Friday, July 31, 2020

Kitties and Quilting–What Else?

More Nearly Lemoyne blocks happened yesterday!

It’s all about how you start out doing one thing…..which segues into another, and then another and pretty soon you’ve lost track of why you started where you did and even more – wonder how you ended up here?

Let me back track a bit.

Was it only Monday when I went down to Wallburg to retrieve the Window A/C unit because the HVAC guys were coming on Tuesday and I knew it would be at least 3 weeks before they could install another unit for the QPO?

The same day that Ivy showed up.

And yesterday was only Thursday?  *head spinning*

A gift from the gods!

The fastest install ever!

A shift in their schedule enabled us to slide right into that open spot yesterday – just 2 days after they came out and pronounced the death of the 20 year old unit who had served the QPO well, but needed to go.  In other words – it did die a timely death, and better NOW than in December or January when we really need heat.

This unit is SO QUIET!

It will be very energy efficient which will help pay for itself, and it is likely the last time I will ever need to replace the HVAC at the QPO.

With a new kitty in-studio, my main job was to keep watch as the guys came in and the guys came out, doing what worker bees do.

Luckily there is only one functioning door – the back door – as the lock on the front door is broken in the locked position and I haven’t found anyone who will come out this far and fix it yet.  I don’t use the front door anyway, so am really in no hurry.

Waiting and watching meant I could take care of this.

In moving the stash, I ended up with some “mixed bag of tricks” kind of totes and bags that would be better sorted up here, then wasting time in the Wallburg house when moving stash.

I dumped out the bag and started sorting.  Yardage pieces.  Random Fat-Quarters.  Hunks. Chunks. Strips. Pieces. Parts.

You are too cute, Ivy!

See that stretched out paw in motion?  She is always kneading and caressing.  So super cute!

Some pieces will join the yardage – the Fat-Quarters will rejoin the clear shoe boxes as soon as that unit is moved up here.  Some strips went to the string bins by color – some went into the rainbow string bin of everything for the project I’m working on.

Leftover triangles and charm square sized hunks and stuff went to the Snail’s Trail project.

And the strips?

All the 2 1/2’’ strips -

Sorting into color families and then it hit me -

Anything of the right length can be cut into the Nearly Lemoyne block kits and there would be LESS to put away.  Sounds about right, doesn’t it?

So pretty soon instead of just putting these where they went, I was actually digging for more to go with the strips I wanted to use up – and down the rabbit hole I went.

And since the HVAC guys were there -

And I couldn’t leave….well, you know?

Happy block making!

Click to Play:

And this was also happening on occasion.:

Not exactly friends yet -

But getting closer!

Lola has been a bit less stand offish, and is starting to be generally curious about Ivy – There are still occasional hisses after sniffing fests, but I am hopeful in due time that they will get to the point that they like being with each other.

As in all things – Time will tell.

Today’s job is clipping the tips of Ivy’s claws.  I really didn’t want to do it and terrorize her while she is still getting used to things here.  I doubt she has ever had her claws trimmed.  It’s time.  I just didn’t want to attempt that right away when she was still fearful a bit of where she was.

For those who missed the memo – I will take her to the vet on Monday (Earliest appt I could get) and see if she is chipped.  if not I will see about shots and spaying if she isn’t already. 

I see you -

And I think we are going to be fine!

How is your Friday shaping up so far?

I have a list as long as my arm, the deck staining is ongoing at the cabin, and we need more stain and brushes so that means a trip to town I really don’t want to make.

But I will.

We are up to the harder part of the rail and spindles.  We need smaller brushes for that – but we will get there one day at a time.

And then I hope to be back at the machine and let the weekend begin!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I love how one idea sparks another, and another, and another! All I wish is enough time to sew it all up!

Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt shared by a student in our Helena Montana workshop series a few years back.

Free pattern available under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Have you made one?

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. I know exactly when you mean when you "get in the zone" (or fall in the rabbit hole) of a creative idea and you just slide into working on something you didn't even intend to give attention to. It's an awesome feeling!
    Have a great Friday!

  2. Your Ivy is such a sweet thing! So fun to hear her story of adjusting to her new home. In this time of turmoil I find time spent thinking on "ordinary" things brings me such peace. You were indeed blessed to get the new heating/cooling system so quickly! I can feel the need to make some of the Nearly Lemonye blocks-your blog is giving me a "squirrel" moment.

  3. It’s always nice when things happen unexpectedly yet at just the right time. Ivy looks so dear and it appears that she will become friends with Lola. It might be a kindness to get Ivy a sturdy scratching post, if you don’t have already, she can shed old nail growth and strengthen her paws. I wonder if that is part of the constant kneading behavior. Cats are a mystery. Have a good weekend and thanks for writing each day.

    1. I wondered the same thing Kim. Ivy is such a pretty kitty and I think the two will become friend too.

  4. Maya Angelou is so on point... you cannot "use up" creativity... do you want to wager how many kittens Ivy is going to have??? people will be line up to adopt them, then a quick spay and no more!!! Look at her coat and sweet expression, she's a healthy girl, i'm thinking... a great weekend... very warm here on the west coast, and do lovely... Cats in Carlsbad CA

  5. Ivy has the same markings and coloring as our Scrappy, who left us after 13 yrs. She was a small kitty and got to move up from the barn. She was not as loving as your Ivy, tho.


  6. What is the large white building shown in the photo on today's posting? Is it part of your property or does it belong to a neighbor? Inquiring minds want to know !!

  7. Have I made one Bricks and Cornerstones? You bet I have! Love this pattern and have made it multiple times - and I see even more in the future. Thanks Bonnie, for another great pattern! Love, love, love all your critters as they are so adorable.

  8. So pleased you now have a working ac, and things are slowly coming together with Lola and Ivy.
    I’m loving those nearly lamoyne blocks so pretty.
    Isn’t the art of getting sidetracked fun because before you know it you have something very beautiful happening.
    Stay safe
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xx

  9. Haha, Bonnie, we have a phrase to describe when grandpa says let's go fishin, and dad says as soon as we fix that fence, it'll only take a minute, and grandpa says we can't do that till we go over to Bob's to get the puller, and he won't be done with it so we have to help him, but he's not ready cuz the cows got out and we gotta go round 'em up, and by that time it'll be too late to go fishin!
    We call those sequential vortices, where the best laid plans get sucked into the black hole spiral, and it's best to just go fishin! 🤪

  10. I am sewing on a fun project--a couple years ago I did 3 embroidered mermaids from a stitch along and I found a charm pack of ocean animals to go with them--am ready to sew the borders on it this afternoon--
    but I am also keeping my eye on the weather--
    you see--I live right on the east coast of Florida right where they are saying the hurricane is headed--I am about 2 miles or less inland--so I may be having an adventure this week end????
    love Ivy--
    luv, di

  11. So I'm smiling at how Lola and Ivy have very similar color/marking schemes, but only one has white trim. We just adopted two porch kittens who look almost identical to your girls. Both brownish tiger cats, but only one with white trim. They were raised outdoors since they were born this spring, and we have excellent shelter for them. I need mouse patrol in the worst way! Here's hoping Barnum & Bailey turn out to be good mousers. :)

    Fun times playing in the scraps! I always enjoy seeing what you're working on. The Nearly Lemoyne blocks are really pretty, and I love the colors you've been using.

  12. Oh Bonnie! Thank you for sharing the kitties! I LOVE cats but I’m unable to have any right now due to space constraints and financial constraints. I am living vicariously though you for the time being. Love the quilts you are working on right now too!

  13. What a LUCKY kitty to stumble on you & your place! And you are so brave to clip a kitten’s nails. 😫

  14. The new HVAC units are expensive. We have two, but they are tough, and warranties are important to have as well.
    I love Ivy, I hope she can live with you, but it is good to see if she belongs to someone and they are missing her. I love the chips. Our kitties have chips.
    Enjoy your week-end

  15. Go Boise State Broncos!


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