Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Quilting Before the Storm!

There was a flurry of activity at the QPO yesterday.

The big news has been looming for days - that Wednesday/Thursday could provide us with 3 to 5 inches of ice and snow and other "wintery mix" weather.

For the first time in years - with no travel ahead that weather could impede - I'm actually giddy about the first real dumping of the year.

Earlier in the month we had just a skiff - just enough to make things pretty around here. But it didn't stay long, no more than 24 hours, unless you were standing "where the sun don't shine."

I am hoping for more than this with this snow go-round!

All of the mail that I could get out went out by USPS closing time.  From there it was a "take the van back for its scheduled maintenance" now that the attack deer repair was done - I needed an oil change and a tire rotation ahead of this incoming storm.

After that was accomplished, it was back to the QPO to finish the quilting on the "little ditty" that doesn't have a name - I shared more on this little thing in Monday's Post.

I had a piece of batting just big enough - and used a taupe thread to quilt in an edge to edge design called Gossamer by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting.

I love the texture!

Kind of "webby" yet not.
Kind of echoing fans, but not really.

It is always a surprise when I look at my uploaded photos -

WHEN did I take a photo of the ceiling? LOL!

Likely when the phone was on its way into my back pocket!

Some of my earlier favorites -

Remember my vow to start using up lesser loved fabrics (especially big florals) as backings in future quilts?  I wasn't kidding.

I wouldn't call these lesser loved -

They take me right back to what I was doing in the early 1990s - making dolls and bunnies and dressing them in fancy dresses with ruffles, lace and ribbons.  

I loved these big Victorian inspired prints - and these pieces are left from that era.  Working with them was just taking me back - all the way back.

The yardage pieces had curved cut out areas, where I could tell - Yep, this is where I cut out a sleeve, or yoke -  or perhaps the pants part of a pair of bloomers or a little bunny jumpsuit. (yes - I dressed the dolls in the same ridiculous fashions we were wearing at the time! LOL!)

And this pink stripe!

Perfect for here -

This is the last of this piece - and I had YARDS of it at one time.  If the dress was floral, often the sleeves or bloomers were striped. And this pink version was all of the rage in 1990-something.

It was nearly 5:30 pm, getting dark and windy by the time I had the binding, sleeve and label in place.

I set in to the hand stitching last night - so many memories in my lap.

And so many thoughts swirling through my head.

Hunkering down for this winter storm doesn't feel much different than the hunkering down we've been doing all year.  Yes, the store was a madhouse - as totally typical of the South - all white items (Bread, milk, eggs, and toilet paper AGAIN!) were in short supply.

I have been feeling a bit emotional about a vaccine finally beginning to be distributed.  I listened on NPR about the first nurse in New York getting her shot.

I know it's a long road - but I am finally feeling hopeful that this will make a difference.

This morning, I read on Facebook that my friend John, who is working as a hospital chaplain received HIS first shot yesterday.  It's real.  It will take a long time to roll out, but I feel like I can stay safe and be patient!  It's happening.

I headed off to bed around 10pm, with visions of a snowy white wonderland floating in my head -

I awoke to this:

Frozen fog and icy rain - no snow.

Freezing rain had fallen during the night, but no beautiful fluffy white (though it still might come.)

I didn't realize just how icy everything was until I about fell on the deck while taking Zoey out for her morning business.  It is slicker than slick out there - dangerously so.

We just checked the gravel on the drive - and even the gravel is slippery and iced over.

I'm not going anywhere today!

Anyone want to join me in a Sew Day Ice Day?

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And there is more to come!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

When the days ahead seem impossibly insurmountable, I approach life like I approach a quilt.

One piece, one unit, one block at a time!

And that's exactly how I'll be spending my Sew day Ice Day!

How will you be spending your Wednesday?



  1. Every morning my DH and I talk about what we are going to do that day. Today, before I could get my list straight in my head, he said "you should sew". I said you're right :). Enjoy your sewing day too!

  2. We have another thing in common besides quilting! I also made dolls and bunnies and bears, oh my! Back at the end of the 80s and early 90s. So, I have some of that type of backing fabric you used. It's so much fun watching what you pull out of your "bag" every day! Have a nice snow and "sew" day. For me it's a rain and sew day. Have a great day, Bonnie!

  3. I want to sew but will probably be shoveling snow soon! Will make some soup to stay warm. String blocks sewing maybe later! Stay safe everyone! Happy Sew Day Bonnie!

  4. Enjoy your Stay Home Sew Day. I'll be doing a fabric pull/search/shop from home for a special baby quilt I'll be making soon. I'm also doing an inventory of UFOs, near Finishes, and new projects - then prioritize getting them finished.

  5. I am baking cookies. I haven't baked any for years & now that I'm home & retired. HA! I'm going to bake some. I may have to do a Wegman's run for more supplies before the main event starts here, but by golly by day's end I will have COOKIES. Enjoy your stay at home, sew day Bonnie

    1. My plans for today include a Wegman's visit too. Hope to get all I need for serving Christmas week before the big last minute rush. Enjoy!

    2. BETTY, be sure to include milk for the cookies you'll eat! lol

  6. That new finish - call it “leftovers”. 🤪😘😂

  7. That floral really took me back. Love everything about that quilt.

  8. Here in Missouri the old timers call your current gravel road conditions “slick ice on gravel roads.” As amusing as it sounds, it’s dangerous, for sure. Enjoy your day in staying safe. I’m hoping to finish my Clue 3 today. Thank you for another fun mystery experience!

  9. Love today's quote! Glad you are staying in, staying warm and doing what you love!

  10. Consider using "ort" in your name for your sweet crumb quilt. I'll be so jealous of you and all my fellow quilters today. I have to sew pjs. UGH! I'd rather eat dirt and have been putting this off. It's do or die and today's the day. I'll be thinking of all of you today with great envy.

  11. I did the bunnies, too. I even did a cow--dress, pinafore, and bloomers. Not to mention all the ragdolls! :)

    Enjoy your snowday/sewday.

  12. It is fun knowing you made those bunnies, too! I really like the back of your latest quilt. It is so fun too "use up" fabric we have have had for some time. Be SO careful on the ice, snow is a much better thing. This is the first day home from the hospital and my plan for today is to just enjoy the fact that he is back home! His diagnosis after much testing was vertigo. It is unpleasant but the treatment is helping and this is much less scary that all the things they tested him for.
    Susan in Iowa

  13. I had planned to go to my last quilt meeting of the year. We started back in September with only 10 of us attending. But last night my right knee started bothering me and this morning I am unable to put much weight on it. I am not sure what is happening, may need to see a Dr. if not any better. So I will finish up my clue 3 at home. I trimmed/squared up my HST last night and ready to add the wings to the bottom of 16 more blocks sets. We missed all the snow in MO it went north and south of us. We just have cold 20 degree weather. So enjoy your snow & ice sew day.

  14. I have your snow! I'd be happy to send it back. Fortunately the temperature is in the low 20s so I won’t mind being outside to shovel. I have nowhere I need to be, and plenty to keep me busy. No daylight until 10:10. Solstice is close.

  15. Since some of the pieces for your latest quilt are remains cut out from behind other pieces, hence, would not be seen if left on the quilt, how about the name Remains, to be seen. Yeah, my brain works in weird ways like that.

    1. The perfect name for that particular scrap quilt! What an incentive mind you have.

  16. Little ditty, perfect name for that cute little quilt! Love it

  17. We are just getting rain here, over the hill from you in Bristol. But I am a very happy camper as my son, a Covid ICU nurse in Denver, is getting vaccinated on Friday! My other son is an ER nurse and he will get it in the next two weeks. Big things to make a very scared mom a bit less worried about her boys!

  18. Just got home from a heart doctor check up. All is well and really this having to stay in and take life easier has been helpful for my health. Your big flower print reminded me of how I was taught to pick colors for a quilt in the 90's. Pick a floral you like the colors and pull those colors to make a quilt. It was a good way to choose colors. Have a nice day. Going to wrap Christmas presents since my clues for Grassy Creek are done.

  19. We are about three hours north of you, near Lexington, Va. It has been coming down as ice for about three hours, now. Extremely treacherous. Shall be finishing an appliqué project to give my daughter for Christmas.

  20. I'm so glad to see all your sewing and completions! I'm from North AR (Ozark Mountains) and we had snow last week. Only about 2 1/2 inches, but it's been so cold that it is still sticking around! I am slowly progressing on my quilt of blocks 1 1/2 inch squares made into 4 patches. I am sewing by hand as my fleet of sewing machines have decided to all be in a 'no sew' condition since Sept. One by one they are stopped working! So, sewing is going slowly around here, but it is enjoyable! Stay safe and warm on your mountain!!

  21. I’m in the Finger Lakes region of New York; we’re in the 7-8” projected range with snow starting late today and going through the night into tomorrow. . Thankful we are retired and won’t need to get out other than to fill the bird feeders and the heated bird bath. I do love a good snow when we can be safely tucked in at home! 🥰

  22. snow day here in frederick, md....working on a civil war small quilt...

  23. I think “Little Ditty” is a wonderful name for that quilt. Stay safe. If you get snow on top of that ice it will be really slick.

  24. Here in N. Alabama we aren't expecting any snow, just damp cold, but it is still Christmas and I am looking forward to decorating the tree with my granddaughter tomorrow. Between now and then I will be cleaning and prepping for that. Cookies sure sound good, though! Be safe, stay warm, and Quilt On!

  25. I lived on dirt roads for years and the ice doesn't melt as fast as tar roads! I have always keep pails of play sand by my doors to sprinkle on the decks. I buy a 50# bag at Home depot and it lasts a few years! Also keep some in my car! Stay safe! I've lived in NH all my life. Winter is just another season!! Lol

    1. I lived/taught in NH for 13 wonderful years.Moved there from teaching in Colorado. After 13 years, this Texan decided the winters were wonderful but too long and cold and returned to Texas. I remember the beautiful beautiful winters, skiing, going out in ice and snow. A challenge. I was in my 30's then. Much older now.

  26. Just love your second-chance quilt using what you cut from another quilt! Such a creative way to give new life to something that others may have thrown away. The backing is beautiful and I think one of those fabrics was used to create a beautiful dress for my daughters!!

  27. Since this is smaller than you usually make, how about "Itty Bitty Ditty"?

  28. The floral art the top of your baking is still in my stash. It was the first piece of fabrics l bought specifically for piecing..... but then was too special to cut up. And so it remained in the cupboard, going out of style as l looked at it year after year. I still like it and now l know where it's heading, on the back of a quilt. Thank you Bonnie

  29. That newly quilted quilt looks like when the first snow comes, and the bright fall leaves are still peeking out of the snow!

    In cleaning up from working on your lively Dancing Nine Patch pattern, getting ready to make latkes for my sons tonight. Everyone has finished final exams

  30. I have slick ice on mud, but staying home anyway!
    This retired and COVID19 stay at home year I have been going back 6 years to finish up the first quilts I started and got stuck on, more excitement than skill. I finished a Hunter's Star quilt. I started a HST quilt for a queen bed, had the first 12 16-piece blocks done and seemingly thousands of half square triangles ... before moving to a different state and sizing down. I redesigned the quilt around those 12 big blocks and find it more beautiful AND I am making leftover HST into friendship stars for a 60" square tablecloth. I yearn to start new quilts but with 15 outstandings... I compromised and decided one old one new!!! This set still leaves quite a bit of fabric leftover, but a quilt and a tablecloth is enough for now.
    I have never quilted so much before COVID19 and retirement. Some incorporate embroidery too, and one is using pieces from a huge old crocheted tablecloth I got at the thrift store and dismantled for a smaller table, plus a quilt.
    Happy holidays to all.

  31. Oh the fabrics in your backing! Pretty sure that I made myself a few dresses and shirts out of very similar fabric in the 90's. Still think the fabric is very pretty, but I probably would not wear something out of it now! Much better as quilt backing! Thank you for sharing your day and be careful!

  32. Oklahoma City got a nice treat, 3.5 inches of snow Sunday. Tuesday brought another 3.5.

  33. I had some of that backing fabric. I used it to make my daughter a skirt and fussy cut the flowers and appliquéd them onto a sweatshirt for a matching top when she was little. I made her a lot of those Daisy Kingdom dresses with those big floral prints. She hated them. She didn’t like ruffles and lace.

  34. We still have snow from last Friday/Saturday. My day was one Bean Bag at a time. Gotta use the scraps for something, if I can't stitch my Mystery blocks. Maybe tomorrow. Playing catch up with the parts already given. Thanks for the fun Gift-aways.

  35. Sounds a good plan to hunker down and stay safe, you know Lola is safe and warm now you have the heating fixed at QPO so just enjoy your sewing. Love to hear your memories of the fabrics you use for bothe the quilts and the backings.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  36. Bonnie, I think you should call that quilt "Little Ditty & a stripe" kind of rolls off the tongue. LOL Stay safe.

  37. I have a quilt on my bed using the same fabric as one of those in your backing. Oh the 90's with teal and mauve! Just a dusting of snow in Illinois. I seldom get out but delivered Meals on Wheels and made two trips to the grocery store. Glad I didn't have to trom through any accumulation.

  38. Bonnie, today you brought sweet memories for me. My dear mother used the words "skiff of snow" so many times and I don't recall anyone else, other than you, using that term. Best Wishes to you and yours!

  39. Wednesday was another baking cookies day! This time I made GF ginger oat cookies and GF oatmeal cookies with pecans,and dark chocolate bits.Still need to get binding cut for my husband's gift for Christmas.Have wonderful holidays.

  40. I'm always so envious when I see you all mention the snow!! I e never seen real snow and would so love to one-day experience it.
    Today has been the most wonderful day, it is my 63rd birthday 😱😱 🤣🤣 and got engaged to the most wonderful man. What a great way to spend my birthday!!

  41. Gee, Bonnie....if you want more snow, come up here to Endicott. NY!! We've got 41"..!!! We'll be HAPPY to share!! LOL

  42. No snow up here in the Adirondacks, thhank you, God. I have to take a friend to Burlington, VT., tomorrow! I don't miss those ice storms from when I lived in NC! I just can't do ice!

  43. Catching up on my reading. I LOVE the photo of your home with all the snow around. It looks so peaceful and quiet.. but so very remote as well. You are a brave gal for sure. BUT love all the seasonal scenery around your home.


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