Saturday, November 14, 2020

End of Fall Splendor -

Yesterday was a 16,000 step day.  From the moment I saw the morning's forecast, all I had on my brain was to get my Friday work cranked out so that I could be amidst nature's beauty by mid-afternoon.

I know these lovely late fall days are numbered.  I know freezing temperatures, sleet and snow are in our near future.

But not yesterday - 

It had been several weeks since I had walked past the "round house" on Round House Road. 

While much work has been done to take down brush and trees in the yard, The structure itself is looking a little worse for wear.  I haven't seen anyone working on it in a while.

I am hoping that someone will cover up the holes in the roof before snow season really begins!

We have had a lot of rain this week.

And the creek that runs down the side of the road, emptying into the New River was rushing.  I didn't stop to take a video, but tried to capture the water by photo.  I just love the sound of rushing water.

Puffy clouds, blue sky and sunshine.

I would say the temps were close to the mid 60s f, and I was comfortable in just a denim shirt (always an accessory) over my t-shirt.

Brilliant oranges and rusts still visible on bushes and shrubs.

It's hard to capture -

But even this little scene with the rusty reds, yellow greens and the grey of the stone brought to mind our upcoming Grassy Creek Mystery.  It looks like there was a bit of deep dusky purple in there too.

Brilliant orange!

Isn't this gorgeous??

Lovely old barn, rusty colored trees -

Incredibly blue sky!

Walking back up towards the Halsey place.

I imagine that this house was once so full of joy and laughter and happy memories.

The view from the McMillan family cemetery.

And a shot of the little dam spillway on my way back home.

This is the same Wilson Creek that runs behind Quiltville Inn. 

What was the rest of my day centered around?


This is the back room at the QPO.  I had been bemoaning the fact that there wasn't a "countertop" back here as I had been finding myself assembling my lunch at my Quiltville Store workstation.

Believe me, you don't want to be spreading peanut butter in the vicinity of book signing.

I remembered I had another folding table in the garage/shop.  I did some measuring.  It would fit right over the fridge and I'd have more space for the Keurig, my little air fryer, and a place to make a sandwich, get a bowl of soup ready for the microwave - room for meal and beverage prep!

This area is also where I have been storing extra case of books and boxes of shipping supplies.

I whittled that down a bit by also reorganizing my store shelves, and anything that I wouldn't be getting to within a 6 month period was relocated to the garage/shop.

I have breathing room!  And it feels so great.

However, by the time I got home I was SO tired that no stitching happened.  I was in bed by 8:40.  I slept through until 7am this morning.

Which means - no sewing happened last night, and early morning sewing was skipped this morning as well.  Getting myself well rested seemed to be what my body needed.

Today though - WATCH OUT!

Jeani's Appalachian Autumn finish!

Oh my goodness - gorgeous red leaves with a beautiful quilt!

"My first Bonnie quilt! Loved yours from the start and pleased how mine came out.....and in time before the picture taking opportunity disappears! Thanks! Love your blogs and the group, I see more scrappy in my future!"

Jeani - your photos are breathtaking!  Thank you so much for sharing them with us - and I can't wait to see what you stitch up next!

The response for my newest pattern has been overwhelmingly wonderful!  Thank you so much!

My new Nearly Lemoyne PDF pattern has 9 pages of full color photos, packed with instruction, tips, tricks and helpful hints! ⁣⁣
Scrap happy and jelly roll friendly thanks to the use of my Essential Triangle Tool! 

The PDF pattern for Appalachian Autumn  and Nearly Lemoyne are available in the Digital Patterns section of the Quiltville Store.

I can't wait to see your progress as you work on this quilt - email me some photos!

How are things looking for your Saturday ahead?  Any plans for the weekend?

I am looking forward to tomorrow's #mediafreesunday, and will catch up with you back here on Monday!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Start by appreciating the little things! The happiness I have found this year has really been through gratitude.
Like this morning's brilliant sunrise and the start of a beautiful Saturday ahead. ⁣
And much quilting time!



  1. I love seeing the colors of the next mystery quilt during your walk! Enjoy every moment of good weather while you can. Our morning starts with some sunshine today after several gloomy wet days. Just makes you feel "better" when the sun shines, even if it is cold out. Mary / https://stitchinggrandma.wordpress.com//

  2. I love your blog. I really need to vacation in your area. It is just beautiful.

  3. A long walk in fresh air always helps with sleep.

  4. Thank you for showing the beauty of nature. Have been going from work to home and home to work. Because my county has lots of COVID cases, I am trying to stay away from people. I realized I am staying away from the changing of the season and beauty.

  5. Did a drive with my friend and her Mom yesterday up the mountain in Hot Springs, AR. We needed to catch it because storms heading in today and the leaves will do most of their final let go. There was beauty in the sparseness and the drive was lovely. Today going back to work on En Provence and see what I can get done. I was sewing sections together in my dreams last night. LOL

  6. I so love the blue sky of autumn and it is everywhere in your pictures! Enjoy your Sunday.

  7. I hope someone fixes the “round house” too! I love looking at it in your blog posts! Thanks for sharing your life with us. Did your son get back to Oregon yet?

  8. Love those folding tables, especially the height adjustable ones. I have 2 that I use often for various projects. Love your blog and everything you do for us to keep us occupied thrugh out the holiday season. Thank you so much! Can't wait to retire end of December so I can work on the many patterns of yours that I just love.🥰

  9. Jeani - you win in the "Best Backdrop" category for App. Autumn quilt photos. :) Lovely finish.

    Thanks for the neighborhood photos, Bonnie. I did some purging/organizing/rearranging this week, too. Feels great.

  10. I'm envisioning you "dancing" in the QPO and hiking those hills tomorrow... without the 'gotta do' blog... FREEDOM... your photos of the area are, indeed, breathtaking. Those big old abandoned houses bring a little ache, i want to go fix 'em and re-populate with families and fun. sigh... it's amazing the amount of space and empty acreage, you've found a wonderful area to land. Blessings and gratitude, I'm so glad my friend introduced me to Scrappy Bonnie! Thank you.

  11. Autumn is such a beautiful season - crisp weather to rejuvenate us, and at the same time a season to reflect on all we have to be grateful for. thank you for sharing your life with us, love the water photos today. And oh my gosh the photo of Jeani's quilt in those gorgeous red leaves - stunning. Our state (NM) goes back into "restrictions" due to surging numbers and limited healthcare facilities & staff. Take good care and Enjoy your weekend.

  12. that blue blue sky so reminds me of when we lived in Idaho! thanks for the post

  13. Thank you so much for the pictures! Glad you got some much needed rest. Yes, a grateful heart will give us strength to persevere. May your Sunday be filled with peace.

  14. Your quote reminds me of another similar quote...If you aren't happy with what you've got...you'll never be happy with what you get.

  15. Looking forward to pulling Christmas fabrics to use in Nearly Lemoyne just purchased.

    Yes, I also wondered how Jason’s return to Oregon went. Did he share any more pics of the places he stopped at along the way back West?

    To all posting, enjoy your day ... and Bonnie, especially pay for media free Sunday!

    1. I'm looking forward to using the Nearly Lemoyne pattern soon, after the holidays. I think it might be perfect to use some (totes!!) of 30s fabric that someone gave to me a few years ago. I want it to have a homey, vintage look... hope it works out as I've planned! Love your blog, Bonnie... from a fellow scrapaholic!

  16. Enjoy the warmer temps for now and all the wonderful color on your walks! I am so appreciative of the beauty you share from your walks and the grand quilts you have prepared with patterns to be purchased.I am starting on food preparations for Thanksgiving, anything that can be frozen until needed. Since I am the only one who likes mashed rutabagas, I do them early.Making homemade cranberry sauce and GF apple and pumpkin pies will be just before the big day, though!
    An early Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family.

  17. Wonderful pictures, Bonnie. Thx for sharing.

  18. Thanks so much for all the beautiful fall pictures! We don’t get a whole lot of color in central Texas. It tends to go from green to dead overnight..😂😂. But, we have the most amazing sunsets! I really loved the photo of the fence with the barbed wire roll hanging over the post. Looks like a Texas photo. Have a wonderful unplugged Sunday tomorrow.

  19. Thank you Bonnie for your blogs!

    I Loved seeing all the fall colors; ours are gone. Winter has begun here.

    I also loved the beautiful Appalachian Autumn quilt, and those beautiful, awesome red maple leaves just made my heart soar! I Love maple leaves, and especially the red ones, and so many in one place!

    No sewing today, as I have to work on finalizing some things outside while I can. But I hope to be doing some Sunday and Monday. I can't wait for the mystery quilt to begin!

    Kasilof, AK

  20. Alwaus fun to take a hike with you. Seeing the views through your eye of the camera. Definitely some dusky purple planned for my Grassy Creek Mystery. You were tired to sleep in. Have a great Media free Sunday.

  21. I love your hikes and the pics that you share as well as the sewing and organizing. Where you live is beautiful and it would be so much fun to go walking there. Looking forward to more sewing and hiking blogs. <3

  22. What a thrill to see my Appalachian Autumn on your blog! Thanks. I've loved seeing all the others along with your daily progress which keeps us inspired!

  23. Gorgeous photos of the countryside. Loving the new patterns!

  24. I recently dug into organizing my garage. It was a good feeling. So much stuff that was no longer useful was eliminated and I did such a good job my husband even noticed. He rarely does. An example is the time I moved a piece of furniture and 6 months later he said something about it. Been doing some of the same in the Hen Den to get ready for the mystery. Love your blog. You brighten each day.

  25. Love your photos. Makes me want to go to your area! Such inspirations.


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