Saturday, July 25, 2020

I Call Squirrel! (Or Bear?)

You know those moments the moment they hit!

Something happens that completely derails your plans for the day – and you end up with extra time!

The plan to go to Wallburg was quashed as the A/C unit was unfrozen and working yesterday morning.

The determination to just baby it along until we have it checked out by the Blue Ridge Heating and Air guys on Tuesday prevailed.

The decision was to turn the unit off at night, so it couldn’t freeze up over night – and wait for the verdict to come in on what we need to do.

Which gave me extra time.

And the project I was working on (Blossom Time blocks shared yesterday) were at the cabin and not at the QPO.

HOWEVER _ there was a May/June 2020 issue of Quiltmaker sitting on my desk, and as I flipped back to see which Addicted to Scraps column block was there to play with – I found Nearly LeMoyne calling to me.

Have you tried this one yet?

Trying out a couple from Tula Pink’s True Colors line -

With my own neutrals as background.

I think this block will do fun things when it is simply set block-by-block without sashing.  One star hands off into another, as in square dancing.

It’s Scrap User’s System Friendly – and I really need NEED NEED to make more.

These fabrics were on my cutting table -

So I sliced them up and stitched one more.

MOM!  Why are you still sewing?!

I think there is more than ONE squirrel going on here.

Or make that – BEAR.

While I was working on things at the QPO, the Hubster sent along these photos -

We have been staining the deck -

it’s looking really nice -

We’ve had to work it in patches due to the rain we’ve had (And it’s a big job) and there is just now part of the covered part of the porch to do.  That should be finished this weekend and then we’ll move on to the railings.

The great thing about this stain is that you can see it doing its protecting job – any water beads up on it and you know that the wood is going to last a lot longer with that coating on it.

Dave came home from Lowes and saw some very distinctive paw prints on the unstained portion, up by the grill -

Moisture picked up from walking across the stained portion -

And deposited on the part we haven’t gotten to yet -

And these prints are WET!

They have not been there long!

I am glad I had Zoey with me -

And that Emmy Lou was not outside.

Not to mention that the sliding glass doors were closed and locked because we were gone. 

All we can guess is that this bear (He or she? Cub or teenager, or adult?) was attracted by the grease catcher on the Blackstone which will now be emptied and washed after every use!

We are also assuming it heard the truck coming back up the drive and took off over the edge of the deck and up into the woods.

That was a close call -

And a reminder to not leave anything edible anywhere – not even in the cars. And to lock the cars when parked for the night here.

This morning things look lovely – I think it’s a great Saturday for a hike up to the Appalachian trail for some mountain time.

No bears hopefully – only pony sightings!

Anything in store for your Saturday and weekend ahead? There is only ONE MORE DAY to get yourself entered for our IronEZ Gift-Away.  I’ll be drawing for 2 winners – one to receive the IronEZ iron spray bottle holder and a second winner to receive a 2-pack of fine mist spray bottles!

Head on over to THAT POST and find where to get your entry in.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

These five simple words mean so very much to the world and we who live in it.

Floribunda quilt shared by Kerri during our workshops 4 years ago in Helena, Montana.

Free pattern found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Make the most of this Saturday – and make at least part of it QUILTY!


  1. I have to thank you Bonnie. Posting a blog every day is a lot of work. I've been a long time reader but during this time reading your blog has become a much looked forward morning ritual. You genuinely seem to love what you do, your quotes are uplifting and I hope to someday be able to be with my sewing peeps at the Inn. Jo from Canada!

  2. I share your bear problems. Definitely empty the grease trap every time you use it. It is said that they will be repelled by the scent of ammonia but I haven’t tried that. I would NEVER leave the glass doors open unless you are in that room. We put stinky garbage in our garage and they pulled the door off. Now chicken bones etc go back into the freezer- sounds crazy, but it works! Good luck and be careful!

  3. "High on a mountain, tell me what do you see. Bear tracks, bear tracks looking back at me"(an old bluegrass song). Sounds like a close call. A black bear was seen on our farm a few weeks ago. I'm told they're as afraid of us as we are of them. I sure hope so. I love the Nearly Lemoyne blocks. Have a great weekend!

  4. I hope I can hike up with you to see those ponies on August 8! We will be visiting you that Sat! Iowa Girls are excited to get on the road!

  5. That was a close call on the bear. Living in the mountains does have its excitement. Those blocks are so beautiful. Can't wait to put them on my to do list. Our family is going to the park to take NON Prom pictures. The week my granddaughter got her dress was the week right before everything shut down. Her graduation will be Sunday. Trying to wrap things up so she can head to college in August. 2020 will be a year for all of us to remember.

  6. So look forward to your uplifting posts. Thank you for bringing joy to so many!
    Hope your weekend is blessed with relaxation, sewing time, and no close encounters with bears!

  7. We have a Blue Rhino Razor Griddle and we can get aluminum foil basket liners for the grease catcher. We bring the foil basket in after every use. We had raccoons investigating (luckily no bears in Iowa) and haven't seen them since.

  8. Oh Bonnie, it came through my feed that it has been 4 years since your workshop in Helena. It brought a smile to my face. It was truly a wonderful time meeting and learning from you in person. Keep up keeping us all inspired. I have lots of "Bonnie Squirrels" in the works. Kerri

  9. I can just hear the bear saying "Oh goody, grease. Not only yummy to my tummy but it makes my coat shiny!" So glad the shy bear heard Dave's truck.

  10. We had a bear encounter when we lived in Tesuque, NM. We were watching tv with all the doors and windows open (but one), and the bear chose the closed one to check us out thank goodness. Larry went around closing all, while the rest if us were trying to get pics. Thankfully the bear didn't come inside, but wreaked havoc with the trash can, punctured a can of whipped cream, and knocked down my hummingbird feeders before strolling off, back to the forest. They have quite the sweet tooth, too. Sounds like y'all are taking all precautions. I'm going to be adding the Nearly LeMoyne to my "want to make" list.

  11. I look forward to your blog every morning. You give me just the boost needed to help me to move on to the better things of piecing and quilting. Such a joy! Thank you. June

  12. Today I am finishing up two sets of pillow cases as a thank you gift for my daughter's employer, who was kind enough to come the half mile down the hill to our place to mow four or five acres that we don't have the equipment to do yet. I am so very grateful to her for doing this! It was a big undertaking!
    I had to sit for a while so I thought I would catch up with some of my online friends, and here I am!
    Bonnie, thank you for all you do to keep us informed and giggling. You ROCK!!!

  13. We live in the Ozark Mountains. Last week I was looking out our living room window and I thought I saw a weird looking cat running through our yard. When my husband saw the 'cat', He said that is NOT a domestic cat! It is a BOBCAT! We have never seen one near here since we moved here in 2000!

  14. I love that quote quilt with orange as the neutral. Beautiful. Polly

  15. Love your blocks today. I have a few "squirrels" going of my own. I started string blocks for Wild Child from String Fling and made some cute paper pieced blocks for Wild & Goosey that I found on Pinterest. I bought the digital pattern of the magazine it was originally printed in. Both are keeping me happy and sewing on these hot summer days. Enjoy your hikes. I live in the country and have seen a couple of bears here also. They are beautiful, but from a DISTANCE. :-)

  16. Where can I find the Nearly Lemoyne block. I love it!

  17. Love those nearly lemons blocks, and I just happen to have a whole set of Tula Pink fat quarters I purchase a couple of years ago I just found them in the bottom of a drawer maybe about time I used them.
    Stay safe and I hope that the bear doesn't come back
    Love and quilty hug’s
    Anne xxx

  18. We have a resident bear in our neighborhood (one of the neighbors has named him Fast Eddy, because he's such a slow walker). He makes visits at night. Thankfully not during the day, like your bear! Ours is quite large, and makes me doubly glad that we have a fenced yard and well locked gates. I can't imagine coming home to find one on the deck!


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