Thursday, July 23, 2020

Was it Wednesday?

I had a shelf stocking helper!

I can’t imagine what life would be like during these isolating times without our furry family members to keep us entertained.

Lola really HAS become queen of her own castle now that Dresden is gone.

She is also much more affectionate, loving to be held and petted – any available lap is fair game.

I even moved her bed next to me while sewing yesterday – placing it on top of a bin to get her not-quite-up-to-sewing-machine-level.  She stayed there the whole time I was sewing.

And where was Zoey?  On her bed too – crashed out.  Because we had a busy morning!

Hot summers, wide rivers!

Our favorite “beachy” spot beneath the bridge -

Kayaking the New River!

Kicking back in the kayak!

Now these two photos were NOT taken by me – but by our friend Adam.  Adam, Dave and Don had gone down to paddle around – social distancing while enjoying the beautiful day.

And when all was said and done, things got interesting.

Don had loaded up his kayak and headed back to the farm, and Dave had turned on the pickup while loading the kayaks into the trailer so it would cool down.

The truck is NOT supposed to lock from the outside if the keys are in the vehicle.

But it did!  So there Dave and Adam are – truck running, them locked out.  Not even OnStar could help them. (We’ve tried to get unlocking done TWICE and they haven’t been able to help us yet.)

So pretty soon I get a phone call – “You need to come get us, the truck is running and we are locked out.”

It’s only a couple of miles from the QPO and Quiltville Inn, so Zoey and I load up into the van and off we go.

SO much water!

I was wondering what Zoey would do as she splashes through creeks and shallow areas all of the time – but this is much bigger and deeper than anything we’ve taken her to up close.

She got 4 feet wet, drank her fill, and said enough. 

The guys dropped me back at the QPO where I was busy getting stuff done.  They took Zoey and the van back to the cabin to retrieve the spare keys, went back and got the truck, trailer and kayaks, and dropped the van (and Zoey) back off to me.

And after all was said and done, it was a small escape that allowed me to break away, go down to the river, enjoy some nature for a bit and put work on hold.

And what was that work?

Give me your BEST GUESS!

Happiness is 2 dozen fresh eggs!

This was my simple joy yesterday – Housekeeper Susan had let me know that her pullets were laying and I told her “2 dozen please!”

Aren’t these beautiful?  It makes me so happy to support local folks.

Take a look at that second one down on the upper left – that is one HUGE egg – poor chicken! LOL!

Dianna’s Pineapple Crazy finish from String Fling!

This is an intense project with SO MANY SCRAPS!  What a beautiful job, Dianna!

I have no idea how long it took her – but when we are sewing for pleasure, do we really keep track of our time?  It’s like counting how many breaths we take in a day.

Just keep breathing!

I also love how she used the colored strings on the outside of her border units where I used neutrals.  It adds another punch to the outside of the quilt.

Thanks for sharing, Dianna!

And this is my WHO KNEW moment of the day -

Use some medical tape on the top of your mask to not only keep your glasses from fogging, but to stop you from having to adjust it so much.

Fix it and forget it!

I will be keeping a roll of Nexcare tape on hand to try this the next time I run into a store.  The heat and the a/c are enough to fog my glasses on a good day.  Add a mask to the equation and I live in the fog.

But I think the best thing will be stopping that mask from sliding down so I don’t have to touch it to readjust it back in place.

So here we are at Thursday – maybe some rain today, but I don’t mind.  Summer is passing so quickly – and I enjoy the rainy days as much as the sunny ones.

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage friendship star quilt found in Kansas.

I so love Maya Angelou. Her words always lift me!

And I know this one is a bit harder to read, but that makes the message that much more worth it.

Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone -


  1. I love quilts, making quilts, seeing other people's quilts and pet stories (ie shenanigans) Thanks for sharing your talents and cute stories about Zoey and Lola. - Robin Elaine (ps that's a photo of my husband, haha,not me)

  2. My "best guess" on the B&W photo is the 2020 mystery quilt. I'd say you're preparing for November!

    1. I'm with Susie H. Hurray. More fun coming in our future.

    2. Same here, I think it's a preview to the Mystery!

  3. I love fresh eggs! Lucky you!

  4. I did the “lock the key in the car” with it running, but my young son was also in the vehicle. He was really sick, and I ran to the drugstore to get his prescription. We lived in a really small town at the time. I wouldn’t dare do it today. It was cold and rainy, and he was sound asleep in his car seat. Needless to say, the store owner called the police to get me into my car. And, yes...I got the lecture about leaving children in the car.🤫. Today, I’m enjoying nature from the inside of the house. It was already 85 at 8am. Going to be another scorcher today! Have a great day!

  5. I love all of your quotes and seeing the different quilts. The scenery of your area is lovely. We know the feeling of a locked, running vehicle. We had to go to the dealership for our daughter whose car was unintentionally locked while in the process of moving. I enjoy seeing the antics of Zoey and Lola. T he black and white looks interesting. Have a blessed day! June

  6. I add a nose dart and a chin dart to the masks I make. Just like it sounds, a little dart about 1/4" wide at the top, tapering to a point about 3/4" away. Repeat for chin dart.
    Recently, a doctor commented on how well it fit. Made me proud.
    Thanks for the tip about the medical tape--my husband's glasses always fog up because he's so hot! :-)

  7. My husband unlocks cars part time. He's had this problem a couple times and both times, there was something touching a lock, so when OnStar tried unlocking the doors, there was enough pressure to unlock the door, then lock it back up.

  8. If you have Onstar, there is an Onstar app that you can use to open your car/truck. I have used it many times. Remember the commercial where the wife is boarding an airplane and the husband texts her to ask her to open his truck? She proceeds to open it several times, mimicking her giving him the finger?! 😂

  9. When I made face masks I added a 6" piece of pipe cleaner near the top seam and sewed it in. It seems to help with cinching in the area around the nose. If you wear glasses it also helps to position the mask up the bridge of your nose so that your glasses nose pads rest on top.

  10. I spy quarter square triangles in gray tones, so it must be mystery time!

  11. How lovely the river looks I’m sure they had a wonderful time with their kayaks until the car locked itself. On the plus side when you went to collect them ZoeyJo had fun.
    So looking forward to this years mystery, I have so enjoyed the last three I’ve made and I’m busy finishing unity which is another lovely Bonnie quilt.
    Stay safe
    Love and Quilty Hugs
    Anne xxx

  12. Thanks for the tape tip, I wish I had seen it earlier when I had a doctor appointment and my glasses kept fogging up. Off to find my tape.

  13. Your quotes of the day are always so perfect. Thank you!

    Sue Myers

  14. My furry friend always brightens my day. He is 13 now and has become my shadow. Have a wonderful weekend. Mine is all about mask making so the tip of tape is a great one.

  15. another tip; clean your glasses with foam shaving creme before going out and your glasses won't fog up. Works like a charm and any cheap shaving creme works.
    Karyla Parrish

  16. this was fun to read today
    I have owned two cars that had onstar.
    My Saab 9-3, once the door locked while the door was open. ?? (GM vehicles? dunno) and I called them about how I can close the door bc the door was locked. I tried everything, using key. well, it was nuts.
    So I left the car in garage with the door ajar, and did not go anywhere that day. Onstar did not have any advice for me?? What do they do anyway?
    Then I had a VAN that did the same thing. Door would not close and secure.
    I am sure this is a common problem if I have experienced it two times with two vehicles.
    I like the quote and all of the adventures had on Thursday.
    Happy good week-end

  17. We cared for my sister's giant schnauzer while she was overseas for a year. He LOVED to swim. We would take him to our local river, shallow, but with a strong current. He would swim for a long time, staying in one space due to the current. I would sit on the bank dangling my feet. Great memories you brought back. Her current dogs don't swim like that and I would be too scared that they would be swept away. It is just the ponds for them!

  18. I'll bet that BIG egg is a double yolker!

  19. My locking doors were caused by a low battery in door opener. Battery changed and no more problems.


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