Saturday, July 18, 2020

Droning It!

Say Hello to our new toy!

When we purchased our cabin property and the 42 acres surrounding it 3 years ago, we fell in love with the realtor’s drone photos really showing us just how the cabin was situated.

And oh, how technology has improved since then!

And then there were the photos taken by our Quiltville Inn neighbors – the WOW factor was even greater.

Remember this photo?

That storm was just letting loose!

You can see just the upper floors of the Inn, the QPO, and the old General store at the intersection on the left.  The buildings on the right belong to the Christmas tree farmer who farms the hills on the right.

Little bit closer -

Can you see the drone’s red beady eyes??

And go ahead and laugh at the real-to-life tarp covered archery targets.  I do, all the time!  

I am extremely excited about this – when our friend Trevor came and took photos of the cabin a couple of weeks ago, we were sucked in. 

I am looking forward to all of the group photos and quilts over the rails photos and videos we can do with retreats, adding great photo memories to share with those who stay on retreat.

But we have to learn to use it first!  We are just getting started.

These things are crazy amazing!

And you know how it is with boys – the older the boy, the more expensive their toys.  And this one is going to get a lot of use around here.

And in other news – something to take seriously.

Please check your hand sanitizers.

There are some brands that contain METHANOL and it is dangerous.  This article came from People Magazine.

Not that any of us would go DRINKING hand sanitizer, you think? 

Well evidently there are people who are, and they are dying.  

It goes right along with those who upon our president’s comments injected or drank disinfectant because he said it may help.  (Tongue in cheek or not, people will do what people do.)

This is the sanitizer at Quiltville Inn.

I bought 8 of the pump bottles to have at stations around the house. It does not contain Methanol.

This is the refill gallon.

It also does not contain Methanol.

But you won’t know if yours does or does not until you look.  So check it out.

Both the small pump bottles and this gallon refill are found under the Keeping it Clean category of the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store

The Food and Drug Administration has added to its list of hand sanitizers that may contain methanol, which can be toxic when applied to the skin or ingested.

You will also find them listed in the article HERE.

Label from the gallon refill.
Contains 80% ethyl (or ethanol) alcohol.

Hand sanitizer is for use only when soap and water are not available.  It also helps to know that you need to keep this away from extreme heat (in your car if you live where temps are high and hot) or flame (in your kitchen.)  Alcohol is flammable. That’s why Cherries Jubilee Flambe is so good!

But if you can, go for the good old soap and water trick – 20 seconds.

If soap and water are not readily available, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent ethanol. FDA remains vigilant and will continue to take action when quality issues arise with hand sanitizers.

So I am good to go.  Are you?

And just to make this quilty -

Lola was doing her best to compact the scraps in the basket so I could fit MORE in there! LOL!

Three more foundation blocks were made -

Only one got appliqued last night -

So I am ahead of the game and can work on something else today!

Five masks for brother-in-law Kelly.

I think I mentioned before that Kelly is a paramedic, and works with a company that provides life flight.  He is up and down in helicopters moving folks to get them help.

He tried the masks I made for my sister Mary, they fit over his N95 perfectly, and I am making him some in the colors ne needs to wear with his uniform.

No fun prints this go round – but I’m wondering if I can get by with black thread on red, and red thread on black?

They will go out in the mail on Monday.

Anything quilty-sewy up for your Saturday?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Sometimes we all need a kick in the pants to get motivated. Here's your kick for the day! Just START!

Santa Fe String Star quilt from my book String Fling on sale in the Quiltville Store at just $19.99!

It's always a good day to start a string project!


  1. Hope your drone gets more use than ours. My hubby has had one for almost 3 years and still hasn't figured out how to take a picture!

  2. I don’t know about small, but I finally finished 1/2 of the On Ringo Lake mystery quilt! I cut it out at the time of the mystery, then life side tracked me. Points aren’t perfect, some seams don’t match. But whoohoo it’s half put together! I am aiming for at least one row a day.

    1. Put together row by row is better than perfect.

  3. We have a drone on my family's farm. We also have one for ourselves. They are fun and you can do so much with them. It is very exciting the pictures you can get from them. Enjoy learning how they work. It's alot of fun.

  4. Anonymous10:50 AM EDT

    We have been hearing about the methanol from the director of the skilled nursing facility where my FIL is currently. We get an email daily and for the past two weeks, they have been warning about the methanol. Apparently, when absorbed through the skin, it causes problems. This is copied from his email - I received a notice from the CDC on some hand sanitizers out there. Please check your hand sanitizers and make sure they do NOT contain Methanol, or are made by Eskbiochem SA de CV, as methanol is toxic and can cause blindness or death when absorbed through the skin. If you have any of this hand sanitizer please call a poison center at 1-800-222-1222 and get rid of the sanitizer! We do not use any hand sanitizer from this company nor any that contains methanol, but please check your own and pass the word!

  5. Hoping to get to my sewing room in a few minutes to trim my granddaughter's graduation/college quilt and to trim a baby quilt so I can get to binding. The little fellow beat it here but he will still have lots of time to use his quilt.

  6. Please be careful with hand sanitizer around your pets too! If your furry friends like to lick your hands in welcome, love & joy - hold them off for a bit until dried.o

  7. Your blogs ate so fun and thanks for the information on hand sanitizers. My Saturday started with making a banana cream pie for my sweetheart of 52 years. He has health issues so we are being very careful during time. He does golf twice a week and the his mood and outlook are so improved. Now that I am done baking I am heading toward my sewing machine-yay!

  8. Oh, how fun to have a drone to view your acreage. Can't wait to see your pics. I made my own hand sanitizer as I couldn't find any when this ordeal began. It's made with aloe vera gel. Have a fun, relaxing weekend!

  9. Love the colors in the string blocks you made.

  10. The 20 second hand washing exercise ... sing "Happy Birthday" song twice while using soap and water to wash your hands. Wash the backs of your hands, around the nails, the "webs" between your fingers and your thumb. Wash the palms or your hands and up and over your wrists. You can sing the song more than twice!

  11. Just you wait, the drones seem to magically multiple. This house has a fleet of 5-6 starting with itty bitty ones that sit on the palm of your hand and can do acrobatics up to the big Mavic plus a bunch of “necessary” accessories.....sigh. I won’t complain since he no longer even bats an eye at any fabric I bring home.....

  12. I am so grateful to you Bonnie - I read you faithfully and am accumulating leaders and Enders sewn into four patches - now cannot imagine sewing without these little guys - enjoy your drone and your pets - I will be putting final touches to Unity quilt today and will have it ready for sandwiching soon - Thank you so much for all you do for us

  13. Yes, ingesting hand sanitizer may sound silly, but in my son's group home that's a real thing they have to watch for. Apparently the alcohol content makes it enticing. You just never know what others have to be careful of. Loving the string blocks - so colourful!

  14. Those drone pictures are great! It's a sew-y day here with binding being sewn onto a hand-quilted Scrappy Mountains Majesty and Celtic Solstice blocks are getting arranged on my design wall.

  15. Started a pair of sweatpants for the hubs yesterday...heading in to finish those today. Hate the elastic part!

  16. Just don’t stick your hand in a rotor!

  17. I think a drone is a wonderful idea! I love the pictures from up above the buildings. Hugs,

  18. I love your string blocks! I have to say that I think drones should be used over your own property only. It is unnerving to be in my garden and be buzzed by someone operating their drone to surveil my garden.

  19. Your part of the world is so beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures. Have a wonderful day from Massachusetts Bonnie.

  20. I have a great N95 equivalent fabric that I use. I cover it with cotton just for fun, First batch of the fabric was white on white, and I will be honest hard to find the correct OUTSIDE, this new batch is green out, white in. I make masks for myself, husband and anyone that needs or wants. Now that I have the new fabric I know they are helping so much and actually filtering virus/bacteria. I am so happy you talk freely about masks, I dropped out of 5 quilting groups that refused to allow mask posts. I love that you are giving yours to friends and family. As long as mine were just cotton, I only gave, once I had the new fabric, I have charged to help pay for the fabric, but just enough to cover so I can buy more. I love this fun happy post. I needed yesterday's and today's posts as last night my mom lost her big fur baby. He was a mixed breed Bull Mastiff w/ red fur and black stripes looked like a canine tiger, beautiful to look at and beautiful inside too. It touches our entire family. We all loved the big 85 pound puppy, he was 12 and had been diagnosed w/ a cancer. My big fur baby 90 pound mixed breed is getting an extra spoiling this weekend. Went to church this morning, I teach a youth class each Sabbath. They are passing out masks making us use hand sanitizer. I think I need to make some for church to pass out as mine are washable and won't clog up trash cans and landfills. I think that is one reason I love the thought of making fabric masks, they are so reusable. I have only been hand sewing for about 25 years, I bought a new sewing machine recently do to shoulder injury, so I could continue to sew, I am understanding now your chain piecing as when I was taught about machine sewing it was about the same order as I did w/ hand sewing. Now I get chain piecing more, I can see how it saves thread and time. Thanks for all you have taught just w/ your blog and FB posts. Have to say, I always get something from your posts and hope things go well for you and there are no long term closures.

  21. Beautiful picture of quiltville inn, and miss Lola is such a sweetie making sure your basket gets squashed down lol.
    Thank you for the info on hand sanitizers I checked ours and they are all ok
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  22. The pictures of Quiltville Inn are stunning, pretty close to heaven on earth. It would be great to make a group picture on the porch of the retreaters part of their retreat package. What beautiful memories will keep being made in this beautiful historic house. Looks like the Hubs is having fun with his new toy.

  23. Today's project is making a proto type surgical gown for our local vet. PPE is still hard to get! Once I know if it will hold up in the auto clave, I'll be making some more after a trip to the fabric store...

  24. I would love to have a drone that I knew how to use..... great toy and new things to learn,,,,,,

  25. Drone is on my someday list! My late brother-in-law used to fly them and had a few different sizes. He also had one land on his foot one time- and after returning home from the hospital with multiple stitches, he decided to not do that particular trick again!

    Also regarding hand sanitizer, you can make a very effective DIY version with just cheap, strong vodka and glycerine, or even just vodka. Who knows if they are going to run out again, so there is an article at Dr. Michael Greger's site NutritionFacts.org detailing how to make your own. He began his career as an infectious disease specialist before transitioning to nutrition.

  26. LOL - Lola, the scrap compactor

  27. My husband has a drone toy too. He was taking some photos for my realtor son and got it caught in a tree (in Boise). We decided that the expensive photography equipment up there justified the cost of hiring a lift to retrieve it. It was fun playing spot the drone with the neighbors while we waited for the lift. Quiltville Inn and your cabin sound like wonderful spots for more drone photos.

  28. Finished my third GF throw last night. Today piece the back then its off to the longarmer. The quilt room needs a major clean up before I go on to other projects. It has reached the point of no return. This morning I'm waiting for my hairdresser to arrive for my first cut since March. Hope that will motivate me. It is so hot here in Maryland.

  29. We purchased a hand sanitizer from Sam's and just received a recall saying the product contains methanol and we should get rid of it. Interestingly no where on the package does the product mention methanol and says the active ingredient is 70% ethyl alcohol. I'm not sure how you can be sure your hand sanitizer is methanol free unless it is tested in a lab.

  30. Your photos are beautiful, as usual. :) We may not agree on some things but I'll wager we do on this. Blessings.

  31. That's my quilt! Thanks Bonnie for sharing from 2018 Lake Oconee, Ga


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