Thursday, November 12, 2020

Sewing in the Wee Small Hours -

This came to reach this point faster than anticipated.

That's what happens when kept awake by torrential downpours pounding on the metal roof of the cabin above my head.

And rain it did - CRAZY amounts of rain that started last evening about 6pm and continued all the way through.  

It was about 4:30am when I finally pulled my weary self out of bed and decided that it was doing me no good to just lay there and will the rain away.

A mug of coffee with the remaining pumpkin spice creamer in hand, I padded down to the basement studio. queued up my current audio book in my earbuds, and sat down to sew.

And before it was even 7am - wouldn't you know it - I had completed all of the remaining block sets.  DONE.  Like, just that fast?

I think I kind of like this early hour sewing routine.  But at some point today I am going to need a NAP!

What's next on the horizon for the Sugar Loaf quilt project?  Layout time.

The setting triangles are scrappy plaids, and I'll want to distribute colors and values around. That may be my #mediafreesunday plan.

For those who have asked - the pattern writing will happen when the quilt top is finished, quilted, bound and photography has happened.  It's in the works, and you'll know when it is ready as a pattern.

This is Ivy's "What.The.Freak?!" in cat-speak!

I was laughing so hard, and trying to snap this photo before they both ran away from me.

They had been playing - I turned around to find Ivy's bed upside down on the floor, and Zoey curled upon it as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

What a crack up!  I hadn't replaced her bed down here in the basement studio since the day she un-stuffed it leaving what looked like a tribble explosion all over the floor.

Maybe it's time to take pity on her and get her a NEW bed for down here - but it needs to be indestructible.

Yeah Zoey - Somehow that just isn't going to work!

So let's get down to business here - you know what day it is?

Electric Quilt is releasing a THIRD EDITION of Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns -IN PAPER (Not digital) with a beautiful hard cover!!

The graphics are no longer hand-drawn.  They are in COLOR, not in black and white pen and ink.

AND....they asked me to give a review to be printed IN the book.  Can I just jump up and down and burst now?

Here's the nitty gritty I get to let you in on:

The Electric Quilt Company and Barbara Brackman are bringing you the THIRD EDITION of Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns! With FULL COLOR AND LINE DRAWINGS of over 4,000 pieced quilt-block patterns (including 161 new ones!), this fabulous resource book should be in every quilter’s library! 

Pre-order and SAVE 30% through November 24 at ElectricQuilt.com

That's right!  Save 30%!  Got any quilty friends or family on your Christmas gift list?  At 30% off you could save yourself some $$$ and make your quilty folks extremely happy.

Not only that - Electric Quilt is providing me ONE COPY to gift away to ONE LUCKY Winner!

Looking for entry 4493 out of 8201 entries!

Donna Caldarise - this is your prize!

Congrats, Donna!  Please reply to the email I sent to the address you provided with your entry.  I'll get your info on to the folks at Electric Quilt, and they will be getting your book to you - projected shipping around mid-December.

And my thanks to Electric Quilt for offering up this terrific prize.

Those of you who didn't win - head over (link in text above) and order your own copies at 30% off FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Our Nearly Lemoyne New Pattern Sale continues!

9 pages of full color photos, packed with instruction, tips, tricks and helpful hints!

Scrap happy and jelly roll friendly thanks to the use of my Essential Triangle Tool! 

Pick up this pattern for 25٪ off through Friday - no coupon code required.  You'll find it in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store along with :

Lisa's Appalachian Autumn top finish!

"Hi Bonnie,  My first ever Quiltville experience.  The design and colors really spoke to me as this captures a Fall in the Northeast, central New York state specifically; vivid foliage against stormy gray sky. 

Looking forward to having it quilted.  Thanks again and I enjoy your blogs."

Great finish, Lisa!  

Have you finished your Appalachian Autumn quilt yet?  Made blocks into a runner, or a couch sized version?  Share photos of your progress with me by clicking the email button beneath my signature line below.

What's up for my Thursday, other than that projected nap?  Desk work day.  I doubt there will be time for sewing.  But we shall see.  If there is time, I'll be hitting up those Snails Trail blocks.

After today the rain should be gone, but temps will also be lower (It has been weirdly warm - it was 71 yesterday at 6pm when I got home!) and I will miss the warmer weather until Spring.

Chicken is thawing in the fridge - i have plans for an instant pot meal tonight.  A friend gave me a couple of butternut squashes from her garden, so something yummy is on the horizon.

How about your day ahead?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Wonky Wishes quilt pattern available in the pattern singles section of the Quiltville Store.

Patience is not about doing nothing.
Patience is about constantly doing everything you can, but being patient about results.
Have an awesome Thursday, everyone!



  1. Congrats Donna!

    Bonnie I'm working on snail tail also practicing for the upcoming mystery quilt-along. I'm struggling with the triangles but not giving up. Cheers! ~M

  2. I love my naps especially in the winter when I can snuggle up with a quilt and my puppy.

  3. It’s a sewing morning for me as I wait for the remnants of Eta to leave Florida... 💨💨

  4. Our 31 year old granddaughter has been off the vent for a week now. COVID nearly killed her. Gonna go sew something to celebrate!

    1. that is awesome! Hope she continues to progress & do well!

    2. Great news! Best wishes for her improvement and looking forward to when you say she is coming home!

    3. So happy for her, you and her family. Prayers for a quick and complete recovery!

  5. I really love the combo of shirts + printed light neutrals that you've been using in your Sugar Loaf blocks. This quilt is going to be beautiful!

  6. We hsd chicken and butternut squadh last night. Added chinks of sweet potato to the squuash and carmelized it in the oven

  7. Best dog bed I ever bought and the only one my German Shepherd didn't/couldn't destroy: The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo. It can be found on Amazon among other places. Zoey Jo will love it. Enjoy your day, Bonnie!

  8. So happy I went through my stash and found my fabric for Grassy Creek. Now I can't wait for the clues to come so I can sew a new gem

  9. Oh! My gosh! I can't stop laughing at Zoey with Ivy's bed. A much needed belly laugh...Thanks for the photos!

  10. I have totally enjoyed Butternut Squash this year! It is Zero points on the Weight Watchers Blue plan! LOL Chunked up and baked is my favorite, although I have steamed it in a skillet with a spray of olive oil.
    Just love seeing the antics of your pets! So sweet and cute!

  11. Regarding dog and cat beds. I buy regular bed pillows at some place like Walmart for around $5. Then I put a pillowcase on it. Easy to wash the pillowcase and if they chew it up or it gets stained, it is cheap to replace. You could even buy Kevlar to make a cover which is the stuff bullet=proof vests are made of.

  12. I started to sew for an hour a day most mornings when I started to make my Texas Braid quilt. I knew I would never just sit down and work on it. Doing it this way and a couple of regular sewing sessions and Imwas able to finish it up in 3 months! The first quilt of mine to ever be slept under by us! It also lit a fire under me to work on other things during jy regular quilting times. It's a habit I continue to this day. I managed to build almost 200 nine patch blocks during the construction. It's kind of like the domino effect! LOL!

  13. I finished starching the last of my fabric for the upcoming mystery quilt. I am chomping at the bit

  14. Maybe you need to get Ivy a bigger bed so they can share! It's funny how Zoey tries to fit!

  15. Dogs seem to love the poly filling. Some one for our local animal shelter suggested we use the slivers and very tiny offcuts of cotton fabric to stuff a pillow case and donate as dog beds. It seems that they can wiggle the filling around to suit but they aren't tempted to tear it apart. I have given a friend 2 bag/mattresses for her cats and they enjoy them. When they get too odorous you should probably have another lot of scraps for a new bed. I keep a small laundry hamper with a pillow case liner next to my cutting table and all the non usable bits get swept into it.


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