Friday, November 06, 2020

Plaid Treasures!

Lookie what I found!

Oh, I knew I had these somewhere!  I couldn't remember which bin they were in.

And the truth is, in moving bins and tubs - some weren't even looked into before they were loaded up and carried off to the wilds of Southwestern Virginia -

I had been bemoaning the fact that the bin of recycled shirt-parts-of-generous-size (meaning they were whole fronts, backs and sleeves, not string piecing or strip bits) were still in the basement studio storage area at the Wallburg house.

I had finally decided what will happen in the next phase of the long languishing Sugar Loaf quilt, and was eager to start cutting ahead for it, but was limited on hunks and chunks large enough to get the pieces that I need for setting triangles.

I am close to having enough of these!

Being able to see what is inside is crucial!

Can I let in on another little secret?  "Free" containers are something I can't bear to throw away.  Do you find yourself repurposing things like this too? I hate to see them end up in the landfill.

These boxes hold my printer invoice forms.  The first time I saw them I yelled "PROJECT BOX!" and did a little happy dance.

My problem now is forcing myself to let go of the overflow - I need to share some with quilting friends and lighten the collection, but my brain keeps saying "MINE MINE MINE!"

I admit it. My life is defined by organizer containers. My sons have joked that they plan to bury me in Rubbermaid.  LOL.

Block kits ready for the next step.

While most of these plaids were from the little parts recycled shirt bin, I think those Den Haan & Wagenmakers plaids will work in just fine.

How many of you have been reading me since my trips to the Netherlands back so many years go? Yep. These are from then. It's about time they stop just staying pretty, and actually get sewn into something.

I am having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the time change, and have been up since 4:30 - so excited about being back in tune with this project, I padded down to the basement sewing studio quiet as a mouse, tuned in to listen to a podcast on my headset and began to sew:

Maybe 4:30am is too early??  LOL!

Time to hit the Keurig!

Zoey Jo says "TOO DANG EARLY, MOM!"

And oh - this happened last evening - so cute:

I had to way zoom in -

But look at Zoey's face...LOL!

This unlikely pair are just so fun to watch.

On the Facebook front - No matter what I try I still can't get my personal profile to claim my old business profile.  It's just a no-go.  So I am continuing (as long as I am able) to let folks know that I am moving the page to one that IS connected to my personal profile so I can be an authorized page publisher.  So far we have about 20% off my following moved over.

If you follow me on Facebook, would you please give my new page a like

If you don't follow me on Facebook, this message is not for you - so you don't need to comment that you don't do Facebook, okay?  Thanks!

Any Facebook posts about our new Grassy Creek mystery will be posted to the NEW PAGE and our Quiltville's Open Studio group page.  Info will NOT go to the old page.

Here we are at FRIDAY already!  

It's a beautiful day beyond my windows at the QPO.  Today should see the remaining Quiltville Store ruler and merchandise orders packaged and on their way.  Thank you so much for your patience - we were SLAMMED from the moment the introductory post to Grassy Creek went live.

For those still waiting to order a Simple Folded Corners ruler - I  have added more of the large ones to the store.  The Simple Folded Corners mini  is still out of stock at my supplier, but should be back in soon and I will get them added as soon as they are available.


Photo by Jodi M!

If you are using the 3-in-1 color tool in place of paint chips, please know this - you can print the pdf of paint chips from the link given in the introductory post, or just look at it on your screen to find the corresponding color (OF YOUR CHOSING, there are no wrong choices.) from the color tool.

Jodi compiled her interpretation as:

Red = orange-red 20-12
Orange = orange 21-28
Gold = orange-yellow 23-29
Green = Chartreuse 2-28
Gray = ?? Dark shade/tone of light violets?

My thought is - don't over think it.  You should be pushing the boundaries of each color family and they shouldn't all be the same dye lot.  Red is red, orange is orange etc - there are no wrong colors.  Use several shades of each color.

I hope this helps.  My thanks to Jodi for her post in our Open Studio group.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I look at it this way:⁣

Construction = making and building something worthwhile. ⁣

Destruction = breaking down and taking away. ⁣

Or, if we aren't part of the solution (working together for the good of all) we are part of the problem. ⁣
Crumb quilt pieced and hand quilted by me somewhere in the past 15 years. Nope. Didn't label it. Bad girl! 

Enjoy your Friday!



  1. Hahahaha! You were late posting this morning and I was worried. I need a life, Bonnie. Thank you for always starting my day out on the right foot!

    1. LOL - I was awakened about 5 MST due to a bad leg cramp, and my first thought (once i got the cramp relieved)was "Oh Boy! I can see Bonnie's post early." the LOL was on me because it wasn't there. I enjoy her posts so much - the fur babies and the great messages & positive vibes. You throw in the wonderful scrap quilts, and you can't beat it. Thanks Bonnie

  2. Crumb quits remind me of an Amish Quilt exhibit that I saw several years ago. I forgot the quilter's name of had collected them - Betty? When you looked at the blocks you would see crumbs that had been sewn to another crumb to finish out a block. No waste is allowed in their stash. It was so fascinating to find the crumbs of fabric.

  3. Ahhh, now you gave me the answer what to put in stead of the mystery gray, the H&W container stared at me =^} Thank you! Have a nice weekend, as I will for sure. All other colors will follow by answering these ones! Irene

  4. I love plaids too! Mostly flannels, like Kaufman’s mammoth regular and juniors, like to use for backings on baby quilts, so pretty, thank you for the daily blog, it’s inspirational push is a daily plus!

  5. I also love plaids and made two of our doctors plaid quilts this year. COVID has kept the quilts here hoping soon to deliver them. Now I’m going to have to make us one. Have a great weekend!

  6. Re the "free" Containers, not a single box of lettuce that comes into this house is ever wasted, nor a blueberry box, or a salad box. No, waste nothing. I love my recycled containers.

  7. I also have a stash of free containers. They are great for sorting block pieces and storing finished blocks. I also have a hexie punch and all that political mail got punched for future projects. I keep the hexies in one of those popcorn tins you see around Christmas. My logic is not only is this not in landfills but it is money saved to buy more fabric. In our area right now there is a run on plastic shoe boxes and other sizes of smaller plastic containers like scrapbook cases.I decided to move my w fat quarter collection from 7 gallon containers to a much easier to access system of shoe boxes. When I went to get more they were gone from several stores. Target went through over a 100 in a week and said they could not keep them in stock. I have no idea why there is this much demand.

    1. Judy, It could be that people are buying them for Operation Christmas Child, a program hosted by Samaritan's Purse. A lot of people use them to put their items in for the gifting to children around the world. I believe the boxes are due to be turned in by November 15th so perhaps you will be able to find shoe boxes after that time.

  8. aaahhh be still my heart...those plaids are sooo gorgeous! anything they get used for will be awesome!

  9. I use these containers too! Maybe you could put some of your plastic containers at the retreat house for them to use for their projects?

  10. I also have fabric from Den Haan and Waggenmakers. I loved that store! Some of mine has been cut for a project but the rest is still in their distinctive wrappers. You will definitely attract new and old followers to your new facebook page. Remember it is quality not quantity! (ok so it helps to have lots on facebook for their algorythms but we like you just like you are!

  11. Hi Bonnie,
    I also am up and about at 4:30 now! I had just gotten used to "sleeping in" till 5:30. Ah well. I love a cuppa and a project in the morning. Listening to my playlist of a audiobook. small joys right? Love, love, love the plaids!!! and how fun to recall the fun trip to visit Lucy all the while you play with the plaids. That is what makes Quilting fun. Joy in the looking and buying fabric, joy in looking at it in the stash, and when you use it the joy of the memories built into the quit. Love it!!! Pulling for the mystery for the first time. This year I have an extra 3 hours in my days without a commute ;)

  12. I save Plastic takeout containers that at least have a clear top. When I took your class in Denton in 2019 I had all my precut squares in those containers. I recycle the containers that strawberries come in for ribbons too. They have slits on the side so you can thread the ribbon through and it is so much easier to pull off the roll. Thanks for your generosity in so many facets of your quilting and life adventures! If the world could just take lessons from Zoey and Ivy on how to get along! Happy Weekend from Oklahoma to everyone!

  13. I can't wait for the Sugar Loaf pattern... I love those blocks!
    Thanks for the giggle about being buried in Rubbermaid :)
    And I just love the photo of the fur babies snuggled up together... so much love and sweetness!

  14. Replies
    1. So good to see you on the blog pages. Have missed you. Have an exceptional weekend. Hope to see you more often. Cindy aka QuiltedDrummer

    2. PalmerGal: As in Palmer, AK?? Hi, No matter where you are from.

      Kasilof, AK

  15. I love the "free" containers as well. Yes, I too have excess!

  16. Thanks so much, Bonnie, for all of your tips and sweet fur baby pictures. Your quilts are so beautiful. I am working on Smith Mountain Morning and it is going to be lovely. Using shirts from a friend's deceased father and the quilt will be for her. Love the recycled containers.

  17. Bonnie I completely agree about construction vs destruction! I'd rather they sit and do nothing instead of destroying everything. On a happy note, Zoey and Ivy are adorable!! Reminds me of the song - Opposites Attract! LoL!! Silly, I know! Have a great weekend! ~Merri

  18. How wonderful to see these plaids again, such a good memories. Love you

  19. I came from Nederland so I can read the labels on your "find". With Covid19 I can't visit the cousin this year. Glad you found the prints, my 'find' the prints abit large. Thanks for the reality talk and cheer.

  20. Oh Bonnie! I think we were sisters separated at birth. I love containers also and have a hard time parting with any of them. When I got divorced in 1980 (I was very young!) we fought over the Tupperware. I didn't want him to get one piece.

  21. Another use for those clear plastic containers, especially the ones with holes or slits in the bottoms or sides: they make great little "greenhouses" for starting seeds. Put a coffee filter in the bottom to hold the soil inside and keep the lid on to keep the seeds moist until they get started.

    1. Gail- That is exactly what I save the containers for, also. They are also great for starting seeds that need scarification, or the cold to germinate. Package them up, put them on the deck in a snow bank.

      Now we can use them for the "Scrap Saver's " System, too!

      Kasilof, AK

  22. Love the container addiction...LOL I would keep those too.
    I was wondering when you might have a Quilt Cam?
    Can you even have them where you are now?

    1. She has had to give up Quilt Cam because of her limited internet speed.

    2. Oh where oh where did our quilt-cam go? I'd love to see it too!!

  23. I've often said my stash is so big that it's easier to buy new fabric than to look for what I'm pretty sure I already have somewhere.

    That must be a juicy bit of gossip Zoey is hearing from Lola. ;0)

  24. Hi Bonnie:

    Yes, I save containers for repurposing. Generally I save them for starting seeds. I hadn't though of saving them for project boxes, etc. BUT, the large muffin containers from COSTCO would be perfect for that. Especially since I am running out of containers for project boxes. I think they would work perfect for saving strips and pieces for the scrap savers system. I am like you, I have a hard time throwing useful things away.

    I also save the kitty treat containers. The large Temptations containers can hold trims, laces, rick rack, bias tape, etc. Also, work good in the garage or shop. Does anyone need any? I have a surplus of them, cardboard, lettuce, other containers.

    It snowed most of the day, about 3-4 inches worth. It is warming up now, as is in the forecast. So it will melt, turn to rain. If it warms the ground back up and lets the rain be absorbed, that will be great. I am not ready for ice this early in the season!

    I finished my "radiant quilt top Thursday, and continued working on Trellis. Alas, Not Bonnie quilts, but trying to get projects completed before the " Grassy Creek" mystery begins.

    Kasilof, AK
    Where the weather is trying to tell us that winter is here!

  25. I love following you on facebook. It is so easy and I do not have to remember another password. Loving your colors for the mystery quilt. looking forward to the first clue.


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