Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Stay Away for Shoe Lovers!

The first time I drove through Lynchburg, VA --- and saw the Craddock-Terry Hotel, I knew I wanted to stay there.

This place is SO unique! It used to be a shoe factory--- in fact, it was the first shoe factory SOUTH of the Mason Dixon line, and had quite a booming business for many many years.

The over-view on on the Historic Hotels of America website states:

Today a name inextricably connected with the finest in luxury accommodations and hospitality, Craddock Terry was once associated with shoes.

The Craddock Terry Shoe Company was, in fact, the first shoe company south of the Mason-Dixon Line and the fifth largest in the world. Built on the edge of the James River in 1901, the factory immediately became the backbone of the city’s commercial success.

In recent years, it was converted into a luxury boutique hotel occupying the original building and the historic tobacco warehouse next door. Original architectural details such as brick walls, high ceilings, and large windows with views of downtown, the river, and the Blue Ridge Mountains complement the stylish modern d├ęcor, appropriately accented with shoes.

Shoes are celebrated in the services of this landmark hotel. Daily, guests enjoy a signature in-room shoebox breakfast, and overnight, they are treated to shoe shine.

Lynchburg is a beautiful historic town set into a hillside. The downtown area is vibrant and bustling and there are quaint restaurants, museums and lots of things to intrigue you if you are a history nut like I am. Thomas Jefferson’s getaway, Poplar Forest, is found nearby in Forest, VA.

Upon entering the Craddock Terry lobby --- you are greeted with shoes abounding!

OH_PA_June2012 648

Tazzie, if you are reading this – I was thinking of you and knowing you would love this place!

OH_PA_June2012 649

Everything is shoe themed! How about a shoe “holder” for a bottle of local wine?

OH_PA_June2012 652

Displays of old shoes are scattered here and there….from children’s shoes, to styles for men and women through the decades.

OH_PA_June2012 653

Can you date the shoes just based on the style?

OH_PA_June2012 654

The lobby also boasts the original safe ---I just love fun historic places like this!

OH_PA_June2012 655

Boots and wooden shoe forms on a window sill in the lobby---

OH_PA_June2012 656

Shoe shine chairs are a fun accent!

OH_PA_June2012 658

I loved the little vignettes tucked under stairwells, complete with vintage advertising posters.

OH_PA_June2012 657

Even the room key has a shoe on it!

OH_PA_June2012 659

Pick a room! Do you want the one with pink ballet slippers on the door?

OH_PA_June2012 660

How about a lumberjack boot!

OH_PA_June2012 661

I thought the vintage baby bootie was adorable!

OH_PA_June2012 667

Maybe a pair for rainy puddle splashing?

OH_PA_June2012 662

Or, could be you are in the mood for some cowboy boot kickin’!

OH_PA_June2012 663

The rooms are awesome….the original stone and mortar walls are exposed, and the furnishings are inviting and comfy!

OH_PA_June2012 664

The only bad part is that after a long day of driving I was too tired to set up in here and sew……I was asleep by 9:30pm!

OH_PA_June2012 665

Through the tall window of my room, I could see people enjoying the patio and outdoor dining below. There is an awesome pizza place ---I sat out on the deck and soaked up the last of the late evening splendor, unwinding from an extra long day of driving.

OH_PA_June2012 666

In the morning, your continental breakfast is found INSIDE the shoe shine box outside your door!

OH_PA_June2012 643

Morning pictures, the sun is quickly rising and the day is getting hot by the time I was leaving.

OH_PA_June2012 645

The old tobacco warehouse is now an event center.

OH_PA_June2012 668

There are a lot of unremarkable “Days Inn” type stays out there. This is not one of them! I love this place!

OH_PA_June2012 651

And if I haven’t won you over yet --- this is Buster Brown! He lives at the Craddock-Terry and is quite the character. You can even get a leash from the desk and he will accompany you on a walk about town. What a sweetie!

OH_PA_June2012 646

Don’t you love buildings with the remnants of old advertising still visible? Shamu was waiting for us to begin the last leg of our journey home ----

OH_PA_June2012 641

I definitely need a windshield wash ---but this was a glimpse of my view as I drove toward Lynchburg ---LOVE the mountains!

And because we love the mountains ---my little family is getting away for a belated Father’s Day weekend --- TODAY. Yes. TODAY. I have gotten as far as unpacking the quilt stuff from the car – leaving some project stuff IN the car –we are off to spend the weekend at a little cabin outside of Boone. It’s time for some down time! I know that I’ll be sewing away while others are playing golf or doing guy things. We plan on chillin’ and grillin’ and sleeping in late.

Bring on the weekend, everyone!


  1. Ohhh, you know this hotel has my name ALL OVER it!!

  2. SO I'm sitting here in my jammies sipping my coffee and you have a fabulous post up here. Makes me want to go on Vaca there and stay at the shoe factory.

  3. Anonymous8:16 AM EDT

    Thanks for glimpes into my own country lolol - that I would never get to see! What a great idea of a hotel. Somehow I can't see John rolling into that parking lot and saying we were going to stay there the night. See what you can do traveling alone.
    TAKE CARE and have a terrific weekend.

  4. Your review makes me want to look up that hotel and make a reservation for my trip to Ohio in July. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh, I would love to stay there - how wonderful. And I absolutely love that they have a dog to walk!

  6. Lynchburg is practically in my backyard, and I had no idea about this place. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a fun hotel, and you present it in such a great way. You should show them your blog, bet you can get a free night just for all the advertising! Have some wonderful family time...:-)

  8. You go to the coolest places. I love the stone walls in the rooms. I love the history, too. Have a good weekend.

  9. Enjoy your little getaway Bonnie! Your pictures were fantastic - thanks for sharing! I'd love to visit myself someday. This will go on my "bucket list" :*)

  10. Anonymous10:35 AM EDT

    I'm not a shoe lover, but that place looks awesome. How do I get that stone and those windows in my house?

  11. I love they way they play up the shoe theme throughout your stay. This place has character! : )

  12. Anonymous11:39 AM EDT

    Wait, you were in Lynchburg, downtown, and you didn't go to Estate Specialists?! For a long time now I've been thinking that I need to email you and let you know about the old-stuff warehouse that is Estate Specialist, and has a HUGE selection of old sewing machines. You know, for your next trip to Lynchburg. Which was yesterday . So, for _next_ time go out the hotel door, turn right, and walk about two blocks to another old brick warehouse, this one not so polished. Up on the third story, river side, you'll find the sewing machine stash.

    Sally@TobaccoCreekFarm.com (No affiliation with Estate Specialists, just an enthusiastic customer.)

    ps. I can recommend Waterstone (the pizza restaurant on the bottom floor) too.

  13. LOVE those "old" shoes, but ... I see a perfect replica of what is on my feet these days -- those Mary Jane types. Very good for those of us who wear orthodics! Groannnnnn!

    But the Hotel looks really FUN!

  14. so cool! in the town i work in, they have an old shoe factory that within the last few years they have turned into apartments. it's got the old signage on the building from when it was a shoe factory and looks pretty cool, with all those long windows, too!

  15. What a delightful place to stay! I love this kind of local history. A long ways from CO to VA but I would love to go.

  16. What a great hotel you encountered. Love theme places. And that cabin in the woods sounds like heaven to me, too. Sign me up. Enjoy your family/down time.

  17. Anonymous9:07 AM EDT

    I would have liked rooms 201 and 501. Being a Texas born and bred girl who loves cowboy boots and having been married to a Yankee for 47 years also loving the LL Bean Boots it would be a toss up between the two rooms...Thank you for sharing. Suzanne in Maine

  18. That is a cool looking hotel. If we ever get to travel that direction like I want I'm going to suggest this hotel for grins. Love the shoe theme thru out. Very unique. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Like all your posts but LOVE this one.


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