Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Fine Day To Sew!

Yesterday was the Oklahoma Backroads workshop with the Virginia Star Quilters of Fredericksburg, Virginia!

I’d already had a terrific time the night before, and when morning came I was up and raring to go to get the day a-rollin’!

Now, if you remember yesterday’s post…there was something I wanted to tell you but it was going to wait for this one…but before I just out and blurt with it….let me do a bit of set up.

This last week has been crazy, right? I got home from Florida just last Saturday night after being gone 10 days. Sunday was not only Father’s Day, but the day that Jeff moved down to Columbia SC to start his new life on his own.

((BTW, He has worked two shifts and is happy as a clam --- tired!! Color me a HAPPY MOM!!))

I had the whole ordeal of having to buy a car because he had MY car with him in SC---His needs a new motor and is living in my garage for the time being…stress stress stress, right? Can you see and feel it?

Well one by one, all my stresses were taken care of, and it seemed to be working like clockwork….I got up to Fredericksburg, my new van, Shamu, ((LOL! Love this name for her!)) drove beautifully, I had a wonderful browsing afternoon to see a bunch of really neat antique quilts, met with the guild for dinner and…..

While we were chatting, two of the ladies confessed that they had “ALREADY” finished their tops for the class!

And then it hit me --- like a brick on the head --- an image so clearly in my mind, I promptly inhaled part of my broccoli which sent me into coughing fits ----

The demo quilt for the class was still there at HOME….sitting on the back of the couch!! CAN YOU IMAGINE MY HORROR!? OH NO!

But never fear! It’s a GOOD thing that these ladies had finished their quilt tops..because I could use THEIR tops as my demo for the class! Problem solved? TIMES TWO!

And now I’m really bad at names --- good with faces---and I remember signing books to Joanne and Linda, but to tell you which one was which this morning?! I should have taken NOTES! But they know who they are, and we had the greatest time, I would love to just get together with them and SEW SEW SEW! One lives the other side of Raleigh from me…so it MIGHT happen!

VA_June2011 077

This was the top that I was so kindly allowed to use as the demo for the class! It’s a fun pattern, one of the freebies on my website called Oklahoma Backroads. All bricks and squares…and you get a BUNDLE of bonus triangles to use in other projects from this quilt….Thanks girls! I couldn’t have done it without you!

Now, that picture at the top of this post? I just cracked up over this seat cushion! Those folding chairs are just not the most comfortable…so Maureen thought ahead and brought some extra padding! LOL!

And without further ado, I present to you a slide show of our wonderful quilty day!

So what does a quilter do when she has already finished putting on the borders of her class project?! Work on BOXY STARS of course!

VA_June2011 094

Little bit too much backlighting from the windows, but you get the idea! These gals are prolific! ((And sew very fun to hang around!))

After the workshop was over…Shamu and I headed up to Woodbridge for my visit here with the Cabin Branch Quilters. We’ve got a Bricks in the Barnyard workshop this morning……

I grabbed a quick dinner, and found the nearest WEGMAN’S grocery store just to wander and oogle and ogle. Have you ever been in one? If not…and you are anywhere near one….DO! It’s like Whole Foods or Trader Joes on STEROIDS TIMES 10! It’s indescribable.

I was going to take pictures, but couldn’t even begin to know where to start! It leaves me speechless! SO just go. DO it!

I came back to the room with some fruit and munchies and set about to get some sewing done!

VA_June2011 095

IF you have an IKEA near you?! Those big blue re-useable bags are TERRIFIC for bunches of strings on the go! I can dig and rummage around and paw through and not have everything spilling over on to the floor!

I sewed til midnight….crashed…and wished I hadn’t sewn so late when the alarm went off at 7. Time to get a move on! ((But it was sure fun!)) Hope to do some more sewing tonight….oh, I pity the maid who has to take care of my room! :cD


  1. cute seat cushion BUT the size is iffy, know what i mean? LOL

  2. Glad to hear that Jeff is happy, it makes the journey so much better. It seems that all of our worries are all solved in time. Have a Good Day !

  3. Anonymous9:21 AM EDT

    Live in Rochester, NY where Wegmans started. Been able to watch it grow from a very small store to what it is today. Oh my, just realize just how long they've been around. Now I feel old! Was there yesterday with my youngest Grandson (2 1/2) and we saw Live Blue Maine Crabs. They gave some as samples and my DGS ate some but said he didn't like it.


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  5. Did I miss something.....why is there a curling iron in one of the quilt pics? Does she really use that for pressing seams? Just wondering!?!

    So glad your son is enjoying his job! YaY!

  6. Another great thing about Wegman's is there web site has tons of delicious recipes for free...... also they have a fantastic publication that has great ideas too. I write them every few months and beg for a Wegman's in our area.

    Looks like another fun sewing day was had by all :0)... Bonnie Hunter bring sewing joy to a town near you !

    Hey how about a new picture of you with Shamu?
    I want to see the new car :0).

    Happy sewing and safe travels.

  7. I want one of those seat cushions!! LOL!!

  8. Wegman's is my idea of the perfect grocery store! I love it!

  9. I haven't been to a Wegman's yet, but I will put it on my list of places to check out. Glad that your Son is doing well and you were able to help with wheels. Safe travels!

  10. Isn't that a sick feeling when you are far from home, others are depending on you and you realize you forgot something essential? (I've been in the middle of teaching a soap class and realized I forgot one of the oils I needed.) You were being watched over by the quilting angels--in the form of Louise and Joanne.
    Wegman's sounds like a grocery store dream come true!

  11. I asked a friend's daughter, who was about three years old at the time, where she got her beautiful blonde curls. She quickly replied, "Wegmans!"

    I really have to stop reading your blog and seeing all the great pictures. My quilting "want to do" list is way too long and it has mostly your designs!

  12. OH thank you. I always think I'm the only teacher to ever forget the sample...or the demo fabric...or worse...THANK YOU for admitting that!

    Also AMEN about Wegman's -- I'd rather go there than Disneyland!

  13. Was that a skinny curling iron I saw being used as an iron?
    Too cool.
    The slideshow behaved differently. I was able to view it but not to "full screen" it. No big deal.
    I am so glad you are happy with Shamu.
    XOXOX Subee

  14. Beautiful quilts! I love the one with the yellow fabric. Bright and beautiful.
    I have one of those Ikea bags hanging in my sewing closet. Thanks for the idea of using it for my scraps.

  15. I think I may need two of those fat quarter pads....

  16. According to fairly high ups in Wegman's, at some point in the next few years one will You know its a great store when out of town visitors are taken there.

  17. Glad you and Shamu are getting along so well. Glad your DS is liking his job.
    The slideshow is fantastic as usual.

  18. Hi Bonnie I finally got up the nerve to figure out the commenting thing instead of just lurking. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this fun site. I have learned sooo many things from you and your wonderful followers. I found you through the book Leaders & Enders. I actually stood and flipped through the book thinking "Do I need another book about scrap quilts???" So I read a few pages quickly and ran to the front counter before someone else got this book from me!! Such wonderful ideas to make it easy to use my scraps!! I started out with the quilt I was currently cutting and made 4 patches out of the scraps--I wanted to work on the 4 patch more than the pinwheel blocks I had cut out. Thanks for the fun Judy

  19. What a lovely patchy quilt, and a great stash buster!

  20. Anonymous9:06 AM EDT

    ...so, was that a curling iron in one of the pictures? Is that a new quilting tool? How used?! Great quilts coming out of that class!


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