Thursday, July 30, 2020

The Great Lola and Ivy Standoff!

It’s never easy introducing cats to each other.

And it is especially hard on elder cats.  Lola, being all of 11 and having lost 13 year old Dresden in the past couple of months has had a lot of adjusting to go through as it is.

Her move to the Quiltville Post Office in December was a big upheaval, but she had Dresden to keep her company.  And I have been there every day since the relocation happened.

When Dresden crossed the rainbow bridge we worried about her being alone enough to try having her here at the cabin.

That was a no go.  Emmy Lou (who is 20 in just a few days!) has been Queen Bee long enough not to relinquish that position, and yet Lola the usurper is much larger and stronger and became the aggressor.

Zoey and Emmy Lou -

Getting along just fine!

But Emmy and Lola?  NO WAY!

And now this sweet little Ivy Peanut shows up at our door begging to be let into our hearts and our space?  Will it work?

I am praying yes!

She is already wanting my attention and in the middle of everything.

Mail order fulfillment is a bit of a challenge! LOL!

But I see Lola slowing coming around.  Oh, there is still some hissing if Ivy gets too close, but then Ivy has taken to hissing back.

Yesterday I was playing with Ivy and a strip of fabric – and Lola got interested enough to come closer and watch.

Other than the hissing there hasn’t been any “I’m going to kill you” kind of activity, it’s more been a standoff and stare down. 

I am wondering if it has to do with Ivy’s young age. (Guessing she is about 8 months old? She is much smaller than Lola.)

And in time, I think this will work.

These two showed up yesterday from UPS!

I needed two more wagons for Quiltville Inn, and when these dropped $30.00 in price  I quickly snatched them up.  Look how small they fold down!  They’ve got covers, and in the pocket is the fold-able hard bottom to put in the wagon so things are a bit more sturdy.

With the cover off.

Oh, this is going to be handy!

  • Dimensions: Large capacity wagon cart. Overall size is 40"L x 20"W x 38" H with 16-1/2" adjustable handle, interior size is 33-1/2"L x 18"W x 12"H, folded with tires on 10"W x 8"D x 30"H. Supports up to 150 lbs.
  • Fabric: High quality durable strong 600D polyester fabric with high color fastness, and it is removable for easy hand or hose washing. There are Dark Gray/Blue/Red three colors for you to choose.
  • Construction: Sturdy black powder coated aluminum frame is more stable and better than steel frame. Telescoping handle provides an easy control on most terrains. 7" diameter directional rubber wheels - rotates 360, 2 wheel brake system secures garden cart in place.
  • Easy to Use: Open and folding in seconds, no assembly required. Folding into the carry bag for convenient storage. Small enough to fit in closet, on the wall or in the trunk of any standard car.
  • Utility Wagon: PATIO WATCHER folding utility wagon cart is perfect for transporting shopping, on family outings or as a goods trolley, and great for trips to the garden, park, camping, outdoor sporting events, or just to move things.

Large capacity!

I’ve added these to the Around the Inn category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store. And yes, they come in other colors. 

The only quilty thing of the day -

Tuesday’s round of porch treadling gave me a 20 block bounty!  I was able to get those trimmed up and did the de-papering last night.  This will give me 5 foundation blocks for the hexie star applique project.  I've now got 32 out of 56 blocks appliqued! 

It has been a great evening project – sometimes I can do a couple in an evening, but more often than not it is just one and done for the night, too tired to go any further.

But it will get there!

Do you have any projects that seem to take you way longer than they should? 

On the agenda for today – we got a call that due to a delay in another job, the HVAC replacement for the QPO may happen TODAY!!  Woot!

And here I thought we were going to be at least 3 weeks out.

And the universe smiles….

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The whisperings of your heart are far more important to your journey than the opinions of others who may even be making different choices.

The world is full of so much noise. Just do what you know in your heart to be right.

Roll Roll Cotton Boll quilt from my book String Fling available in the Quiltville Store.

Have a wonderful Thursday folks!


  1. Love foldup wagons. I always swipe my sister's when I go to quilt camp because it makes so much easier to haul everything inside.

  2. We moved two cats from AZ that basically kept to their individual rooms. We wanted them to have the run of the house here and not be territorial about their one room. We have made great progress and both will go everywhere in this house! My daughter told us about ug in hormones that mimic mama cat that calms cats. We got it and even more progress has been made. I had never heard of it but it does have a calming effect!

  3. You might keep trying the strip of fabric play with the two of them (and maybe 2 separate strips)... that's how I got my two cat boys to tolerate each other years ago. I finally convinced the unwilling one that the new guy was just a fun playful kitty, like himself. I hope it works out - Ivy seems like a sweetheart!

  4. i kind of feels for Lola, she got to be the queen of the QPO for a nano second and now this cutie shows up... she may be a tad jealous... if kittens show up, she may just give in and give up! Thanks for adding the special shopping app! I find it very useful and a tad spendy, but wth, i already have fabric! Thanks, Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Holding thumbs that the two kitties will become like best friends ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Miss Ivy has the art of the close-up figured out. :) What a cutie.

  7. Ivy is gorgeous and I hope she will have a forever home with you all! Wonderful
    beginnings! Glad you can get the air conditioning fixed sooner rather than later! Have a great day Bonnie!

  8. Ivy is precious, love the quilt and the quote of the day, sometimes we don't give ourselves enough credit for our own insightful thinking, enjoy your day/weekend and thanks for encouraging us. You are one of Mr. Rogers helpers!

  9. Usually I have one or two projects at the most going on. All of a sudden I have four in the works with two or three more saying start me. As a result I am not getting very much done on any one project so they are taking longer than they should. I’ll get myself under control soon. Love your blog.

  10. I love my wagon and if you’re thinking of purchasing one here’s some food for thought - if you might use it on unpaved surfaces Such as sand, dirt, grass, consider the ones with chubby wheels. The skinny wheels are a challenge “off road” - thank heavens for strong son in laws! On hard surfaces The skinny wheels work fantastic.

  11. Ivy shows to have more blonde highlights than White Sox. I will bet that Lola will thaw and allow Ivy to live there. White Sox is tolerating the other walk up to the place named Goldie, a yellow half grown cat who has a whiny meow occasionally but loves to sleep in a tree or disappear into the barn. Today, I filled a basket of squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and tomatoes for a neighbor girl who has a beauty shop in her home. Some zebra fabric gained my attention in my stash which matches her beauty shop theme, so I will sew a mask to match for her. I have decided that she needs to straighten out my mess of a hair cut which I cut myself three times! Have a good quilty day. June

  12. I do love when the "stars align" and something good happens. Yay for the HVAC folks!
    Love the wagons, love the EmmyLou/Zoey friendship, love Ivy and think she and Lola can manage a peaceful arrangement. The age difference could be just the thing to make it work.♥

  13. Time out wagons for the cats!

  14. Thank you for posting the info on the wagon!

  15. love the wagons you posted. They would be Great for Flea Marketing also....

  16. Ivy is so sweet! I wouldn't be able to turn her down, either, and I have five cats. (And yes, I may have a problem...) Introducing new cats is always a challenge. Some cats are okay with it, others, not so much. I love the wagon! What a nifty invention!

  17. Ivy is so cute. I would take her in if I could. And in answer to your question about if I find things taking longer than expected, my answer is yes, everything:-)

  18. That news is really good! Happy family time ahead. Perhaps Lola is lonely and the company of a young cat is purrfect timing - and a relief for you. Interesting little trolley.
    In my opinion . . . carry on as you are!

  19. Ivy is such a cutie so pleased she’s found you and I’m sure Lola will come around , it’s nice she will have company at QPO
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  20. Love your wagon! I received one a few years ago as a birthday gift! Best gift ever!! Mine also has a folding tray table at one end with cup holders!! 😁

  21. PS... Ivy is absolutely adorable 😍

  22. Love the yellow and red, with dark green, used for quote of the day.

  23. Finally finished my 3rd and final GF. Love your posts about the animals. Tested negative for covid thankfully.

  24. First I read about Ivy & Lola and then my mind only half moved over to the pictures of the utility cart. So my question is, how am I to use these carts to take my cats to the vet? You see how my mind works!

  25. I have been finding old projects in my stash. I discovered one that was a Jacob's Ladder in homespun. It was a block of the month at the Quilter's Barn and the store went out of business about 15 years ago. I never finished it because I somehow misplaced parts to three blocks. By some miracle, not long after rediscovering these blocks, I found the missing pieces. I almost cut them up for you new challenge and then realized they were sort of familiar. Sewed the last three blocks this afternoon and now just have to lay out the quilt. I still cannot believe all the pieces finally came together. Have been having a great time with the new challenge. I find these blocks are like the old potato chip commercial - could not have just one chip and cannot make just one block.


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