Thursday, June 09, 2011

A Wee Evening Visit….

To see Michelle at the NICU!

I just couldn’t wait another week….I’m leaving today for Columbia SC, and then on to Florida…and it would be OVER a week before I would be back to go see this little princess, so when Michael, Michelle’s daddy was talking to DH, we asked if we could come stop by the hospital where Michelle was for observation. We were greeted with a resounding YES!

So off we went!

Is there anything more precious than first time parents? We got there just as the nurses were changing and re-dressing Michelle, and does that girl ever have a set of lungs on her! You could hear her complaining LOUDLY down the hall!

Then it was feeding time. Michelle’s mama has been pumping her milk, which meant that DAD could feed!

babymichelle 018

I do believe that this daddy is OVER THE MOON for his princess! And, at only 5 days old, she has already acquired a nickname…they are calling her the LITTLE PIRHANA because she is hungry ALL THE TIME! LOL! Of course, it’s said with love and affection… ;c)

babymichelle 019

Look at that girl gaze up at her daddy!! She has the most amazing eyes, and you’d swear there was the wisdom of the world behind them.

Then came the burping!

babymichelle 020

Look at that expression! It says….”I know he’s my dad, but does he know what he’s doing?!?” :cD


And then it was MY turn….I honestly can’t remember the last time I held a newborn. Such a tiny yet solid package…..and she was looking at ME like…WHO are YOU!? Don’t worry Michelle, you’ll get used to having me around from time to time, I just can’t resist your sweet face!

Oh, and good news....Michelle should get to come home TODAY!


Some day ---- I hope some day ---- There may be grandkids in my future. And no, I’m not pushing anyone to get them here faster, honestly I’m not! But I’m in awe and full of wonder at the circle of life and the hope and joy that new ones bring!

And with that, I’m finishing packing the car! Projects ready to go for sewing in the hotel room at night….a bit of beach stuff for my day off on Sunday….and I’ll be off this afternoon heading to South Carolina to spend the evening with MY first born! ((How did he get to be 27 after all? I swear, he was just this small…just…yesterday!?)) And I am as filled with wonder at the men my sons have become, as I was amazed at how perfect they were when they were newborns.

Oh, on the job front for Jeff! He’s got the job down there as soon as he gets some stuff together HERE so he can move down. They are holding it for him! He has some issues with his car that need to be taken care of to make it safe for being on his own. And it’s all good. My baby may be ready to fly. It’s the beginning of HIS journey --- and he’s excited, and I am excited for him.

This circle of life, yes, it’s not easy. But it’s worth it!


  1. Few things are more precious than seeing a baby gaze up at the person holding her. What a precious child.

  2. Love the big eyes and all the hair! Yes, babies are wonderful. Glad you got to share in their joy.

    Good luck to Jeff and his new adventure.

  3. She is just adorable! I am excited because I have a couple of friends who are having babies later this year so I might get to have some baby time on occasion!

  4. Truly a miracle and so beautiful. Good Luck to
    your son on his new adventure. It's hard to let
    them go , but such a happy time for them.

  5. Oh My! How beautiful she is! You are very lucky to have her in your life. :)
    I wish Jeff the best of luck with his new adventure.

  6. I held a newborn a few weeks ago and think it has been 19 yrs since I've done that. What bliss! This is one beaUtiful baby!!

  7. She is absolutely adorable and it's easy to see that Dad is smitten! You look good holding a baby. I hope there will be little ones in your future. My baby is 32 and I'm beginning to wonder if it's ever going to happen for me. I know from recent conversation that it has been on their minds though, so there is hope!

  8. I also meant to say, Best Wishes to Jeff as he begins the next phase of life's journey!

  9. Oh, she is so beautiful!! And what a heart-treat to see the love, going both ways, when she looks up at him. Sweet!!!

  10. Oh, the picture of her looking at her daddy is so precious! Congratulations to the proud parents, and prayers that she is home with them ASAP!

  11. What an adorable baby! Lots of hair too! Babies are so wonderful!

  12. She is absolutely adorable and I'm so glad she is going home healthy and happy! It makes me all the more anxious to hold my new granddaughter, who was due on June 1st and still hasn't made her arrival.

  13. Sweet sweet sweet! Love babies!

  14. Anonymous1:57 PM EDT

    My baby, the youngest of 3, turned 40 today. We have had the pleasure of enjoying her 3 babies, ages 12, 8, & 6, since their birth as they live nearby, and are here several times a week. Go for it Jeff - good luck!

  15. mimijost2:00 PM EDT

    Sorry about the anonymous above - just learning to post.

  16. OMGosh who wouldn't be OVER THE MOON holding that baby!! She is so adorable and you are so right about the eyes!! It's like she knows that he is her daddy!! Too cute!!
    Take care and enjoy your 'first born'!!

  17. She is just adorable. Love those big eyes. Glad she is going home.
    Good luck to your son.

  18. What a cutie! I'm so excited for the parents. They're going to have so much fun with her.

  19. What a precious little bundle! I love all that hair and those beautiful eyes. Congratulations to your son on landing the job! The saying goes a parent gives their children two things, one is roots, the other, wings. I hope he is successful spreading his wings.

  20. Oh she is so gorgeous! What good news that she's on her way home too! And I'm pleased for your son. No pressure on any of our boys, but I always say 'I didn't have kids not to have grandkids' LOL

  21. Good grandma practice, Bonnie--it looks good on you. My last grandchild spent weeks in the NICU. Glad this gorgeous little one gets to come home sooner!

  22. Motherhood......the hardest job you'll ever LOVE.
    I adore being a Grandma, my granddaughter has the best time with us and she always looks me right in the eyes since she was 3 weeks old! I can't believe she'll be three in August.......time flys when your getting old :0).

    Happy sewing, safe travels Bonnie.

  23. Michelle is truly a beautiful baby! And her eyes - you're so right - are amazing! Good luck to Jeff in his new job and safe travels to you!

  24. She is so alert & only 5 days old! What a little sweetie.

    Wish your son the best.

  25. Sew glad your baby got a job. He can spread his wings and learn to fly on his own. Best wishes on the new adventure for him.

  26. it is true one does forget how small they were as newborns, and you are soo cute holding this tiny baby! good news for your jeff, wishing him all the best....

  27. Miss Pirahana is beautiful! Good luck to your baby, too! Maybe it's just what he needed-a change of scenery. Lois

  28. Anonymous9:48 AM EDT

    New quilter here , love your blog!Thanks to my friend mary for telling abt it!
    please enter me in contest.

  29. Anonymous4:25 PM EDT

    Bonnie, i love your pictures of new born, it reminds every mother the miracle of life and love! I love your smile and eyes holiding Michelle, you seem so happy! Please wish all the best to Michelle and her parents !
    Sophie from France having 3 childs and ready to be grand mother in 10 years ;-)

  30. Michelle is over the top beautiful! What a face-and those eyes! To die for.
    Congrats on Jeff getting the job-they must really want him if they're willing to hold it. Hope everything works out for the best.


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