Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Houston, We Have ---- HEAT!

See this picture? As I write this post it is 95 degrees out there. And only about 50% humidity, which means Houston is very hot and VERY DRY!

My flights this morning took me from Greensboro NC to Dulles, VA where I boarded the plane and reclaimed my favorite seat EVER!!

If you find yourself flying on a 737-500, this is the seat to get:

HoustonTxJune2011 012

Loved loved loved it! It was about a 3 hour flight, and I even slept, which was wonderful. And since my eyes were closed, I didn’t have to see that the traveling businessmen types were glaring at me for THEIR lack of legroom, when I had it in abundance. It’s a rough life, isn’t it?

((Remind me when I get home, to do a bleach wash on those running shoes!!!))

HoustonTxJune2011 014

Upon picking me up, Ginger said that there were a couple different places we could go for lunch. I am always up for something that I “CAN’T” get at home…and we definitely do not have a Rudy’s! What is Rudy’s you ask? See the sign up there? Do YOU know anywhere else where you can FILL YOUR CAR with gas, and go inside and eat amazing BBQ, all in one place?

HoustonTxJune2011 015

Talk about convenient! I think the only thing I would add is a place that would rotate your tires and give you an oil/lube/filter while you eat BBQ! I think they could make a fortune on that!

HoustonTxJune2011 016

My adorable hostess, Ginger *NOT* watching what it costs to fill up her car!

Upon walking into the restaurant part…I laughed out loud at these tees!

HoustonTxJune2011 019

THIS would be the shirt I wanted for the men-folk in my family, but they were sold out of their sizes, so a picture will have to do instead!

In fact…there were other pictures I had to take too! This one, especially for DS Jeff!

HoustonTxJune2011 018

HAHAHAHAH!! Loved this! Of course, I loved THIS too:

HoustonTxJune2011 017

NO, this was not just MY lunch, Ginger and I shared it, and she took quite a bit home to her son too. We’ve got smoked turkey! We’ve got smoked jalapeno sausage! We’ve got BRISKET…and it just melted in my mouth…that is ONE THING that I can get in TX that I haven’t found elsewhere. Really good brisket! All the other places seem to focus on pork not beef…and, lest you think we just ate MEAT, there was 3 bean salad, baked beans, and potatoes…

After arriving at my hotel, thinking I was going to take a nap? I needed to walk off some energy. Yes, I know, It’s 95+ out there. But there is a Target 1/2 mile away and there were a couple things I needed!

And because I was enjoying the things that make Texas Texas, I had to take a pic of this:

HoustonTxJune2011 020

Horse Crossing? ON a BUSY 4 lane road? In between Target…and…

HoustonTxJune2011 021

BEST BUY!? Best Buy was in plain sight from this sign….No, I didn’t see any horses, but it made me giggle. I’m in the middle of the Woodlands, just down from the Woodlands Mall! It is hardly rural here!

HoustonTxJune2011 022

And this was the last thing I saw on my way back to the hotel. ((Did I mention how HOT it is out there?!)) Remember balking at the fact that gas stations could charge a QUARTER for air? or water? Who would have thought that inflation has even made the price of AIR go up? It now costs $1.00, but never fear, you can use your visa or mastercard to buy it!

When will they start charging us based on how much we BREATHE it?

I’m being picked up in 20 mins for dinner ((How can I eat again?!)) and then off to give my lecture to the Woodlands Quilt Guild….

Back atcha later!


  1. I won't show my husband this post or when he sees that meal he will plan our next vacation to Texas, and I want somewhere cooler! : )

  2. Next time at Rudys get the creamed corn...to die for...made from scratch and oh so good!

  3. I was in Dallas for Memorial Day we went to the Fort Worth Zoo, it was great because it was all covered w/trees and lots of bamboo. We were done by none and then we went swimming. You need a pool down in Texas for sure. Enjoy your write ups.

  4. Anonymous6:45 PM EDT

    Here in Ohio, gas was $3.99 a gallon but I did find one place that had free air. Of course the free air is on the other side of town, otherwise I'd have to pay 75 cents. Your pictures of food always make me hungry and the slide views makes me want to start that quilt right then. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Is that seat by the emergency door? great leg room. I didn't know you were charged for using air at gas stations - I had not seen that yet.

  6. I didn't know this until our son's girlfriend bought one and gave it to us - Piggy Park BBQ here in Columbia, SC does an AMAZING Beef Brisket. We ate on it for days and I had to put some in the freezer to heat up later. I even used some in a vegetable beef soup.

  7. I've always said that if the Nebr. legislature could figure out a way to measure the air we breathe they would tax it....they tax everything else.

  8. I gotta get to Texas one of these days Bonnie!!

  9. love your blog, this is a test I'm trying to get set up to comment

  10. You're in my neighborhood!!! And, you're at my Target. LOL.... Have a blast in all this heat. :)

  11. Anonymous10:00 PM EDT

    Yes, we do have horses here in The Woodlands! What's really funny is when you see the horse and rider going through the drive-thru lane at Wendy's! Kid you not; I've seen it twice now. Hated to miss your lecture this evening but I'll see you at the workshop tomorrow. Kathy

  12. Bonnie, send some of that dry, hot weather right up here to the Pacific Northwest. We are rusting away; nothing but rain and cold for months and we hear it will last through June. This liquid sunshine is not funny anymore!

  13. Bonnie, I just love when you travel cause I get to go too. That food looked so gooood.
    Enjoy Texas.

  14. Becky - I can get Rudy's brisket any day, but I'd just love to get a Piggy Parker. Oh man, does that bring back memories of when I lived in SC.
    Guess we always want what we can't have.


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