Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Monday on the Run!

Baby Christmas Trees growing up on Grassy Creek!

The tree harvesting continues - huge trucks driving past the QPO all day long.  If the weather weren't so blustery yesterday, I would have stood out front and just waited to get some really good photos of them passing by.

But the chilly wind was blowing everything sideways, and there was too much else going on to just stand in the driveway waiting for a "possible" photo op to happen.

The trees you see here are about year 2 - it takes 7 to 8 years for a Christmas tree to reach harvesting height.  

And can I say that even toward the end of November - I love that the grass is still pretty green here.  I crave green in the depths of winter.  This helps me hang on just a bit longer!

This was on yesterday afternoon's agenda!

And it didn't go as swimmingly as I thought -

For the first part - have you ever had this kind of thing happen?  Possibly the BUSIEST blog day of the year happening only a few days away on Black Friday with the release of  Grassy Creek Mystery, part 1 - and because the Hubster has the week off of work, he thinks that I should have the week off, too?

I told him that I wish he could have taken off NEXT WEEK, but that's month end, and in his line of work - you can't be off during month end as an accountant.

So mail went out in the morning, and I started to piece a backing in the afternoon in the midst of him moving my cutting tables away from the window so that he could replace my blinds that were refusing to go up or stay up.

Don't get me wrong - I'M SO GRATEFUL!  It was just a lot going on and I really wanted to load a quilt!

This backing happened from the "Make it go away!" box.

I have no idea where the Civil War red stripe came from, but there were 3 yards of it.  Not enough for the whole backing, so I pieced the center panel out of hunks and chunks with the same vintage feeling.

It will do.  It took 7 yards out of that box! While I love it when I have a piece of yardage big enough for the whole backing - it feels equally good to have other cuts like this leave as a back as well.

The quilting was ALMOST a disaster.

The machine started behaving erratically toward the end of the first pass.

I was in a panic.

Not only is machine quilting awful to pick out when the tension is perfect, but the stitching is wrong - it is doubly so when the fabric has a homespun texture and the quilting threads are really sunk into it.  I felt like I was catching the threads of the fabric more than I was catching the quilting thread.  AUUGH!

What was the problem?  This is where the aggravation of the "hanging of the blinds" became complete gratitude, with a huge serving of humble pie on the side.

It turns out that the "Thingie" that connects the machine firmly to the cables that move the machine robotics had come loose, likely through machine vibration over time.  So the computer could only move the machine front-to-back, not sideways.  the sideways cables were free wheeling with no tension on them whatsoever - 

It took a few minutes with the right Allen wrench to tighten the "Thingamajig" to the cable, and I was once again right as rain.

Edge-to-edge design called Storm Watch.

Don't you love the Scottie dogs!!?

There is one color of thread that I use probably more than any other -  a sandy antique gold color.  It is just right for so many of my scrap quilts.  No particular brand, I have several various shades of this color by different companies, all good.  Signature and Superior are two brands that I use quite a bit.

I didn't even make it half-way, but at least it is on the machine and getting there.  And I'm grateful that the machine issue was an easy one to solve, even if it had my heart in my throat for a while until we figured out what the problem was.

I spent my evening doing this:

These two! I love how Ivy loves Zoey, and how Zoey will tolerate a cat tongue bath!

The binding on the Blue Spruce runner using my Pine Tree Point pattern is finished!  

Evening shadows show the quilting detail!

This quilting design is called Woven Wind. It has such a great "fan" texture, but is quilted more like a clam shell.  

For thread color on this one, I used a pale blue-grey.

How is your own Pine Tree Point quilt coming along?

You’ll find the PDF pattern for Pine Tree Point, including both the lap size and the runner in the Digital Patterns section of the Quiltville Store.

I just had SO MUCH FUN making this runner, and it is now on my dining table at the cabin.

At least through Thanksgiving when I'll switch it out for the green/red version.

Tuesday continues - and with The Hubster officially off of work for the week - he is putting on his inn keeper's handy man hat and is already on his way to Lowe's.

The honey-do list is being tackled.

All smoke alarm batteries in the inn have been replaced.  Shelves have been added to the "end of the shower" space for guests to put their toiletries in both upstairs baths. (Will get photos later.)

Today's job is to begin the process of replacing the "stupid" blinds in the Quilting Quarters with easier-to-clean (and easier to raise and lower) plantation blinds.

While that is on-going - I'll be finishing (hopefully) up this quilt and taking care of the graphics for Friday's Grassy Creek, Part 1 post.

The last of the Thanksgiving week groceries will be picked up in town when I head for a chiropractic appointment this afternoon.

My ducks are nearly in a row!  How are things coming together on your end?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This is all you need to get started! Just start where you are with what you have and do what you can!
This also applies to our Mystery that officially starts on Friday!

Are you excited? I know I am!

Have a wonderful Tuesday, everyone!



  1. I felt your pain reading about your machine issues, I've had similar ones with mine and thankfully mine was an easy fix too. Since I live so remote and don't go to town often I stocked up on all the food I need to make dinner, for us. I'll make pies tomorrow because that truly is my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Mystery fabrics are stacked and ready so I think I'm all set.

  2. today is a bit of baking and a few house chores...for sure that zoey is missing her mama big time...

  3. Yes yes yes I'm ready to start the mystery! It's been a while since I've done a mystery. And i love the colors!

    I think I would love to live where I could watch Christmas trees grow. I would like to see the harvest too. Looks so calming in your pictures.

    What kind of quilting machine do you have?

    Sharon Riley
    Dyersburg Tennessee

  4. Hey! We match! I picked up my groceries yesterday after my chiro appt. Hate getting home when it's dark though. And yes I'm ready for the Grassy Creek Mystery. Will your new quilt be a pdf pattern? It's really cool! Have a great Tuesday. I'm off to undecorate so I can re-decorate. First up is the changing of the quilts. Let Christmas begin! YAY!

  5. Bonnie, I am anxiously awaiting the start of the Mystery quilt this year. I didn't get to make last years mystery so I promised myself that the mishaps of 2020 weren't going to stop me this year. Thank you so much for sharing all that you do. Living alone and being in the age and health catagory that is deemed as unsafe to be out I have been mostly quarenteened all year so I look forward to your daily post and positive outlook. Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Hi, Bonnie. Funny thing is you mentioned this panto in a blog post in April 2012. With info from comments on that post, I found a current link to the panto, but I didn't see a designer name there either. Here's the link: https://www.quiltersniche.com/swirls-page-1/scf-133-storm-watch

  7. Murphy's law! and I, too, hate frogging. My machine has a life of its own and it doesn't hesitate to remind me! Its the worst when you are STANDING at the machine. I can't wait for the pattern. I have a HUGE stack of plaid. Happy Tuesday.

  8. Ivy and Zoey have been so fun to watch this year, as well as Lola of course. Thank you for sharing their antics!
    Gina in Missouri

  9. we all need the deep breaths reminder this year- thanks Bonnie

  10. Yes I'm ready for Mystery season. However, I've decided not to wash my fabric and as the days tick by I'm getting nervous about biting off more than I can chew. Don't know if I'll make the suggested size or a wall hanging but I'll trust the process and more importantly trust you, Bonnie, to walk me through it.

    Your babies are adorable!!

  11. Ivy and Zoe remind me of my daughter's Boston Terrier (terror), she would climb on top of the black lab and the boxer and clean their ears as they were sleeping up against the couch. I have never seen a dog do that before. So glad you got your machine fixed and binds hung. Little things in life make us happy. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  12. Has anyone else gotten the new issue of Quiltmaker. Page 9 makes me think of Bonnie. The quilt maker must be a fan!

  13. I love how your backings turn out. It makes perfect sense to me, to use up the fabrics that you really don't want to put into your tops! Resourceful and creative!

  14. Love the photo of Ivy grooming Zoey. That is true love!

  15. Got a late start this morning, but have all my cleaning done for the next 3 days...worked ahead. Got my groceries last week! Don’t dare set foot near the grocery store the week of any holiday. Got pancakes cooked to freeze for the hubs, potatoes in the oven, and all that’s left on my “must do” list is to pay bills for December. Once I have that done, it’s off to sewing. Should finish piecing blocks for a challenge quilt. Only have 15 left. They are small. Then I get to start the layout process. Can’t wait! Most of the quilt is made with scraps from my MIL. I love the fabric she buys, but it isn’t something I would purchase myself, so I can’t wait to see how the quilt turns out. No holiday celebration for me this week, but Thursday will be spent doing take-offs for my new kitchen counters. Hoping to pick up the solid surface material during their Black Friday sale. It’s the last big thing before all is a go for kitchen reconstruction. Yeah! Been waiting 22 years for this! Everyone have a wonderful week!!!

  16. Oh. Nooooo!! Ripping out machine quilting has to be one of the worst tasks... what takes only 5-10 minutes to put in takes hours to rip out. Glad you were able to diagnose and remedy so quickly. How fortunate the Hubster was home.

  17. Love that Zoey and Ivy....just too cute!!!

  18. With your comments re use it up, I was so reminded again of my grandmother. We lost my grandfather when I was only five but luckily I have many memories as they often took me to stay. After he passed, I frequently stayed with my grandmother so she could stay at her beloved farm in the summer at least. And she quilted crazy quilts. They were utilitarian and all were tied rather than quilted. They were all made from fabric people gave her and the batting was old cotton blankets. They have not held up well but I made all my grandchildren teddy bears out 8f them. I intend to make pillows out of the rest of the usable pieces. But I so enjoyed my time with her as she sewed these. She was kind, generous with her time. My mother was a wonderful seamstress but often lacked patience to teach a little girl. But Grammy - she made all the difference to me.

  19. It was a day of drippy skies here in Nebraska. That means that we stayed inside not anywhere that I could sew. Waiting for Friday Sew-Day. Thanks for the time you take away from hubsters week off.

  20. Yep,when the quilting machines not happy nobody's happy.Gave up on mine and walked home.Tomorrow's another day

  21. We are excited!!! Thanksgiving week is the best for so many reasons. Pretty sure I need a blue spruce table runner in my future. I love it!

  22. Bonnie you are awesome and I just love reading your blogs and learning to make your quilts. It may take me a bit longer to make a quilt but my goal is to finish it with love. With all you do, do it with your whole heart.

  23. Great week of baking. I am ready for a new Mystery. Thank you.

  24. So pleased your long arm problem was an easy fix, it’s always frustrating when things we rely on don’t work properly. Ivy is so cute washing Zoeys ears, your are so blessed to have these two sweethearts in your life.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx


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