Saturday, November 21, 2020

Another Day in the Quilt Mines!

Lola spent yesterday supervising.

It's extremely hard work keeping track of two quilters with so much busy-ness going on.

She was a very good sport about it, though -  She didn't butt in and tell us that this didn't match, or that didn't go, and why didn't I try this instead, or don't I know that quilters should never do that....

She just kept her mouth shut and....

Kept her eyes shut as well!

Smart move, Lola!

The string blocks she was sleeping on -

Belong to these trees!

Aren't they cute!?

And I got this far.

There will be more string piecing today as I work on getting the final borders on this Blue Spruce variation of my new Pine Tree Point runner pattern.  I'm loving this in blue!

And heaven knows there is no shortage of blue strings around here!

You’ll find the PDF pattern for Pine Tree Point, including both the lap size and the runner in the Digital Patterns section of the Quiltville Store. The pattern is priced at 25% off through TODAY ONLY! Tomorrow morning it goes from $9.00 to $12.00 so hurry!

This was Mona's job yesterday!

We got a backing pieced for her Frolic mystery from last year - didn't she do a wonderful job?

I have to laugh - she has been quilting with me now for roughly 6 years.  She has kept track of her quilts - and is up to 40!!  I think that qualifies her as NOT A BEGINNER any more, don't you?

We are already at the QPO while I write this post, and she is finishing up the last couple of rows of quilting, will get it trimmed, and binding made and ready to go.

Then we just have to finish her Appalachian Autumn quilt and she will be going home with 4 quilts in hand ready to bind over the next few weeks.

Yesterday's walk along the New River!

We hit the mid 60s yesterday afternoon!

And we decided to break away from the machines -

And get a couple of miles under our feet.

Mona had only heard me talk about walking Round House Road, and as it is so close to the QPO and Quiltville Inn, we headed out to clear the batting fuzz and fabric lint out of our brains.

THE BEST.  I know that our nice days are leaving us for the cold of winter - and yesterday afternoon was just so perfect for a good long walk.

We were back to the machines in about an hour's time - and quilted and quilted all the way until it was time to head back to the cabin for dinner.

This morning's sunrise - 

Beautiful day ahead!

Coffee on the deck - fire pit warming us!

Zoey loves the sunrise too!

There are also just a couple days left to enter our November Quilty Box  Gift-Away!  Our drawing happens Monday Morning.  Be sure you get your entry in ON THAT POST.

I am looking forward to another #mediafreesunday tomorrow.  That Sugar Loaf quilt top is still on the design floor in the basement sewing studio at the cabin - it needs to be set together, and borders decided upon.  That's my plan for tomorrow.

I'll share it with you in Monday's post.

Have you thought of  implementing your own version of media free Sunday?  What kind of things could you accomplish if you were to stay off of the computer, the phone, the tablet, the social channels?  

I can't tell you how good this has been for my own mental health.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

As we close in on Thanksgiving and the crazy pace of the holidays ahead, one thought keeps coming back to me. ⁣
I am so grateful for the kindnesses of others over the past year. (And beyond, really!)⁣
It has been a year of seemingly insurmountable challenges, but also abundant and innumerable blessings.

Have a wonderful weekend, and we'll catch you back here on Monday!



  1. Loving the blue spruce!!

  2. Such lovely photos, better than the grey and dreary in my part of England at the moment. Mona's quilt looks super as do your little blue trees. I only started quilting when lockdown began in March but one day I will have a scrap box like that to delve into!! best wishes.

  3. Love the blue ! Want the pattern but have to wait until the 1st ( fixed income ) , my Christmas gift to me so I can make for others. Love your walk sceneries. I used to live in Cullowhee , N.C., beautiful country. Have a Blessed weekend.

  4. Thanks Bonnie! I love reading your post every morning and am glad you decided to take a day off from social media every week. I'm not into Facebook, Instagram or any of the other social media, but I do look at my emails every morning and check out the news online as well. That's stressful enough. I don't know how you've done it ALL for so long and are such a prolific quilter! I sew items piecework for my boss and that keeps me busy and keeps the roof over my head. By the time I get my week of work done it's Friday and he's sending me an order on Saturday morning expecting quite a chunk of it by Monday. So, once the last of my work is delivered, I'm off from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening. That's my day off from the stress. And it's helped. Previously I'd start the order first thing on Saturday, then be busy with it right through to the following Friday. I was getting burnt out. So Friday afternoons are my time to get the house a little bit back in order, and Saturdays are my quilting days. Yep back in front of the sewing machine, but it's so much more relaxing to piece a quilt. Love your blog and am looking forward to this year's mystery quilt. Yesterday, I actually started organizing my fabric to start a Scrap Users System. It was fun tossing chunks of fabric I've had for 35 years (and know I'd never use otherwise) into the bin to be stripped.

  5. Your posts are always a pleasure to read. Your scenery can’t be beat. How fun to have Mona for the weekend ❤️ 40 quilts! Yikes! Have a great weekend!

  6. Rest well, Bonnie! There will be some quiltin goin on over here this weekend, and revelling in the quiet.

  7. I so look forward to your positivity each day!

  8. I am posting one thing a day I am grateful for an I want you to know that you are the one thing today. You give so much. Encourage so much and care so much. You get me going every morning. Thank you.

  9. Love this post. I have been wondering about Mona and whether you two have been able to get together and here you are. No, Mona is no longer a beginning quilter! She has impressed me with all of her finishes. Great job you two! And Lola the Supervisor is such a hoot! Have a great day and Thanksgiving Bonnie to you and your family!

  10. It was nice to see Mona again! She’s doing beautiful work! I remember when she wanted nothing to do with quilting! Did she bring her little dog with her?

  11. I LOVE your writings...they just bless me every day. Now having said that, rest from "device work"...you deserve it. Whatever, you do, enjoy it!!! you give SO MUCH Bonnie...thank you. Sandi

  12. Bonnie, I had knee replacement surgery on Tuesday and did not feel like getting on my computer until last night. Amazingly, the world did not stop because I wasn't watching it. My longest break from internet in years. I survived it, too. Lesson learned.

    1. Had mine replaced on Monday. What a trip! Next one to be replaced in three months. Hang in there - this too shall pass!

  13. 40 Quilts?? Man, you lit a fire under that girl, didn't ya..

  14. I can't believe it's been 6 years since Mona started quilting. I can remember when you roped her in. Time is just flying by despite the Covid isolation.

  15. These special 'gift' days are so appreciated. Glad you got to enjoy the good weather with a friend. And thanks for the grin of the day. Every time as I scroll this page a huge grin takes over whenever I get to photos of Zoey and of course there are Lola and Ivy. If I'm going to have wrinkles I prefer them to be from smiling ♥

  16. Your pictures are always good. Today's is gorgeous everything is so beautiful. A couple of today's should be blown up to huge pictures to put on a wall and enjoyed when it's windy, snowy and to cold to walk. I like your blue spruce squares.

  17. Lovely photos. I'm glad you are taking time out during the week - quilting is your hobby, your life and also your work - most people working have time out for their home life. My husband is a workaholic and also his own business (with a partner) - it took a heart attack for him to realise he had to stop and change his lifestyle and have a break! But techno stuff is addictive and don't worry about us - we will still be here for you. Happy quilting xx

  18. Good Morning! It's Sunday here and, yes, I am on the computer but don't plan on being here long. I was up early because of sleeplessness and got my prayers said and spent an hour hand quilting before I made hubby get up so I could have my coffee. Plan is to clear my dining room table and then head to the sewing room. Hopefully daughter and family are coming over this afternoon for ham dinner. But before then, sewing.

  19. The problem with a no computer day is the 50 blog posts that don't get read.... and this week going to my daughter's there will be hundreds to be read next Sunday. If it was worth it I would keep track of the ones that I just delete to get caught up.... and then...... maybe unsubscribe. Happy Thanksgiving.

  20. I always get your email post and read it right away
    Thank you Bonnie for sharing your adventures.
    This has been a weird year, to many emotions to keep track of as well
    We are fortunate to be "mature" and capable of dealing with most of this in the "old school" kind of way
    Life is good
    Happy Sunday.

  21. As with everyone else, I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to reading your blog every day. The pets' escapades amuse me to no end. The quilting is beautiful and inspires me. The colors in Mona's quilt are definitely so eye catching! Thanks so much for all you do!

  22. Enjoy your beautiful Sunday :)

  23. Wow! Mona you are definitely not a novice quilter any more and your quilts are just beautiful.
    Loving your blu spruce trees so pretty.
    I’ve had no internet for a week so now I’m playing catch-up on your blog would hat to miss anything.
    Have a wonderful week
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  24. Not sure this will be a crazy holiday season for us this year. Last year there were 23 people at out Thanksgiving meal. This year there will be my husband and I. The whole family is socially distancing BUT the good thing is starting Wednesday, I will be sewing. Thursday will be a pajama Turkey day with turkey and easy fixings. You guys stay safe and give thanks for what we have. Enjoy yoursleves!!


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