Monday, December 21, 2020

When Leaders & Enders Get Real!

This was my #mediafreesunday activity!

And believe me - it took all day!

I tallied up the  Easy Breezy  blocks last week, affirming that I had enough for the size of quilt I want with this one.

For most intents and purposes - quilts that are around 70'' x 90'' mean they will fit a twin bed at Quiltville Inn, but also be large enough for naps on the couch.  

I've made some smaller projects recently, and though they are quicker to make, and bring great happiness and satisfaction, there are only so many spaces for wall quilts, or table toppers in my life.

Blocks and sashings - ready to get busy!

It all starts with the layout, and the spreading around of variety.

You can call it Quilter's Yoga - but yes I use the floor.  I prefer to use the floor - for as long as I can.

My spaces are open spaces and there is just not a wall space large enough for either a portable or a stationary design wall from floor to ceiling here.

This part took the longest -

The laying of the sashings and cornerstones between the blocks.

A bazillion pieces!

It was a podcast kind of day.  If you have an audible account, do you know they have great podcasts that are included WITH your subscription? I love crime dramas - and the 8 episodes of West Cork kept my ears happy while I was busy with the assembly process.

My goal was to simply build the rows across, while having all of the rows attached to each other in order by the chaining threads between the rows.  I call this "Webbing the top".  You may call it something else - but mostly I call it WONDERFUL!

In the morning sun off the ironing board.

The rows across are complete.

There are chaining threads holding seams together between the rows.

No popping of seams is the best thing about chain piecing.

Now I can simply sew row to row - 

And I know in which order they go.

I finger press seams during the assembly process so seams are easier to nest when the rows are joined to each other.

Today I hope to start the cross seaming of joining rows to rows.

If something like this feels too big and unwieldy for you,  You can cut between the rows into smaller sections - but don't cut between EVERY row.  Because you know - popping of seams!

Maybe work in segments of 4 rows together - or 6.

As each segment is completed, join it to the previous one.  

New from Irene at Cotton to Quilts!

For those anticipating the option of string piecing some of the future (Not saying when it will happen!) units for our Grassy Creek Mystery and wanting to enhance your grey string stash:

Introducing STRING TIME packs!  180 strips from 20 different 10 inch squares.  Strips vary in width from approximately 1'' to 1 3/4'' - PERFECT to add to your growing string collection!

This is not a kit.  It is a Stash Enhancer.  I do not know how many packages you would need to do ALL of the string pieced parts for Grassy Creek.  It is a delightful option of extreme scrap happiness!

Today is my first favorite day of December - and there are Four.  But today is the first one -

As anyone with seasonal disorder struggles knows - we celebrate the Winter Solstice because it starts getting lighter longer again from here. 

Tonight may be the longest night of the year - but it shows we've made it this far.  That things will get lighter, brighter and better as we move toward spring in this hemisphere.

The other three favorite days in December?  Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year's Eve - all pushing us through this year and into the next one - I am so hopeful with vaccinations starting out there, but we sill need to be cautious - there is a long road ahead.

You thought I was going to say the 4 Grassy Creek Release Days would be my favorites?  Oh, they fall right in there too!

My Monday will be picking up where I left off on Saturday.

The shipping department of the Quiltville Store will be closing at noon on Wednesday, December 23rd. The store itself remains open and you can place an order at any time, but shipping won't resume until January 4th.  We are giving the USPS a break as they work through this overwhelming backlog of packages.

I have been tracking many "feared to be lost" packages with texts that come to my phone letting me know that they have been scanned.  Two that I have been in conflict over with Paypal disputes imposed show that they will be delivered today.  Once they are delivered - cases will hopefully be dropped in my favor.

This has been such a crazy shipping season. Much more patience is still required on both sides.

One of the others - a "unauthorized transaction" is really a gust of hot air because records show that the buyer bought a digital pattern, and then accessed it through her email and downloaded it to her device.  My dashboard shows how many times a file has been accessed. How "unauthorized" can this be?  So hopefully that headache will be resolved in my favor as well.

Just morning thoughts as I throw myself into this Monday.

Anything wonderful happening for your day ahead?

Oh, and a huge congrats to my friend Mona, who welcomed her new baby grandson into the world yesterday about 3pm.  We are thrilled to watch her family grow.  Mama Caitlin and baby Brantley are doing just fine!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -
Have a wonderful Winter Solstice, everyone! ⁣



  1. I'm thrilled that it's the 1st day of winter...longer days are coming! I've got Christmas gifts traveling through the postal system now. The recipients know that they may get a late Christmas from me. As long as we are all healthy, that's Christmas enough for me. Enjoy your Christmas break...you've earned it!

  2. I love the layout of the leaders and enders project... I have read up on the webbing technique but have yet to try it... maybe with GrassyCreek... have a great Christmas week!

    1. Once you try webbing (it took me two tries to get it sorted out) you will never again dread assembling a quilt top for fear of getting the layout jumbled up.

  3. Totally scrappy heaven!
    Congratulations to Mona!
    So glad you are gifting yourself a Christmas holiday!

  4. I hope that when the disputes are served in your favor which they all should be that they are erased from your record of transactions as well. Especially the unauthorized use. Unbelievable that someone would be that dishonest to buy a pattern, download it and then say you charged them for something that they didn’t order. Looks like you had an extremely productive media free Sunday. Looking forward to the days getting longer and for the New Year

  5. Great project, Bonnie!

    In anticipation of grey string blocks, I've been saving the small end triangles from grey strips I've been using for cutting triangle units. They make great corners!

  6. I also look forward to the winter solstice and the days getting longer. I am not a fan of winter and long for spring!

  7. Love the quilt top! I like having the larger quilts too, same problem.... tall people. Lol. Have a great day!
    Sharon Riley
    Dyersburg Tennessee

  8. I also use the floor to lay out blocks and move them around. I feel just like you, it is quilt yoga or pulling of the muscles!!! Another one of your beautiful tops in progress!!!

  9. I mailed 14 boxes of homemade cookies on December 10. Most of those were supposed to arrive at their destination on December 14. So far I've only had confirmation that 2 boxes (the ones sent to Florida) have been delivered. It's 2020. What can I say? I refuse to get upset. I use USPS because the staff at our post office is friendly, our local mail carrier knows his people and keeps an eye on the neighborhood, and we need them now more than ever.

  10. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with PayPal disputes and that ridiculous unauthorized transaction. May it all disappear from the “to be handled” list today. My favorite day in December is the 28th, my birthday. I hope you have time to sew today!

  11. Love the webbing. However I don't have room to spread out the whole quilt nor do I have room to sew the BIG webbed quilt. So I work in 9 patch sections. That works for me.

  12. Can anyone tell me what the pattern is that the quote is shown on? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.
    Anna in IL

  13. adding sashings ad cornerstones to sew along blocks I did and hoping to have a flimsy to put next to the nativity for my husband this week- no tree for us this year.....happy stitching bonnie

  14. ok, bonnie! what did you do with Lola while setting out this quilt? or is it Ivy? cannot be sure which venue it was but you certainly are missing an important supervisor... LOL, you prolly left Zoey sleeping by the fire!!! What a job and so many pieces! Imma getting used to a quips n snips free Sunday, Merry Christmas to you and family, happy, healthy and stress free days ahead, getting longer bit by bit!!

  15. This is inspiring me to make some of those leader and ender blocks. I made my last quilt of the year a couple of weeks ago, and taking a much needed rest through this weekend. My son is coming to home to Shreveport from Austin on Wednesday, so I want to spend every minute with him that I can. Thanks, Bonnie for all the beautiful patterns!

  16. Bonnie, I also want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I follow you from No. California and enjoy it all. Have a good rest. So far I have made 3 of your mystery quilts and enjoy the results. Just beautiful.

  17. Bonnie, I love podcasts, too. Have you listened to Dr. Death? It is a true story about a doctor that went to medical school here in Memphis. But got accepted in TX has neurosurgeon. He did botched surgeries. Very, very bizarre!!

  18. Bonnie, I know all about the missing package dilemma - I sent a quilt to my nephew and his wife for Christmas. It was supposed to be delivered LAST monday. It was last scanned last wednesday, saying it would arrive late. It hasn't been scanned since then. Praying that it arrives there and is not lost...

    Thank you for your lovely blog! I am working on my leader and ender quilt also - I decided to do an alternate block with sawtooth stars. I love the way it looks on paper, and can't wait to see it done.

    1. Just tonight I got on the USPS website and filled out a missing package form. Mailed on the 7th, expected delivery on the 14th. Only tracking was it arrived in Los Angeles, then on the 13th, it was in transit, arriving late. Nothing since then. One package (out of 4) got delivered today. Two arrived in Kalmazoo, so they are getting close. But the 4th one, nothing. Maybe filing a missing package form will get it moving AND scanned.

  19. Oh, I love that Rumi quote; it evokes such a fun picture! Thanks, and Merry Christmas, Bonnie.

  20. Bonnie, I read your quote for the day to DH and he said here where we live that there is no sleeping, quiet, or slow roots in our part of the country. He said they are definitely riotous all winter long! Have a blessed Christmas and a happy and prosperous NEW YEAR! Love your stuff: blog, patterns, tips and tricks. THANK YOU!

  21. Wow! i have a long way go on that block. i think I have 50. guess I better get busy.
    Blessed Christmas to you and yours!

  22. I need to see if I can figure out the webbing process. I am constantly getting my pieces sewed backwards!!!

  23. So love your blog. I have three quilts that were ready to mail the last of november and two to finish. Covid stops everything when it gets you. I keep hoping my breathing will get better so I can get back to my machines, I miss them. Merry Christmas to all

  24. Webbing the top is the best trick you've taught me! Saves tons of times and makes for fewer mistakes.

  25. Lol..I couldn't help but laugh and smile when you called it "Quilter's Yoga". How true. Love reading your blog every day and the quotes are always inspiring. Today's quote by Rumi is no different. Working on the leader and ender from a year ago and deciding on the layout. Your scrap quilts are always amazing to me. Thank you for being you. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas to you Bonnie and your family and to all reading your blog.
    Vickie in IA

  26. First of all, I love the project you have coming together! And there is nothing better than a nap on the couch with a handmade quilt. I am glad to hear that you have resolutions going in your favor. I will be joining the mystery quilt this week, as things calm down. I might have to do the leader and ender challenge as well. Have a relaxing Christmas, and keep your fur baby shenanigans coming! I love them! ๐Ÿงก๐ŸŽ„

  27. Bonnie, another good blog post... I've ordered the strings, seemed like a good way for me to dip my toe into working with strings- thank you for pointing us in this direction. Sad to read people are so impatient with their orders, I'm assuming they aren't taking weeks/months or maybe I've been fortunate with things I've ordered all arriving in a reasonable amount of time. I'm intrigued by the idea of webbing, I'm sure you've probably covered it someplace but as of yet I haven't found where you explain the process...would you just mention it in your blog where it's at and I'll go read it. LOL I'm still finding all kinds of neat things on your website, I've been following you pretty faithfully since last year just before you released the first clue about FROLIC . I'm actually starting the last clue for it now, I know a bit behind, but I set it aside for awhile and I'm just getting back to it. As they say "it's not the Destination but the Journey" Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into these mysteries and to the other quilt patterns. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. Liz

  28. I finished the binding on the fourth quilt made this year last night. Activities here at our Continueing Care Community stopped in March leaving lots of free time! Now I just have to wait until it is safe to see family members to give them their gifts. May you have a blessed Christmas.

  29. I did about 90 easy breezy blocks and am sewing them into a top without sashing. It didn’t take long to collect/make 90 blocks so I started another leader/ender block with HST’s!!

  30. I'm so impressed with your quilt top all stitched and ready to sew the rows together. I've tried "webbing" and just can't get the hang of it. I think maybe my "chains" are too long between blocks. Back to the drawing board. Merry Christmas. The Inn is less than 2 hours from me. Visiting there is on my bucket list. As I'll be 68 in a week I guess I should move it UP on the list! Blessings....

  31. Bonnie,
    Merry Christmas and a big thank you from one of the "silent" people that are always on your blog and subscribed to your postings , I am amazed at the most beautiful quilts that you make, it reminds me of my younger days when my mom used to make "utility" quilts as they are called now.. but to snuggle under one is amazing when it is made with love! You are a blessing to so many people with your ideas, designs and instructions but mostly because you are a caring, sharing person.. please know you are appreciated by me and a lot of other ladies !!

  32. Love that quilt, it’s so pretty! My big news today is that I am getting sutures out from my total knee replacement surgery 2 weeks ago! I’m sure it will feel better after that. Looking forward to getting back to the machine


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