern. Years ago, I made a blue and white nine-patch for our bed - over 650 three-inch nine patches! And yes, insanity does tend to run in the family. I want to thank you for helping us get through a rather difficult year. Your upbeat attitude and daily quotes helped a lot. I have really enjoyed reading the comments from quilters all over. May you and everyone else out there have a happy, healthy, prosperous 2021. I miss seeing your blog one day a week, but I think the media free day is a great idea for you and the rest of us. Happy New Year! Stay home all and stay safe.

  34. OH Bonnie: I will say Happy New Year here, as it is that time now , almost in Alaska!
    I Love Your Winter Blues Quilt, and had hoped to get a roll or two from Irene, but alas, she is sold out. But I will pre-order greens and neutrals. I do wish she made her cuts a full 9' or 1/4th of a yard. I and others could use them for so many more cuts. Now I need to at least need to get your Pine Tree pattern to make at least the table runner. I do like the quilt, too, but have so many on my plate as it is.

    Thank you so much and looking forward to sewing this next week. Making a no sew blanket for a grand niece that is 3 1/2 first. Plus, finishing some New Years treats tomorrow. Then I can concentrate on sewing.

    Your Ivy would fit in very well w/ my Bandit and Missy Miss Miss!

    Kasilof, AK
    Where it is cold and we got 4-5 inches of new snow last evening (WED)

    Take care and have a safe, Happy and Healthy 2021!

  35. Hi I saw a while back you posted about having lots of toile fabric. I thought you would enjoy seeing pics of Mimi Kirchner's tattooed dolls she makes with toile fabric. I love them but they are out of my price range here in New Zealand. https://mimikirchner.com/blog/ I particulalry love her lady acrobats and sailor dolls.
    Also thanks for your heart warming and inspiring blog. I don't have a huge stash but am thinking about cutting up what I have into strips. Plus a generous friend has given me free access to her huge scrap bin.


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